There are a number of reasons why we all need a classic coat for all seasons. The unpredictably of the British weather being an obvious one, holidays to different climates and to save money to name a few. For your all season coat, you need to go for classic styling and a colour palette that will go with most outfits. This coat will get a lot of wear so buy an investment piece that will last season after season.

Okay so you only have to compare yesterday and today to realise that our weather can be wacky pretty much all of the time. To combat these changes in temperature my choice of an all-season coat would need to have medium weight fabric such as cashmere and ideally look just as awesome buttoned up in the autumn/winter and undone in the spring/summer months. I would then look into the style of the coat. Something tailored and classic that can be styled smart, smart casual and casual with jeans - for me the long knee length overcoat is perfect. Finally what colour? You can not go wrong with navy, camel or grey...always in style and completely versatile.

Hawkins & Shepherd are currently selling these limited edition British cashmere investment overcoats. They are expensive, but they are an investment that will last season after season and will not disappoint.



Hawkins & Shepherd Navy Cashmere Blend Overcoat

Hawkins & Shepherd Navy Cashmere Blend Overcoat

Hawkins & Shepherd Camel 100% Cashmere Overcoat

Hawkins & Shepherd Camel 100% Cashmere Overcoat


Photography Sophie Milner


Whilst walking Charlie on Clapham Common this morning, I noticed the first of the Spring flowers peeking up through the soil. Which means the cold weather will not be with us for much longer, nights will get lighter, mornings will remain cold but milder during the day. With that in mind, I'm going to finish up shooting my trusty winter outfits full of knitwear and jackets for at least another couple of weeks before moving on to more suitable thin layering for Spring. It will be a sad day when I fold my knitwear and pack it away for another couple of seasons, so for me I'm preying for freezing weather to come back - don't leave us just yet.

This outfit is a mix of Zara top half and Topman bottom half. This Zara grey jacket with detachable faux fur collar and tan chunky roll neck knitted jumper are part of the AW15 collection and no longer for sale online...although you might be able to find them in store still.  

Photo Credit Sophie Milner


Don't you love it when you find a brand that you haven't worn before but ticks all of the boxes? British heritage (tick), quality fabrics (tick), great design (tick) and at a good price (tick). The Beehive Brand specialises in premium British manufactured knitwear inspired by post-war time industry. Its heritage dates back 230 years and the designs are based on original knitting patterns from the 1920s.

Beehive have been working through an archive of patterns, photos and pictures  and will slowly introduce these knitwear items to us focusing on jumpers, sweaters, cardies, hats, scarves and gloves. So keep an eye out for their news ranges because this brand is going places.

This street style look was built around championing the turtle neck knitted jumper from Beehive and I did this by wearing an open necked classic navy pea coat which showed off the detail of the knit. If you like what you see, you can shop the look.



Photo Credit Sophie Milner


Dating a fashion blogger can have its difficulties and challenges, just watch the below Instagram Husband YouTube video which is a very witty, funny but realistic insight into our lives as a fashion blogger or Instagram boyfriend/husband. Although from time to time it does have its perks. I mean, yes we have to work for them by getting up at the crack of dawn during freezing winter mornings to take street style outfit photos whilst getting a lesson on how to take the perfect photo with the right angles and lighting - but the perks can be quite rewarding.

Take Christmas for example. No longer am I getting the bog standard Issey Miyake aftershave, leather wallet (personalised of course) and a worlds greatest boyfriend mug. Instead I got a well thought out complete outfit which looks the absolute bollocks (I have to say she reads my blogs sometimes!) and I also get content for my blog also. 

Recently I have realised that the rest of the population (outside of the blogging world) dont actually understand what it takes to keep up a successful blog. They also dont see it as a business or a job. For bloggers, taking a photo is like replying to an email in the corporate world. So when two fashion bloggers come together it can actually be something quite special and unbreakable, a mutual respect and bond that should make you a stronger couple. 

If you like what Sophie brought me for Christmas, you can shop the look at the bottom of this post.


Photo Credit Sophie Milner


If it's grey and miserable outside and you are feeling down about life in general, sometimes you dress in accordance to your moods and today is one of them grey, cloudy days. A step down from wearing all black but firmly in the down in the dumps fashion sector and I think looking back at the images, my mood is pretty obvious! 

January seems to be a month of reflection, looking back at your mistakes of 2015 and looking at how to improve your life and well-being for 2016.  So many of us fall into this grey area of wanting change but not knowing how to achieve it, the future just seems blurry, grey and unclear. I would say, try to stay positive and reevaluate what is good in your life; what means a lot to you and what doesn't. Relationships, friendships, work, travel, money, dating etc what or whom are the most important things in your life and how do you want to shape 2016? It all starts in January. 

Back to the fashion and in this street style look, to emulate that grey January feeling that many of us have, I have opted for an all grey look which you can shop below.



Photo Credit Sophie Milner


Don't you love winter misty mornings, it's just a shame I had to do this street style shoot in a dead-end road down Brixton somewhere and not somewhere eery like Regents Park. But it is what it is!

