Rusty Earth Tones | Men's Style Edit

In this weeks Style Edit, Im wearing earth coloured men's clothing such as a tan/rusty palette to show you how good it can look. It is very much an AW (autumn/winter) trend which doesn't transition very well into spring/summer so if you're reading this from the UK you'll only really have one more month to nail this trend before changing it up for a more summer palette of yellows, creams and navy.

I'm wearing a rust coloured knitter jumper which is the bold piece in this outfit, it's from Pull & Bear brought from ASOS. I've layered this with an incredible coat from Zara which is beautifully tailored with a unique collar that is similar to a grandad shirt collar. What I love most about this jacket and why I've styled it in this outfit is the tan thread that is discretely woven into the checked print. I've kept the rest of the outfit quite simple with black jeans and white trainers but experiment yourself and see whats works for you.



Men's January Winter 2018 Fashion Haul & Outfit of the Month

I'm sure I'm not the only person out there thats had a great start to the year, none of this BLUE January stuff here. I had the most amazing Christmas and New Year, just spending quality time with family, relaxing, eating was bliss. January came and I've kept up with my fitness goals, combining HIIT training with British Military Fitness, Boxing with KOBOX, the Gym at Virgin Active and some PT strength training sessions with Neal Williams. It may seem overkill but I think it works to keep your exercises fresh, different and therefore fun, yet certainly not monotonous. I've also spruced up my home interiors with some plants which is making working from home much more comfortable and I'm feeling positive for my work situation in 2018, so it's all positive thinking here in the Thompson household!

I am aware however that January can be tough financially, with people over indulging during the festive period and made to pay for it in interest payments over the following months. Most people also get paid earlier in December, which means that our pay packets have to stretch that little bit further - unless you are good at managing your money of course. So we tend to have less money in our pockets for luxuries such as clothing, however this is the perfect time to invest in some new threads. With the brands shifting focus to spring/summer collections, the winter clobber is old news and they're selling it off cheap.

For this style edit, I've combined my recent winter haul with my outfit of the month in a kind of 2in1 deal. My style for this edit is very much smart casual, business attire or commuter wear. It's smart, yet comfortable and practical. My outfit consists of signature Chelsea boots from NEXT, navy chinos from Spoke London, navy roll neck jumper from Jaeger, tan corduroy blazer from ASOS and a cashmere overcoat from Hawkins & Shepherd. As always, if you love it shop it by clicking on the images below.




That's not all for this post as here is some bonus material with links to all of my favourite pieces of clothing that I have personally brought within the last two weeks.

That Maroon Pea Coat | Men's Style Edit

Happy new year everyone! I can not believe it is 2018 already and although it's only two days into it, I'm struggling to get fired up and back into the swing of things. I'm going to blame, working from home and the new season of Black Mirror for my procrastination. If you haven't already watched Black Mirror, you have to get started as it gives a warped view of the potential future we are facing. Such as robotic dogs taking over, body implants which gives your parents the ability to see where you are and what you are doing at all time and a society that functions solely on social media. 

I'm not one for looking back at things I've done or achieved in 2017, although generally speaking has been a great year both for work and personal reasons and hopefully 2018 can live up to the high expectations I've already put on it! Later today I'm going to book flights to Tanzania which I've been planning and saving for about a year now and can not wait. So expect lots more beach pictures on instagram this year!

I woke up today at around 07:30am, it was cold and dark outside and after walking my dog Charlie I realised that although Christmas and New Year is over, it's too early to have one eye on Spring and warmer weather. So today in my first men's style edit for 2018, I wanted to showcase coats once more and in particular a new maroon pea coat from J by Jasper Conran that I purchased via Debenhams. The coat colour is unique and works incredibly well wearing it with brown, navy and black colours so is very versatile with all winter palettes. The coat is made from a wool mix, making it warm and cosy, design wise it's double-breasted with two rather bold lapels, contract coloured buttons and a herringbone inner lining. The cut/pattern of the coat is regular fit and the length is slightly longer than a suit jacket or blazer, halfway between your hips and knees.

This J by Jasper Conran - Maroon wool rich pea coat is now online at £105 down from £150 and is available is all sizes S, M, L & XL.



8 Killer Men's Winter Fashion Trends


They say that fashion fades, but style is eternal. Even though the adage is true, there is no wardrobe that is complete without a few classics. It is still okay to snap a few cool pieces that make you stand out, but you still need an array of different collections to match different occasions. The winter season is a great time to layer and try a variety of new styles and trends. Here are some fashion trends to try this winter:

Corduroy winter mens trend 2017/2018.jpg

Tactile Fabrics

This style makes one look good by how they feel. Call it the dress code for getting in touch with your feelings. This trend is composed of tactile winter fabrics like the herringbone and the corduroy, alongside a shearling and staple velvet for a party season. This dressing style will make you feel warm, cozy and people will love looking at you.

