How to: Up Your Street Photography Game INSTANTLY

No doubt about it, Street Photography is a wave to be jumped. It takes balls. There is no safe spaces or comfort zones to be found if you want to become a great street photographer. The hum drum reality of photography is that a picture will often define the personality of the photographer.

Whether it’s the way it’s been edited, the subject matter or the composition, the shot you present to the world on your chosen platform says something about you. I am by no means a vociferous street photographer. My appreciation skills for street photography far out weight my own accomplishments in this field. However, I’ve hung around enough photographers and expunged as much wisdom as I can on the subject, which I’d like to parley onto you.

165A7777 copy.jpg


I have a pal that visits Westminster on his days off and just takes pictures of people coming out the underground. He says it’s the easiest, safest way of getting cool images. For one, people are coming into your space, you’re not invading there’s and also its super touristic. Most people think you’re taking pics of Big Ben over their shoulder. So pick a spot with high footfall, and just be patient.

2.  “OH WOW”

Another pal I know uses that line all the time when she sees someone dressed ostentatiously in the street. “Oh wow” she cries, “look at you! You have to let me take your portrait”. I’ve seen her in action and it’s dead easy, most people like having their ego fed, especially those that dress flamboyantly. Plus, using the word portrait instead of picture makes it sounds like you know what you’re doing.

Carl Thompson By Andrew Barber (OmniStyle)-12.jpg


Just because you didn’t get the perfect snap, doesn’t mean it should hit the cutting room floor. Street photography by its very definition should display facets of vulnerability. It should have its faults and equally, not just be forgiven for them, but appreciated and loved all the more. Bit like how you love your missus for farting in her sleep!

Same theory with street photography. No picture will be perfect, it might be in focus then something will be in the background distorting the aesthetic, or it’s in focus but the expression on a kid kicking bubble-balloons make him look a demon child. Still the essence has been captured. The moment has been distilled and it’s honest.



This is a technical one. With shutter speed I tend to go for a small aperture. If you’re shooting without a tripod, on the go and need to encapsulate a decent depth of field, then a smaller aperture will help you with achieve a faster shutter speed. For further reading on this I recommend you look up James Maher, although he goes for an f/8, f,11 or f,16, I’m much more inclined to go lower and whack up the ISO’s, perhaps it’s because the UK light is less forgiving.

If you are like myself and use a SONY A7S2 Camera, you can read my blog post on how to setup your Sony a7s2 camera.


People hustle down the streets at breakneck speeds these days. You have to check the deepest points on the horizons for your potential subjects. Thus, when they move into shot you can get them coming in to your space and it’s less obvious. Also, I’ve only ever had one person tell me to delete a picture on my camera. (And he was dodgy, probably caught him in the middle of a drug deal). Yes, you might be invading someone’s privacy by getting a shot of them, but in the grand scheme of things, it’s really nothing. It really is.


You need to go to as many photo exhibitions as possible. Personally I love photo exhibitions and if I had the money I’d not only have a walk in wardrobe, a personal assistant who would walk Charlie and break in my new shoes, I’d also have a separate wing of the house dedicated to photography books. Sadly, they’re often super expensive. But there’s no better way to get inspired than by going to an exhibition. Maybe set one up? Why not hire a space and do one yourself?

In the meantime, here are a list of decent London based Street Photographers you can draw inspiration from:

How to Style a Tan Suede Biker Jacket

A few days ago I posted about a new menswear launch from the brand Stradivarius and styled two separate outfits from their collection. Well, I loved the collection so much, I headed back to their Oxford Street store to purchase a few items that I liked so much. I have been looking for a tan suede biker jacket as we move into spring weather and Stradivarius had the perfect one in terms of colour, quality and price. It is a perfect jacket for transitioning seasons as you can layer t-shirts and knitwear as I have done in this look as well as wearing it over the top of a plain tee for warmer days. 

