Killer Autumn Overcoats for Men in 2019 | Outfit of the Day

What Overcoats should men be wearing this Autumn in 2019? 

A. I've opted for a brown check longline overcoat from River Island available for £90. 

This coat is very accessibly priced and will be a great addition to your Autumn wardrobe. If you're looking to upgrade your AW19 wardrobe but don't want to break the bank then why not look at investing in this brown check overcoat from River Island. 

For styling I paired this overcoat with some Lace Up Military boots. It's a confident look. It's very sleek the neutral colours and slim fit gives the impression that you've put some effort into your look, without trying too hard. 

I've matched the dark tones of the boot with some black washed skinny jeans. The Overcoat is really the centrepiece so I avoided any 'out-there' check trousers or patterns that would clash. If you wear this overcoat with denim it injects some street to the mix. 

My brown stitch panel slim fit jumper is just the perfect colour to contrast the skinny jeans without straying too far from the hues of the Overcoat. I prefer to go from light to dark as I layer out. 

Lastly my beautiful black leather cuffed gloves are an awesome accoutrement. Again it brings a level of class to the outfit. 

I'm wearing my Versace watch to add some gloss to the ensemble. 

Now notice at the top I asked what Overcoats should you be wearing for Autumn AW19? I've cheekily put the emphasis on the plural. It would be remiss of me not to mention my own Cashmere Camel Coat, available through my website

Reduced in price now so a perfect opportunity to grab an investment as the weather starts to turn. 


Menswear Outfit of the Day | Autumn Colour Analysis

Instagram Post 2-3.JPG

What colour clothes pair best with the autumn season? What trends will we see in AW19?

This season I'll be deeply investing in brown checks, with neutral stone and cream colour-ways. 

The check brown trousers are a skinny fit, with single reverse pleats. They're a poly-blend so they can take a kicking and the moths won't get to them. I'll pair them with a brown check scarf which will tie the look together. 

Really these trousers will be perfect for the autumn season. I have a few tan boots, black loafers and trainers that will all pair nicely with this. The monk strap boot is a great finish. With suede fabric uppers it has an earthy quality to it. As opposed to a patina or a hi-shine brown shoe that would look jarring. 

I'm also loving the stone long knitted sleeve jumper. Stone is a great colour that you can interchange with many suit trousers, khakis or denim. It's not a luxury fabric, but if you're looking to upgrade your Autumn wardrobe on a budget this is a great place to start. 

I'm keeping the colours browns and tans in line with this stone double breasted belted longline mac. It's water resistant and has some great traditional details that I'd hope to find on a mac. Like the storm flap detail, the buckle fastened belt and the epaulettes. 

I am also adding some gloss with my Raybans and Versace watch from my current wardrobe.

The key to buying clothes for Autumn are getting the neutral colours, but without looking like you'd disappear on a colour chart in Sofology. Notice the check pattern on my trousers are really leaping out. The fact I've paired that with my scarf lets the casual observer know that I'm wearing this look with intent.


Outfit of the Day | My Signature Autumnal Style

Carl Thompson Blogger Camel Coat 3.JPG

What is your go-to Autumn outfit? If you're looking down the road once we pass the summer heatwave for some Autumn menswear ideas then here is my signature look. 

The 'blogger approved' key to layering articles will be hitting your feeds very shortly. I'm looking to get out in front with this look. 

First it's the Hawkins & Shepherd Camel Cashmere coat, currently half price on the website. This coat has been a staple piece in my Autumn wardrobe for the past three years. It's interchangeable, it's light and it's perfect for those slightly chilly months on the run up to Winter. 

Underneath I'm rocking a faded denim shirt by Zara. This brings out a wonderful contrast, not only colour but in texture. The shirt has the worn in look, whilst the coat looks brand new (although it's three years old).

The Autumn look has to have something earthy, something honest. The black Superdry jeans and tee, are fairly run of the mill but keeps the look clean. 