How to dress

You can dress in a corduroy suit, a trouser, and a fuller silhouette. If this style is a too mild, try to add a few textured items to your outfit and add some color to the dress code.

moss green.jpeg

Moss Green

It is common to see most mean retreating into dark clothes when winter comes. Men often stay away from a bright colour palette during the winter months. Instead of wearing bright colours, try taking on darker shades of your summer dressing attire, like moss green. The hue is easy to wear and it gives you a little colour that it is not too bright.

How to dress

Men easily underestimate how good dark green colours work well in dressing. Green breaks down the navy, black and grey trends that men are used to. It speaks volumes about courage and dressing in daring colours. If you pair black with moss green, it looks smarter and more appealing.

white sweater.jpeg

Winter Whites

Winter white dressing is an elusive trend among men; only a few men dare to try it. Instead of thinking pure white colours, think off-white, cream and ecru. It is definitely not a trend when you are going for a picnic lunch, but it is a stylish look if you want to stand out.

How to dress

In the summertime, you want to dress in sharp, light and crisp optic white. But for winter, you should look out for soft and warm handle fabrics. You should think of boiled overcoats, brushed and corduroy trousers or soft moleskin, roll necks and cashmere crew.


Statement Knitwear

In fashion, each trend is normally followed by its opposite. For instance, since men relied on stripped-back Scandi as a dressing guide, things are getting out of hand again. To be an adopter of men's dressing, stand out in your top half. For starters, knitwear begins with unsubtle patterns and logos.

How to dress

The most important thing is to choose a print that is in a texture that can mute it a little. A well-knitted cotton or pattern on wool feels much better than having some design on a material like satin.



Anyone who remembers the 1990’s remembers the rise of the denim and tracksuits. Those years are now considered nostalgic years. Some trends will last more than a season like the sportswear movement. The good thing about it is that one can rock the outfits at any given time.

How to wear

It is fine to wear matching tracksuits that are bright in colour, add some cross body handbags and a touch of retro sneakers. You can also dress in a tracksuit from head to toe. Remember to balance the pieces out with a roll neck or an overcoat to look more fashionable.


Coloured Tailoring

To change the mood of any event, colour has transcended to clothes. We are not suggesting dressing up like a clown, instead, simply explore different shades of clothing outside the traditional black, navy and grey. For example try camel, teal, powder blue and taupe. This is the easiest way to separate yourself from common coloured clothes.

How to dress

Men have a particular norm of dressing in few colours, and the additional range of new colours adds an interesting taste to the traditional shades. Autumn hues look good for any person. You can try fitting a burgundy suit with a crew neck t-shirt or a roll neck that is slim fit. Colours also blend well with texture. You can try a knitted tie with a coloured suit and a white shirt, or a blue or rust corduroy to look formal.

Printed Silk Shirts.JPG

Printed silk shirts

One of the least talked about attire for men is the silk shirt. Most men don’t like trying out printed silk shirts because it is outside of the comfort zone of men. But once you start going to parties, you will love the silk shirts.

How to dress

If you are trying out the printed silk shirt for the first time, dress in neutral attire to stand out. But if you are already comfortable with the style of dressing, go all out and mix the patterned silk with other patterns.

Oversized Wear.jpg


During this Winter season, dressing in relaxed-leg trousers, coats that resemble cocoons, inflated knitwear can be a perfect outfit choice.

How to dress

In case you want to get big proportions and you are unsure about looking good, go for sober colours. When you go shopping, start from the outerwear. Invest in a rain mac that is long which will look really big, but it will keep you dry and warm in the cold season.

Carl Thompson.JPG

Abby Drexler is a contributing writer and media specialist for Oak Hall. She regularly produces content for a variety of men and women’s fashion and lifestyle blogs.

The Polo Bear Collection by Ralph Lauren | Styled

Step aside Paddington, there’s a new bear in town. The Polo Bear by Ralph Lauren is this season’s must have fashion item for the Christmas season. It’s a season of happiness and joy, a season for parties, a season of smiles and a season where we can laugh, have fun and be merry. The Polo Bear from Ralph Lauren brings out your fun side, that child in you however styled the right way, you can transform this classic into a piece of sartorial genius.

Since their beginnings in 1967, although the company is very different now to those days, Ralph Lauren has always been known for its high end and luxurious products. The heritage brand is exemplified by style, sophistication and the utmost attention to detail. It’s this exquisite detail that is really prevalent when feeling the quality of the knitwear and the finest, tiniest details on the embroidered bear.

If you could name one iconic fashion logo or emblem of our time the chances are many of you would choose Polo Ralph Lauren. The Polo Bear is that next icon, more playful and therefore challenges the impression of what you would normally considered ‘typical Ralph Lauren’ style.  

