Outfit of the Day | Smart Tailoring


For anyone looking to get into smart tailoring, take a look at the following combination that I'm currently enjoying. I was recently asked in an interview by Vuelio for my favourite go-to outfit and I instantly gravitated towards this. 

The flannel double breasted suit is from Suit Supply and I've had this in my locker for close to 4 years now. It's a flannel wool so has that nice texture to it. Close up you can see it's almost a marl sky blue, with some fleck which from a distance gives it that two tone look. 

It's double breasted but I like to wear it open. Because the jacket is reasonably short, almost like a peacoat, and the fabric is light it drapes well open. When it's closed it's a 2x6 construction and I have the sleeves cut to a modern length so the cuffs can pull through. 

The shirt is one of my own, a Hawkins & Shepherd Blue Stripe Luxury Shirt made from 100%c Soyella Duecento cotton. The cuffs you can see are mitred which gives it a little extra. I love how the blues marry between the shirt and the suit jacket. 

I've kept the pattern on the tie simple so not to interrupt the visuals. A Deep silk navy polka dot tie done in a four in hand. 

It's a look that you can pull off in client meetings, event dinners or even on first dates. I wouldn't personally wear it on a first date as it looks more business than smart casual. Depending on the setting of course. 

I've also modernised the look by wearing ankle socks. This shows off the tailoring of the trouser and breaks up the darkness. You could even where light or stone coloured khakis with this double breasted jacket for a nautical look. I once toyed with the idea of changing the buttons over to brass, but never got round to it. 

Someday maybe. 


The Marc Darcy Look: Level up without breaking the bank

Marc Darcy Suits 1.jpg

Today I'm going to wax lyrical about the brand Marc Darcy. I've actually had an interesting relationship with Marc Darcy. We shared some floorspace at Moda Gent a few years back. (A trade show in Birmingham). 

The show was a great experience for me, showcasing my Hawkins & Shepherd shirts. I no longer do the show but I was invited back as a guest speaker to talk with the head of design at Marc Darcy. 

Cut/smash to a few years later and I'm still enjoying a great working relationship with Marc Darcy, modelling one of their ready-to-wear pin stripe suits as you'll see in these photos. 

This is the LEWIS Navy Blue Pinstripe Suit features a double button fastening to the front, single vent on the seat with two flap pockets on each hip with additional mini welt pocket to the right.

I'm wearing two different waistcoats. One is noticeably double breasted with two flap pockets to each hip. The other my personal favourite, a brown five button waistcoat. Yes I've done up all the buttons, they don't call me the Carl 'five button' Thompson for nothing you know. 

Marc Darcy is a fantastic, accessible brand for those that are interested in levelling up their wardrobe, but are a few financial steps away from Savile Row. 

For off the peg suits, I find the cut very flattering. I'm not your standard block size when it comes to trousers. Normally ready to wear trousers always need hemming no matter what. For some reason these come up perfect on me. I'm 31-32" waist, 5'9 and a bit. 

With every suit order you get a complimentary handkerchief coordinating to the inside lining and lapel pin badge to complete the look.

I'd say if you're getting married, or going to a wedding but can't afford Tom Ford prices. This is a perfect place to look for a wedding suit.

There's also an abundance of styles and patterns to choose from. Windowpane, over check, POW etc. Whether you're the guest or groom you'll have a lot of fun getting lost around the website. 

If you've shopped with Marc Darcy I'd be interested in hearing your thoughts in the box below.

My Favourite High-street Tailoring Brands | Men's Style Edit

Recently I have been reading up on the history of Savile Row tailors and I think Nick Hart said it best 'Savile Row is a reminder of qualities and values that outlast and transcend depressions, recessions, fads and here-today-gone-tomorrow fashion'. However much I adore Savile Row tailors, their craftsmanship and skill I also realise that their prices are also out of reach for many Londoners.

That said my go to brand for a decent suit, on the high-street is REISS who have a large selection for suits for the masses priced at around £450-650. Another alternative is my very own Hawkins & Shepherd suits which are currently on-sale from £650 down to around £250 - a massive saving on a suit made from 100% British Wool fabric.



The Versatile Camel Overcoat | Men's Style Edit

On a spring day that feels more like winter it is imperative that you have a lightweight, smart overcoat for layering over your workwear. A camel coat can be worn both smart, layered on top of a suit or casual with a pair of jeans making it super versatile. There are a lot of wool mix or cashmere-wool mix camel coats on the market for affordable prices, although mixing in wool will give the coat more warmth and therefore better suited to cold weather. If you can stretch your finances, always try to buy 100% cashmere, as it is warm yet breathable and most important, lightweight. 

For this weeks style edit, I'm wearing a 100% British cashmere coat by Hawkins & Shepherd, layered on top of a navy double-breasted suit from Reiss and a blue stripe shirt, also from Hawkins & Shepherd. The shoes in this look are from Goodwin Smith.



