The Cole Haan 2.Zer0grand Style Edit | Start from the ground up

I've been getting a couple of enquiries of late about my new swathe 2.Zer0grand water resistant footwear from Cole Haan, so I've compiled a mini style edit should you be in need of rejuvenating your autumnal wardrobe. 

The 2.Zer0grand Oxfords comes with a classic wingtip look on the uppers but with some special upgrades. It's made from a woven textile so it’s very supple and soft also has some leather accents around the tongue and heel. 

Upfront is the traditional lace up closure that giving you a secure fit, it has blind eyelets (hence the Oxford name) for a clean finish. 

The insole has great cushioning, it has rubber pieces in the high wear areas for plenty of traction and durability. (Available from Colehann for a cool £155). 

I've styled these shoes with a Fassett camo shirt from All Saints. Camo is a trend that has refused to rescind and this shirt follows in the footsteps of military attire with dual buttoned chest pockets. As this shirt is composed from a heavier cotton I prefer to wear it open and open the sleeves all the way back. (Any excuse to show off the Seiko). (Available from All Saints for a cool £108). 

I'm mixing up some accessories with Serge Denim rings and Tom Ford sunglasses. 

The real show pony is the Bodaskins Leather Jacket. 100% premium Napa Sheepskin leather cut with tailored lapels, quilted panels and a classic V silhouette that makes my shoulders look supreme. If you're looking to layer this jacket then you might want to go a size up. (Available from Bodaskins for a cool £589). 

Men's Spring Outfit of the Day

The majority of my blog content discusses men's fashion and gives you an idea of how to style different colours together and possibly give you some inspiration of what to buy for your wardrobe. I try my best to wear outfits that suit my personality and my personal style, sometimes I totally nail it and sometimes I get it wrong...but thats my personality - always trying to push boundaries, trying to improve. 

I think the major reason why guys out there love my style and content is because I'm normal, I'm vulnerable yet very resilient. Recently over the last couple of weeks I had a couple of 'haters' who have been in the fashion industry for a long time making defamatory comments about my blog. I've kind of brushed off their comments because this is a love of mine, I do it because I enjoy it...otherwise I wouldn't be sitting here in a Saturday (of a Bank Holiday weekend) editing photos, writing a blog post just because I want to share this outfit with you on the off chance it might give you some outfit inspiration. 

These comments have made me a stronger person and given me the incentive to increase the level of my content even more. But it also made me think about why I started blogging in the first place. There was a variety of different reasons. The main one was to help raise the profile of my shirt making business Hawkins & Shepherd, which I have built from the ground up, single-handed with my own savings. Marketing budget is tight and couldn't afford to spend money to advertise in major UK publications or spend a fortune on google adwords, so blogging and social media gives small businesses like mine a chance to engage with your audience for a lower cost than traditional advertising. Another major reason was that there was a HUGE gap in the marketplace for a 30 something men's fashion blogger. When I did my research, I found a few established male bloggers, although their style was very 'fashion' and extremely unobtainable, the sort of outfits you'll see at London Fashion Week but not in real life. The tone of voice was very much journalistic and the style was straight from the catwalk...very little was out there for an everyday type of guy. Then I took inspiration from the female bloggers who were nailing it and miles ahead of the guys, great content, obtainable style, editorial photography and the main thing was that you felt that you were part of their life. The men's side of blogging was still very cold and had poor visual content. Since then, over the last few years there has been a number of exceptional men's lifestyle bloggers out there producing amazing editorial styling and photography. Content is key and that will ultimately be the success of men's bloggers.



Photography by Ella H

Why is the Trench Coat Perfect for Spring?

Like a girlfriend that's been on holiday or a car that's been in the garage, when you get them back into your live you feel comfort, warmth and excitement. Thats kind of how I feel when spring time hits and I pack away my wool coats and unpack my lovable trench. But what makes the trench coat perfect for spring I hear you screaming out!

Take today for example, freezing in the morning, yet when the wind eases it feels 10 degrees warmer. In the afternoon it rained every 15 minutes in-between bright uninterrupted sunshine. Then just as you think the weather couldn't get weirder, it thunders and rains massive hailstones and as I look out of my window now, it's sunny without a cloud in the sky! 

The trench coat is always lightweight, always on trend and always sophisticated. The lightweight nature of this coat makes it perfect in spring when layering your clothing. Most trench coats have a cotton mix fabric which keeps it breathable and quick drying if you get caught in an April shower. If you prefer a more durable, water proof jacket the mac coat could be a better option. The trench coat is also easy to pack away in your bag when the spring sun comes out and you need to take layers off.

As always, if you like it, shop it below:



Photography by Rebecca Spencer

Men's Style & Fashion

For me, 2016 has been a year of major growth and recognition for a couple of years of hard graft on my blog. I started my blog just under two years ago in January 2015 with the idea of promoting my own formalwear brand Hawkins & Shepherd. That was until I realised that I didn't have enough shirts, suits and ties in my collection to sustain a mens style & fashion blog, plus I wanted to diversify. 2 years on and my blog has a voice, an audience and a personality that I would never have imagined possible when I first started.