When choosing what to wear for an outfit, the first thing I think about is matching colours that work well together, just think of an artists palette and work out what colour pairs work next to each other. The tan jacket is my statement piece of clothing in this outfit, so I'm going to pair the t-shirt and trainers then the jumper and jeans together - all of course working with the tan main colour. White trainers and layered t-shirt work extremely well to give the outfit a bit of 'pop' and clean aspect, too many dark colours probably wouldn't work as well. I then chose a mid-blue wash jean with grey jumper, which compliment each other great. I would avoid red colours as they might clash with the tan in the jacket. 



Photography by Rebecca Spencer

Don't Ditch Your Wool Coats Just Yet | Style Edit & A Little Advice

Spring is only a month away and that suggests warmer weather right...wrong, I have lived in good ol' Blighty all my life and I know that cool days and bitter evenings can ease off and then bite back in full force unexpectedly. According to the UK weather statistics, snow fell during March in 2013, 2008, 1998, 1994 and so on. In fact statistics also state that it is more likely to snow during Easter than it is during Christmas...this just blows my mind! So the message of this blog post is to not ditch your wool, cashmere coats just yet, instead merge them into your spring wardrobe and concentrate on layering.

Spring is an awkward month in the sartorial calendar to dress for because of the aforementioned weather reasons. My little piece of advice, I mean it isn't rocket science but try to keep hold of your winter coats for at least until the end of April. At that point you should be able to shop a large collection of spring/summer coats which are single layered and made of more lightweight fabrics. 

Going back to winter wool or cashmere coats. On warmer days/cold nights layer up with lightweight tees or merino wool jumpers, like I have done in the style edit above. With thin jumpers such as this roll-neck you can easily roll the sleeves if getting too hot and the layering will keep you warm going into the evenings.

For this AW17 Style Edit, I'm actually wearing a Zara AW16 coat, so I'm sorry but you can no longer buy it. As well as this coat, I'm wearing a khaki tee and dark grey roll-neck knit again from Zara. My black ripped jeans are ASOS. The sneakers are from the brand National Standard which I purchased from Finally I have accessorised with a fashion watch from Circulr.



Photography by Rebecca Spencer

Manière De Voir | Style Review

If you follow my instagram, you'll realise that my style can be somewhat different. I absolutely love tailoring, dressing smart but I also love high-street, casual attire such as ripped jeans, long-line tees and bomber jackets. That is London all over and the diversity of men's style in our nation really shone during London Fashion Week Men #LFWM. Some of the guys were effortlessly stylish and cool and it made me want to broaden my own style slightly and try to find new menswear brands out there rather than shopping at my favourite high-street stores all the time.

Well recently I've been shopping online at Manière De Voir, a brand that I have known for a very long time but never actually brought anything, until now. Manière De Voir are an online UK based mid-market fashion company designing both trend focused Menswear and Womenswear. Their website is great and I love the drop-down option to view their entire collection - of course you can then filter based on all sorts of criteria. Click into the products you like and you'll find every angle of the clothing photographed and styled in a classic Manière De Voir way and zoom functionality to view the finer details.

The products themselves are incredible for the price, the suede jacket in particular has a super soft feel and the black check shirt has become an item in my wardrobe that I wear every day! The rest of my head-to-toe Manière De Voir outfit is centred around a black and khaki palette. The 'destroyed' jeans are more ripped than standard knee rips so if that is your preference you'll love them, although they were a little drafty during the -5 temperature we were shooting in! I've layered a CEO monographed black tee with the flannel black plaid shirt and khaki jacket. Finally with all great outfits, you need incredible footwear and these khaki suede sneakers bring the whole outfit together with a little edge.


Photography by Ella H

My Outfit of the Day Featuring Donhall & Bell and Van Loon Sport

London Fashion Week Mens or #LFWM for those of you following the hashtag throughout the 4 day event, starts tomorrow until Monday and London will be full of the most stylish men in the country. I'm likely to mix my LFWM outfits with everyday style, which is casual ripped jeans, leather jackets and monochrome attire (such as in this post) and smart, formal wear. This outfit styled around the trainers and the top is what I normally wear day in day out.

