Stylish Winter Overcoats | Men's Style Edit

If there is one piece of clothing that can define a look for the autumn/winter seasons, it is a statement overcoat. Most men have a large number of essential coats for winter such as a leather jacket, a shearling jacket and probably navy, black and camel overcoats. However to mix it up a little bit, check out the ASOS collection of overcoats, including this incredible green, camel, maroon number for only £85.

The coat was cut in a oversized fit, so if you are between sizes, go down a size and you’ll find it will fit better. It is also very warm, so on days that are warm, just simply wear it with a plain t-shirt and colder days layer up.

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Wearing Khaki White & Black | Men's Style Edit

Yesterday I was staying over at the girl I'm seeing's house with the heating on and a duvet watching Netflix, yet today I've been sweltering at home with all of the doors and windows open. Those weather contrasts are typical of this time of year and therefore your style has to match this diversity. T-shirts and shorts need to be in your wardrobe next to knitwear and jackets. 

A look that I'm really enjoying wearing right now is a plain t-shirt layered with a shirt and khaki/black/white is a great combination of colours for this 3 piece casual outfit. My khaki shirt was purchased from ASOS as well as the black jeans and white t-shirt. The mid-top white canvas trainers are from Superga, where you can design your own artwork and the in-house artist will paint your design onto your trainers for a small fee. My accessories are plentiful with EMOM sunglasses, a watch from Esprit, rings from Serge Denim, bracelets from Gentlemens Chuckaboo and pendant chains from Alex Orso.

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What to Wear on a Summer Holiday in the Evening | Men's Style Edit

Carl Thompson Blogger.JPG

Here is my second instalment of what to wear on a summer holiday in the evening. For the second night on my recent trip to Zanzibar, we had an incredibly romantic meal booked at the chef's table. The weather was very warm and humid at about 6pm yet got a lot cooler by 8pm and plus the restaurant had air conditioning. Therefore I decided to go back to what I know best from living in the UK....layering.

The meal and company were sensational and hopefully I looked the part, personally I think I did! Wearing all white abroad looks great in the sun and is totally acceptable, although it doesn't transition well when back in London, walking down Oxford Street on a rainy day whilst holding an umbrella just doesn't cut it.

The whites in this outfit are all different shades which gives the look *some character. Sorry, let me rewind...I mean I hate writing that as what does it really mean? An outfit has character...actually shame on me, that's just some wishy-washy crap that you'll read on other style blogs, not mine, I'm better than that! But it is good to mix up slightly different shades of white when you are wearing all white otherwise you'll risk looking like bed linen.

I'm wearing skinny white jeans from ASOS, a white linen shirt from REISS, an off-white blazer from REISS, brown suede loafers from REISS and sunglasses from TOM FORD.


Floral Shirts for Summer | Men's Style Edit

Google search 'floral shirts' or browse the SS18 menswear collections from all of the high-street powerhouses and you be inundated with floral print shirts signifying a trend this summer season. If you shop around as much as I do, you'll realise that some designs of the floral shirt are loud with bold prints and bolder colours - think of a floral shirt mating with a Hawaiian shirt. 

Personally I prefer floral shirts that are a little more subtle, such as this Reiss number. Two colours and a semi-simple print design. Easy to style with a pair of black or navy jeans or with shorts on your summer holiday.

In this men's style edit, I'm wearing the shirt from Reiss, t-shirt and jeans from ASOS, watch from Rotary, sunglasses from Taylor Morris and Chelsea boots from Goodwin Smith. 



Photo Credit Omnistyle

Men's Cream Bomber Jacket | Men's Style Edit

This week I've taken my own advice and spring cleaned my life, winter coats have been either packed away or taken to the charity shop. This cleanse was immediately followed by a heightened need to fill those newly free coat hangers. Winter coats are perfectly replaced by lightweight bomber jackets in every colour for the spring/summer season. 

Since I've already got a navy, grey, black and green bomber jacket the next logical choice was something a little lighter such as this cream one from ASOS. I've styled this men's style edit look casually with a pair of dark navy jeans, black trainers and a plain white t-shirt, all brought online via ASOS.



ASOS Spring Menswear Outfit | Men's Style Edit

This last week we've been blessed in the UK with a mini heatwave which has delighted the whole population minus those who were running the London Marathon in record heat at the weekend. During this freak weather you'll probably want to wear as little as possible however as we know all too well these good times are always almost immediately followed by a reality check. 

This outfit is a typical spring look, simple layering and a lightweight jacket in a casual style for evenings or weekends. I personally wore this look to the gym where I would change into my gym gear and back into this outfit for date night.

