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Happy Friday everyone, how has your week been? I've had one of those really productive weeks posting on my blog almost every day as well as a few brand collaborations coming through, partying and meeting with my best mates. So the next couple of months on the blog are going to produce some exciting new content, in all categories Travel, Fashion, Grooming, Fitness & Tech...so make sure you check back daily. 

In this outfit of the week post I'm wearing a mixture of menswear brands such as Stradivarius, Reiss, Rotary and Donhall & Bell. If you like it, shop it below.



Photography by Charlie Sawyer

Comfort & Style

Most days I strive to wear stylish, comfortable clothing and with more and more flexible, teleworkers, home workers and companies moving towards an open dress policy at work, this is a major growth sector in the menswear industry. When I look for clothing in this sector, I prefer to ignore the super cheap clothing and focus on something a little more mid-range as I feel that the price and quality of the materials, fabric and design are at the perfect balance.

Manière de Voir are a brand that is in this sweet spot of the casual, trend led, clothing market. Their products are not going to break the bank and what you'll get are clothes that look great and built using a good level of materials. Sometimes you can buy an expensive piece of clothing yet the quality is just not there and you feel a little bit hard done by. That is why, when choosing what to buy, I ignore all brand names so it is a level playing field...I don't care what the label says, I will just try to find the best fitting, the best design, the best fabrics and the best customer care for the money that I wish to spend. That opens up your eyes to good clothing and not just high-street brand names. 

Another brand, Donhall & Bell that sells at a higher price bracket, I would say they are more of a high-end price but also offers good value for money. Their products are well made and pair perfectly with my Manière de Voir outfit for today. 



Photography by Ella H

Transitioning into Spring | My Outfit of the Week

With the last couple of weeks being utterly freezing temperatures, it is easy to hibernate indoors with your chunkiest knitwear. However I'm now looking at what to wear when transitioning from Winter to Spring which includes layering, lightweight knitwear and smaller jackets. Check out my outfit of the week.

I've put together this outfit merging a number of different brands including Maniere de Voir, ASOS, Circulr Watches and Donhall & Bell. The black skinny ripper jeans are from Maniere de Voir and I've worn a pair of Donhall & Bell black sneakers which work really well together. I've layered a t-shirt underneath a thin merino wool roll-neck jumper from ASOS. To finish this look I'm wearing a beige suede jacket again from Maniere de Voir and a navy, rose-gold watch by Circulr.



Photography by Ella H

My Outfit of the Day Featuring Donhall & Bell and Van Loon Sport

London Fashion Week Mens or #LFWM for those of you following the hashtag throughout the 4 day event, starts tomorrow until Monday and London will be full of the most stylish men in the country. I'm likely to mix my LFWM outfits with everyday style, which is casual ripped jeans, leather jackets and monochrome attire (such as in this post) and smart, formal wear. This outfit styled around the trainers and the top is what I normally wear day in day out.

The leather jacket and jeans probably need no explaining as like I said, I wear them all the time...but to remind you the jacket is by Superdry and the jeans by ASOS. The two items of clothing that are new to my wardrobe are the Donhall & Bell sneakers and the Van Loon Sport top.

Donhall & Bell are a brand that I have reviewed before and are renowned for designing luxury slipper footwear. They have recently launched an epic sneaker or trainer (as we say in the UK) collection, which are available online now. Their collection is branded 'The Redchurch Collection' and available in 3 other colours as well as the black that I'm wearing, in dark green, navy and burgundy. Imagine one of the styled images below and change the colour of the trainers to the ones on offer and every single one would transform the look.

The second brand that I would like to mention in this post is a ski sports brand called Van Loon Sport. Their collection of ski under garments (base layer, second layer) for men and women is the first brand of its kind that can also quite easily step foot into the casual everyday fashion market. The quality of their warm, technical fabrics means that you can simply wear one of their tops and jacket even in the coldest of winter days in the capital, yet keep cool during a tube ride because the fabric is also breathable. It's time for me to browse through the rest of their collection because I'm off skiing (well snowboarding) in the next couple of months and I'm not going without a suitcase full of their products!