The leather jacket and jeans probably need no explaining as like I said, I wear them all the time...but to remind you the jacket is by Superdry and the jeans by ASOS. The two items of clothing that are new to my wardrobe are the Donhall & Bell sneakers and the Van Loon Sport top.

Donhall & Bell are a brand that I have reviewed before and are renowned for designing luxury slipper footwear. They have recently launched an epic sneaker or trainer (as we say in the UK) collection, which are available online now. Their collection is branded 'The Redchurch Collection' and available in 3 other colours as well as the black that I'm wearing, in dark green, navy and burgundy. Imagine one of the styled images below and change the colour of the trainers to the ones on offer and every single one would transform the look.

The second brand that I would like to mention in this post is a ski sports brand called Van Loon Sport. Their collection of ski under garments (base layer, second layer) for men and women is the first brand of its kind that can also quite easily step foot into the casual everyday fashion market. The quality of their warm, technical fabrics means that you can simply wear one of their tops and jacket even in the coldest of winter days in the capital, yet keep cool during a tube ride because the fabric is also breathable. It's time for me to browse through the rest of their collection because I'm off skiing (well snowboarding) in the next couple of months and I'm not going without a suitcase full of their products!



Photography by Rebecca Spencer

Keep warm and look great on the slopes this ski season with Van Loon Sport

If you are heading off for a skiing or snowboarding holiday next year in 2017, you are luckier than me because I haven't booked my trip away yet. But in true fashion blogger style, I have got my clothing sorted for the holiday before even booking it! In fact I still have a brand new ski jacket that I brought 3 years ago with it's tag on. Collecting skiwear isn't really my hobby, so next year I'm booking to go away and who wants in?! 

Skiwear is one of those clothing categories that it is well worth spending good money on, of course you want to look great but you also need to keep warm with premium materials and technical fabrics. Van Loon Sport ticks all the boxes as their mission is to re-evaluate and re-design high value skiwear so you get a truly high-tech ski garment rather than paying for a well known brand name that relies on their history to make sales. 

Their look is very monochrome, which looks incredible against the white glare of the mountains but also styled on our very own streets. As the weather has turned freezing in London recently, especially in the mornings, I decided to give the Van Loon Sport clothing a little run out and this is how I styled their men's Villeroi top. Simple for monochrome looks is best, with a pair of black skinny jeans, black overcoat and black Converse trainers.



Photography by Rebecca Spencer

The AW16 Woodhouse Style Edit Challenge

Woodhouse clothing reached out to me recently and challenged me to style an outfit for their #WoodhouseStyleEdit which I of course accepted. With so many other bloggers coming up with some exceptional edits, not only was it a challenge for myself to put together what I believe is the perfect everyday AW16 look but also to showcase my styling against other exceptional bloggers, vloggers & stylists.

Leading into winter, leather jackets are a must, cool, stylish and can be layered with t-shirts just as well as knitwear as I have styled in this look. Leather jackets do not come any better than this Belstaff combat green style, totally iconic and unique. Sticking with the luxury brand Belstaff, I have styled the leather jacket in unison with a pair of detailed black Lancaster boots crafted in Italy with a leather overlay appearance. Combining the two leather Belstaff items and sticking to an autumn/winter dark tone theme, I'm wearing a pair of Replay dark black wash skinny denim jeans. I then wanted to give my outfit edit a touch of winter warmth and I did this with a grey cable knit, funnel neck jumper by the legendary Ralph Lauren. On to the accessories and working with hues of green and black, I found the perfect items with an otter green backpack by Filson and a classic black belt with crosshatch etching by Hugo Boss.

Of course being a Woodhouse Style Edit, all of the items I have described are available at Woodhouse Clothing and you can easily 'shop the look' and the bottom of the email, if I was to pick one item from this look to save up and buy, it would unsurprisingly be the Belstaff combat green leather jacket.  

