The Large Lapel Black Men's Overcoat | Men's Style Edit

I going to elaborate further on this exquisite French Connection Deluxe Pile Coat as it's drawn a lot of attention on my Instagram feed. Firstly, it's a double breasted wool-blend with a heavily textured look. A lot of bloggers and sartorialists will tell you never to wear a double breasted open, which is true for suit jackets and long coats as they will lose their shape under the unevenness of the fabric. 

However, this is more peacoat in size and I can wear it open because we live in a free society and you're not the boss of me. Sorry, I'm feeling uncharacteristically defensive today.  

Secondly, it's super luxurious and the fabric has a gorgeous supple quality to it. It's a loose, non-constricting fit and the large collars really draw focus to the face. 'Vanity, always my favourite sin' - Al Pacino. The Devil's Advocate. (By the way my predictive text wanted me to say The Devil's Avocado which I thinks sounds like a much more interesting film). 

In a rich grey hue the coat promises versatility, providing the perfect finishing touch to your winter wardrobe. I have paired this with mutual dark colours to emphasise the broodiness, yet styled with white sneakers brings a little contrast to the ensemble. 

This French Connection Deluxe Pile Coat is currently on offer through the French Connection website, reduced from £250 to £200. Only available in Black. 


Layering with a Leather Jacket | Men's Style Edit

With the weather warming up you might be tempted to pack away your leather jackets in favour of something lighter such as a bomber jacket. I would say, don't be so hasty, your leather jacket can still be the crown in your wardrobe this spring and on the odd cool summer day. In this weeks men's style edit, I'm laying up using simple navy, white and black colours.

This is pretty much my go-to outfit when I'm dressing casually. The leather jacket is from Bodaskins, white t-shirt from ASOS and the navy shirt from Reiss. For the lower half I'm wearing ASOS skinny black jeans and a pair of Chelsea boots from Dune London, purchased via House of Fraser.  I've accessorised with a Rotary watch and pair of Silhouette glasses from their new Alpha collection.

As always, if you like the look, you can shop it below.



Photo Credit Omnistyle

Men's January Winter 2018 Fashion Haul & Outfit of the Month

I'm sure I'm not the only person out there thats had a great start to the year, none of this BLUE January stuff here. I had the most amazing Christmas and New Year, just spending quality time with family, relaxing, eating was bliss. January came and I've kept up with my fitness goals, combining HIIT training with British Military Fitness, Boxing with KOBOX, the Gym at Virgin Active and some PT strength training sessions with Neal Williams. It may seem overkill but I think it works to keep your exercises fresh, different and therefore fun, yet certainly not monotonous. I've also spruced up my home interiors with some plants which is making working from home much more comfortable and I'm feeling positive for my work situation in 2018, so it's all positive thinking here in the Thompson household!

I am aware however that January can be tough financially, with people over indulging during the festive period and made to pay for it in interest payments over the following months. Most people also get paid earlier in December, which means that our pay packets have to stretch that little bit further - unless you are good at managing your money of course. So we tend to have less money in our pockets for luxuries such as clothing, however this is the perfect time to invest in some new threads. With the brands shifting focus to spring/summer collections, the winter clobber is old news and they're selling it off cheap.

For this style edit, I've combined my recent winter haul with my outfit of the month in a kind of 2in1 deal. My style for this edit is very much smart casual, business attire or commuter wear. It's smart, yet comfortable and practical. My outfit consists of signature Chelsea boots from NEXT, navy chinos from Spoke London, navy roll neck jumper from Jaeger, tan corduroy blazer from ASOS and a cashmere overcoat from Hawkins & Shepherd. As always, if you love it shop it by clicking on the images below.




That's not all for this post as here is some bonus material with links to all of my favourite pieces of clothing that I have personally brought within the last two weeks.

Men's AW17 Outfit of the Week | Style Edit

In London we have some of the finest Museums in the world and the majority of them are for free (or for a donation). So last week, I decided to make the most of this generosity by visiting the London History Museum which is situated near South Kensington tube station. I was blown away at how incredible it was, just the vast array of artefacts on display was mind-blowing. The last time I visited was for a school trip *a LONG time ago, so as my first new years resolution, I'm going to visit a museum a month.