I do have distressed jeans, knee blow outs and honeycomb stacks, but that would have been too much of a clash, I didn't want anything to break the lines of this aesthetic. It may look simple, but it's a classy look. 

Take a look at the watch. It's a Rotary GMT Henley with the red/blue Pepsi Cola bezel. The chain strap gives it the verisimilitude of a dress watch, which upgrades the entire look. Same with the Ray-Bans. 

Let me finish by waxing lyrical about these Dr Martens. Don't they look supreme? They are the Cherry Red Vegan 1460's Boot and unlike most men’s boots, don't need to be worn in. Normally I like to hire one of my lackeys to break in my boots for me to save the blisters. (Only joking). 

They are currently available for £130 and I can't recommend them enough. The colour is tailor made for autumn wear and they bring a real classy yet street finish-vibe to my Autumn look. 



A Casual Suiting Style | Outfit of the Day

Carl Thompson Blogger 2.JPG

It's been awhile since I discussed some of my current looks. Although I've sharing these images on Instagram, I don't always have time to flesh out the ideas behind the look. 

Despite my reservations surrounding the Kingsman: Golden Circle, the tailoring was untouchable. The Kingsman, in reality The Huntsman on Savile Row, has a special capsule collection housed on Mr Porter, this suit being one of the exclusive designs. 

The double-breasted jacket is a 6x2 meaning there are 6 buttons with 2 rows that can fasten. The arrangement is more traditional and conservative. It's made from a navy super 120s wool, sourced from the iconic William Halstead mill - a purveyor of fine fabrics since 1875.

It's fully canvassed, fully lined, fitted but not constricting. At first glance you might not notice that's double breasted as I'm wearing it open here. A lot of double breasted jackets can lose their shape if not done up. However, thanks to the lightness of the fabric, it doesn't drape off kilter. It's a darker tone also so the silhouette, on the surface at least, looks uninterrupted. 

The mid-rise trousers come with unfinished hems and adjustable tabs at the waist. 

Casual Suiting

As much as I despise the word 'suiting' I'm struggling to come up with another term currently. What I'm trying to convey is that not every suit needs a shirt. I've pared down the overall look with a River Island longline tee. A crew neck will tidy the look. 

I've finished the look with some Marks & Spencer lace up trainers in white to offer some contrast to the overall finish. These lace-up trainers for men have been given M&S's Freshfeet™ finish to ward off odour and are also vegan friendly. 

Where would I wear this? 

This is perfect for a dress down Friday look at the office. Maybe a date after work. It shows you've not come straight from the office and you've made some effort to dress smartly, but not too formerly. 


Stylish Winter Overcoats | Men's Style Edit

If there is one piece of clothing that can define a look for the autumn/winter seasons, it is a statement overcoat. Most men have a large number of essential coats for winter such as a leather jacket, a shearling jacket and probably navy, black and camel overcoats. However to mix it up a little bit, check out the ASOS collection of overcoats, including this incredible green, camel, maroon number for only £85.

The coat was cut in a oversized fit, so if you are between sizes, go down a size and you’ll find it will fit better. It is also very warm, so on days that are warm, just simply wear it with a plain t-shirt and colder days layer up.

As always if you like the style edit, you can shop the pieces by clicking on the images below.


ASOS Spring Menswear Outfit | Men's Style Edit

This last week we've been blessed in the UK with a mini heatwave which has delighted the whole population minus those who were running the London Marathon in record heat at the weekend. During this freak weather you'll probably want to wear as little as possible however as we know all too well these good times are always almost immediately followed by a reality check. 

This outfit is a typical spring look, simple layering and a lightweight jacket in a casual style for evenings or weekends. I personally wore this look to the gym where I would change into my gym gear and back into this outfit for date night.

The whole outfit is head-to-toe ASOS menswear, and I've made it simple to shop the look below.



