Men's Dress Code at Henley Regatta | What to wear for Henley Regatta


What makes Henley Regatta one of the best events in the Summer calendar? This year I was kindly invited to enjoy the frivolities of the festival on behalf of Bremont watches. 

It was my first year at the Henley Royal Regatta. Of course I had first gotten the rowing bug watching the likes of Steve Redgrave and Alex Gregory bring the Olympic Gold home for Great Britain. 

My long distance readers might also be familiar with the scene from The Social Network depicting the oddly brilliant Winklevoss race sequence, filmed here in Henley. 

I finally got to experience my first ever Henley Regatta. Cautious to meet the right dress criteria, I opted for my white Debenhams chino trousers with my stone peak-lapelled linen blend Reiss jacket and a Hawkins & Shepherd formal shirt

You'll find many navy and deckchair striped blazers at the event. Of course if you’re affiliated with a rowing club or rowing school, you’ll be able to wear your school/club blazer and tie.

I adhered to these trends by wearing a burgundy, grey chevron tie, with a pin stripe shirt. The burgundy really off-set the white colours and we were really fortunate with the weather.

The linen jacket was light enough to circulate the heat and of course my Bremont watch finished the all British look. (OK aside from my Tom Ford sunglasses, nearly all-British).  

It's worth noting one of the event sponsors Jeremy Hackett of Hackett London has a word on the dress code on the Henley Regatta site. If you're not attending the Stewards Enclosure there is no dress code, although one is encouraged to enter the spirit of the event with rowing apparel and striped attire

Elsewhere I was in esteemed company with the likes of David Evans from Grey Fox Blog. He looked an absolute picture in the paddock as they say, wearing a striped shirt from Budd Shirtmaker’s, a Navy New and Lingwood jacket and a straw panama from Laird Hatters. 

Influencer and model Alistair Guy plumbed for a blue pinstripe shirt from Eton Shirts. 



What to Wear to the Goodwood Festival of Speed

The Festival of Speed is a monolithic garden party for petrol heads drawing some of the biggest cars and stars from around the world. 

The event runs from 4th-7th July and 4 day passes being from 159 GBP. If anyone is going please drop me a line, I'm in discussion with a couple of brands and will hopefully be making an appearance. 

In preparation I'm already looking at potential outfits. (What's the cub scout motto?) Here are some suggestions and outfits on what I think you can be wearing to the Festival of Speed. 

Screen Shot 2019-06-20 at 14.45.14.png


I'll certainly be donning some tweed, although not the thick tweed you might see in Cheltenham Races. I'm hoping it will be too hot for that typical thick Donegal tweed. 

The difference between the Goodwood Revival and the Festival of Speed is the dress sense is more modern. The baggy Oxford trousers and the thick herringbone tweed look beautiful at the Revival. It is essentially reviving classic looks with heavier fabrics and a fuller cut. 

The Festival of Speed takes that classic look and slots it neatly in a contemporary style. (Yes classic with a modern twist). The cut will be slimmer. The dandyism will still be prevalent but with less windowpane and more cleaner patterns such as herringbone or twill.

See below the difference of a gentleman with a more vintage take for the revival versus the cleaner look of David Gandy photographed for the Festival of Speed on the right. 

Screen Shot 2019-06-20 at 15.34.05.png

If the weather is really hot (here's hoping) then you might want to have a seersucker suit on standby. 

I'll be no doubt wearing the country shirt from my own collection Hawkins & Shepherd. These button down check shirts will ameliorate the suit from just a conventional look. Styled with a cravat which is celebrated, this will denote to the onlooker that you've put some thought into your outfit. 

It is one of those events worth dressing up for. Without slipping into cosplay, which can be a tricky wire to tread. 

Getting it Right on a Night Out | Burton Nights Out

We all love a good night out especially during the Christmas period, parties are aplenty so it is important to get it right on a night out. So I have been sitting down answering questions with Burton Menswear during a recent menswear blogging event at Swingers Crazy Golf venue in the City of London. So here are a few snaps of the after-work event as well 'my interview' - actually lets call it 'my chat' as interview sounds way too formal and this event was far from that!