Of course being a Style Edit, outfit of the week post, I need to explain exactly what I'm wearing and where you can also purchase these items. So starting on the footwear, I've worn a new pair of Cole Haan white sneaker/trainers with tan details on the heals. I've taken this palette to style my outfit around, which is white, tan, camel colours. The jeans are black ripped style from ASOS, the shirt is from Zara Man and the bag is Jack Russel Bags. I've layered with a oatmeal overcoat from Reiss and kept the wind off my neck with a camel scarf from Reiss.

Simple, stylish and comfortable. Shop the look below: 

The Designer Winter Coat that gets all the Compliments

This week has been pretty epic to be honest and without sounding like I'm bragging, although maybe I am a little, it has been the best start to a December yet. If you have been watching my Instagram stories you would have seen my highlights at the Ferrari Portofino UK launch followed by an incredibly beautiful Christmas party with Mr Porter and finally a relaxing lunch with Jo Malone with the UK's best men's lifestyle bloggers, influencers and press.

However as I sit here on a Saturday night at home, with a glass of water not wine I'm feeling the effects of a 3 day binge but boy was it worth it. What I realised is that sartorially going out 3 days and nights on a trot can be challenging but I left my best outfit until last. 

Wearing this Versace Collection ombré double-breasted coat which I brought through Farfetch is like driving a Ferrari around London, people cant help but look. In fact, even a few builders and a taxi driver commented on how much they loved the coat and not in a condescending way because they wanted to have a detailed discussion on where I brought it, the price etc.

Being a men's fashion and lifestyle blogger you'll attend events that are full of the most stylish men in the UK, so standing out is difficult but whats harder is to warrant acclaim from your peers. However everyone commented on this coat, not only the colours but the tailoring and the softness of the fabric - so I applaud you Versace! 

I've styled the Versace Collection ombré double-breasted coat layered on top of a rust coloured cord blazer by NEXT and grey roll-neck jumper from Reiss. On the lower half, I went for black ripped jeans brought at ASOS, dark-brown Chelsea boots from NEXT and my trusty 24hour leather bag via Jack Russell.

As always, if you like the look, you can shop it below.



Hammond & Co. by Patrick Grant | The Style Edit

What has your day looked like so far? Today, rather than just talking about fashion and products in this Style Edit, I'm going to run through what I've done so far today. My day actually started at 00:00, I mean yes everyone's day starts then but what I mean is I was still up. In fact I was working all night and finally put my pen down at 00:45, finally getting asleep at around 01:15. At 05:30 I was up to walk my dog Charlie for 45 minutes before getting ready for a planned photoshoot at 07:30 just as the sun is breaking through. The shoot, which was situated on the streets around the Oxford Street area was the above look wearing my favourite Hammond & Co. outfit purchased from Debenhams online.

My photographer friend and fellow blogger was late as per usual so I headed into the nearest coffee shop, set my live location tracker on Whatsapp and waited. With the rain starting to fall we headed to St Christopher's Place where I did my street-style photoshoot. Then with her hair starting to de-curl (apparently thats a major issue) we headed to Selfridges where I shot her street-style outfit. Back on the tube at 08:30 and heading back to Clapham to spend the rest of the day working-from-home. Home by 09:00 and I've already walked my dog, had a photoshoot, helped out another blogger with their photos and I'm feeling productive.

As you may know, I also run a shirt makers which I sell online and being Cyber Weekend, I had a few parcels to send to the Post Office, done. Coffee, tick. Emails done. I then had a brunch meeting followed by a Skype meeting. I've then edited these photos and started writing this post. In-between all of these tasks, I've caught up on I'm a Celebrity, done the washing-up, been to the shops for lunch, played with Charlie dog, done 50 swipes on Bumble and even changed a light bulb. 

Not only am I winning at today but I'm also winning in the style stakes. This outfit of the week is from the autumn/winter 2017 collection from Hammond & Co. by Patrick Grant. This incredible range specialises in formalwear or smart-casual attire, perfect for the work place, party season or even weekend wear. A stylish range of suits, coats, shoes, trousers, knitwear etc, so if you are shopping for yourself or for a Christmas gift you'll find something for every man in your life. 