Spring Smart-Casual Workwear | Men's Style Edit

Dressing smart-casual for the office is without a doubt the hardest or all sartorial challenges and it's because there are choices to be made. Do I dress more casual? Or do I dress more on the side of smart? Are jeans and trainers acceptable? You get my point. My biggest tip would be to dress on the smarter side of casual or on the casual side of smart! Let me explain...

Dressing casually would translate to t-shirts, trainers, ripped jeans etc but for me they are too casual for a smart-casual look. Slightly smarter options are mid-blue jeans with no fades or rips, brogues or boots instead of trainers and layer a t-shirt with a smart jumper. 

Dressing smart would mean a suit, shirt and tie, but for me they are way too smart for a smart-casual look. Although the casual side of this would be a blazer or even an unbuttoned button-down shirt and definitely no tie.

I've styled this weeks men's style edit based on these rules, so what do you think?

My Smart Casual Spring/Summer 2018 Style Edit | Remus Uomo

If I review my social media messages and emails over the past year or so, the majority of them are around the subjects of how to dress smart casual followed by colour palettes that work well together then how to layer clothes. So in this transitional spring/summer style edit, I have tried to touch of each of these subjects and offer some kind of solution. For this outfit, I have teamed up with the guys from Remus Uomo and carefully scoured through their new SS18 collection to pick and style my hero pieces from the range.

This outfit is firmly in the smart-casual box, however leaning to the more casual side with trainers and an open buttoned shirt. I realise that this is not a look to go for in the office. However, this outfit has many facets, just button-up the shirt, tuck it in and layer with a blazer and you'll smarten up the look in no time. Another option would be to swap out the trainers with a pair of smarter shoes or boots and again you'll have another variation on this style edit.

Colour matching can be a complete headache and the most easy to spot if someone seemingly got dressed in the dark! If in doubt, stick to a classic colour such as white, black or grey which tend to go with everything then combine with another bolder colour. Stripe patterns, blues, whites, melange and navy are great colours for this spring/summer season and work extremely well as part of an outfit, so combine them together and you'll be just fine. Get the most from your new purchases and change the look up slightly with things you already have in your wardrobe. Colour wise you could change the navy t-shirt to white or even something bolder like a shades of pink, red, orange. For a great holiday evening look, change the blue trousers for a pair of white chinos.

It is officially spring and as we've already experienced temperatures can be as low as 0 degrees yet as high as 20 the further into spring we go, so it is important to know how to layer clothes. Layering-up is not just about throwing on a vest, t-shirt, shirt, blazer and coat then be done with it, you have to think about what colours and textures go well together and most importantly what your plans are for the day. How much time will you be spending indoors and well as outdoors? Will you be walking a lot or on public transport? I say this because being warm is an amazing feeling but layer too much whilst drinking a flat white, power walking to your next meeting and it can become extremely uncomfortable. For this look, the layering is simple, this t-shirt from Remus Uomo is pure cotton and slightly thicker in texture than a thin cotton t-shirt and therefore warmer, so I have layered with a soft light shirt. For extra warmth simply add a lightweight coat or blazer which you can carry when on the move.

As always guys, if you love this style edit, you can shop the look below by click on the product images. Thank you for reading.



*This is a sponsored post and has been created in collaboration with Remus Uomo.

Photo Credit Omnistyle

The Striped Shirt | Men's Style Edit

My latest favourite menswear trend has to be the oversized striped shirt worn in a casual way. Stripes tend to be a way to elongate your body shape in a visual way to slim down your physique which is why so many guys wear vertical stripes as opposed to horizontal stripes. This trend has been going on for quite a few seasons although I'm certainly seeing more and more stripes hit the market. Thin stripes, thick stripes, multi-coloured stripes, chevron stripes are all styles that are out there right now.  

I brought a pointed collar, monochrome, oversized shirt to wear in this style edit from ASOS. With monochrome stripes I think the best way to style it is to stick to the two colours, black and white. My skinny black jeans are from AG Jeans, black Chelsea boots are from Superdry, overcoat is from Antony Morato, jewellery from Alex Orso and finally sunglasses from Taylor Morris Eyewear.