The whole outfit is head-to-toe ASOS menswear, and I've made it simple to shop the look below.



The Striped Shirt | Men's Style Edit

My latest favourite menswear trend has to be the oversized striped shirt worn in a casual way. Stripes tend to be a way to elongate your body shape in a visual way to slim down your physique which is why so many guys wear vertical stripes as opposed to horizontal stripes. This trend has been going on for quite a few seasons although I'm certainly seeing more and more stripes hit the market. Thin stripes, thick stripes, multi-coloured stripes, chevron stripes are all styles that are out there right now.  

I brought a pointed collar, monochrome, oversized shirt to wear in this style edit from ASOS. With monochrome stripes I think the best way to style it is to stick to the two colours, black and white. My skinny black jeans are from AG Jeans, black Chelsea boots are from Superdry, overcoat is from Antony Morato, jewellery from Alex Orso and finally sunglasses from Taylor Morris Eyewear.

I've spent a bit of time selecting my top picks for this menswear trend.



Introducing King Pin Hats | Bespoke Hats for Men | UK Made


Last week I never wore hats, this week I'm converted and can't wait to go out in my new King Pin Bespoke Hat again. I'm not sure why I've never really been a 'hat fan' I guess I've always said to myself that hats do not suit me, without any real evidence of that. I'm sure so many men are in that exact same mind-set, so hopefully by creating this style edit for you, you'll see that in-fact hats are for you and they are stylish.

King Pin Hats are about quality and cutting edge design, popular culture inspired from Taboo to peaky blinders it’s so inspiring to see men rocking hats again! The hat has been reborn and becoming the norm in mainstream men’s fashion, yet worn in many ways from casual to suiting style the dapper gentlemen to the dandy.

King Pin a current topical brand strikes a balance of classic in a cutting edge way, offering exciting design with the finest quality materials and hand made. The hat bodies are made from rabbit fur which is a by-product and processed in a number of different ways to achieve different finishes depending on the clients preference from smooth peach bloom, suede to a mohair finish.

The Pablo (Which it the hat that I'm wearing) is made from a melusine fur felt, which is textured and brushed to give the luxurious feel, some hat designers use wool felt which a fraction of the cost but the quality is far from the superior quality of the fur felt to the touch and the look. The leather belt is ostrich embossed leather with chrome O-ring and tiny skulls. The leather belts are bespoke made for each individual hat in the UK.

Molly Bunce who is the founder of King Pin Hats believes it is about time that there is some choice in men’s hat design, hats which are made not for the purpose of mass production but one offs which ooze quality design class and have a presence about them and I'm inclined to agree. 

For this Style Edit, I've worn my King Pin (The Pablo) hat with a biker look. The black leather jacket is from Boda Skins, which I've layered over a plain white t-shirt from ASOS. My jeans and men's chain jewellery are also from ASOS, whereas the black brogue boots are from John White Shoes. As always, if you love this style, shop it by clicking on the images below.



Outfit of the Week | Men's Style Edit | ASOS, Superdry, Serge Denimes

This week has been pretty awesome, I started off the week doing lots of fashion photoshoots with loads of new clothing that I've brought, so I've got some incredible Style Edits coming in the coming weeks. Tuesday evening was a dinner event to celebrate the launch of the new Mont Blanc fragrance attended by industry experts, press and social influencers all joined together for a tasty evening at the Ivy Market Grill in Covent Garden. 

Wednesday night brought the launch of the new male grooming brand House 99 which was endorsed by the one and only David Beckham, who also attended the event and mingled for a couple of hours before heading off. Moving swiftly on to my Thursday where I had a meeting with one of my favourite brands of all time Boda Skins who are hosting a pop-up store just around the corner from Warren Street tube station. I managed to get my hands on one of their designer leather jackets which you do not understand how happy that makes me! 

Male grooming and fragrance aside, I feel that 2018 is going to be the year of men's accessories with designer sunglasses and jewellery at the fore-front of this trend. Just look at brands such as Serge Denimes, Taylor Morris and Alex Orso who are pioneering this trend in men's fashion. 

For my outfit of the week, I'm wearing an ASOS striped t-shirt layered with a checked wool blend jacket, black jeans and black Chelsea boots from Superdry. I've accessorised with a psir of H.F.S sunglasses by Taylor Morris, a Kartel watch, rings from Serge Denimes and a pendant chain from Alex Orso.

As always if you like the look, shop it by clicking on the images below.



