My Outfit of the Week

The weeks outfit of the week combines three menswear brands that I have never worn before, so I have combined them with a few of my wardrobe favourites. This outfit was taken at the early part of this week, during the cold windy few days we had in London, I mean it certainly didn't feel like June...more like November. This time I headed out with photographer Rebecca Spencer around the Temple area of London, along the Embankment and stumbled across a few awesome areas in which to shoot the outfits and a few odd and exposed changing facilities!

The three brands that I want to mention in this look are Sunday Somewhere, Boom Bap Wear and Jim Rickey. Starting from the top half, this grey lightweight v-neck hoodie from Boom Bap Wear is stylish and the fit is slim, muscle, yet comfortable. The inner lining of the top is fleece like so there is no need to wear a t-shirt underneath, in fact I think it works better worn alone. Jim Rickey is a brand that I found on Instagram, based in Stockholm, Sweden and specialising in footwear. Immediately I purchased two pairs, I was so impressed with their collection and I want another 2 more at least! This grey pair and another white leather with tan details and marble sole. Finally I have accessorised with a brand that is synonymous for being the sunglasses of choice for a-list celebrities - a brand called Sunday Somewhere. 

Its amazing what brands you can find by searching the second page on Google, Twitter and have a browse and if you can also find some amazing menswear brands - if you do, please let me know!



Photography by Rebecca Spencer