How to Style a Tan Suede Biker Jacket

A few days ago I posted about a new menswear launch from the brand Stradivarius and styled two separate outfits from their collection. Well, I loved the collection so much, I headed back to their Oxford Street store to purchase a few items that I liked so much. I have been looking for a tan suede biker jacket as we move into spring weather and Stradivarius had the perfect one in terms of colour, quality and price. It is a perfect jacket for transitioning seasons as you can layer t-shirts and knitwear as I have done in this look as well as wearing it over the top of a plain tee for warmer days. 

When choosing what to wear for an outfit, the first thing I think about is matching colours that work well together, just think of an artists palette and work out what colour pairs work next to each other. The tan jacket is my statement piece of clothing in this outfit, so I'm going to pair the t-shirt and trainers then the jumper and jeans together - all of course working with the tan main colour. White trainers and layered t-shirt work extremely well to give the outfit a bit of 'pop' and clean aspect, too many dark colours probably wouldn't work as well. I then chose a mid-blue wash jean with grey jumper, which compliment each other great. I would avoid red colours as they might clash with the tan in the jacket. 



Photography by Rebecca Spencer