Men's Outfit of the Week | Style Edit

This week has been quite a productive one already and it's only Wednesday. A few weeks ago I wrote a post about trying to sort out my life so that I have a better work/life balance rather than just work work work. Well that is coming along well, as I've already starting delegating some of my work and now have help writing articles for this publication from my &FRIENDS authors. It's really helped and now I have more time to concentrate on life and dating, which I've done this week.

Last night I headed out to Brick Lane for the all-new 2018 Aston Martin Vantage launch which was incredible. Tonight I'm off to watch Aladdin the Musical, which is a great musical to watch during the winter months especially over Christmas. Thursday night I have a Thanksgiving party with Kiehls than Friday and the weekend I'm making time for friends. It's a major step forward from working 16 hour days 7 days a week of which I did in October.

This weeks outfit of the week was taken yesterday about 4pm in quite low light as I was heading to see a friend of mine for coffee. The look was pulled together showcased by my new burgundy jumper from Sauce & Brown which is made-in-Britain, has a subtle neck detail and a branded logo. I've paired this rich burgundy jumper with a black pair of skinny jeans from ASOS, a pair of dark brown Chelsea boots from NEXT, a black overcoat from Antony Morato and finally my 24hour leather black bag from Jack Russell.

As always, if you like it, you can shop the look by clicking on the images below. 



Huge Men's Fashion Winter Haul | ASOS & REISS

The AW17 season is here, stores are brimming with knitwear, cashmere and models are dressed head-to-toe in layered clothing to entice us shoppers into buying a complete outfit rather then single pieces. Whenever I see a mannequin styled, I take it as a challenge to style the key outfit piece better which is what I've tried to do with this RIESS oatmeal overcoat. October is the perfect month to transition into an autumn/winter wardrobe with this seasons on-trend fashion styles. Invest in a couple of statement pieces from a mid-range price point in stores such as REISS and complete your new wardrobe with everyday essential pieces from affordable online stores such as ASOS.

In this months Menswear Fashion Haul, I've shopped at REISS and managed to create an awesome tonal outfit of grey and camel hues. Each piece creates a statement yet can be styled alongside everyday essentials such as blue trousers, black jeans, white t-shirts to name a few...or combine all three together and you'll create a truly show-stopping, going out-out smart attire.

Party season isn't fully up and running yet but the rush to buy the best Christmas Party Dinner Jackets is well and truly on! Without a doubt, this black velvet dinner, tuxedo jacket will sell out fast. Affordable yet beautifully tailored in a black velvet trim. DO NOT style this with a pair of velvet trousers as that is wayyyyyy too much, so wear with a pair of smart, tailored black trousers and black patent shoes.

My final six items are from ASOS and are my winter everyday essentials that I'll wear all through autumn, winter and some will even make it into my spring 2018 wardrobe. 


The Style Off - ASOS Menswear - Episode 4

We are back, for the 4th episode of THE STYLE OFF, a YouTube collaboration with Oli from The Tailor Fitted where we both take a single item of clothing and style it to our own personal style. We have taken two of our favourite pieces from ASOS Menswear AW16 collection and completed the look in our own style. Watch both videos above, let us know what you think and of course, who styled it better with #Carl or #Oli with a comment on the YouTube videos. This months style off was sponsored by ASOS Menswear AW16 collection. The items we have chosen from the ASOS range is their Skinny Shirt In Burgundy Buffalo Check With Granddad Collar and a pair of Extreme Drop Crotch Acid Wash Trousers With Wrap Around Front In Light Khaki. Watch both videos and let us know who styled it better.







Where I shop for specific items of men's clothing

Everyone has their favourite shops that you head directly to, without passing GO or grabbing a coffee, when arriving at Bluewater, London Westfield or on Oxford Street. Well I'm no different. Depending on what I'm looking for I'll head straight to the brands that I know, fit well, are within budget and that I have brought from before and loved. With this outfit I did just that and here is where I brought each item from and why.

Firstly lets discuss the specs. I have had my eyes lasered for about 8 years when both eyes were short sighted at around -4.75. For those of you who wear glasses will understand that -4.75 is blind to the extent of you can barely read size 68 font when it is right in front on you. My eyes have since deteriorated slightly and I now have to wear glasses again, but lucky for me the styles have changed from gold rimmed, thick lenses with transformers (girl's had My Little Pony) on the sides to the designs that Kite are producing now. I found Kite through Instagram and have loved their optical designs ever since. They have a store in Westfield Stratford where you can get your eyes tested and customise your own frames for a flat fee and they have some incredible modern frames to choose from.

