Warm Day Winter Styling | Men's Style Edit

Has winter even started here in the UK, come on ice, snow, wind and rain….lets be ‘aving ya! Actually ignore that, I’ve been enjoying leaving the door open whilst working from home and saving money on heating bills. However it’s my fashion this winter season that has benefitted most. I’ve been able to wear a lot of my existing wardrobe and brought less knitwear and bulky jackets, saving pennies in the meantime.

With that in mind, I’ve created this Men’s Style Edit which is wearable on the warmest of winter days, yet can be transitioned simply by adding socks and a tailored overcoat on the colder snaps.

The black t-shirt is from ASOS, over-shirt from A Day’s March, the grey trousers are Zara, the white trainers are from Nubikk and finally the sunglasses are from Emon Eyewear.


Rusty Earth Tones | Men's Style Edit

In this weeks Style Edit, Im wearing earth coloured men's clothing such as a tan/rusty palette to show you how good it can look. It is very much an AW (autumn/winter) trend which doesn't transition very well into spring/summer so if you're reading this from the UK you'll only really have one more month to nail this trend before changing it up for a more summer palette of yellows, creams and navy.

I'm wearing a rust coloured knitter jumper which is the bold piece in this outfit, it's from Pull & Bear brought from ASOS. I've layered this with an incredible coat from Zara which is beautifully tailored with a unique collar that is similar to a grandad shirt collar. What I love most about this jacket and why I've styled it in this outfit is the tan thread that is discretely woven into the checked print. I've kept the rest of the outfit quite simple with black jeans and white trainers but experiment yourself and see whats works for you.



Men's Outfit of the Month for September

This week has been totally manic, I didn't think it could have got busier than August but September has totally smashed it out of the park. Over the past week I've been up to Norfolk working as an IT contractor (my trade before starting Hawkins & Shepherd) for an Oil company, doing some migration work at their service station is Great Yarmouth. Had numerous events and meetings, did some filming with an amazing suits/formalwear brand, setup a new office in Geneva, Switzerland (again for this oil company). Got totally hammered over in Geneva with some old work mates - then arrived back in London before taking a road trip to The Cotswolds for my collaboration with BMW MINI. The next morning, I was up early again doing more photos for MINI in the City of London then finally finishing off a mental week at Bounce (Ping Pong Bar) and then All Star Lanes (Bowling Bar) thrashing some poor girl at both activities.

That's why I haven't been blogging much this week. It is hard holding down what I would consider 3 jobs. The 1st being my menswear brand as mentioned before (Hawkins & Shepherd), which is quite difficult to manage alone, especially as right now I'm designing a new range of men's Made-in-Britain shirts. The 2nd is of course working with brands as a digital content creator, which could be videography, photography, filming days, presenting, blogging and Instagram. Finally it's working an a part-time contractor as an IT Networking Professional. This was my career for 15 years, so it is really important for me to keep my eye in on this industry because it's nice to have something to fall back on if everything else implodes, although work is great and life is good right now.

During a lot of the month of September, I have been wearing the above outfit, either exactly this or with different variations of it - so jeans instead of trousers and maybe trainers but the look is still the same. So today I'm sharing it with you. The trousers and coat are from Reiss, whereas the shirts is Zara, the watch Seiko and the shies are from Grenson. My personal favourite has to be the overcoat but the shirt is also pretty epic. So if you are looking for outfit ideas this AW17 transitional season, maybe try a couple of your favourite pieces from the below.



Photography by Sophie Milner

Must Have Autumn/Winter Menswear Pieces From REISS, ASOS & ZARA

As you are well and truly aware, the high-street and online already have their AW17 menswear collections ready for you to dig in to. Although what happens every single season is that the best pieces always run out of stock and you are left with the same old stuff that hasn't sold and will most likely end up on sale. So this year, I'm getting ahead of the sartorial game and I'm bringing you along for the ride. Although it is still technically warm outside, now is the time to plan and buy your AW17 coats and jackets because as soon as the weather turns, the rush is on.