My choice of knitwear from the collection was a crewneck sweater with the tuxedo bear embroidered on the front. Well I did mention that it’s a season of partying and The Polo Bear has certainly dressed the part. That bear is me, he knows my style! That’s what I love about The Polo Bear as you never know what style he is going to pull off next, it becomes iconic and a collectors item. All I need now if for The Polo Bear to rock out wearing black ripped jeans and a camel coat then I’ll know he’s been checking out my Instagram feed! I’m really excited to see how this collection evolves in the future.

I would love to see how you would style one of these awesome, exemplary jumpers in your own unique way.



*This post is a paid sponsorship in collaboration with Ralph Lauren & ShopStyle.

Autumnal earthy clothing by Next Menswear AW17 | Style Edit

I'm never disappointed when shopping at Next Menswear, in fact it is totally the opposite as I'm always absolutely delighted by the design and quality. I've known for a few years now how good Next is but the message is still taking a while to reach the majority of men. For example when wearing this outfit I had a couple of people ask where I got the coat from and how much it was. When I told them Next and £120 they were shocked and both said that they couldn't believe that Next was that good.

All menswear fashion bloggers love autumn winter or layering season and you can really showcase your style. That can come with problems storing all of these new clothes especially the coats and knitwear! I've got to the stage now where I've hit a limit on the amount of space I have for all of my clothing. So I have a rule, which is 'one in one out'. Basically if I get gifted or buy something new it has to be better than something already in my wardrobe otherwise it's got to go. By the way, I give all of my second-hand clothing to the FARA charity shop in Balham if you ever want to pick up a bargain as I usually gift them at least 1 bin bag sack full of clothes every month.  

I really am brutal with the 'one in one out' rule but every single piece of this style edit from Next made the cut and pushed out some of my older pieces to the charity bag. Not only that but the coat and in particular the Chelsea boots have become two of my all-time favourite pieces this AW17 season. The Chelsea boots will be in my collection for years to come, I love them so much.

If you love this style edit or the Next Menswear collection in general you can shop everything by clicking on the images below.



Burton Menswear Autumn/Winter 2017 Collection | Style Edit

When there's a great collection it is always beneficial to shop a look from the same brand rather than a single piece of clothing. More often than not the designers have colour coded everything to make sure that the collection works as a whole and therefore making a stylists job easy. Burton Menswear have an AW17 collection that perfectly leans on this concept. Take their Burgundy roll-neck jumper for example, you can pair it with the Burton navy coat which has the same burgundy palette prevalent across the tailored details, such as the underside of the collar.

Burton x Carl Thompson.JPG

Burgundy is a great colour to style in both attires, formally as well as casually because it works well with our two main essential colours, navy and black. My look in this Style Edit post is smart casual and using all the burgundy, navy and black tones to show you how well they all work together. 

As always, if you like the look, shop it below:



Photography by Sophie Milner

Autumnal Style Menswear Edit | Perfecting The Essentials

The autumnal weather gives life to autumnal hues in men's clothing, with luxury designers and the high-street bringing out their newest range of earthy products. As a 'professional shopper'!! I've been sitting on my sofa at home in the warmth shopping online to find an outfit to demonstrate two things. Firstly how to style an autumnal outfit without it appearing way too over the top. Secondly how to perfect the essentials of autumnal style for men.

My latest passion is finding brands that do not wholesale and therefore cut out the middleman. On occasions you can get some incredible bargains as their operating costs can be much cheaper than when wholesaling at small margins therefore (should) pass these savings on to the consumer (us). I'm also a massive fan of Scandinavian fashion, it's clean and stylish much like their exceptional interior designers. A brand that ticks all of these boxes is A Day's March which has a story that I admire and take a lot of inspiration from. A Day's March is a term used in Military for how far an army could move in a single day. A fitting name for their brand that specialises in clothing for every occasion, the every day trials and tribulations. I've found that their product is of high quality and priced fairly. I would compare it to Reiss in the UK but at a cheaper price point. I've purchased a soft casual button-down shirt from them at £65 in a tobacco/tan colour and paired it with a classic light camel overcoat in a wool blend which gives it durability - both essentials and can be styled in so many ways.

I've then styled the outfit with items already in my wardrobe which are trousers from Reiss, a tan strap watch from Rotary and luxury trainers from Harrys of London.

But the outfit wasn't complete yet and it needed something else to which I found this overnight bag a little closer to home from Jack Russell, a London based brand. Jack Russell evolved from a leather bag and accessories company into the multi-layered powerhouse that is is today. They make bags that make it easier to live and work exactly how you want. Their 24hour is the epitome of their values, the perfect bag in size and space.    

As a fashion blogger it is my duty to experiment with clothing a bit more than your everyday man would - sometimes it works and other times, not so much. I do tend to style formal wear quite well and my favourite colours to work wit hare usually black, grey and navy with only small touches of earth tones to give whatever outfit I'm styling a little punch. This style edit is a little experiment and a bit out of my comfort zone but what do you think of it? 