I've spent a bit of time selecting my top picks for this menswear trend.



How to Layer Clothes | Men's Style & Fashion | London Street Style

One of the main questions I get asked throughout my social media accounts is how to layer clothes, why is layering so important in men's fashion and what the hell is layering season? So in this post I'm going to address all of these questions as well as showing you an example of layering knitwear, a blazer and overcoat in my own style. 

Layering season is referred to when changeable weather conditions exist and therefore you may be required to add layers to keep warm or remove layers to cool off. Typically the layering seasons are Spring and Autumn when you can get sun, rain, warm and cold weather all in one single day. Layering can also be used in Winter as an efficient way to keep warm and if you're a snowboarder or skier you'll be familiar with adding layers to keep warm.

Layering your clothes is not only an efficient way of keeping warm, it also gives you styling options and looks great. My main tip for layering clothes in men's clothing is to keep the colour palette simple by choosing one single colour to be your main focus. In my style example, I've chosen a nude camel colour to be the main focus so out of the 3 items of clothing I've styled 2 of those items this colour. If I had worn a camel roll-neck, I would have layered with a different colour blazer and the camel coat. Try to avoid layering too many different colours of clothes as it can get more complicated to get it right and you're adding more chance of getting colours clashing. 

In this style edit, I'm layering a maroon knitted roll-neck jumper from Burton with a camel tweed blazer from Moss Bros and the final layer is a 100% cashmere camel coat from Hawkins & Shepherd. The rest of the outfit comprises of black jeans from Superdry, black shoes from John White Shoes, sunglasses from Taylor Morris Eyewear and finally a slimline leather briefcase from Launer London.



Photography by Charlie Sawyer

Outfit of the Week | Men's Style Edit

Who else is struggling to get through January? I feel like I'm crawling through it, everything's an effort, procrastinating at every junction and I've even introduced afternoon naps into my daily routine! Today I'm going to change that and during my afternoon nap time, I'm now writing this blog that's progress! What is it with January that makes it such a miserable month and what do you do to combat the January blues? Personally I either shop or book a holiday...pretty standard really.

I'm looking to book flights to Tanzania for a few months time, so if anyone has been comment below and give me your tips. I think I'll spend some time in Zanzibar for beach life and then the Serengeti for a bit of nature. I've also been shopping a bit these month with a few voucher cards I got for Christmas, so I'll have loads of new style edits in the coming couple of weeks, so keep an eye out on my Instagram account and blog to shop the looks.

But for now, I've styled together a look that I love from clothing and accessories that I've had in my wardrobe for some time. The coat is actually last years AW16 collection from Zara, so in the shop the look below, I've replaced this specific coat with some alternatives. The style is very black, including a shirt from COS, Chelsea boots from Superdry, jeans from ASOS and accessorised with a black 24 hour leather bag from Jack Russell Bags and an expertly crafted umbrella from the Kingsman range at Mr Porter. As always, if you like it, shop it below.



Men's AW17 Outfit of the Week | Style Edit

In London we have some of the finest Museums in the world and the majority of them are for free (or for a donation). So last week, I decided to make the most of this generosity by visiting the London History Museum which is situated near South Kensington tube station. I was blown away at how incredible it was, just the vast array of artefacts on display was mind-blowing. The last time I visited was for a school trip *a LONG time ago, so as my first new years resolution, I'm going to visit a museum a month.

Of course being a Style Edit, outfit of the week post, I need to explain exactly what I'm wearing and where you can also purchase these items. So starting on the footwear, I've worn a new pair of Cole Haan white sneaker/trainers with tan details on the heals. I've taken this palette to style my outfit around, which is white, tan, camel colours. The jeans are black ripped style from ASOS, the shirt is from Zara Man and the bag is Jack Russel Bags. I've layered with a oatmeal overcoat from Reiss and kept the wind off my neck with a camel scarf from Reiss.