My look is centred around one colour, a mustardy yellow cardigan. With this colour in mind, I've styled it with a dark grey blazer which has a similar colour subtly woven into its window-pane, prince of Wales check pattern. The navy pocket square has a mustard coloured polka and hem. The look is simply finished off with a pair of grey trousers, a tan strap watch and a pair of tan Chelsea boots.

I love it, do you?



Men's Outfit of the Week | Style Edit

This week has been quite a productive one already and it's only Wednesday. A few weeks ago I wrote a post about trying to sort out my life so that I have a better work/life balance rather than just work work work. Well that is coming along well, as I've already starting delegating some of my work and now have help writing articles for this publication from my &FRIENDS authors. It's really helped and now I have more time to concentrate on life and dating, which I've done this week.

Last night I headed out to Brick Lane for the all-new 2018 Aston Martin Vantage launch which was incredible. Tonight I'm off to watch Aladdin the Musical, which is a great musical to watch during the winter months especially over Christmas. Thursday night I have a Thanksgiving party with Kiehls than Friday and the weekend I'm making time for friends. It's a major step forward from working 16 hour days 7 days a week of which I did in October.

This weeks outfit of the week was taken yesterday about 4pm in quite low light as I was heading to see a friend of mine for coffee. The look was pulled together showcased by my new burgundy jumper from Sauce & Brown which is made-in-Britain, has a subtle neck detail and a branded logo. I've paired this rich burgundy jumper with a black pair of skinny jeans from ASOS, a pair of dark brown Chelsea boots from NEXT, a black overcoat from Antony Morato and finally my 24hour leather black bag from Jack Russell.

As always, if you like it, you can shop the look by clicking on the images below. 




What do you look for in a pair of trainers? For myself it is where comfort meets style whilst being able to style them with many different outfits. These Lacoste LT Spirit 2.0 Texture trainers are the epitome of that and are available in a variety of different colours to suit everyones personal style or for one person to own more than one pair! This black pair have a contrast white sole and the only different colouring is the Lacoste classic embroidered crocodile branding.

I've styled these Lacoste black trainers simply with a pair of skinny black jeans and white longline t-shirt, mimicking the monochrome style of the trainers themselves. My outfit of the week is finished off with a two-tone grey and black bomber jacket from Black Jamm and a black bezel watch from Seiko. It's simple yet stylish, clean lines and perfect for this autumn.



Men's Outfit of the Month for September

This week has been totally manic, I didn't think it could have got busier than August but September has totally smashed it out of the park. Over the past week I've been up to Norfolk working as an IT contractor (my trade before starting Hawkins & Shepherd) for an Oil company, doing some migration work at their service station is Great Yarmouth. Had numerous events and meetings, did some filming with an amazing suits/formalwear brand, setup a new office in Geneva, Switzerland (again for this oil company). Got totally hammered over in Geneva with some old work mates - then arrived back in London before taking a road trip to The Cotswolds for my collaboration with BMW MINI. The next morning, I was up early again doing more photos for MINI in the City of London then finally finishing off a mental week at Bounce (Ping Pong Bar) and then All Star Lanes (Bowling Bar) thrashing some poor girl at both activities.

That's why I haven't been blogging much this week. It is hard holding down what I would consider 3 jobs. The 1st being my menswear brand as mentioned before (Hawkins & Shepherd), which is quite difficult to manage alone, especially as right now I'm designing a new range of men's Made-in-Britain shirts. The 2nd is of course working with brands as a digital content creator, which could be videography, photography, filming days, presenting, blogging and Instagram. Finally it's working an a part-time contractor as an IT Networking Professional. This was my career for 15 years, so it is really important for me to keep my eye in on this industry because it's nice to have something to fall back on if everything else implodes, although work is great and life is good right now.

During a lot of the month of September, I have been wearing the above outfit, either exactly this or with different variations of it - so jeans instead of trousers and maybe trainers but the look is still the same. So today I'm sharing it with you. The trousers and coat are from Reiss, whereas the shirts is Zara, the watch Seiko and the shies are from Grenson. My personal favourite has to be the overcoat but the shirt is also pretty epic. So if you are looking for outfit ideas this AW17 transitional season, maybe try a couple of your favourite pieces from the below.