Shirt Tie & Pocket Square Combinations | Grey Suit

Carl Thompson Men's Blogger.jpg

After we received such positive reviews from the recent editorial on which Shirt Tie & Pocket Square Combinations are best for a Navy Suit, today I want to flesh out the options and inspirations for the Grey Suit. Grey isn't technically a colour, but that's not to say that dealing with a non-entity doesn't have its limitations. If you'd like to check out how I personally rock a grey suit you can look at some options in my article, How to Wear a Grey Suit Five Ways. For now I'm just going to introduce you to some killer looks I've found in the internet factory. 

Grey Suit Combinations.jpg

The Flat White

So a few variants on the style of grey, working from left to right this might be a bit to 'look at me' for some, but I think it's a killer look. Notice the dark edging on the pocket square is also congruent with the rest of the colours. the look is a a deep forward point collar and thick navy tie paired with a white folded pocket square. The suit is doing all the talking. 

Take a look at the middle two. I'm not a fan of the one on the left but I wanted to compare it to David on the right. The one on the middle left has gone very new man with narrow lapels and skinny tie. Tom Ford once said of narrow lapels that it makes him feel sorry for the suit. Almost as if there wasn't enough cloth to make one in the first place. Whereas Gandy on the middle right has gone for a very classic medium-width notch lapel. Neither jacket is under duress, but somehow Gandy's just looks more statuesque. They do have the flat white pocket square in common, as does the chap on the far right (although probably matching pink with his tie). Put simply the flat white should be the very staple of your pocket square game. Like a decent guard in boxing, or a forward defence stroke, or knowing the entire dialogue to Die Hard. It's a given.

How to wear a grey suit.jpg

The Craig Way

Typical Bond would have a flat white pocket square, stemming all the way back from the days of Connery. However, when he's not on screen he gets to be a little more risque with his puff folds. Starting from left to right the deep violet tie and square exudes affluence. The silk metallic chrome tie and polka dot square leans more on the dandy than it does the debonair. I'm not overly sold on the middle right picture, again he's gone with the polka dot but I think there is too much going on with the herringbone pattern tie. What do you think? The last picture on the right he looks he's retiring from a heavy night, has discarded the tie and maybe taken a mis step with the full buttoned vest. Still looks the man though and the lion print pocket square looks the business. For more information on how to dress like Bond I'd recommend checking out the the blog The Suits of James Bond run by Matthew Spaiser. 

Grey Suit Pairings.jpg

Don't forget the CONTEXTure

We haven't really spoken about the texture of materials yet when it comes to pairing. A deep knit tie is traditionally paired with a deep knit square, and you can have some fun with the folds to make it more interesting. Bradley Cooper has paired his deep knit tie with a white pocket square; the edges lines in sky blue which blends into the grey beautifully. Be careful your textures don't clash. It can be just as jarring even if subliminally, just like colours and patterns. 

THE NAVY SUIT | Ties and Pocket Squares Combos

In the post 90's Neil Strauss world of Peacocking, men's tailoring has found its dimmer switch. Between the garishly elaborate 'statement pieces' and the monochrome mundanities of men’s tailoring, lies a convenient halfway house that is accoutrements. In particular ties and pocket squares. Today I want to zero in on the Navy suit and what ties and pocket squares make a good pairing.

Whilst doing some research for the post I took to the net in true Arnie with a mini-gun mode, bouncing between blogs, Insta and Pinterest posts with equal and efficient precision. A lot of people will talk about colour wheels and triadic colour schemes, which is all great and if you'd like to take a deep-dive on that then I'll need to credit the guys over at Deep Knot for their Tie and Pocket Square Combinations Editorial. But I'm going to offer you more of a broad view of combinations that catch my eye, and maybe worm a little science along the way. For more fashion inspiration, you can check out my look book article on How to wear Your Navy Suit 5 Ways


The Future is Orange

The aforementioned colour wheel will highlight orange as the colour diametrically opposed to Navy Blue. Known as the complementary colour scheme. There is no starker contrast on the planet than a Navy/Orange combo. Credit goes to the Silver London for demonstrating how to subtly peacock with this Reiss navy suit and orange accoutrements. If you're looking to flirt a little with the pocket square then you might want to dull the orange slightly, allowing room for manoeuvre in other departments such as a polka dot pattern and a pin stripe shirt.

Navy Suit Combinations.jpg

Micro Check Shirt/Gingham Shirt

Look I've made it into this collage, how did that happen haha? I think this is one of the most underused combos in men’s tailoring right now, the gingham shirt and Navy suit combo. I've paired my own Hawkins & Shepherd Gingham Shirt with a Navy Knitted tie. However, whereas mine and the others featured are micro-check, Ewan to the right of me went for a bolder separated gingham keeping close to a monochromatic colour palette (a scheme that involves pairing darker and lighter variants of the same colour). 