If this really is your style and you love layering and experimenting with these kind of colours, I've picked my favourite few bloggers who are doing exceptional things with this AW17 palette. So just click on their images below and you can follow them through this season.



Photography by Charlie Sawyer

Choosing the Perfect Winter Boot | Chukka vs Chelsea

Perfect Winter Boots.JPG

Autumn has arrived, the crisp leaves crunching under our feet, getting out the winter coats and warming yourself up with a mug of hot chocolate or spiced latte. The winter nights are drawing in quickly and with the temperatures dropping what better way of keeping your feet warm than styling a perfect pair of boots, but will it be Chukka or Chelsea? Shoes always finish an outfit off, they are the statement piece to a man’s outfit, so it’s not surprising that so many men choose to style a pair of Chukka or Chelsea boots every autumn/winter season. But what is all the fuss about? Where did they come from? What are the differences between chukka and Chelsea boots and how do you style them right?

Experts in gentlemen’s fashion and retailers of high-quality leather boots, Frank Wright is here to provide us with an insight into the differences between the boots and how to pair them with AW 17/18 trends.

The Chukka Boot.JPG

The lace up Chukka

It is thought that the name for this style derived from polo, where a ‘chukka’ is a seven-minute period of the game – although it is uncertain whether the shoes were worn throughout the game or by the players afterwards.

Following World War II, where a variation of the Chukka boot was used for soldiers marching through desert terrain, the boot was introduced into every man’s wardrobe. They went on to become a major fashion piece in England during the 1950s. Ever since, they’ve remained at the forefront of men’s fashion – wearable for casual or smart occasions.

Also known as desert boots or turf boots, a Chukka boot is recognisable by an ankle length cut and pairs of eyelets for laces. They generally have a classic, plain toe design and an open lacing system. This style of shoe is usually crafted from calfskin or suede but leather can be used too – making the shoe more durable in the colder months.

The Chelsea Boot.JPG

The traditional Chelsea

Similar to the name ‘chukka’ there is also some history behind the name ‘Chelsea Boot’. The Chelsea boot dates to the Victorian era where it is believed they were designed by the Queen’s personal shoemaker – J. Sparkes-Hall. Their popularity rose in the 1960s in Great Britain as they became linked with the mod scene. They were also associated with King’s Road, a street in Chelsea, and it is thought that this is where their name derived from. Celebrities such as the Beatles and the Rolling Stones helped boost their popularity.

The Chelsea style of shoe is ankle length and generally made of suede or leather. It is characterised by its iconic elasticated panels that allow the shoe to slip on and off, and often there is a tab of fabric on the back of the boot. The fit of the shoe should be a close fit, and any flexibility in the shoe should be in the side panels – not in the instep.

Frank Wright Shoes.JPG

How should you style for AW17/18?

Both the Chelsea and the Chukka boot are versatile styles that are suitable for many occasions. But how should you style the boots to keep up to date with the AW 17/18 collections?


The Chukka boot is an ideal alternative to more formal leather lace-up brogues if you’re opting for a casual look.

Frank Wright Chukka BootJPG

When matching the shoe to the occasion, look closely at the finer details of the boot. Synthetic fabrics and some suedes are more suited to a casual event whereas leather and smarter suedes can be worn more formally. Also examine the sole - the thinner the sole, the finer the shoe. More casual Chukka books can be recognised by a thicker sole and rougher stitching, giving a quirkier appearance.

It is likely that the Chukka boot will be suitable for your style, although they do sit better with narrow legged trousers. Some men prefer a shorter hem; pair with patterned socks for a stylish, casual outfit. Designs on the catwalk for this season included oversized jackets and knitwear. Wear with an extra-long, smart jacket with dark jeans and brown chukka boots to keep practical and on trend.

For a smarter look, match a rounded toe, brown Chukka boot with a navy or mid-grey suit. Or, couple the same boots with moss green trousers - a prominent colour on the AW 17/18 catwalk.


Chelsea Boots.JPG

Like the Chukka boot, the Chelsea boot is versatile and compatible with many items in your wardrobe. Although suede is often the material of choice for this style, to protect from the colder weather and rain, opt for a leather boot to get you through the autumn and winter.

A big trend for this autumn is roll necks. Pair a dark roll neck jumper with skinny jeans and a Chelsea boot for casual evening attire. Or for a smarter look, a grey suit with brown leather Chelsea boots and a matching briefcase.

This year, many designers went against the grain and created tailoring that wasn’t traditionally black or navy. Extend the colours in your wardrobe with an autumnal coloured suit such as burgundy or blue and pair with Chelsea boots – make sure that the trousers sit just over the top of the boot to show off the shoe but remain smart.