This outfit is a ASOS & Topman collaboration, both showcasing two pieces of clothing each. I've pulled together a few winter trend pieces with a oversize longline white shirt, which has a small detailed collar and an asymmetric hem - something I hadn't seen before.

The three autumn winter season trend pieces are my black boots from Topman, now on sale at only £35! Some black skinny jeans from ASOS, although if you prefer, change for black skinny jeans with rips. Then finally a navy trench coat from Topman - a classic to finish off this outfit.

This morning was actually quite mild, so the outfit worked well. Although if it was any colder, you will want to layer up with a thin merino wool knitted jumper. One good thing with the shirt being very longline is that you'll still see the asymmetric hem appearing underneath your jumper.



Photo Credit Sophie Milner


When I put together some of my best outfits, they always seem to mix trend led pieces with wardrobe staples. Shopping at Burton this week, I found this perfect winter walk outfit, warm, functional, comfortable and on-trend. My staple items which I'm now going to wear throughout the whole winter season are brown tan boots, stripe knitwear and skinny mid-wash jeans. The trend pieces are the khaki military jacket and diamond jacquard scarf all from Burton Menswear.

On a cold and very windy Sunday morning, just after sunrise, I headed out to London's St James Park to put this outfit to the test! I mean, I've already brought the clothes so it's a bit late to test them for myself - but I do this all for you, so you have every bit of information you require before purchasing. 

Although I was a little cold and grumpy during this shoot, it was actually the perfect morning to shoot this outfit as it is a similar environment to the winter dog walks that I have to do on a daily basis. The skinny jeans, thankfully were not too skinny and I would say more slim fit rather than skinny, but I guess it just depends on the size of your thighs! Layering a white button-down shirt with the Burton cream/grey knitted jumper and finally the khaki military jacket kept me warm. This military jacket is now my favourite 'walking my dog jacket', as it is important to have lots of pockets - phone, poo bags, treats, tennis ball (not that Charlie is good at fetch), keys and some change for coffee. Finally I have accessorised with a grey diamond jacquard scarf and Walker Slater tweed lined hip flask.

Since wearing this outfit, I have done more research into the Burton Menswear offerings and have found that they have put together some awesome winter styled looks themselves of which you can view here


Photo Credit Sophie Milner

Shop Burton Menswear Jackets here


Every Christmas I buy a novelty jumper that gets one wear and then takes up space in my ever-expanding wardrobe for the remainder of the year. Without sounding 'sooooo fashion', wardrobe space is valuable and a jumper that gets worn once in a year - is out, goodbye, adios, vamoose! What I really want this year are jumpers that I would actually want and wear for more than just novelty.

I've recently discovered Woodhouse, who have an exceptional range of knitwear, of which you can check out here. Today is a great day to shop their collection as they have their 'Cyber Sale' on today offering great discounts on brands such as Lyle & Scott, Lacoste, Polo Ralph Lauren and Barbour.

The jumper I purchased from Woodhouse is a thin knit perfect for winter layering. I've worn it with nothing underneath and layered with a blue trench coat as it was one of those warm ish winter mornings. However recently, I have been wearing it over the top of a white button-down shirt and it looks great.

In my styled look above, I have kept things very simple by using (hate this word) on-trend pieces. Since the photoshoot was taken along Chelsea embankment, it's only right that I have styled my footwear with the chelsea boot in plain black suede by asos. The black ripped jeans (again asos) were a little bit drafty but give the outfit a little edge! Then I have the Farah purple jumper from Woodhouse. A navy trench coat from Topman. Completing todays men's style outfit is a black leather holdall from asos and a purple check knitted scarf from Massimo Dutti.



Photo Credit Sophie Milner


This season is the perfect time to try something different. As the sunlight is shorter therefore if you get it wrong, you can just hide in the shadows of darkness. For these reasons, I've attempted a double denim/double camel look for you. 

It seems like quite a while since I have done an outfit post, which is strange because I love autumn winter fashion. I have been buying more clothes than normal and naturally would want to show them off! 

There are a couple of men's clothing items that I'm seeing everywhere right now - online, on the high-street and designer showrooms. Those items are denim shirts and the camel overcoat so why not double them up and just see what happens! Making my double camel look complete, I have picked up a camel coloured bobble hat from ASOS, in fact all of the items I have used in this post are from ASOS, except the socks which are Hawkins & Shepherd.

Of course double denim is one of those subjects that can make most hardened stylist spill their skinny flat whites. In fact the other day whilst shopping, a guy in the queue behind me decided to comment on my style with "Oooooo double denim...bold" which was said not in a 'nailed it!' tone but in a 'you shouldn't have gone there' tone. Which made me think, although I'm a double denim addict, this actually isn't the norm - especially around Clapham. 

With DD, there is a couple of simple rules that I work on. The first is that the denim has to fit perfectly and secondly, do not match the same denim tones. So in this outfit-of-the-day what I have done is styled a dark wash denim with black washed skinny jeans.

Does the look work for you? I would love to hear your thoughts?



Photo Credit Sophie Milner


Here is my guide on classic winter pairings that are guaranteed to look great together.

We get dressed every single day of our lives, so we have had plenty of practice when putting together style combinations but somehow still get it wrong from time to time. Experimenting is key to finding out what works and what doesn't but here are 10 tried and tested pairings.