Of course my first stop off on the high-street was Reiss, standard! Anyway I managed to pick out two incredible pieces, they could work extremely well if styled together but also great as individual pieces. The Reiss Double-Breasted Pea Coat is available for £325 and it a beautiful crafted piece of tailoring. My second item is a pattern shirt which resembles some neat checked painting, is super soft and available for £90 and is going fast with only the sizes S, M & L left in stock right now.

My next 3 items, I've been shopping online at ASOS. All of these items are wardrobe essentials and could span seasons, so you'll get more bang for your buck. Click on the above images to shop.

Finally I'm back on the high-street shopping at Zara Man and with my budget for this Fall Haul blog post dwindling, I've found just two exceptional pieces (but it could have been 15!). Zara Man have been bringing out the best winter coats season after season for the last few years and AW17 is no different. This jacket is on the money and even reversible, you'll have to be quick to get this one. Then I have found a black pinstripe smart shirt for only £30, a beautiful piece and quite versatile. 

How to wear a floral shirt and still look effortlessly cool

Pattern and floral shirts have made a resurgence in recent seasons, yet it remains to be one of those items of clothing that I see styled incredibly badly on most occasions. Men just don't seem to be able to get it right but it doesn't always come down to how to style a floral shirt, it's also extremely important to buy the right floral shirt for your skin-tone, body shape and even hair colour. Here are my tips on how to style a floral shirt and still look effortlessly cool.

Okay so as mentioned, you need to shop the right style and colours for you. Think about what you are going to wear the shirt with? Picture the outfit as a whole, so you can narrow your floral shirt search to only a few colours. There's less chance of making a mistake that way! If possible, why not wear the outfit that you want to put the shirt with on whilst shopping - then you'll see first hand what it will look like before committing to the purchase. 

I wanted a floral shirt to go with a pair of black jeans, so I started thinking about colours that go well with black. I put together my outfit, black boots, a black faced watch and an off-white t-shirt to layer underneath the floral shirt, so I could wear it undone if desired. So what colours work? I noted, burgundy, white, black, deep greens and touches of yellow in the maybe pile. 

Alternatively if I wanted to find a floral shirt to wear with a pair of blue jeans, I immediately think of colours such as blue, navy, orange, pink, white and maybe a touch of green, but the green would have to be subtle and not over powering. Something like the below would work for blue jeans.

When wearing jeans with a floral shirt, I always opt for plain styles, no rips. I feel that the attention should be on the shirt and not overly-complicated by having too many power pieces drawing ones attention.

If in doubt, keep it simple. Try buying a shirt with only 2 colours in the print. This way you'll be able to wear it with a larger variety of clothes in your wardrobe. Then when you're more confident, move on to floral shirts with maybe a few more colour tones in them...remember baby steps!

This is only my opinion but floral shirts look AWFUL worn with a suit in formal attire and even worse with a tie. Just don't go there. When buying formal shirts, keep it classic, classy and simple by focusing on great fabrics and impeccable tailoring. Leave the floral and print shirts for casual or going out.

Finally try not to wear your floral shirt too tight, they have their roots in Hawaii so keep in fun and roomy but not too roomy that it looks like you are wearing a tent.



Photography by Kylie Eyra

How to Wear a Denim Jacket 5 Ways

Denim jackets can be quite hard to style correctly but looks great when done right. Surprisingly the denim jacket is quite versatile, you'll be wrong to think otherwise. When styling a denim jacket with jeans (double denim), I would recommend wearing a different shade of denim for your jeans so there is a contrast in colour to your denim jacket. Mainly a casual urban look but in look5 I have styled the denim jacket in a formal way to experiment slightly to show you how good it can also looks with a shirt and trousers. Let me know what your favourite look is?