Men's Formal & Casual Wear by Remus Uomo

It's quite rare that I find a brand that design a collection which incorporates both formal, tailored suiting as well as casual wear and get it right on all accounts. Remus Uomo are that brand for AW17, showcasing an exceptional range of in-house design skills to suit the everyday gentleman for all of his sartorial needs. The Remus Uomo AW17 collection is just another take on their core values which are to create design-lead clothing for men who have a serious attitude towards fashion. They are often considered as understated sophistication and this resonates in their latest range focusing on a core masculine palette of navy, blue, grey and charcoal hues which are present across the collection. 

So lets take the AW17 collection by Remus Uomo to the test. I've styled a formal tailored look as well an an off-duty casual one. Which do you prefer?

When searching through their collection, for my smart formal look it was apparent that they have spent a lot of time and effort getting the fabrics right.  This season at Remus Uomo sees a continuation of print patterns in their formal and casual tailoring whilst hitting on what is a real trend in men's clothing right now.

Of course when dressing smart, the first thing to think about is the suit. I wanted something unique and I found it with a geometric patterned navy, single breasted suit. The rest was relatively easy to style. As the suit was quite a statement piece, I wanted to compliment it as best as I could using simple colours and textures. So I opted for a crisp plain white shirt and a pair of dark brown leather Oxford brogues. Time came to accessorise and I felt that it needed a little extra colour which I found in the claret wool blend houndstooth patterned scarf. You could easily add a tie to this style, although I wanted to showcase the playful aspect of the Remus Uomo casual tailored collection values.

Moving on to my casual look from the same brand and collection. With the need for greater comfort clothing, Remus Uomo have focused on the sports-luxe trend which is making a huge appearance across the collection. Each item in my casual look is versatile enough to be styled in so many other ways which is paramount when investing in casual every day, off duty clothing as it keeps cost per wear to the absolute minimum. 

I've gone for a tonal grey theme here but with a monochrome kind of twist, easy to style together and as I mentioned, individually as well. The grey geometric quilted bomber jacket is the stand out piece, lightweight and warm it is perfect for the cold season fast approaching. I've continued the grey theme subtly with each other piece (minus the jeans) having tiny touches of grey in their designs. I've layered a casual zip sweater underneath the bomber jacket, black jeans and a pair of white with grey sole sneakers.

To find out more from their AW17 collection, watch the short video below which will give you some further inspiration on how best to style their current collection. Of course as always if you like the looks, make sure you shop them by clicking on the lookbook items below. Happy shopping. 




Photography by Charlie Sawyer

Timeless Knitwear in Luxurious Cashmere by MrQuintessential

George Burns once said that you can’t help getting older, but you don’t have to get old. This saying rings very true of MrQuintessential. Middle-aged men tend to dress safely and conservatively, not experimenting with colour and detail. In fact that is actually me 'on paper'. Always wearing black but after working with MrQuintessential on their latest AW17 campaign, they've taught me a thing or two about adding colour to my outfits. Something to try outside of this campaign maybe! 

MrQuintessential saw there was a huge market for 30+ men who want to dress fashionably and smart, without having to break the bank at high-end designers or shop safe on the high street. For the high quality cashmere fabric that the brand uses, their price point (ranging from £55-£250) reflects this and you are paying for a super soft, refined, luxurious garment. 

Their Autumn Winter collection fits comfortably into any man’s wardrobe and will become an everyday essential. If you look at the cost-per-wear of said clothing, it will end up one of the most cost effective items of clothing you'll own. There are pieces to wear at the weekend with jeans or chinos, pieces that look just as good in the office over a crisp white shirt or pieces that fit neatly under a blazer on a night out. What I've found working with MrQuintessential during this campaign is that although their clothing is classic it also has modern unique touches of detail that make it easy to style in any situation.

The collection is about tactile textured knitwear. Investment pieces with a hint of detail, crafted to stand out as classic yet edgy, bringing compliments and admiring looks. 



Outfit of the Week | Wearing Jaeger AW17 Collection

I absolutely love a good suit, so much so that half of my wardrobe is taken up with suits of different cuts, colours and styles. My latest addition was from the Jaeger AW17 collection, my first from this brand so was keen to get my hands on one. What initially drew me to this particular one was the subtle fine check pattern print of the navy suit. I wanted a suit the stepped away from classic plain palette designs and a bit more unique and therefore this one was the stand out piece from Jaeger's AW17 suit collection.

As we dip our toes into the autumn/winter 2017 season, I've moved away from traditional suit styling of a shirt and tie. Instead I went for warmth and style with a smart navy roll-neck jumper, which is a menswear trend right now. When wearing navy on navy, it can look a little boring and unimaginative, so I've added a plain white pocket square to give the suit a little more punch and the wow factor. My shoes are a dark tan colour, but black would also work equally well.