This year has been incredible and my content has gone from good to great (in my opinion!) and that has shown in the readership stats growth on my blog and engagement on my Instagram feed. It has been so much better than I would ever expect and I want to thank you all for the support. 


What to expect in 2017? I'm going to expand on this in a blog post in the new year but basically I want to create more collaborations with other mens fashion bloggers and especially other women's fashion bloggers, as our audiences are very different and it will be great way to reach out to a new readership. Finally I'll continue to produce fashion, style and grooming content whilst adding a lot more travel, fitness, tech and lifestyle content. Bring it's going to be epic!

In true style, it's time to explain what I'm wearing. The outfit in general is very neutral wearing an oatmeal overcoat from Reiss, an allsaints light blue shirt, grey ripped jeans from asos, a plain white tee again from asos then finally a light-blue scarf and white trainers complete my look.



Photography by Ella H


As I mentioned in yesterdays blog, where I styled the same grey overcoat in a formal way - read it here. Fashion is fast and expensive, so I'm forever trying to find ways to decrease the size of my wardrobe and buy pieces of clothing that can be styled in both a formal and causal way. Today I'm showing you how I styled this allsaints grey overcoat in a casual way. You might think that summer is the wrong time to be wearing an overcoat, however if you opt for light tonal colours and make sure the sleeve buttons have working cuffs, you can always roll the coat sleeves up making the look summer ready.

In this outfit of the day, I'm wearing from the bottom up. Cayler & Sons white with copper detail trainers which I brought via ASOS. Mid-blue wash ripped skinny jeans once again from ASOS. A plain white tee which I have no clue where I brought this one from as I have so many. The watch is from Paul Smith. And of course the overcoat jacket is from allsaints as I mentioned earlier.



Photography by Rebecca Spencer 


Fashion is fast and expensive, so I'm forever trying to find ways to decrease the size of my wardrobe and buy pieces of clothing that can be styled in both a formal and causal way. The classic overcoat is one of those staple items of clothing that is so versatile and stylish that you could probably even wear it with shorts and it would look good! As you can see, this is the first way to style the jacket in smart formal attire. Pop back shortly for the casual style.

This light grey hue is an on-trend colour for this season and a perfect transition piece between seasons so if you purchase now, this jacket will survive through Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter...and on into 2017, thats if you don't leave it in a bar (which I'm always doing)! 

This photoshoot was taken by Rebecca Spencer and after traipsing around the V&A museum we finally found the perfect place for this shoot, the surroundings were epic as you can see.

For this shoot, I purchased the light grey overcoat from AllSaints and styled it with items that I already had. The white button-down shirt, grey window-pane double breasted suit jacket and the brown double monk strap shoes are all from Hawkins & Shepherd. My watch is from Paul Smith, but you would have seen that before because I wear it all the time! Finally the dark wash jeans are from ASOS.



Photography by Rebecca Spencer


A few days ago I took off at London Heathrow for a quick trip to Switzerland and of course packed jumpers and coats as this should be their coldest month of the year. On arriving and for the duration of my trip it was actually quite mild and a simple t-shirt and coat worked nicely. It was this morning when back in London, I woke up thinking it's time to pack away my coats for another season...errr nope, one step outside on the misty frost tipped grass made me realise my coats will be here to stay for at least another month or two.

It's fair to say that the outfit is based around the Zara wool coat and the Street Style look above was taken in London around the Pall Mall area. If you are like myself and just cant give up your knitwear and coats yet...maybe this look will give you some inspiration.

Photo Credit Sophie Milner


If it's grey and miserable outside and you are feeling down about life in general, sometimes you dress in accordance to your moods and today is one of them grey, cloudy days. A step down from wearing all black but firmly in the down in the dumps fashion sector and I think looking back at the images, my mood is pretty obvious! 

January seems to be a month of reflection, looking back at your mistakes of 2015 and looking at how to improve your life and well-being for 2016.  So many of us fall into this grey area of wanting change but not knowing how to achieve it, the future just seems blurry, grey and unclear. I would say, try to stay positive and reevaluate what is good in your life; what means a lot to you and what doesn't. Relationships, friendships, work, travel, money, dating etc what or whom are the most important things in your life and how do you want to shape 2016? It all starts in January. 

Back to the fashion and in this street style look, to emulate that grey January feeling that many of us have, I have opted for an all grey look which you can shop below.



Photo Credit Sophie Milner


My experimental style has continued into 2016 with this leather and tan combo. Not a classic by all means as I would normally only style dark greens, greys, whites and blacks with my leather jacket but on this occasion I think it works, just! The best thing for me about this look is that I didn't have to buy anything new, it's all recycled and restyled from what I already have in my ever expanding wardrobe...note to self, must do a 216 wardrobe clear out.

This street style look consists of my Allsaints biker black leather jacket, a Topman longline khaki t-shirt, an ASOS tan roll-neck merino wool jumper, ASOS black ripped semi skinny jeans and finally some Topman black brogue boots.

If you like what you see, I have made shopping easy for you - just click on the links below and shop!



Photo Credit Sophie Milner