Camel Coat and Grey Scarf.jpg
Denim and Checked Shirt.jpg


I for one love Winter and in particular Autumn/Winter style - knitwear, jackets, coats, scarves and boots. I just feel that if money is to be spent on expensive items that will last you 10 years plus, this is the season to do it. So I'm going to go shopping online via MR PORTER and pick out my winter wardrobe essentials.










Netflix and Chill is the new Drink and Party! Although Netflix and Chill is a term I have heard all too much recently, it is just so easy to cozy up, chuck on a box-set and order a JustEat take-away...hold on let me just re-read that...yep I'm old and boring (sigh). I don't care if you are in a relationship or single, we all love putting on our most comfortable loungewear and have a relaxing evening doing nothing - wether its recovering from a hang-over or just lazy! 

Being Winter, I have invested in some nice new loungewear and this is what I have gone for. First off, I wanted a really comfortable zip up top - something that was fleece like on the inside and wont loose its shape when washed. So I looked on website and found this grey Ralph Lauren Hoodie. I have recently brought a couple of Ralph Lauren menswear products and I love the simple details and the quality of craftsmanship.

I then shopped on and found these awesome Calvin Klein lounge pants. The fit is comfortable and loose and the material is thin. Finally I shopped on for some luxury merino wool socks, which are warm, comfortable and perfect for winter.




Many more companies these days are allowing employees to dress in smart-casual attire which has its ups and downs. The up-side is that you can invest in your everyday wardrobe and utilise clothes that you wear inside and outside of work together. The down-side is that you now have to think about what to wear, rather than just wearing the same navy suit and 5 shirts that you ironed on Sunday evening whilst watching the X-Factor.

What does smart causal actually mean? Are Jeans, T-Shirt and trainers allowed? For me I would always side on the smart side of smart-casual. In the look above, you could always remove the tie & blazer to make the look more casual if needs be.


Photo Credit Sophie Milner


All black for the All-Blacks courtesy of the Rugby 2015 World Cup Final. If you are a New Zealand Rugby supporter, if they win the world cup you may want to wear black for the rest of the year in celebration!

Black has always been a flattering and an impeccably dapper choice. But this winter this anti-colour can be worn formally with sleek black-on-black suit and shirt combination. Wearing black on black in a casual way is easier to achieve with black jeans, some black knitwear and leather jacket, you may wish to add a little bit of colour with a chunky scarf. 

I have shopped around to find my favourites - click below to shop.


I still feel that the Pinstripe suit is in the shadows of the window-pane suit but the tide is turning and with top designers bringing out some beautiful pinstripe designs, the high-street will follow suit. This AW15 is the perfect time to get ahead of this trend with brands using the classic pattern for their latest garments. Choose navy or grey pinstripe and it will be your favourite suit in your wardrobe, the kind that you only bring out at weddings and special occasions.

I have shopped around to find my favourites - click below to shop.


Whether you're walking your dog in the local park everyday, hiking at weekends or just chilling in your favourite pub, it's easy to appreciate the comfort of the boot. This season I'm loving the hi-top brogue boots, the chelsea boot and also the classic outdoor hiking boot. Wear with a knitted jumper, rolled up jeans, your investment coat and chunky scarf.

I have shopped around to find my favourites - click below to shop.


Leather bags have always been a wardrobe staple and this Autumn/Winter is no difference. Summer was all about floral prints but its time to reign it in a go for classic holdall, tote, barrel bag styles. 

I have shopped around to find my favourites - click below to shop.


I'm no 'mystic meg' but my guess is you will need a coat in the next month. There are a few things that I would always suggest spending a lot of money on as they are timeless and made to last. These are Coats, Shoes & Leather Goods. The latest offerings in the coat department are amazing and there is so much choice, with a focus on a timeless slim and straight silhouette. It was easy to shop for this category and all of my choices below will not only keep you looking sartorial at work but could work just as well in casual attire layered with denim and knitwear.

I have shopped around to find my favourites - click below to shop.


Autumn/Winter equals Party Season - drinking, eating and most importantly it brings out the dapper in us.  London in particular is a hive of dinner jackets and crisp white shirts, a time to celebrate and party hard. The Pin Collar is a trend that is making a major come-back and is my shirt for this season, offering something different. If you are wanting to look sartorial and on trend at your Christmas Party, ditch the wing tipped shirt and crappy clip on bow-tie for the pin collar. Style a crisp white Pin Collar Shirt with semi-skinny black tie, dinner jacket suit and white pocket square.

I have shopped around to find my favourites - click below to shop.

If you are also interested in my Pin Collar alternative for your Christmas Party, shop below:


Its Autumn/Winter and just in case you haven't realised, it's cold! To be honest I'm not the sort of guy who will go out in minus degree heat, in the snow with just a t-shirt on, just to feel 'manly' - well its just stupid in my eyes! If its cold, I want to be warm, which is why chunky scarves are a winter must have. It is important to spend good money on chunky knitwear because the wool will be thicker and better quality to avoid that itchy feeling around your neck.

I have shopped around to find my favourites - click below to shop.