Photography by Rebecca Spencer

New Years 'resolutions'? Not this year thanks. Goals or targets are much more achievable

Monday the 2nd of January. A day where our hangovers from New Years eve have almost subsided and we are left a feeling little bit jaded, tired and sad because our 9-5 lives are about to start again for another year. Today is a day that many of us think about what we want to achieve for the upcoming year and set goals, resolutions or whatever other word you would like to wrap it up in. Whatever word used to describe 'resolutions' for 2017 doesn't detour from the truth that the majority of us will never stick to them. So this year rather than creating year long New Years resolutions, I'm going to set weekly targets, goals or simply tell myself 'I must do this' today. It can be as simple as 'I must get 9 hours sleep tonight' or 'Today I'm going to drink coffee without sugar'.

There is nothing wrong with creating year long resolutions, fair play to everyone doing that, powering through and hell-bent on sticking to them but stats do suggest that they just don't work. For me it is because we feel that a resolution has to be a major change in our lives, for example, the classic quit smoking or sign-up to the gym resolutions. These are just too bold and for many unrealistic and therefore fail, however what if you were to set realistic goals throughout the year which all added up go some way towards reaching your overall resolution? 

There are a few things that I would really love to achieve this year in life and mainly focus around travelling and keeping fit! Obviously the travelling one is pretty self explanatory but I would really love to tick off another few countries that I have never been to this year and generally just visit more places around the UK. My goal for this week is to book a flight for a short break to go away in January - I'm thinking maybe Dubai...I've been there a few times before although for a short break with guaranteed sunshine, I think this is probably a good shout. 2016 has been a year of Deliveroo, burgers, drinking and ad-hoc fitness and although I'm still in reasonable shape, I'm nowhere near my fitness heights of a few years ago. So this year I'm going to get myself in great shape, mainly for all the travelling and beaches that I'm going to visit! To start achieving my fitness heights, my goal this week is to setup my new MyZone MZ3 fitness monitor and start tracking my workouts to record my progress and set further fitness goals. Finally my motto for the year is to...Start focusing and improving on things that are great in life and forget those that are toxic and pointless.

I've recently posted the above poll on twitter and thanks to everyone who voted as it is always nice to know what the people who read my blogs want. Based on the results, things are not going to change too much, I'm going to concentrate on fashion/style/grooming primarily whilst bringing in more touches of travel and tech (although that wasn't in the poll)! Surprisingly 'More TV Appearances' was 2nd in the poll, which I'm not sure is serious but you never know what may be in the pipeline ;) 

Of course in true blogger style, here is the style piece shot at the Barbican, London. I've been dying to wear my new pair of Redchurch sneakers from Donhall & Bell and finally I have managed to style an outfit and show them off to you! Donhall & Bell are renowned for their incredible collection of luxurious slipper-shoes and they have recently designed and launched their new sneaker collection which incorporates many of their luxurious touches that their brand stands for. This pair are the Redchurch Black which retail at £190. What you get for that is a pair of expertly designed and crafted footwear made from 35% synthetic baby calf hair and 65% leather. The toe piece of the shoe is in burnished leather, the laces are waxed and the top lace hole features Donhall & Bell's signature 'D' ornament. The comfort of the trainer is soft enough to wear without socks thanks to the quality tan leather and padding used in the inner sole. I've then styled this outfit from a couple of pieces from Zara and Topman Jeans, all from their AW16 collections.



Photography by Rebecca Spencer

My Outfit of the Week | Men's Style & Fashion

I'm so glad the weather is getting colder...yes I have turned the heating on already and outdoor fitness is becoming quite bitter in the evenings. However what trumps all of these negatives, is that I can bring out my favourite AW15 (last years collection) dogtooth overcoat by Zara. Every time I wear it, it totally transforms an outfit, even the simplest of styles such as black jeans and a white t-shirt like what I'm wearing in this weeks outfit of the week.  

I recall last season Zara had some incredible knits and outerwear such as coats and jackets and after a quick browse just now it seems they have created an amazing AW16 collection also. 