Next up is the shirt. Now there really is only one place to get your formal shirts from and that is Hawkins & Shepherd. A Hawkins & Shepherd shirt is always handmade and are crafted in a small family run tailors who take care in their work - unlike so many other shirt makers who factory run their work with no care and attention. Hawkins & Shepherd are only available online but have recently launched their AW16 collection of new pin collar shirts, button down shirts, suits and made-in-Britain cashmere overcoats.

Reiss is my destination for mid-range priced classic coats. Every season without fail they deliver, I mean their designs don't change too much but that fabric hues they use are always on style. This coat is their GABRIEL and priced at £295 and is sure to a sell-out piece.

My jeans are from Superdry. It isn't my normal destination for jeans, although I have felt that the standards and workmanship that go into jeans recently has declined due to so many affordable pairs entering the market. I recall a time when I used to spend a minimum of £125 on a pair of Diesel jeans, although for the last 5 years my shopping habits for denim has changed to affordable and I have brought most of my pairs from Topman or ASOS. Well I was on the search for a pair of jeans what were great quality but will not break the bank and I found them at Superdry of all places for £65.

My shoes are made by John White from Northamptonshire so the quality of craftsmanship that goes into them is great and you can really feel the comfort when you wear a pair. These brogue shoes with a grain exterior in a tan colour are available through Hawkins & Shepherd.

I've accessorised with a pair of quilted dark brown gloves from Barbour and a 100% silk navy polka-dot scarf from Hawkins & Shepherd.



Photography by Rebecca Spencer

My Outfit of the Week | Men's Style & Fashion

I'm so glad the weather is getting colder...yes I have turned the heating on already and outdoor fitness is becoming quite bitter in the evenings. However what trumps all of these negatives, is that I can bring out my favourite AW15 (last years collection) dogtooth overcoat by Zara. Every time I wear it, it totally transforms an outfit, even the simplest of styles such as black jeans and a white t-shirt like what I'm wearing in this weeks outfit of the week.  

I recall last season Zara had some incredible knits and outerwear such as coats and jackets and after a quick browse just now it seems they have created an amazing AW16 collection also. 

Moving on from coats. In this weeks outfit I have stuck to monochrome tones with black jeans and ercu tee both from ASOS, whilst I have kept things comfortable with black suede slippers from Donhall & Bell. Completing my look, this grey watch from Kartel works well with the greys in my coat.



Photography by Ella H

Camber Sands Beach Lookbook | In memory of those lost

It feels quite weird to be posting a Camber Sands shoot the day after so many fatalities on the beach where we did this photo shoot a week this post is dedicated to those who have lost their lives on British beaches this year, may you all rest in peace. It really does hammer home how fragile life is and how important it is to respect life as well as living life to it's fullest. You don't have to tell me this space! 

It feels wrong to drag this post out too long so I'm just going to explain what I'm wearing and where I brought the clothes from.

Starting from the top, I'm wearing a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses purchased from David Clulow. The breathable lightweight light blue button-down shirt is perfect for these heat-wave temperatures we have been getting and it is of course from the one and only Hawkins & Shepherd. My watch is from the ultra slim collection from Rotary. White chinos trousers are ASOS and finally you have to try these grey slip-on pumps by Daniel Footwear which are currently in the sale down to £59.99.



Photography & Videography by Rebecca Spencer


A weekend photoshoot in King Cross is great for me, as I can jump on the high-speed train to Ebbsfleet to see my parents afterwards, which also means I can bring Charlie with me on the shoot and that always makes the pictures 10 times better! There are a number of things that bloggers totally over do...copper, marble, white houses, coffee, Mykonos, Santorini and of course the walkway to St.Pancras railway station. So on true blogger form, out of all the places to shoot in Kings Cross - of course I went to the same place as everyone does! However I have my secret weapon, Charlie dog!

This outfit is wholly styled with ASOS and I wanted to create a look that was oversized and perfect for a Sunday or Monday when you have totally over indulged at the weekend...hide that beer belly! 

In my ASOS outfit of the day from bottom to top, I'm wearing a pair of grey Chelsea boots which are a very comfortable over the ankle boot, they work perfect with rolled jeans, trousers and even chinos. I always think that wearing grey works better with black rather than blue jeans, so I have styled this look with that colour jeans and rolled up the bottoms to showcase the Chelsea boot. Then I have used my asymmetric white oversized shirt, which I brought from ASOS about 8 months ago, it is no longer available but I have placed a similar shirt in the shop the look below. Again the grey oversized overcoat is no longer in stock, however any grey overcoat or any jacket that sits longer that the shirt will also work well in this look. Finally, it's summer so sunglasses are a must and keeping in theme, they are grey rimmed.

Enjoy your Sunday, I'm now off for brunch.



Photography by Kylie Eyra