So there you go, my 5 ways to style a men's denim jacket - let me know which one you prefer and here is a recap:

Photography by Rebecca Spencer

Outfit of the Week | Smart Casual Attire

Happy weekend to everyone reading this, I hope you are having a good one, hands up whose hungover and struggling today (my hands just gone up)! Last night I went to the relaunch (under new management) of the incredible Brocket Hall with Fox PR, if you missed my Instagram stories from last night, head over and check them out now. As you can imagine, in true style, I made the most of the free champagne and wine but feeling it today, hence it has taken me a couple of hours to get to this stage of writing the blog post. That and the Liverpool V Everton game is on TV and I'm easily distracted.

Let's get down to the fashion. My outfit of the week is focusing on smart casual wear, as I find myself wearing it more and more these days. A couple of trends that I'm seeing a lot of recently are double-breasted blazers and combining casual with tailoring - so in this look I have combined both trends and come up with this very tonal attire. Mixing jeans and trainers with a tailored blazer and overcoat may seem odd to many guys but as you can see the two marry up quite well, so give it a try. My grey double-breasted blazer is by Steel & Jelly and I'm wearing a 38" size, the rollneck is last season by Reiss, the overcoat is last season by Zara, finally the jeans are by Topman and sneakers by Stradivarius.

So if you like it, shop it.



Photography by Rebecca Spencer

My Weekend Casual Outfit of the Day

Maybe I wear a little too much black, but it is still cool and moody outside so I'm thinking I'll bring a but more colour to my wardrobe in spring and summer. However as we are officially still in winter, dressing in black most days is totally fine, so this outfit of the week is just that, khaki & black, which is a classic, successful colour combination palette. This is what I would typically wear on a weekend when I'm heading out of the house doing life admin stuff, to the odd work event and also meeting up with mates for a beer or two. Casual and comfortable are key aspects when dressing on weekends, so wear what you feel confident in.

This look has been put together styling items that I already had in my wardrobe. The black ripped jeans and flannel plaid shirt and from Maniere de Voir. I'm layering with a khaki tee from Zara, although it is now out of stock online, so in the shop-the-look section, I have replaced it with a different option. The final upper body layer is a black classic overcoat from Antony Morato currently with 50% off for just under £100. My trainers are from National Standard again which are on sale now at £121.

If you like it, shop it.



Photography by Rebecca Spencer

Don't Ditch Your Wool Coats Just Yet | Style Edit & A Little Advice

Spring is only a month away and that suggests warmer weather right...wrong, I have lived in good ol' Blighty all my life and I know that cool days and bitter evenings can ease off and then bite back in full force unexpectedly. According to the UK weather statistics, snow fell during March in 2013, 2008, 1998, 1994 and so on. In fact statistics also state that it is more likely to snow during Easter than it is during Christmas...this just blows my mind! So the message of this blog post is to not ditch your wool, cashmere coats just yet, instead merge them into your spring wardrobe and concentrate on layering.

Spring is an awkward month in the sartorial calendar to dress for because of the aforementioned weather reasons. My little piece of advice, I mean it isn't rocket science but try to keep hold of your winter coats for at least until the end of April. At that point you should be able to shop a large collection of spring/summer coats which are single layered and made of more lightweight fabrics. 

Going back to winter wool or cashmere coats. On warmer days/cold nights layer up with lightweight tees or merino wool jumpers, like I have done in the style edit above. With thin jumpers such as this roll-neck you can easily roll the sleeves if getting too hot and the layering will keep you warm going into the evenings.

For this AW17 Style Edit, I'm actually wearing a Zara AW16 coat, so I'm sorry but you can no longer buy it. As well as this coat, I'm wearing a khaki tee and dark grey roll-neck knit again from Zara. My black ripped jeans are ASOS. The sneakers are from the brand National Standard which I purchased from Menlook.com. Finally I have accessorised with a fashion watch from Circulr.



Photography by Rebecca Spencer