You can also check out the other #WoodhouseStyleEdits here and make sure you let me know how you think I compared to these?



Woodhouse are also currently launching their Christmas campaign which you can find more information about here. All you have to do is post a photo of how you celebrate the season on social and use the hashtag #TheOtherWiseMan. They will choose 5 winners to enjoy a £100 voucher to spend at Woodhouse Clothing, entries need to be in by the 24th December and the winners will be picked in the New Year. For inspiration, check out the below:



Photography by Lars verkroost & Ella H

Special thanks to these epic photographers we helped me capture the subtle AW16 colours of this outfit on and around our very own London streets. If you need any street style photos make sure you check out Ella if in London or Lars of you are in or around the Amsterdam/Utrecht areas of Holland.


My Outfit of the Week | AW16 Casualwear

This weeks outfit of the week has an everyday edge about it using a grey, navy and black palette. In fact looking back at this look, I love ti so much, I think I'll be wearing it tonight when out in Clapham. This shoot was taken in the incredible and stylish Me London, perfect for the darkness and edginess of this look. This outfit may seem quite simple and not warm enough for winter time, but on most occasions when you get to the pub you unravel layers anyway.

This look has been styled from the bottom up, starting with the footwear. Recently I was introduced the the brand ohw Shoes from where I got these navy trainers from. Ohw's aim is simple - to bring a fresh approach to men’s footwear with contemporary and functional designs. The Deacon trainer from ohw is made from navy full grain leather and date palm suede details.

Although my toes hate me, I decided to wear the outfit with no socks and roll my Topman dark navy jeans up a couple of turns to showcase the trainers. I've then worn a black longline with curved hem t-shirt from Only & Sons and layered with my luxury grey bomber from Black Jamm's AW16 collection. Finally, I have accessorised with a pair of Persol specs which I got from David Clulow Opticians and a Seiko Prospex watch.



Photography by Kylie Eyra

Autumn Menswear Trends | Layering with Next

Autumn is a month to start layering your t-shirts with new autumn/winter knitwear or a jacket. It really is as simple as it sounds, so I went shopping at Next to find my perfect autumnal layers. What I look at when shopping for autumn knitwear is different to winter knitwear as I prefer a lighter wool and something that isn't too chunky. I've found that Next have really focused on these transitional pieces of clothing which is why I've chosen them for this menswear autumn trend article.

This post is all about layering, so I picked up my off-white longline t-shirt and decided to style my outfit around that in neural or achromatic colours. This is a casual look that I would wear going down the pub, maybe a bit of shopping - I mean it's a classic style that you can pretty much wear anywhere actually. With that in mind, I stuck to a grey theme and immediately found this grey wool blend flight jacket with white collar. Straight after I found a pair of white trainers with a touch of grey on the heel - perfect...someones winning today! To complete the look this Next grey roll neck knitted jumper and dark navy skinny jeans compliment the rest of the outfit perfectly and within a quick 15 minute shop I've found everything I needed - now time for a coffee.



Photography by Rebecca Spencer

Where I shop for specific items of men's clothing

Everyone has their favourite shops that you head directly to, without passing GO or grabbing a coffee, when arriving at Bluewater, London Westfield or on Oxford Street. Well I'm no different. Depending on what I'm looking for I'll head straight to the brands that I know, fit well, are within budget and that I have brought from before and loved. With this outfit I did just that and here is where I brought each item from and why.

Firstly lets discuss the specs. I have had my eyes lasered for about 8 years when both eyes were short sighted at around -4.75. For those of you who wear glasses will understand that -4.75 is blind to the extent of you can barely read size 68 font when it is right in front on you. My eyes have since deteriorated slightly and I now have to wear glasses again, but lucky for me the styles have changed from gold rimmed, thick lenses with transformers (girl's had My Little Pony) on the sides to the designs that Kite are producing now. I found Kite through Instagram and have loved their optical designs ever since. They have a store in Westfield Stratford where you can get your eyes tested and customise your own frames for a flat fee and they have some incredible modern frames to choose from.

