Autumn Menswear Trends | Layering with Next

Autumn is a month to start layering your t-shirts with new autumn/winter knitwear or a jacket. It really is as simple as it sounds, so I went shopping at Next to find my perfect autumnal layers. What I look at when shopping for autumn knitwear is different to winter knitwear as I prefer a lighter wool and something that isn't too chunky. I've found that Next have really focused on these transitional pieces of clothing which is why I've chosen them for this menswear autumn trend article.

This post is all about layering, so I picked up my off-white longline t-shirt and decided to style my outfit around that in neural or achromatic colours. This is a casual look that I would wear going down the pub, maybe a bit of shopping - I mean it's a classic style that you can pretty much wear anywhere actually. With that in mind, I stuck to a grey theme and immediately found this grey wool blend flight jacket with white collar. Straight after I found a pair of white trainers with a touch of grey on the heel - perfect...someones winning today! To complete the look this Next grey roll neck knitted jumper and dark navy skinny jeans compliment the rest of the outfit perfectly and within a quick 15 minute shop I've found everything I needed - now time for a coffee.



Photography by Rebecca Spencer