In this outfit of the week style edit, the suit is from Jaeger at £399 as is the navy wool roll neck jumper at £104.  The white pocket square is by Drake's via MR PORTER and part of their Kingsman edit at £55. The shoes are by Goodwin Smith and available for £125 and finally the watch is by Rotary at £155.



Photography by Charlie Sawyer

Huge Men's Fashion Winter Haul | ASOS & REISS

The AW17 season is here, stores are brimming with knitwear, cashmere and models are dressed head-to-toe in layered clothing to entice us shoppers into buying a complete outfit rather then single pieces. Whenever I see a mannequin styled, I take it as a challenge to style the key outfit piece better which is what I've tried to do with this RIESS oatmeal overcoat. October is the perfect month to transition into an autumn/winter wardrobe with this seasons on-trend fashion styles. Invest in a couple of statement pieces from a mid-range price point in stores such as REISS and complete your new wardrobe with everyday essential pieces from affordable online stores such as ASOS.

In this months Menswear Fashion Haul, I've shopped at REISS and managed to create an awesome tonal outfit of grey and camel hues. Each piece creates a statement yet can be styled alongside everyday essentials such as blue trousers, black jeans, white t-shirts to name a few...or combine all three together and you'll create a truly show-stopping, going out-out smart attire.

Party season isn't fully up and running yet but the rush to buy the best Christmas Party Dinner Jackets is well and truly on! Without a doubt, this black velvet dinner, tuxedo jacket will sell out fast. Affordable yet beautifully tailored in a black velvet trim. DO NOT style this with a pair of velvet trousers as that is wayyyyyy too much, so wear with a pair of smart, tailored black trousers and black patent shoes.

My final six items are from ASOS and are my winter everyday essentials that I'll wear all through autumn, winter and some will even make it into my spring 2018 wardrobe. 



What do you look for in a pair of trainers? For myself it is where comfort meets style whilst being able to style them with many different outfits. These Lacoste LT Spirit 2.0 Texture trainers are the epitome of that and are available in a variety of different colours to suit everyones personal style or for one person to own more than one pair! This black pair have a contrast white sole and the only different colouring is the Lacoste classic embroidered crocodile branding.

I've styled these Lacoste black trainers simply with a pair of skinny black jeans and white longline t-shirt, mimicking the monochrome style of the trainers themselves. My outfit of the week is finished off with a two-tone grey and black bomber jacket from Black Jamm and a black bezel watch from Seiko. It's simple yet stylish, clean lines and perfect for this autumn.



The Shearling Men's Style Edit | Shearling Coats for Men

October is the month of winter coat shopping in order to grab the top picks of the season before you are left with the crap that is sold off during Black Friday (November), the Winter Sales (December) and January Sales in err January - you get my point. However waiting until after the season of sales has finished ie February it kind of seems a little pointless investing in a new very warm coat and therefore most of us 'make do' at that point of the winter season. You should certainly be looking to grab hold of this seasons top menswear trend 'The Shearling Coat' championed in this Autumn's blockbuster Kingsman: The Golden Circle by the stateside agents The Statesman.

What is Shearling?

Shearling is a skin from a recently sheared sheep or lamb that has been tanned and dressed with the wool left on. It has a suede surface on one side and a clipped fur surface on the other. Usually the suede side is worn outward. Shearling can be made from real sheepskin or from synthetic fibers.
— Wikipedia

This exceptional and timeless menswear trend has taking off with the high-street joining luxury brands to create their faux versions of the traditional shearling coat. After doing a little online research, I've found my top 6 shearling coats for the 2017 (AW17) season and you can easily shop them below by clocking on the images.

Zara Man have manufactured two affordable options, both quite similar but with small differences in the shade of brown/tan that they have used as well as one has more faux shearling pocket and lining details - both retailing at £119 these are great choices for winter. Moving on from the high-street but still in the affordable category, I found one from ASOS, a steal at £85, it looks quite chunky and oversized but if you like that style this is the coat for you - it wont be in stock for long, thats for sure.

Moving on to the more mid-range and luxury side of fashion. Firstly I'm shopping at REISS for this unique grey shearling coat, very clean and minimalistic it is currently on sale at £575. If I'm after a designer coat, especially the Shearling Coat I would always look at MR Porter and found two exceptional finds. Firstly a double-breasted, navy wool blend coat with a brown shearling collar by Kent & Curwen which you can get for a fairly priced £995. And my final choice is the crème de la crème of shearling's and is part of The Kingsman collection at Mr Porter, Tequila's Statesman is leather-trimmed in a bomber jacket style - not cheap but an investment piece for years to come at £1,595.



