Luxury Sleepwear & Loungewear by Homebody

It's Valentines Day 2018 and it's possibly the best day of the year to discuss sleepwear and loungewear. If you are single and spending the day curled up in bed going through the list of reasons why you think you're single then you might as well be super snug and comfortable while you're at it! 

I'm very open when it comes to talking about my relationships and dating history as it's been quite a ride. In many ways, relationships good or bad shape us into who we are today and that's certainly the case for me. I had a long period of being single after a break up which pushed me to move from Kent to London, it was hard but the right decision for both of us. Since then I've dated loads and I've had a couple of relationships which kind of just pigeon stepped along, both parties keeping each other at arms length in a kind of non-committed yet committed relationship. Over my dating years I've realised that I do that a lot, I tend to keep good girls which are absolutely perfect at arms length until everything eventually becomes toxic. On the flip side to this, I'll go in hard, put everything on the line, completely open up and show my cards from the first date. Well in my experience neither work...I'll either play it way too cool or way too uncool and at 37 I'm still struggling to find that middle-ground, that sweet spot in the world of dating. 

I've digressed a little here from my intended subject but it's an important subject to write about and it's real. So if I do find the best formula for dating, I'll pass it on although I'm starting to think it'll end up being something like this:

Dating Equation.gif
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In the millennial world that we live in today, there are more and more flexible workers, working from home, in coffee shops or hotdesking at companies such as WeWork. That alone has contributed to a major rise in loungewear and comfortable clothing consumed. In the fitness fashion sector this is known as Athleisure, with designers such as lululemon creating a whole brand based on fitness clothing that you can wear throughout the day from the local cafe to the gym and to the office, using technical, breathable fabrics. It's slightly different for sleepwear and loungewear because you probably wouldn't wear your PJs to work or even outside of the front door to be honest but this two tone short sleeve t-shirt is perfect to wear at home paired with the mid-grey pyjama trousers then when you have to head out, just simply replace the trousers with a pair of jeans and you're done. In fact, I did that the other day. However it's not just lounging around the house that I've found the best use for these luxury pieces of loungewear. It was on a recent 15 hour plane journey from London to Malaysia. These luxurious designs were my perfect companion, making my journey so much more comfortable than when I wear jeans and a t-shirt, it was like upgrading to First Class (kind of!). The Homebody menswear collection is designed with a tranquil simplicity whilst being handmade in the UK using a finest, softest fabrics on offer. 



Up your Bedwear Game with McAlson | The Ultimate Male Comfort

Underwear for men is without a doubt the most un-loved piece of clothing closely followed by socks, although how is this the case? It’s the one piece of clothing that we wear everyday (well hopefully most of us do!) so surely we should pay more attention to the design and comfort of said pieces. Only recently I’ve invested in more luxurious, comfortable underwear and have previously ‘made do’ with whatever I had clean in my top drawer. It’s quite shameful actually. But at least now I can thank Mc Alson for creating such an eye-catching product that made me change my perception of underwear.

Mc Alson have been an established brand since their beginnings in 1997 and are responsible for pioneering the concept of comfortable yet elegant men’s underwear. They strive to provide the ultimate male comfort by creating a new concept; an aristocratic boxer short made to fit men’s morphology. Their secret, or not so secret was a clever, invisible internal support system made out of a fine 100% cotton jersey.

View their collection online and you’ll find a large selection of boxer shorts in a variety of different designs such as plain, patterned, daring motifs or even some kind of hybrid design. Their blueprint is colourful and dashing, made from the finest fabrics with detailed finishing’s combined to make a market-leading product for men.

Now here comes the ‘C’ word, Christmas, what better time to upgrade your underwear drawer or place a pair on your Christmas list to Santa and did I also mention that they make an exceptional gift for every man in your life.





Maybe it's because I'm getting old (am old) that all I want to do is stay in, relax and watch catch-up TV - going out, dating, seems such a chore and my wardrobe seems to slowly be reflecting that. Loungewear and dressing down of late has certainly become the norm for me. However whether I'm dressing formal or casual I still want to wear quality clothing. After a quick web and Instagram (I'm using Instagram more & more these days to find unique brands) search, I found Rascal Clothing and trust me, there is nothing rascal about their clothing. 

This styled look reminds me of when I'm incredibly hungover on a Sunday morning and the only thing that is going to help is an egg & bacon sandwich. So I gingerly get out of bed, pop a couple of Nurofen, throw on my most comfortable loungewear, trainers and jacket and head off out to the local shops after my fatty fix!

Rascal Clothing was setup by the F2 Freestylers, if you are not aware of who they are, just google them and some of their crazy football skills videos will come up for sure. Their range consists of mainly tracksuits (available in zip or pullover styles), t-shirts and caps along with a variety of other gift type accessories. The tracksuits come in three different colours Grey, Navy and Black at a price of £70 each, or to split the costs you can buy the top and bottoms separately. If you are looking to buy a tracksuit for your son or daughter, well they do junior sizes too.

What I love about their product (I'm actually wearing it right now whilst typing this, tired at 6:30am - is the softness, quality and comfortable feel it has. Thats important with loungewear where comfort is key. The inner lining is super soft and keeps its softness through many washes, I think thats due to the quality, thickness and elasticity of the materials used. Fabric aside, its the fit that really wins it for me. Rascal have opted for a modern fit, I mean its not going to be my Granddads sort of thing, I think he'll have to keep buying his trackies from M&S! The fit of the tracksuit bottoms is shaped around the calf area, similar to skinny jeans then as you move up to above the knees the fit relaxes catering for all sizes of thighs which means the bottoms have perfect manoeuvrability and not too tight. They are tight in all the right places and loose is all the right places.



Photography by Ella H


Netflix and Chill is the new Drink and Party! Although Netflix and Chill is a term I have heard all too much recently, it is just so easy to cozy up, chuck on a box-set and order a JustEat take-away...hold on let me just re-read that...yep I'm old and boring (sigh). I don't care if you are in a relationship or single, we all love putting on our most comfortable loungewear and have a relaxing evening doing nothing - wether its recovering from a hang-over or just lazy! 

Being Winter, I have invested in some nice new loungewear and this is what I have gone for. First off, I wanted a really comfortable zip up top - something that was fleece like on the inside and wont loose its shape when washed. So I looked on website and found this grey Ralph Lauren Hoodie. I have recently brought a couple of Ralph Lauren menswear products and I love the simple details and the quality of craftsmanship.

I then shopped on and found these awesome Calvin Klein lounge pants. The fit is comfortable and loose and the material is thin. Finally I shopped on for some luxury merino wool socks, which are warm, comfortable and perfect for winter.