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What is your go-to Autumn outfit? If you're looking down the road once we pass the summer heatwave for some Autumn menswear ideas then here is my signature look. 

The 'blogger approved' key to layering articles will be hitting your feeds very shortly. I'm looking to get out in front with this look. 

First it's the Hawkins & Shepherd Camel Cashmere coat, currently half price on the website. This coat has been a staple piece in my Autumn wardrobe for the past three years. It's interchangeable, it's light and it's perfect for those slightly chilly months on the run up to Winter. 

Underneath I'm rocking a faded denim shirt by Zara. This brings out a wonderful contrast, not only colour but in texture. The shirt has the worn in look, whilst the coat looks brand new (although it's three years old).

The Autumn look has to have something earthy, something honest. The black Superdry jeans and tee, are fairly run of the mill but keeps the look clean. 

I do have distressed jeans, knee blow outs and honeycomb stacks, but that would have been too much of a clash, I didn't want anything to break the lines of this aesthetic. It may look simple, but it's a classy look. 

Take a look at the watch. It's a Rotary GMT Henley with the red/blue Pepsi Cola bezel. The chain strap gives it the verisimilitude of a dress watch, which upgrades the entire look. Same with the Ray-Bans. 

Let me finish by waxing lyrical about these Dr Martens. Don't they look supreme? They are the Cherry Red Vegan 1460's Boot and unlike most men’s boots, don't need to be worn in. Normally I like to hire one of my lackeys to break in my boots for me to save the blisters. (Only joking). 

They are currently available for £130 and I can't recommend them enough. The colour is tailor made for autumn wear and they bring a real classy yet street finish-vibe to my Autumn look. 



Autumnal earthy clothing by Next Menswear AW17 | Style Edit

I'm never disappointed when shopping at Next Menswear, in fact it is totally the opposite as I'm always absolutely delighted by the design and quality. I've known for a few years now how good Next is but the message is still taking a while to reach the majority of men. For example when wearing this outfit I had a couple of people ask where I got the coat from and how much it was. When I told them Next and £120 they were shocked and both said that they couldn't believe that Next was that good.

All menswear fashion bloggers love autumn winter or layering season and you can really showcase your style. That can come with problems storing all of these new clothes especially the coats and knitwear! I've got to the stage now where I've hit a limit on the amount of space I have for all of my clothing. So I have a rule, which is 'one in one out'. Basically if I get gifted or buy something new it has to be better than something already in my wardrobe otherwise it's got to go. By the way, I give all of my second-hand clothing to the FARA charity shop in Balham if you ever want to pick up a bargain as I usually gift them at least 1 bin bag sack full of clothes every month.  

I really am brutal with the 'one in one out' rule but every single piece of this style edit from Next made the cut and pushed out some of my older pieces to the charity bag. Not only that but the coat and in particular the Chelsea boots have become two of my all-time favourite pieces this AW17 season. The Chelsea boots will be in my collection for years to come, I love them so much.

If you love this style edit or the Next Menswear collection in general you can shop everything by clicking on the images below.



Don't Ditch Your Wool Coats Just Yet | Style Edit & A Little Advice

Spring is only a month away and that suggests warmer weather right...wrong, I have lived in good ol' Blighty all my life and I know that cool days and bitter evenings can ease off and then bite back in full force unexpectedly. According to the UK weather statistics, snow fell during March in 2013, 2008, 1998, 1994 and so on. In fact statistics also state that it is more likely to snow during Easter than it is during Christmas...this just blows my mind! So the message of this blog post is to not ditch your wool, cashmere coats just yet, instead merge them into your spring wardrobe and concentrate on layering.

Spring is an awkward month in the sartorial calendar to dress for because of the aforementioned weather reasons. My little piece of advice, I mean it isn't rocket science but try to keep hold of your winter coats for at least until the end of April. At that point you should be able to shop a large collection of spring/summer coats which are single layered and made of more lightweight fabrics. 

Going back to winter wool or cashmere coats. On warmer days/cold nights layer up with lightweight tees or merino wool jumpers, like I have done in the style edit above. With thin jumpers such as this roll-neck you can easily roll the sleeves if getting too hot and the layering will keep you warm going into the evenings.

For this AW17 Style Edit, I'm actually wearing a Zara AW16 coat, so I'm sorry but you can no longer buy it. As well as this coat, I'm wearing a khaki tee and dark grey roll-neck knit again from Zara. My black ripped jeans are ASOS. The sneakers are from the brand National Standard which I purchased from Menlook.com. Finally I have accessorised with a fashion watch from Circulr.



Photography by Rebecca Spencer


As we transition from Spring into Autumn, it is important to give our wardrobe a little spruce up to suit the new menswear trends and of course the weather. I'm not saying you should head out to your nearest shopping destination and max out your credit cards - as you know I'm much more about using what you already have, styled differently to give an appearance of a completely new outfit. 

As I'm still keeping my fingers and toes crossed for that Indian Summer so in the look above, I have used my summer short sleeved shirt and pair it with a khaki t-shirt to layer for that extra warmth during Autumn. 

Biker jeans are going to be a trend this AW15 however, remember that unless you actually own a bike and by 'bike' I mean one with a motor...a petrol motor - you can not also wear a leather biker jacket. 

Great autumn winter colours are dark earthy tones, whites, blacks, greys and tans. Khaki is a colour adopted throughout the highstreet and it goes perfect with black. Another colour to look out for is mustard tan, which I'll feature in a post very soon.


Photo Credit Sophie Milner


It feels like spring is finally here in London. The sun’s out and the weather is definitely warming up, so what better time than to give your wardrobe a bit of a refresh. Here are my 5 must haves for men’s style this spring.

Lightweight jumper

Finally it’s time to say goodbye to chunky knits. Nobody wants to be getting hot and sweaty wrapped up in a heavy knitted jumper when you’re spending the weekend in a beer garden, so one of my must haves for spring is a lightweight jumper. Thin merino wool is an ideal springtime alternative and can easily be layered over a shirt.

Lightweight trench coat 

It’s starting to get a bit too warm for leather and it certainly feels like there’s no need for heavy wool blend coats anymore. My second must have for spring is a timeless trench coat. This is a classic menswear piece that nobody should be without. Shorter style trench coats that fit just below the hip are an easy option and look less formal. Beige will look classic and the neutral colour is ideal for springtime, but navy and black are other versatile and wearable options. It’s lightweight and easy to take off when you’re on the tube and hold in your hands for when things do get a bit warmer.

IMG_5538 copy.jpg


Heavier blend shirts need to be put to the back of your wardrobe in favour of lighter more breathable weaves for spring. Poplin is always a good option, or lighter cotton. Now the weather is warming up it’s easier to ditch the coat and just wear a shirt and blazer to work.

Roll necks

Just because it’s warming up doesn’t mean it’s time to ditch this classic knit. The key to making roll necks work for spring is by keeping the knit light and by not over layering. The roll neck works as a great alternative to a shirt under a jacket or blazer and was seen across major menswear shows for SS15 such as Louis Vuitton, Katie Eary and Alexander McQueen. Ditch the darker colours in favour of lighter shades of greys and neutrals.  

Desert boots

My final must have for spring is the Desert Boot. Lying in-between casual and formal, desert boots are an easy way to smarten up an outfit that would have looked too casual with trainers, or dress down a slightly more formal look. 

Men's Spring Layering

Men's Spring Layering