Moving on from coats. In this weeks outfit I have stuck to monochrome tones with black jeans and ercu tee both from ASOS, whilst I have kept things comfortable with black suede slippers from Donhall & Bell. Completing my look, this grey watch from Kartel works well with the greys in my coat.



Photography by Ella H

My Outfit of the Week | Men's Style

For this weeks Outfit of the Week, I wanted to put together a look that is perfect for Friday office attire although could work just as well if you are heading out for after work drinks, a cheeky little date with that hot girl off Tinder or even dinner at a restaurant. Most of us wont have time to head back home to get changed before heading out again on Friday because to be honest, thats just eating into our drinking time! So planning what to wear on Friday's is more important than any other day but it is also the most challenging. 

If you have been reading my blogs recently you'll have realised that I've been banging on about Donhall & Bell slipper footwear and it's because I love the comfort and versatility of them. To add to my pair of black suede ones, I managed to get my hands on their Donnegal collection which for me work better in casual or smart casual wear. I've worn these shoes with socks but they also look great (if not better) without socks and trust me, they will be comfortable and not give you blisters like normal new shoes. I've then styled the outfit with a pair of dark navy jeans from ASOS. From London's shirt makers, I've worn their super soft luxury light blue button-down shirt and grey with light blue window-pane suit blazer, which compliments the light blue weave in the donnegal fabric shoes. Finally, as with any complete outfit, I have put on my latest watch purchase from Kartel watches. 



Photography by Ella H

Luxury footwear by Dapper England | Donhall & Bell & Wood Watches by JORD

Who's been to Santa Monica in Los Angeles? If you haven't, then try to get out there as in my opinion quite a unique place, famed for glorious sandy beaches, the latest fitness trends and juice bars. Santa Monica have brought to London a small taste of their glorious, laid-back lifestyle to the SkyLounge situated at DoubleTree by Hilton London - Tower of London. Offering rooftop, after-work cocktails with incredible views over the city of London, weekly Yoga and incredible detox juices. A pop-up only there until the end of this month...so head on down whilst the weather allows.

Route 66 runs from Chicago, in a south-west direction towards Oklahoma City and then west all the way to Santa Monica where the route finishes. Something that is on my back-packing list for next year....yes the list is growing! I just need to blog more and more to fund the trip!

I'm pretty sure most of you have heard of Route 66 and Santa Monica, however have you heard of Donhall & Bell formally known as 'Dapper England'? 

Donhall & Bell create hand-crafted, luxury footwear with the brands signature piece being the D&B slipper, a timeless classic. Rarely do I have a pair of shoes that I don't want to wear. Now that doesn't sound like a great comment for the brand, but it is and what I mean by that is they are so pristine, soft, delicate,  & beautiful and when I put them on the comfort amazed me. I just didn't want to wear them and ruin such an amazing pair of shoes/slippers. When worn, it surprised me at how hardy they were - just give them a quick brush with a suede brush after worn and they will last a very long time. You should check out their extensive range here and shop the ones I'm wearing in the above look in the Shop The Look section below.

In this styled look it is also the first time I have worn a wood watch, something that may on paper seem quite odd as we are all used to wearing stainless steel watches or some precious metal if you are lucky enough! My first impressions were that the wood for the watch strap was crafted exactly as you would expect from a metal watch with the exact same movement - yet much more comfortable. My favourite watch was the JORD wood watches Ebony & Copper design which had a quite large watch face with amazing detail yet still extremely light-weight which is perfect if you like to wear watches but don't want to feel you are wearing one.

JORD wood watches are currently offering you lucky readers the chance to win a $75 e-voucher as well as gifting everyone that enters $20. The contest is live now, and will end on Sunday 25th September 2016. You can enter by clicking the below image:

Completing the look I'm wearing white tailored shorts by ASOS, white button-down shirt by Hawkins & Shepherd, double-breasted blazer by Reiss, navy polka-dot silk scarf by Hawkins & Shepherd and finally the pocket square by ASOS.




Photography by Kylie Eyra