Simple, stylish and comfortable. Shop the look below: 

The Designer Winter Coat that gets all the Compliments

This week has been pretty epic to be honest and without sounding like I'm bragging, although maybe I am a little, it has been the best start to a December yet. If you have been watching my Instagram stories you would have seen my highlights at the Ferrari Portofino UK launch followed by an incredibly beautiful Christmas party with Mr Porter and finally a relaxing lunch with Jo Malone with the UK's best men's lifestyle bloggers, influencers and press.

However as I sit here on a Saturday night at home, with a glass of water not wine I'm feeling the effects of a 3 day binge but boy was it worth it. What I realised is that sartorially going out 3 days and nights on a trot can be challenging but I left my best outfit until last. 

Wearing this Versace Collection ombré double-breasted coat which I brought through Farfetch is like driving a Ferrari around London, people cant help but look. In fact, even a few builders and a taxi driver commented on how much they loved the coat and not in a condescending way because they wanted to have a detailed discussion on where I brought it, the price etc.

Being a men's fashion and lifestyle blogger you'll attend events that are full of the most stylish men in the UK, so standing out is difficult but whats harder is to warrant acclaim from your peers. However everyone commented on this coat, not only the colours but the tailoring and the softness of the fabric - so I applaud you Versace! 

I've styled the Versace Collection ombré double-breasted coat layered on top of a rust coloured cord blazer by NEXT and grey roll-neck jumper from Reiss. On the lower half, I went for black ripped jeans brought at ASOS, dark-brown Chelsea boots from NEXT and my trusty 24hour leather bag via Jack Russell.

As always, if you like the look, you can shop it below.



Outfit of the Week | Wearing Jaeger AW17 Collection

I absolutely love a good suit, so much so that half of my wardrobe is taken up with suits of different cuts, colours and styles. My latest addition was from the Jaeger AW17 collection, my first from this brand so was keen to get my hands on one. What initially drew me to this particular one was the subtle fine check pattern print of the navy suit. I wanted a suit the stepped away from classic plain palette designs and a bit more unique and therefore this one was the stand out piece from Jaeger's AW17 suit collection.

As we dip our toes into the autumn/winter 2017 season, I've moved away from traditional suit styling of a shirt and tie. Instead I went for warmth and style with a smart navy roll-neck jumper, which is a menswear trend right now. When wearing navy on navy, it can look a little boring and unimaginative, so I've added a plain white pocket square to give the suit a little more punch and the wow factor. My shoes are a dark tan colour, but black would also work equally well.

In this outfit of the week style edit, the suit is from Jaeger at £399 as is the navy wool roll neck jumper at £104.  The white pocket square is by Drake's via MR PORTER and part of their Kingsman edit at £55. The shoes are by Goodwin Smith and available for £125 and finally the watch is by Rotary at £155.



Photography by Charlie Sawyer

Autumnal Season Workwear | Transition Seamlessly for Work

Boy 'o' boy do us Brits love to talk about the weather all the time. Not only did I just spend 15 minutes of my life watching a Celebs Go Dating couple talk about how changeable the weather was, non-stop throughout their date, but it is also all over twitter. With people that I follow commenting the likes of "I can't believe summer is dead", "say goodbye to summer", "how on earth did it go from summer to winter so quick?" - you get the gist. Maybe they all have a point; to be fair the weather in the UK does dictate a lot. Cold days equal a lot of swiping left (and occasionally right) on Bumble, whereas a warm day and I'm down the pub in shorts and flip-flops sipping an ice-cold cider. 

Fashion is so heavily dictated by the weather and with the UK weather so unpredictable, it does make it a little bit more difficult to dress when the seasons are transitioning. Personally I'm an optimist and I refuse to believe that the warm weather is over. Yes we have had a cold snap as of late and I've been bringing out a few coats from the clothes archive but look back at 2015 & 2016 where we had days in October that recorded above 20 degrees celsius. Hello Indian Summer.

