Superdry Is More Than Just Big Bold Branding

Forgive me Superdry but I haven't brought any of your men's clothing since about 8 years ago (give or take a couple of years - but the point is a LONG time ago). It was when everyone seemed to be taking about Superdry and loving the big bold branded shirts, hoodies and multiple zipped jacket - which had about 12 bloody zips on it! Actually I still have my yellow Superdry hoodie and grey/orange checked Superdry shirt. It was about a month ago now when I was invited to preview their new men's collection that I realised it is time to buy back into Superdry.

So I did a poll with my 30-something year old friends and asked them "What do you think of about the brand Superdry?" A preconception many people, including myself had was that Superdry only sells bold check shirts, bright coloured hoodies and the same in T-Shirt form. Maybe its because these products are their bread 'n' butter and are displayed as eye-catching pieces in the entrance to the stores attracting the customers, but not the older ones it seems, well if my small friendship group is anything to go by.

So this weekend when we all got together again, I wore the outfit above which is Superdry throughout and asked them what they thought of it. Everyone loved the smart yet casual look - every piece you can style with almost anything. The main comment was "No way is that Superdry!" - well it is and although there are still small branded touches it is ever so discrete now. Much more classic, classy and I think opened up a whole new market with my friends!

The quality is unbelievable (in a good way!), the jumper is so soft you can wear it without anything underneath. The jacket is so well made from the fabric, buttons, inner lining and zip and the design is very classic. As for the jeans, you can tell that the denim is hard wearing, none of this thin crappy denim and seems to be everywhere these days. 

The Jumper and Jacket are both from the IDRIS ELBA Collection which is their premium collection - you can shop the range here.

Did you know that Superdry also does Sports wear? You can read my review of Superdry Sports here



Photography by Holly Harwood