Next up is the shirt. Now there really is only one place to get your formal shirts from and that is Hawkins & Shepherd. A Hawkins & Shepherd shirt is always handmade and are crafted in a small family run tailors who take care in their work - unlike so many other shirt makers who factory run their work with no care and attention. Hawkins & Shepherd are only available online but have recently launched their AW16 collection of new pin collar shirts, button down shirts, suits and made-in-Britain cashmere overcoats.

Reiss is my destination for mid-range priced classic coats. Every season without fail they deliver, I mean their designs don't change too much but that fabric hues they use are always on style. This coat is their GABRIEL and priced at £295 and is sure to a sell-out piece.

My jeans are from Superdry. It isn't my normal destination for jeans, although I have felt that the standards and workmanship that go into jeans recently has declined due to so many affordable pairs entering the market. I recall a time when I used to spend a minimum of £125 on a pair of Diesel jeans, although for the last 5 years my shopping habits for denim has changed to affordable and I have brought most of my pairs from Topman or ASOS. Well I was on the search for a pair of jeans what were great quality but will not break the bank and I found them at Superdry of all places for £65.

My shoes are made by John White from Northamptonshire so the quality of craftsmanship that goes into them is great and you can really feel the comfort when you wear a pair. These brogue shoes with a grain exterior in a tan colour are available through Hawkins & Shepherd.

I've accessorised with a pair of quilted dark brown gloves from Barbour and a 100% silk navy polka-dot scarf from Hawkins & Shepherd.



Photography by Rebecca Spencer

How to wear double or triple denim

"Ooooooo double denim" and a scrunched up face is what I get every time I attempt this supposed fashion faux pax. But in this day and age is it really that much of a no-go style? Simply, the answer is no. I think that UK fashion has come a long way in the last 5 years but not only from the top fashion elite but also the everyday male or females who are in many ways the driving force behind trends that big brands catch on to. Are we becoming a more fashionable society due to a large number of accessible influencers on social media showing us different ways to wear everyday clothing - rather than only the high-end magazines that target the wealthy with their superbrands. I like to think so.

In fact I grew up reading such magazines, although the imagery was aspirational and the brands were always at the high end of luxury and fashion. I could never transition what I was reading from the magazine into something I could purchase affordably and style myself...maybe thats why ASOS was born - although they cottoned on to this a little sooner than I! 

Nowadays, there is so much content out there and I feel that as a blogger you have to push the boundaries of style because if we get it wrong then you will not...thats my excuse anyway!

So on to double or triple (in this case) denim. What are the rules if there are any? Disclaimer to any denim know-it-alls...this is just my opinion! 


1. Denim always looks better with tattoos.
2. Try to mix up different coloured denim.
3. If you choose the same colour denim, always match different washes.
4. Denim is normally distressed and therefore it's better to pair denim with your most worn in, slightly ropey footwear. Such as a pair of leather boots that have been over worn and scuffed. Or a pair of white converse that now look more cream coloured, have a small hole in the side yet somehow look better than when new.
5. Rips and slight faults give denim character. The only exception is when the crouch area wears out and you are exposing gouch!
6. Don't be afraid to mix smart attire with denim or chambray.



Photography by Rebecca Spencer

Superdry Is More Than Just Big Bold Branding

Forgive me Superdry but I haven't brought any of your men's clothing since about 8 years ago (give or take a couple of years - but the point is a LONG time ago). It was when everyone seemed to be taking about Superdry and loving the big bold branded shirts, hoodies and multiple zipped jacket - which had about 12 bloody zips on it! Actually I still have my yellow Superdry hoodie and grey/orange checked Superdry shirt. It was about a month ago now when I was invited to preview their new men's collection that I realised it is time to buy back into Superdry.