Layering is one way to combat these warm yet cold days but that works better when dressing in a casual attire. Deciding what to wear for work during these changeable months if far more difficult, especially if you work in a formal environment. What I suggest is simple, for the warmer days, dress as per the style in this post. Trousers (no socks optional), shoes, cotton poplin weave shirt (which is very breathable and lightweight), blazer and sunglasses (optional). Okay so for days when it is a little bit cooler, simply add socks and a coat. You can also change your shirt for a thinker weave, lets say an Oxford, which is still breathable but a bit weightier than the poplin weave. 

For my Autumnal Season Workwear Outfit of the Day I've chosen to shop in a variety of different places such as, ASOS, To Boot New York, Hawkins & Shepherd, Seiko and Taylor Morris. 



Photography by Sophie Milner

Men's New Collection Transitional Style Edit

Who else loves Autumn? The season of layering and getting excited for the new menswear collections, well that's until about January or February when it practically gets draining having to wear everything in your wardrobe just to hit the local shops. This weekend, other than going to the wedding of the century, watching Lewis Hamilton boss the Singapore Grand-Prix, watching my football team Crystal Palace lose their 5th game in a row without scoring and scrolling through a new batch of Bumble matches, I've also been shopping the latest threads from Reiss, ASOS & Stradivarius.

By getting some new pieces of clothing it can really reignite the confidence from within that you may have been lacking recently and these brands have some exceptional collections coming out. In my eyes, in particular Reiss who have an incredible selection of clothing focused around a green palette. So I've decided to make two of their AW17 pieces the statement of this look. The paint, brush stroke, pattern shirt and grey/green double-breasted pea coat work great together or as individual pieces. The final transitional look has been supplemented by a pair of black or green sneakers from Stradivarius and black ripped jeans from ASOS. Thats my transitional style edit for autumn 2017.



Photography by Kylie Eyra

Farfetch #TheOne Bag Campaign

Farfetch is an aspirational brand that stock only the best luxury brands at the forefront of fashion design and ones which use high quality materials in their sold products. So when I was asked to be involved in their #TheOne Bag campaign, of course I jumped at the opportunity. Here is what I said about my styled look for this campaign.

Stepping into spring always proves sartorially challenging with drastic changes in weather happening almost hourly and of course a change in season brings the inevitable style changes. To ease this transition, I like to phase out my previous seasons clothing by fusing together lasts season’s classics with something new season. In this outfit, I have paired my denim jacket simply with a plain white tee and tan chinos. For such a simple look, accessorising what you are wearing with a bag will totally transform your look, in fact its essential which is why this tote bag is #TheOne for me. Luxurious and versatile, this tote bag from Zanellato Postina is my go to bag from a weekend away to heading to the gym. Choose to buy in black, grey or brown colours and it will suit every outfit making it #TheOne and the perfect all-season, everyday bag that offers style as well as functionality.

Carl Thompson.jpg

What #TheOne Bag would you choose?

Farfetch x Carl Thompson

Read the complete campaign on the Farfetch website here.

Outfit of the Day | May 2017 | Style Edit

Good evening people, I hope you all had a great Bank Holiday weekend and got through this Tuesday that clearly felt like a Monday. I don't know about you but I struggled! Struggled to get going despite about 8 cups of freshly ground coffee and I lost count of the amount of times I got up out of my desk and checked the fridge preying that someone has snuck in some chocolate. Maybe it is time to get a new flatmate that does that for me...applications welcome!

I've got some really amazing collaborations coming up with Toni & Guy, French Connection, NEXT Menswear, MR Porter, Farfetch, Goodwin Smith Shoes and Natural Selection. So keep checking back in every now and then as there is going to be some amazing content just around the corner.

For today, I've simply styled an everyday casual outfit that you can throw on and look great. The denim jacket is from Zara, the jeans from Topman and the linen shirt & sneakers from Stradivarius. If you like the look, click on the products below and shop it.