Photography by Ben Heath

Experience Made-to-Measure at Brooks Brothers | 150 Regent Street, London

My first introduction to Brooks Brothers was this week, where I was chosen as the UK influencer to represent London in their European campaign showcasing the made-to-measure experience alongside their other influencers in Rome, Milan and Madrid. As a lover of the exquisite craft of tailoring, it was a goal of mine to work with and learn from such a historic tailor such as Brooks Brothers which established themselves in 1818. Brooks Brothers flagship store, located at 150 Regent Street in London, is a vast expanse sprawled across two floors including their exclusive made-to-measure experience, pool table and a lounge relaxation area where you can sit down and browse their collection of suit, coat and shirt fabrics.

Brooks Brothers are an American tailoring icon, renowned for exceptional customer service, quality fabrics and the best tailors. They are offering their existing customers and a new generation of Londoners to experience their made-to-measure service of which you can enjoy 25% off until October 1st 2017.

Brooks Brothers' fine tailoring meets the extraordinary quality of Proraso's products and Carter and Bond’s barber shop expertise, offering a pleasingly old fashioned and flawless shaving experience. Customers wishing to create their bespoke Brooks Brothers suit will be greeted in a temporary Barber Shop area within the store, receiving an impeccable and professional shaving or beard and moustache regulation. 

I joined fellow influencers Fabio Attanasio, Giorgio Giangiulio and Alvaro Arce for the London Made to Measure Experience, narrating the creation of my own MTM suit and Proraso barber service.

The Brooks Brothers MTM configurator launched last Spring/Summer, continues accompanying clients in their online suits’ and shirts’ customisation through a wide selection of fabrics, pockets, buttons and vents. By booking an appointment in their favourite store, at home or in the office, clients finalise their MTM experience with the help of a qualified MTM specialist.

During the whole made-to-measure experience, I was extremely at ease and relaxed mainly because of the beautiful setting in their Regent Street store and the fantastic staff who cannot do enough for you, to make you feel welcome. My made to measure experience started with a tailor measuring me for my shirt, followed by the suit jacket, then trousers but it all depends on your requirements. If you would like to get a new autumn/winter coat tailored especially for you, then the tailor can advice you on the optimal length, size, style and fabrics that work well when making coats. The key is to trust your tailor, take their advice but also add your own ideas of personality into the mix - maybe it's an extra button or turn-ups on your trousers, make it personal to you.

Brooks Brothers' scour the planet for the finest fabrics made from only the best raw materials which is why it might take you a while to flick through all of their fabric swatches...but take your time and make sure you get the perfect suit for you! Personally I went for a 100% cashmere suit jacket in camel and a contrast pair of trousers in dark grey, both fabrics were in a herringbone weave and I made the trousers slim fit with bold turn-ups.

After getting measured up for my new suit it was time to get groomed using the extraordinary quality of Proraso's products and Carter and Bond’s barber shop expertise.  

Proraso is a Florentine brand founded by Ludovico Martelli producing high quality products. Thanks to its centenary experience, it has served the daily care of three generations of men.

Established in 1818, Brooks Brothers was the first to offer ready-to-wear clothing and has continued throughout history with iconic product introductions including: seersucker, madras, the non-iron shirt and the original button-down collar. Nearly two centuries later, Brooks Brothers is proud to uphold the same traditions and values and to be the destination for ladies and gentlemen from every generation. Since its founding 199 years ago, in New York, Brooks Brothers has become a legendary international retailer while maintaining a steadfast commitment to exceptional service, quality, style and value.

It is safe to say that, Gentlemen you are in great hands with Brooks Brothers.

Photography by Stefano Massè

Men's Outfit of the Month for September

This week has been totally manic, I didn't think it could have got busier than August but September has totally smashed it out of the park. Over the past week I've been up to Norfolk working as an IT contractor (my trade before starting Hawkins & Shepherd) for an Oil company, doing some migration work at their service station is Great Yarmouth. Had numerous events and meetings, did some filming with an amazing suits/formalwear brand, setup a new office in Geneva, Switzerland (again for this oil company). Got totally hammered over in Geneva with some old work mates - then arrived back in London before taking a road trip to The Cotswolds for my collaboration with BMW MINI. The next morning, I was up early again doing more photos for MINI in the City of London then finally finishing off a mental week at Bounce (Ping Pong Bar) and then All Star Lanes (Bowling Bar) thrashing some poor girl at both activities.

That's why I haven't been blogging much this week. It is hard holding down what I would consider 3 jobs. The 1st being my menswear brand as mentioned before (Hawkins & Shepherd), which is quite difficult to manage alone, especially as right now I'm designing a new range of men's Made-in-Britain shirts. The 2nd is of course working with brands as a digital content creator, which could be videography, photography, filming days, presenting, blogging and Instagram. Finally it's working an a part-time contractor as an IT Networking Professional. This was my career for 15 years, so it is really important for me to keep my eye in on this industry because it's nice to have something to fall back on if everything else implodes, although work is great and life is good right now.