So I did a poll with my 30-something year old friends and asked them "What do you think of about the brand Superdry?" A preconception many people, including myself had was that Superdry only sells bold check shirts, bright coloured hoodies and the same in T-Shirt form. Maybe its because these products are their bread 'n' butter and are displayed as eye-catching pieces in the entrance to the stores attracting the customers, but not the older ones it seems, well if my small friendship group is anything to go by.

So this weekend when we all got together again, I wore the outfit above which is Superdry throughout and asked them what they thought of it. Everyone loved the smart yet casual look - every piece you can style with almost anything. The main comment was "No way is that Superdry!" - well it is and although there are still small branded touches it is ever so discrete now. Much more classic, classy and I think opened up a whole new market with my friends!

The quality is unbelievable (in a good way!), the jumper is so soft you can wear it without anything underneath. The jacket is so well made from the fabric, buttons, inner lining and zip and the design is very classic. As for the jeans, you can tell that the denim is hard wearing, none of this thin crappy denim and seems to be everywhere these days. 

The Jumper and Jacket are both from the IDRIS ELBA Collection which is their premium collection - you can shop the range here.

Did you know that Superdry also does Sports wear? You can read my review of Superdry Sports here



Photography by Holly Harwood

My Outfit of the Week

The weeks outfit of the week combines three menswear brands that I have never worn before, so I have combined them with a few of my wardrobe favourites. This outfit was taken at the early part of this week, during the cold windy few days we had in London, I mean it certainly didn't feel like June...more like November. This time I headed out with photographer Rebecca Spencer around the Temple area of London, along the Embankment and stumbled across a few awesome areas in which to shoot the outfits and a few odd and exposed changing facilities!

The three brands that I want to mention in this look are Sunday Somewhere, Boom Bap Wear and Jim Rickey. Starting from the top half, this grey lightweight v-neck hoodie from Boom Bap Wear is stylish and the fit is slim, muscle, yet comfortable. The inner lining of the top is fleece like so there is no need to wear a t-shirt underneath, in fact I think it works better worn alone. Jim Rickey is a brand that I found on Instagram, based in Stockholm, Sweden and specialising in footwear. Immediately I purchased two pairs, I was so impressed with their collection and I want another 2 more at least! This grey pair and another white leather with tan details and marble sole. Finally I have accessorised with a brand that is synonymous for being the sunglasses of choice for a-list celebrities - a brand called Sunday Somewhere. 

Its amazing what brands you can find by searching the second page on Google, Twitter and have a browse and if you can also find some amazing menswear brands - if you do, please let me know!



Photography by Rebecca Spencer

First Instinct: Abercrombie & Fitch - A New Exciting Fragrance For Men

Yes I do have a clock tattoo with no clock-hands; of course, ever so obvious and uncreative the time is reserved for my first kids birth (which couldn't seem further away right now!). Move further south from my bad tattoos and you'll find First Instinct, the brand new men's fragrance from Abercrombie & Fitch. I mean you could question why I'm carrying it around whilst wandering the streets of Brixton, but lets brush that aside and focus on the product itself!

First Instinct has been inspired by that first moment of attraction, when two people's worlds collide and a spark is ignited. For those of you in the social media generation may find that concept a little out dated and cringe, so let me translate for basically is inspired by that moment when you get Superliked on Tinder and to your surprise you have just matched with the girl or guy of your dreams.

First Instinct is the interpretation of that exciting first glance and the initial connection felt. That very moment can't be defined in words, nor can it be anticipated. It was launched on the 23rd May 2016, so you can get your hands on it right now. Try it out, does First Instinct live up to its name? Do what I did and explore the streets, giving yourself a fresh spray every time you see someone you like and see if you get that eye catching moment. 

All jokes aside, this fragrance is amazing fresh yet masculine I think that comes from the sweet top notes and musk base. 

