Keep warm and look great on the slopes this ski season with Van Loon Sport

If you are heading off for a skiing or snowboarding holiday next year in 2017, you are luckier than me because I haven't booked my trip away yet. But in true fashion blogger style, I have got my clothing sorted for the holiday before even booking it! In fact I still have a brand new ski jacket that I brought 3 years ago with it's tag on. Collecting skiwear isn't really my hobby, so next year I'm booking to go away and who wants in?! 

Skiwear is one of those clothing categories that it is well worth spending good money on, of course you want to look great but you also need to keep warm with premium materials and technical fabrics. Van Loon Sport ticks all the boxes as their mission is to re-evaluate and re-design high value skiwear so you get a truly high-tech ski garment rather than paying for a well known brand name that relies on their history to make sales. 

Their look is very monochrome, which looks incredible against the white glare of the mountains but also styled on our very own streets. As the weather has turned freezing in London recently, especially in the mornings, I decided to give the Van Loon Sport clothing a little run out and this is how I styled their men's Villeroi top. Simple for monochrome looks is best, with a pair of black skinny jeans, black overcoat and black Converse trainers.



Photography by Rebecca Spencer