Maybe it's because I'm getting old (am old) that all I want to do is stay in, relax and watch catch-up TV - going out, dating, seems such a chore and my wardrobe seems to slowly be reflecting that. Loungewear and dressing down of late has certainly become the norm for me. However whether I'm dressing formal or casual I still want to wear quality clothing. After a quick web and Instagram (I'm using Instagram more & more these days to find unique brands) search, I found Rascal Clothing and trust me, there is nothing rascal about their clothing. 

This styled look reminds me of when I'm incredibly hungover on a Sunday morning and the only thing that is going to help is an egg & bacon sandwich. So I gingerly get out of bed, pop a couple of Nurofen, throw on my most comfortable loungewear, trainers and jacket and head off out to the local shops after my fatty fix!

Rascal Clothing was setup by the F2 Freestylers, if you are not aware of who they are, just google them and some of their crazy football skills videos will come up for sure. Their range consists of mainly tracksuits (available in zip or pullover styles), t-shirts and caps along with a variety of other gift type accessories. The tracksuits come in three different colours Grey, Navy and Black at a price of £70 each, or to split the costs you can buy the top and bottoms separately. If you are looking to buy a tracksuit for your son or daughter, well they do junior sizes too.

What I love about their product (I'm actually wearing it right now whilst typing this, tired at 6:30am - is the softness, quality and comfortable feel it has. Thats important with loungewear where comfort is key. The inner lining is super soft and keeps its softness through many washes, I think thats due to the quality, thickness and elasticity of the materials used. Fabric aside, its the fit that really wins it for me. Rascal have opted for a modern fit, I mean its not going to be my Granddads sort of thing, I think he'll have to keep buying his trackies from M&S! The fit of the tracksuit bottoms is shaped around the calf area, similar to skinny jeans then as you move up to above the knees the fit relaxes catering for all sizes of thighs which means the bottoms have perfect manoeuvrability and not too tight. They are tight in all the right places and loose is all the right places.



Photography by Ella H