Photography by Sophie Milner

How to wear a floral shirt and still look effortlessly cool

Pattern and floral shirts have made a resurgence in recent seasons, yet it remains to be one of those items of clothing that I see styled incredibly badly on most occasions. Men just don't seem to be able to get it right but it doesn't always come down to how to style a floral shirt, it's also extremely important to buy the right floral shirt for your skin-tone, body shape and even hair colour. Here are my tips on how to style a floral shirt and still look effortlessly cool.

Okay so as mentioned, you need to shop the right style and colours for you. Think about what you are going to wear the shirt with? Picture the outfit as a whole, so you can narrow your floral shirt search to only a few colours. There's less chance of making a mistake that way! If possible, why not wear the outfit that you want to put the shirt with on whilst shopping - then you'll see first hand what it will look like before committing to the purchase. 

I wanted a floral shirt to go with a pair of black jeans, so I started thinking about colours that go well with black. I put together my outfit, black boots, a black faced watch and an off-white t-shirt to layer underneath the floral shirt, so I could wear it undone if desired. So what colours work? I noted, burgundy, white, black, deep greens and touches of yellow in the maybe pile. 

Alternatively if I wanted to find a floral shirt to wear with a pair of blue jeans, I immediately think of colours such as blue, navy, orange, pink, white and maybe a touch of green, but the green would have to be subtle and not over powering. Something like the below would work for blue jeans.

When wearing jeans with a floral shirt, I always opt for plain styles, no rips. I feel that the attention should be on the shirt and not overly-complicated by having too many power pieces drawing ones attention.

If in doubt, keep it simple. Try buying a shirt with only 2 colours in the print. This way you'll be able to wear it with a larger variety of clothes in your wardrobe. Then when you're more confident, move on to floral shirts with maybe a few more colour tones in them...remember baby steps!

This is only my opinion but floral shirts look AWFUL worn with a suit in formal attire and even worse with a tie. Just don't go there. When buying formal shirts, keep it classic, classy and simple by focusing on great fabrics and impeccable tailoring. Leave the floral and print shirts for casual or going out.

Finally try not to wear your floral shirt too tight, they have their roots in Hawaii so keep in fun and roomy but not too roomy that it looks like you are wearing a tent.



Photography by Kylie Eyra

Outfit of the Week | The British Racing Green Style Edit

This week I've been spending some time on the Spanish island of Ibiza and with a little bit of time to kill before I head off to the airport, it's time to post my outfit of the week. If packing for Ibiza the style is very much cool and casual, pack jean shorts, t-shirts and trainers. As I fly an hour across to the Spanish mainland to Marbella the fashion changes slightly, a little bit more on the lines of smart-casual tailoring, pack tailored shorts, white chinos, shirts and loafers. My outfit of the week has a touch of both styles with a British racing green colour palette.

I recently got a pair of super comfortable shoes by the brand Freakloset, whose loafers literally mold to your feet. The shoes are made from calf leather, leather lined with a line-stretch neoprene back and rubber sole - a seemingly perfect combination for comfort. Their shoes are fully customisable so you can add you own personality and style to your finalised design. These loafers are in a deep olive green colour, so I wanted to match this colour with another item of clothing, which in this outfit was a zip top by Reiss. Finally the white zip details in the top matched the white jeans perfectly, completing this look.



Photography by Rebecca Spencer

Men's Outfit of the Week | SS17 Style Edit

When I'm heading off to the pub on a Sunday afternoon for a roast dinner, I like to go cool, comfortable and casual whilst still looking stylish. You never know who you are going to meet and first impressions are extremely important. Lightweight jackets are the focus for this outfit of the week as they are essential when dressing for spring. 

I love lightweight jackets that you can roll the sleeves up and this suede trucker jacket by Linea of House of Fraser is perfect. Navy is simple to style and almost any colour combination will work well paired together. What I've done in this outfit is layer a simple plain grey t-shirt, black jeans, black/khaki trainers and finally a black strap Timex watch.

It's simple, casual yet stylish...if you like it, you can shop the look below.



Photography by Ella H

Outfit of the Week | Smart Casual Attire

Happy weekend to everyone reading this, I hope you are having a good one, hands up whose hungover and struggling today (my hands just gone up)! Last night I went to the relaunch (under new management) of the incredible Brocket Hall with Fox PR, if you missed my Instagram stories from last night, head over and check them out now. As you can imagine, in true style, I made the most of the free champagne and wine but feeling it today, hence it has taken me a couple of hours to get to this stage of writing the blog post. That and the Liverpool V Everton game is on TV and I'm easily distracted.