Do you have many party invites in the calendar this year?

I have quite a few actually! From work parties to ones with friends and family, although I’m still hoping more will arrive in the post during the month of December! When it comes to the Christmas period I like to make the most of it. It’s a time that I love to get dressed up and make an extra effort in my appearance. 

How do you decide what to wear to each event?

It may seem obvious but always remember to check the dress code first. Then check the venue that the party is taking place, as they may have their own dress code…finally I google last year’s party and see what sort of attire the event usually attracts. Dress code sorted, I tend to then style a few different outfits by laying the clothes down on my bed, so I can see visually what the outfit as a whole looks like. I will then try on each outfit to see if the clothes actually work on me. Finally I leave the accessories until last, so if I’m wearing black shoes and a black tie for example, I’ll go with a black leather strap watch. It is important to work on the small detailed touches that make you stand out from the crowd. 

Describe your ideal party at Christmas.

I’d have a car pick me up complete with a bottle of champagne on ice…actually who am I kidding, that is not me at all. The chances are I would have a warm-up beer at home, step out into the rain to find my Uber driver who is not waiting by my blue pickup pin, stop off at a fast food place to line my stomach then make it to the party. My ideal party would look incredible from the venue to the people, it would be glamorous, men in dinner jackets and women in party dresses. The venue would be Christmassy, I’m thinking lights everywhere, log fires, fake snow, the works and of course I would be partying again with the Burton ‘You’re Invited to the Party’ guys and having my mind blown by the incredible magic from Mr London.

What’s your pre-night out ritual?

I don’t really have one to be honest, I just like to put on my favourite music to get me in the mood for the night then just give my dog Charlie some cuddles before heading out out. 

How important is a pre-night out grooming regime?

Extremely important! Even more so in winter with the cold windy weather and the differences in temperature from outdoors to indoors can really harm your skins appearance. My routine is, shower (that’s a good start!), exfoliate my face, use a daily cleanser – I prefer using something with citrus or mint ingredients as these will invigorate you for the night ahead. Once out of the shower and dry, I’ll use a daily moisturiser for my face and an under the eye cream, to hide those dark circles! Finally the fragrance you wear is extremely important, I have a few favourites, so depends on how I’m feeling. For night-time, I would go for something that lasts, is more punchy and prominent to what I wear in the day.

Do you have a favourite party shirt?

Of course, this is an easy one. For me it is a classic crisp white shirt with a pin collar. This shirt has its history in the 1920’s when men knew exactly how to dress dapper and boy did they know how to party. When you have multiple parties, you need a shirt that can be equally durable as your body during this time and with this shirt you can accessorise with multiple different coloured pin bars keeping the shirt looking timeless. Further still, look super sartorial by wearing a tie over the pin bar and when the night draws in and the dance floor looms…remove the pin bar and tie, undo a button or two and roll the sleeves for a more casual look.

Have you made any memorable party outfit mistakes, and if so, what did you wear?

f course not (insert winking emoji here)!! Okay so I’ll give you this. When wearing a bow-tie, I used to wear one that clipped on and had another one that you had to tie, in my pocket ready for later in the night when the bow-ties came off. I would take the clip-on one off and have the other untied one draped over my neck undone, appearing sophisticated like I was wearing a tie-up bow-tie all night.

How would you wear this season’s roll neck?

he best thing about this season’s roll neck is that it truly is a piece of clothing that has one foot in casual and one foot in formal wear. With the Burton roll necks I’ve worn recently, they are woven using fine merino wool, are lightweight and therefore perfect to be worn underneath a suit without compromising the suit’s fit on your body. If worn casually, layer with a plain white longline tee underneath and complete the look with a classic overcoat.

Smart shoes or casual plimsolls?

Smart shoes all the way, remember footwear is usually what people look at first when ‘checking you out’ so a pair of smart shoes that suit your outfit can make all the difference. I prefer wearing slim trousers with a turn-up or skinny jeans rolled up to accentuate my shoes. The perfect shoe in my eyes is the classic brogue, as they are so versatile.