Kudos also goes to Lookastic.Com for showing us how it's done with the Navy Vertical Striped Blazer, adorned but not distracted by the Charcoal Pocket Square and Brown Plaid Wool Tie. 

Pattern Ties and Navy Suits.jpg

Paisley Crazy

When it comes to pairing paisley patterns imagine being a movie director trying to reign in a Jim Carrey in his prime. His exuberance is off the chart and destroying the picture, it's your job to mollify him but not brow beat him into thinking he can't go off-piste now and again. So Paisley is all about showing restraint. It doesn't need a partner in crime, it just needs others to do their job. You'll find patterns and textures the most exciting part of pairing because you'll get to exercise your creative muscle. I've highlighted some less bilious pairings, but as Bukowski once said 'Some people never go Paisley. What truly horrible lives they must lead.' Or something like that. 

Carl Thompson Blogger.jpg

Plain Shirts Vs Pattern Shirts by Duchamp

Following on from my popular blog post How to wear a floral shirt and still look effortlessly cool I've gone shopping at Duchamp London who are renowned for making exceptional pattern shirts and plain ones too for the record! The purpose of this experiment is to take two shirts, one plain and one floral which have similar colour tones and style them in exactly the same outfit to see how easy it is to a) completely change a look by simply mixing up your shirts and (b) wear a pattern shirt and still look great.

As a shirt maker myself with Hawkins & Shepherd, I can appreciate a great shirt when I see one and Duchamp are incredible, the fabrics are unique, their tailoring is exquisite and their attention to the finer details is spot on.

For this challenge I've chosen a purple palette for the shirts which I've styled with a pair of black trousers, black blazer, grey socks and finally a pair of black brogues. With the plain shirt it appeared much more formal then wearing the patterned shirt and therefore styled better tucked in whereas the pattern shirt, although still smart in appearance gave the look a bit more of a casual feel to it.

WHICH ONE DO YOU PREFER? Plain or Pattern.


Photography by Sophie Milner

How to build your entire wardrobe with only 10 outfits | ep. 1 The navy suit

Carl Thompson.jpg

I like to follow the concept of a minimalist capsule wardrobe but at the same time have great outfits for every occasion. The main requirement for a look to make its way into my wardrobe is to withstand the test of time: it worked ten years ago, it works now, and it will work ten years from now. The first look that fits that bill to a T is a fitted navy suit combined with white button up, grey tie and a finishing touch of a white pocket square.

There are few simple rules you should follow in order to perfectly style your navy suit (and any other suit in general). These include:

The Blazer: There are three things you should pay your attention to when selecting a blazer which are the widths of lapels, length of the sleeves and overall fit. Make sure the lapels on your blazer are rather slim, sometimes wider lapels can make your appearance wider, but this all depends on your body shape. Wider peek lapels are a tailoring classic but do not suit the masses, so I would suggest getting a second or third opinion when going for a wide lapel. A general rule is - don’t have anything wide around your face, because it makes everything else appear wider as well. The Sleeves should be a tiny bit shorter than you might expect (even though it may feel counterintuitive) so that the cuffs of your crisp white shirt show approx. ¾ of an inch below your blazer. Getting the perfect fit is key to everything, pay attention to how much extra space you have in your shoulder area (where the top button of your blazer buttons) and your bicep area. In these areas the blazer should be snug but not tight. You should be able to comfortably put your arms in your jacket yet not to have it too loose, which would create wrinkles of excessive fabric.

The Tie: As Oscar Wilde wisely pointed out “A well tied-tie is the first serious step in life”. Besides knowing how to tie a tie it’s also important to know how to style it correctly. I suggest to follow the same principle as for lapels and go for a slim or semi-slim tie of which a grey tie works wonders with a navy suit. A simple rule you should adhere to is to match the widest measurement of your tie to the suit lapel width. A semi slim tie has a width of around 6 to 6.5cm, measure your ties by calculating the distance between the two widest parts which should be at the tie blade.

The Trousers: You want them to fit you like a fitted pair of jeans. It’s the middle of the spectrum between slim fit and relaxed fit you are looking for.

The Shoes: The key thing to remember about the shoes is that their main role is to complement your outfit and not to make a statement. This is why I believe you should avoid wingtips or any other major details. Also, avoid a boxy shape.

The Pocket Square: There are so many ways to wear a pocket square but my recommendation is simple. Go for the straight line fold. It might be understated yet it screams class. If you are styling your suit and pocket square without a tie, this gives you more freedom to experiment with a pocket square fold.