Let's get down to the fashion. My outfit of the week is focusing on smart casual wear, as I find myself wearing it more and more these days. A couple of trends that I'm seeing a lot of recently are double-breasted blazers and combining casual with tailoring - so in this look I have combined both trends and come up with this very tonal attire. Mixing jeans and trainers with a tailored blazer and overcoat may seem odd to many guys but as you can see the two marry up quite well, so give it a try. My grey double-breasted blazer is by Steel & Jelly and I'm wearing a 38" size, the rollneck is last season by Reiss, the overcoat is last season by Zara, finally the jeans are by Topman and sneakers by Stradivarius.

So if you like it, shop it.



Photography by Rebecca Spencer

Transitioning into Spring | My Outfit of the Week

With the last couple of weeks being utterly freezing temperatures, it is easy to hibernate indoors with your chunkiest knitwear. However I'm now looking at what to wear when transitioning from Winter to Spring which includes layering, lightweight knitwear and smaller jackets. Check out my outfit of the week.

I've put together this outfit merging a number of different brands including Maniere de Voir, ASOS, Circulr Watches and Donhall & Bell. The black skinny ripper jeans are from Maniere de Voir and I've worn a pair of Donhall & Bell black sneakers which work really well together. I've layered a t-shirt underneath a thin merino wool roll-neck jumper from ASOS. To finish this look I'm wearing a beige suede jacket again from Maniere de Voir and a navy, rose-gold watch by Circulr.



Photography by Ella H

My Outfit of the Week | Wearing Reiss, Hawkins & Shepherd

I love doing photo shoots in London because you'll turn a corner or enter a building that looks like utter shit outside, yet you'll find some great architecture to shoot up against rather than a brick wall or white house. I mean there is nothing wrong with that, although I personally prefer mixing fashion, architecture and interiors. This shoot was a perfect example of that. I mean, I have to give credit to Kylie as she did a little bit of Instagram stalking and found this location. Little did we know but it was actually a council block of flats, secured with a resident only keypad type door. Although after sneakily following a resident into the flat, social engineering style, we were in, ready to shoot. Although the staircase has recently been painted red of all colours, it still offers an edgy, repetitive backdrop.

On to what I'm wearing in this smart, casual attire which is a mixture of Reiss and Hawkins & Shepherd menswear. The Reiss items are a grey roll-neck jumper, navy trousers and a camel scarf. The Hawkins & Shepherd offerings on this outfit are the black shoes and cashmere blend double-breasted overcoat in navy.

If you like it, shop it.



Photography by Kylie Eyra

My Outfit of the Week | AW16 Casualwear

This weeks outfit of the week has an everyday edge about it using a grey, navy and black palette. In fact looking back at this look, I love ti so much, I think I'll be wearing it tonight when out in Clapham. This shoot was taken in the incredible and stylish Me London, perfect for the darkness and edginess of this look. This outfit may seem quite simple and not warm enough for winter time, but on most occasions when you get to the pub you unravel layers anyway.

This look has been styled from the bottom up, starting with the footwear. Recently I was introduced the the brand ohw Shoes from where I got these navy trainers from. Ohw's aim is simple - to bring a fresh approach to men’s footwear with contemporary and functional designs. The Deacon trainer from ohw is made from navy full grain leather and date palm suede details.

Although my toes hate me, I decided to wear the outfit with no socks and roll my Topman dark navy jeans up a couple of turns to showcase the trainers. I've then worn a black longline with curved hem t-shirt from Only & Sons and layered with my luxury grey bomber from Black Jamm's AW16 collection. Finally, I have accessorised with a pair of Persol specs which I got from David Clulow Opticians and a Seiko Prospex watch.



Photography by Kylie Eyra

My Outfit of the Week | Men's Style & Fashion

I'm so glad the weather is getting colder...yes I have turned the heating on already and outdoor fitness is becoming quite bitter in the evenings. However what trumps all of these negatives, is that I can bring out my favourite AW15 (last years collection) dogtooth overcoat by Zara. Every time I wear it, it totally transforms an outfit, even the simplest of styles such as black jeans and a white t-shirt like what I'm wearing in this weeks outfit of the week.  