Photography by Rebecca Spencer

Statement Clothing by Natural Selection

As per my last blog post, it is time to up the level of my content on Instagram and my blog to another level and one way to achieve that is to be more risky with my styling. I've also shot in a new location with a new photographer, keeping things fresh and interesting. If you follow me on Instagram, in the future I'm going to try to add more lifestyle content rather than just fashion. I want to show my fun side and that not everything is as perfect as my Instagram life. I have ups and downs like everyone and sometimes with Instagram and blogging it is hard to portray anything other than perfect, which I'm far from. I want to post more in the moment type of posts and write about everyday events in my life.

In trying to be a little more risky with my styling, I've spent a lot more time researching exciting menswear brands that offer incredible statement pieces that you can style an outfit around. And with London Fashion Week Men's around the corner, it is time to start thinking about outfits to wear. I'm so glad that I've found Natural Selection as their SS17 collection is incredible, full of lightweight jackets, floral tropical shirts and a whole load of khaki, off-white and navy pieces.

This jacket is a statement piece of clothing that I will have in my wardrobe for years to come as something I'll bring out on special events. I wouldn't say it is an everyday jacket, it's way to special for that! The jacket is a bold indigo colour, collarless and slim slim fitting. It's cut from Italian jacquard denim and the pattern is designed to resemble an atlas and washed to a soft mid indigo finish. 

I've also styled this outfit with a piece of men's jewellery, something that is quite new for my style but I adore this long length, arrow chain finished in ruthenium (also available in silver & gold), made by a new, exciting men's jewellery brand Alex Orso

So if you like what I have done with this styling, it would be great if you could let me know what you think or how you would improve on what I have styled here. Of course, as always - if you like it, shop it below.



Photography by Kats Films

Men's Spring Outfit of the Day

The majority of my blog content discusses men's fashion and gives you an idea of how to style different colours together and possibly give you some inspiration of what to buy for your wardrobe. I try my best to wear outfits that suit my personality and my personal style, sometimes I totally nail it and sometimes I get it wrong...but thats my personality - always trying to push boundaries, trying to improve. 

I think the major reason why guys out there love my style and content is because I'm normal, I'm vulnerable yet very resilient. Recently over the last couple of weeks I had a couple of 'haters' who have been in the fashion industry for a long time making defamatory comments about my blog. I've kind of brushed off their comments because this is a love of mine, I do it because I enjoy it...otherwise I wouldn't be sitting here in a Saturday (of a Bank Holiday weekend) editing photos, writing a blog post just because I want to share this outfit with you on the off chance it might give you some outfit inspiration. 

These comments have made me a stronger person and given me the incentive to increase the level of my content even more. But it also made me think about why I started blogging in the first place. There was a variety of different reasons. The main one was to help raise the profile of my shirt making business Hawkins & Shepherd, which I have built from the ground up, single-handed with my own savings. Marketing budget is tight and couldn't afford to spend money to advertise in major UK publications or spend a fortune on google adwords, so blogging and social media gives small businesses like mine a chance to engage with your audience for a lower cost than traditional advertising. Another major reason was that there was a HUGE gap in the marketplace for a 30 something men's fashion blogger. When I did my research, I found a few established male bloggers, although their style was very 'fashion' and extremely unobtainable, the sort of outfits you'll see at London Fashion Week but not in real life. The tone of voice was very much journalistic and the style was straight from the catwalk...very little was out there for an everyday type of guy. Then I took inspiration from the female bloggers who were nailing it and miles ahead of the guys, great content, obtainable style, editorial photography and the main thing was that you felt that you were part of their life. The men's side of blogging was still very cold and had poor visual content. Since then, over the last few years there has been a number of exceptional men's lifestyle bloggers out there producing amazing editorial styling and photography. Content is key and that will ultimately be the success of men's bloggers.



Photography by Ella H