Any tips on party dressing from the office to the bar.

This is always a difficult scenario because it totally depends on the attire of your office and where you plan on heading afterwards as usually the two looks don’t tend to match up easily. I would say that micro pattern shirts or button-down white or blue shirts tend to transition well between office and bar.



Photography by Vicki Adamson

3 Outfits for 3 Different Occasions | This is my Superdry


If I could pick one event that I think most about what to wear, it is for a first date. First dates could change your life forever so it is worth taking time to decide what to wear. Shopping at Superdry is easy because of the diversity of their collections, head into their stores and I think you'll be pleasantly surprised with the depth and extensiveness of their clothing all produced at an exceptional quality. I've chosen quite a basic, edgy look combining a leather jacket with denim shirt and Chelsea boots...all from Superdry.




Walking the dog doesn't have to be a catwalk, however you never know who you'll bump into, so your outfit has to be practical as well as looking good. For this outfit, I have kept the colours quite dark as you will get paw prints of muddy paws on your anything too light is out. I have layered a knitted hoodie with a trench coat, which has plenty of pockets for treats, doggy bags, phone, keys etc. Layers will keep you warm in the mornings and the boots are hardy for walking through parks, in fact the more you wear them and the more scuffed up they get - the more characterful they look.




Whether you love fitness in the form of the gym, spinning classes, outdoor fitness classes, running or boxercise - this outfit works. For me I mainly participate in outdoor HIIT training by British Military Fitness. The main reason that I wear Superdry Sport collection, is because of their quality and workmanship. Doing outdoor fitness, your clothes take on a lot of mud and have to be well made to withstand the punishment you'll put them through. Superdry Sport lasts, it is that simple. It washes well and has technical warm yet breathable fabrics.



Photography by Rebecca Spencer

Autumn/Fall Menswear Trends | Leather Jackets

Leather jackets are not just a trend for AW16, they are a total classic that will get better with age and if you opt for a simple style such as a bomber or biker, it will never go out of fashion. I have a few leather jackets and they are worn daily, walking my dog, to meetings, out for dinner, even dates...especially dates. Putting on a leather jacket does make you feel immediately cooler than you really are and I like that feeling, who doesn't?

You might have noticed that my Instagram ascetics have got quite dark lately, as in a dark masculine tinge to most of the photos, I love it and I feel like I've finally found my personality and point of difference. Saying that, it does limit the type of pictures I can post however leather jackets fit in perfectly - so you may find me wearing more in future posts and certainly no more white walls!

I'm wearing a leather jacket from Diesel then skinny black jeans plus a white tee from ASOS. I've layered a shirt from Realm & Empire and left undone and completed the look with a pair of black brogue shoes from Hawkins & Shepherd.



Photography by Ella H


There are a number of reasons why we all need a classic coat for all seasons. The unpredictably of the British weather being an obvious one, holidays to different climates and to save money to name a few. For your all season coat, you need to go for classic styling and a colour palette that will go with most outfits. This coat will get a lot of wear so buy an investment piece that will last season after season.

Okay so you only have to compare yesterday and today to realise that our weather can be wacky pretty much all of the time. To combat these changes in temperature my choice of an all-season coat would need to have medium weight fabric such as cashmere and ideally look just as awesome buttoned up in the autumn/winter and undone in the spring/summer months. I would then look into the style of the coat. Something tailored and classic that can be styled smart, smart casual and casual with jeans - for me the long knee length overcoat is perfect. Finally what colour? You can not go wrong with navy, camel or grey...always in style and completely versatile.

Hawkins & Shepherd are currently selling these limited edition British cashmere investment overcoats. They are expensive, but they are an investment that will last season after season and will not disappoint.



Hawkins & Shepherd Navy Cashmere Blend Overcoat

Hawkins & Shepherd Navy Cashmere Blend Overcoat

Hawkins & Shepherd Camel 100% Cashmere Overcoat

Hawkins & Shepherd Camel 100% Cashmere Overcoat


Photography Sophie Milner