TOP: Gin & Tonic combined with Kiwano Melon.
MID: Szechuan Pepper with Violet leaves with a citrus twist
BASE: Cashmere Woods, Sleek Amber, Sueded Musk





Photography by Ella H


It's taken its time but summer has officially arrived, which means festivals, holidays and beer gardens replace Netflix, cozy nights in and takeaways. Although the last month has been full of Autumn/Winter 2016 collection previews, I've only just started buying my Spring/Summer wardrobe! My first point of call for summer wear was Topman, I put together the above look for my recent trip to Barcelona and decided it was actually also perfect to wear for a local midday Sunday beer in Brixton.

I love outfits that are versatile and work for a multitude of different circumstances, from Topman Oxford Street to Barcelona to Brixton! Two key aspects to this outfit are the shorts and bomber jacket. Chino shorts are comfortable and breathable and therefore perfect to be worn for long sunny walks or chilling out on Clapham Common, Victoria Park or whatever your local green space is. I've chosen a pair of black shorts, although Topman also do these shorts in a variety of other colours. Dark shorts work well if styling with lighter shades on the top half of your body and are a hardier colour for wearing from day-to-night. 

Khaki bomber jackets were an AW15 hit, now in the SS16 season, grey bomber jackets have taken over and looking at the AW16 previews - grey features again (as well as earth rust tones). So if you invest now, you'll have a whole year of wear out of it and some!



Photography by Ella H


A weekend photoshoot in King Cross is great for me, as I can jump on the high-speed train to Ebbsfleet to see my parents afterwards, which also means I can bring Charlie with me on the shoot and that always makes the pictures 10 times better! There are a number of things that bloggers totally over do...copper, marble, white houses, coffee, Mykonos, Santorini and of course the walkway to St.Pancras railway station. So on true blogger form, out of all the places to shoot in Kings Cross - of course I went to the same place as everyone does! However I have my secret weapon, Charlie dog!

This outfit is wholly styled with ASOS and I wanted to create a look that was oversized and perfect for a Sunday or Monday when you have totally over indulged at the weekend...hide that beer belly! 

In my ASOS outfit of the day from bottom to top, I'm wearing a pair of grey Chelsea boots which are a very comfortable over the ankle boot, they work perfect with rolled jeans, trousers and even chinos. I always think that wearing grey works better with black rather than blue jeans, so I have styled this look with that colour jeans and rolled up the bottoms to showcase the Chelsea boot. Then I have used my asymmetric white oversized shirt, which I brought from ASOS about 8 months ago, it is no longer available but I have placed a similar shirt in the shop the look below. Again the grey oversized overcoat is no longer in stock, however any grey overcoat or any jacket that sits longer that the shirt will also work well in this look. Finally, it's summer so sunglasses are a must and keeping in theme, they are grey rimmed.

Enjoy your Sunday, I'm now off for brunch.



Photography by Kylie Eyra


Fashion is fast and expensive, so I'm forever trying to find ways to decrease the size of my wardrobe and buy pieces of clothing that can be styled in both a formal and causal way. The classic overcoat is one of those staple items of clothing that is so versatile and stylish that you could probably even wear it with shorts and it would look good! As you can see, this is the first way to style the jacket in smart formal attire. Pop back shortly for the casual style.

This light grey hue is an on-trend colour for this season and a perfect transition piece between seasons so if you purchase now, this jacket will survive through Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter...and on into 2017, thats if you don't leave it in a bar (which I'm always doing)! 

This photoshoot was taken by Rebecca Spencer and after traipsing around the V&A museum we finally found the perfect place for this shoot, the surroundings were epic as you can see.

For this shoot, I purchased the light grey overcoat from AllSaints and styled it with items that I already had. The white button-down shirt, grey window-pane double breasted suit jacket and the brown double monk strap shoes are all from Hawkins & Shepherd. My watch is from Paul Smith, but you would have seen that before because I wear it all the time! Finally the dark wash jeans are from ASOS.