I recall last season Zara had some incredible knits and outerwear such as coats and jackets and after a quick browse just now it seems they have created an amazing AW16 collection also. 

Moving on from coats. In this weeks outfit I have stuck to monochrome tones with black jeans and ercu tee both from ASOS, whilst I have kept things comfortable with black suede slippers from Donhall & Bell. Completing my look, this grey watch from Kartel works well with the greys in my coat.



Photography by Ella H

My Outfit of the Week | Men's Style

For this weeks Outfit of the Week, I wanted to put together a look that is perfect for Friday office attire although could work just as well if you are heading out for after work drinks, a cheeky little date with that hot girl off Tinder or even dinner at a restaurant. Most of us wont have time to head back home to get changed before heading out again on Friday because to be honest, thats just eating into our drinking time! So planning what to wear on Friday's is more important than any other day but it is also the most challenging. 

If you have been reading my blogs recently you'll have realised that I've been banging on about Donhall & Bell slipper footwear and it's because I love the comfort and versatility of them. To add to my pair of black suede ones, I managed to get my hands on their Donnegal collection which for me work better in casual or smart casual wear. I've worn these shoes with socks but they also look great (if not better) without socks and trust me, they will be comfortable and not give you blisters like normal new shoes. I've then styled the outfit with a pair of dark navy jeans from ASOS. From London's shirt makers, I've worn their super soft luxury light blue button-down shirt and grey with light blue window-pane suit blazer, which compliments the light blue weave in the donnegal fabric shoes. Finally, as with any complete outfit, I have put on my latest watch purchase from Kartel watches. 



Photography by Ella H

My Outfit of the Week | Men's Style

This is my Outfit of the Week because I wanted to show that there is still time to wear shorts before it gets too cold here in London. As well as that, a lot of my friends are off on holidays during September and October and need a little inspiration - so here it is, my seasonal transition outfit of the week.

On those days where it's warm enough to wear shorts however the day turns into a chilly evening -  you may need an extra layer. I always tend to keep the upper body warm as my legs don't really feel the cold too much (see last pic; maybe because of the thick hair keeping them warm!). So in the look I have styled the shorts with a perfect seasonal transition from Summer to Autumn jacket, the bomber.

The look is put together from clothes from Topman, ASOS, Rotary, Ray-Ban and Daniel Footwear. The chino white shorts are from ASOS which are fitted to just above the knees...roll up for personal styling. I've then tucked in an off white t-shirt and layered with this camel bomber jacket both from Topman. The watch is from Rotary's ultra slim collection and my Ray-Ban sunglasses were purchased from David Clulow. Finally I'm wearing these beige coloured desert boots perfect for a walk along the dunes around Camber Sands beach.



Photography by Rebecca Spencer

My Outfit of the Week

The weeks outfit of the week combines three menswear brands that I have never worn before, so I have combined them with a few of my wardrobe favourites. This outfit was taken at the early part of this week, during the cold windy few days we had in London, I mean it certainly didn't feel like June...more like November. This time I headed out with photographer Rebecca Spencer around the Temple area of London, along the Embankment and stumbled across a few awesome areas in which to shoot the outfits and a few odd and exposed changing facilities!

The three brands that I want to mention in this look are Sunday Somewhere, Boom Bap Wear and Jim Rickey. Starting from the top half, this grey lightweight v-neck hoodie from Boom Bap Wear is stylish and the fit is slim, muscle, yet comfortable. The inner lining of the top is fleece like so there is no need to wear a t-shirt underneath, in fact I think it works better worn alone. Jim Rickey is a brand that I found on Instagram, based in Stockholm, Sweden and specialising in footwear. Immediately I purchased two pairs, I was so impressed with their collection and I want another 2 more at least! This grey pair and another white leather with tan details and marble sole. Finally I have accessorised with a brand that is synonymous for being the sunglasses of choice for a-list celebrities - a brand called Sunday Somewhere. 

Its amazing what brands you can find by searching the second page on Google, Twitter and have a browse and if you can also find some amazing menswear brands - if you do, please let me know!



Photography by Rebecca Spencer