During a lot of the month of September, I have been wearing the above outfit, either exactly this or with different variations of it - so jeans instead of trousers and maybe trainers but the look is still the same. So today I'm sharing it with you. The trousers and coat are from Reiss, whereas the shirts is Zara, the watch Seiko and the shies are from Grenson. My personal favourite has to be the overcoat but the shirt is also pretty epic. So if you are looking for outfit ideas this AW17 transitional season, maybe try a couple of your favourite pieces from the below.



Photography by Sophie Milner

Autumnal Season Workwear | Transition Seamlessly for Work

Boy 'o' boy do us Brits love to talk about the weather all the time. Not only did I just spend 15 minutes of my life watching a Celebs Go Dating couple talk about how changeable the weather was, non-stop throughout their date, but it is also all over twitter. With people that I follow commenting the likes of "I can't believe summer is dead", "say goodbye to summer", "how on earth did it go from summer to winter so quick?" - you get the gist. Maybe they all have a point; to be fair the weather in the UK does dictate a lot. Cold days equal a lot of swiping left (and occasionally right) on Bumble, whereas a warm day and I'm down the pub in shorts and flip-flops sipping an ice-cold cider. 

Fashion is so heavily dictated by the weather and with the UK weather so unpredictable, it does make it a little bit more difficult to dress when the seasons are transitioning. Personally I'm an optimist and I refuse to believe that the warm weather is over. Yes we have had a cold snap as of late and I've been bringing out a few coats from the clothes archive but look back at 2015 & 2016 where we had days in October that recorded above 20 degrees celsius. Hello Indian Summer.

Layering is one way to combat these warm yet cold days but that works better when dressing in a casual attire. Deciding what to wear for work during these changeable months if far more difficult, especially if you work in a formal environment. What I suggest is simple, for the warmer days, dress as per the style in this post. Trousers (no socks optional), shoes, cotton poplin weave shirt (which is very breathable and lightweight), blazer and sunglasses (optional). Okay so for days when it is a little bit cooler, simply add socks and a coat. You can also change your shirt for a thinker weave, lets say an Oxford, which is still breathable but a bit weightier than the poplin weave. 

For my Autumnal Season Workwear Outfit of the Day I've chosen to shop in a variety of different places such as, ASOS, To Boot New York, Hawkins & Shepherd, Seiko and Taylor Morris. 



Photography by Sophie Milner

Men's New Collection Transitional Style Edit

Who else loves Autumn? The season of layering and getting excited for the new menswear collections, well that's until about January or February when it practically gets draining having to wear everything in your wardrobe just to hit the local shops. This weekend, other than going to the wedding of the century, watching Lewis Hamilton boss the Singapore Grand-Prix, watching my football team Crystal Palace lose their 5th game in a row without scoring and scrolling through a new batch of Bumble matches, I've also been shopping the latest threads from Reiss, ASOS & Stradivarius.

By getting some new pieces of clothing it can really reignite the confidence from within that you may have been lacking recently and these brands have some exceptional collections coming out. In my eyes, in particular Reiss who have an incredible selection of clothing focused around a green palette. So I've decided to make two of their AW17 pieces the statement of this look. The paint, brush stroke, pattern shirt and grey/green double-breasted pea coat work great together or as individual pieces. The final transitional look has been supplemented by a pair of black or green sneakers from Stradivarius and black ripped jeans from ASOS. Thats my transitional style edit for autumn 2017.



Photography by Kylie Eyra

Must Have Autumn/Winter Menswear Pieces From REISS, ASOS & ZARA

As you are well and truly aware, the high-street and online already have their AW17 menswear collections ready for you to dig in to. Although what happens every single season is that the best pieces always run out of stock and you are left with the same old stuff that hasn't sold and will most likely end up on sale. So this year, I'm getting ahead of the sartorial game and I'm bringing you along for the ride. Although it is still technically warm outside, now is the time to plan and buy your AW17 coats and jackets because as soon as the weather turns, the rush is on.

Of course my first stop off on the high-street was Reiss, standard! Anyway I managed to pick out two incredible pieces, they could work extremely well if styled together but also great as individual pieces. The Reiss Double-Breasted Pea Coat is available for £325 and it a beautiful crafted piece of tailoring. My second item is a pattern shirt which resembles some neat checked painting, is super soft and available for £90 and is going fast with only the sizes S, M & L left in stock right now.

My next 3 items, I've been shopping online at ASOS. All of these items are wardrobe essentials and could span seasons, so you'll get more bang for your buck. Click on the above images to shop.

Finally I'm back on the high-street shopping at Zara Man and with my budget for this Fall Haul blog post dwindling, I've found just two exceptional pieces (but it could have been 15!). Zara Man have been bringing out the best winter coats season after season for the last few years and AW17 is no different. This jacket is on the money and even reversible, you'll have to be quick to get this one. Then I have found a black pinstripe smart shirt for only £30, a beautiful piece and quite versatile.