Photography by Rebecca Spencer


When you are taking photos in and around East London, you are never short of edgy brick walls and we certainly found a few in this shoot. I love shooting with Ella because we'll wonder around and she'll pluck out the most amazing spots to start taking photos. These shots were taken of the edges of east London near and around Shadwell.

This weekend has been amazing in London, like a mini heatwave and it feels like summer has FINALLY started, although it is still pretty nippy when the sun goes in at night. So my outfit above is perfect for these temperature changing days. Change the jeans with denim mid wash shorts for hotter days. The jacket is faux leather, light and easy to roll the sleeves if you like. I have finished the look with a simple longline white tee and my new awesome white with copper detail trainers.

Today this is a short blog, so if you have any questions on the look, please comment below, as I'm off to plan my outfit for the Television BAFTAS tonight.



Photography by Ella H


When going for an early morning Bank Holiday stroll with my dog, comfortable footwear is a must, socks optional! So when browsing online for my newest pair of spring/summer shoes, I came across these suede sand desert boots on Generally speaking I tend to opt for over the ankle boots as they offer more stability and are generally more agreeable when going for long walks, so these desert boots tick all the boxes.  

The last time I wore Clarks shoes was actually back in school (a long time ago!). When I think of the brand Clarks, other than getting measured up by the shop attendant for your newest pair of school shoes, I think comfort, durability and classic, well made shoes - which is why I have gone back to them after so many years. had a large variety of the Clarks newest collections and are currently offering 20% if you enter the code CLAR20 at checkout. Shop the collections below:

Clarks Originals

Here are some of my other favourites:

A clear trend to come out of the catwalks of London Collections: Men SS16 was desert and sand hues. Found in the Spring/Summer 2016 collections from Belstaff, Topman & Maharishi, this will be an obvious trend to hit the streets over the next few months.

Trending - London Collections: Men SS16 - Sand, Desert & Camo Hues.

Trending - London Collections: Men SS16 - Sand, Desert & Camo Hues.



Photo Credit Kylie Eyra


Maybe it's because I'm getting old (am old) that all I want to do is stay in, relax and watch catch-up TV - going out, dating, seems such a chore and my wardrobe seems to slowly be reflecting that. Loungewear and dressing down of late has certainly become the norm for me. However whether I'm dressing formal or casual I still want to wear quality clothing. After a quick web and Instagram (I'm using Instagram more & more these days to find unique brands) search, I found Rascal Clothing and trust me, there is nothing rascal about their clothing. 

This styled look reminds me of when I'm incredibly hungover on a Sunday morning and the only thing that is going to help is an egg & bacon sandwich. So I gingerly get out of bed, pop a couple of Nurofen, throw on my most comfortable loungewear, trainers and jacket and head off out to the local shops after my fatty fix!

Rascal Clothing was setup by the F2 Freestylers, if you are not aware of who they are, just google them and some of their crazy football skills videos will come up for sure. Their range consists of mainly tracksuits (available in zip or pullover styles), t-shirts and caps along with a variety of other gift type accessories. The tracksuits come in three different colours Grey, Navy and Black at a price of £70 each, or to split the costs you can buy the top and bottoms separately. If you are looking to buy a tracksuit for your son or daughter, well they do junior sizes too.

What I love about their product (I'm actually wearing it right now whilst typing this, tired at 6:30am - is the softness, quality and comfortable feel it has. Thats important with loungewear where comfort is key. The inner lining is super soft and keeps its softness through many washes, I think thats due to the quality, thickness and elasticity of the materials used. Fabric aside, its the fit that really wins it for me. Rascal have opted for a modern fit, I mean its not going to be my Granddads sort of thing, I think he'll have to keep buying his trackies from M&S! The fit of the tracksuit bottoms is shaped around the calf area, similar to skinny jeans then as you move up to above the knees the fit relaxes catering for all sizes of thighs which means the bottoms have perfect manoeuvrability and not too tight. They are tight in all the right places and loose is all the right places.



Photography by Ella H