Now you have my complete guide to one of the top 10 essential looks in men’s wardrobe. I call this look “the confidence booster”. Whether I want to look great when meeting a business client or impress a date, this is the look I can always rely on. Try it for yourself. When you do this look right you will feel like a million dollars, yet, you don't have to part with a million dollars to get it.



Dressing Smart Casual | The Men's Style Edit

When an invite suggests dressing 'Smart Casual' it's always met with question marks around whether to veer more towards smart or casual? For me smart-casual means a pair of trousers or smart jeans, a shirt, blazer and shoes...no ties, no trainers and certainly no shorts unless you are in Italy in the fashionable Tuscany district, then it's passable. I think many men struggle with dressing smart casual because there are decisions to be made! So in this Style Edit, I've put together an outfit that I would class as smart-casual (*with a little toe more in the smart side).

I've styled a navy suit, as it's always good to turn up to your meeting or event dressed on the smarter side, then you can always lose the blazer for a slightly casual look. Alternatively you could wear a blazer with a pair of smart jeans (no rips) or trousers in contrasting colours. If your trousers are slim or tapered fit then you have the ability to wear a pair of loafers without any socks. On to the shirt, of course a tie is not required so a button-down or even a granddad shirt is the perfect collar type for smart-causal attire. If you want to marten up a little bit, add a touch of class with a pocjet square or silk scarf as I have demonstrated in this look.



Photography by Rebecca Spencer

How to wear a navy suit 5 ways

Here is my latest edition to my 'How to wear an item of men's clothing 5 ways' playlist and if you haven't already watched last weeks post on how to wear a grey suit 5 ways, go check it out. This week I'm showing you how to style a navy suit for work or for a wedding. A navy suit is the most versatile of all suit colours which is why most men have one or more hanging in their wardrobe. Bold colours work well with navy and in particular red, orange and yellow - however so do earthy tones such as brown or green. So here are my 5 looks to arm you with some basic palette choices when wearing a navy suit.







So there you go, my 5 ways to style a men's navy suit - let me know which one you prefer and here is a recap:

4 Ways to Dress Smart or for Occasions

I'm so proud to reveal my collaboration with French Connection for Spring/Summer 2017. I was challenged to shop in the French Connection store on Oxford Street, London to style 4 completely different looks that I would class as smart or occasion wear. Well here they are, all styled with only 10 pieces of French Connection clothing to give you in insight in how you can use a piece of menswear such as a shirt and style it in a completely different way, yet still looking your sartorial best.






Photography by Rebecca Spencer

London Men's Fashion Blogger | Carl Thompson

Okay so the title of this blog is to help out SEO but I couldn't think of anything exciting to write about today, I guess it's just one of those days where creativity is hard to come by. Normally on days like this, I'll either have a glass of wine or go to the gym and sit in the sauna for a while as both seem to help my writing and creativity. However today is just crazy busy, after writing this blog post, I need to edit some photos, write another post to go live tomorrow, edit a video, pop to the post office, make a coffee, walk my dog, check emails, create a report for an agency that I have been working with, submit a proposal for a collaboration, some social posts and finally get ready for an event in East London tonight.

This shoot was with another Men's lifestyle, fashion blogger and namesake Carl Cunard, you should all check him out as his style is impeccable (link to his website is at the bottom of this blog post).

What I decided to wear during this shoot is quite smart but without a tie and touching on the casual-tailoring trend by wearing trainers which are from Stradivarius. Moving upwards I'm wearing wool trousers from Reiss and a Navy short sleeved fine wool top. My navy blazer is on the casual end of tailoring rather than a smart suit jacket and is from Scalpers on Carnaby Street in London. Finally, I'm wearing my new boohooMan textured 3/4 length coat. That completes the look, if you like it, shop it below.



Photography by Carl Cunard

My Outfit of the Week | Wearing Reiss, Hawkins & Shepherd

I love doing photo shoots in London because you'll turn a corner or enter a building that looks like utter shit outside, yet you'll find some great architecture to shoot up against rather than a brick wall or white house. I mean there is nothing wrong with that, although I personally prefer mixing fashion, architecture and interiors. This shoot was a perfect example of that. I mean, I have to give credit to Kylie as she did a little bit of Instagram stalking and found this location. Little did we know but it was actually a council block of flats, secured with a resident only keypad type door. Although after sneakily following a resident into the flat, social engineering style, we were in, ready to shoot. Although the staircase has recently been painted red of all colours, it still offers an edgy, repetitive backdrop.

On to what I'm wearing in this smart, casual attire which is a mixture of Reiss and Hawkins & Shepherd menswear. The Reiss items are a grey roll-neck jumper, navy trousers and a camel scarf. The Hawkins & Shepherd offerings on this outfit are the black shoes and cashmere blend double-breasted overcoat in navy.

If you like it, shop it.



Photography by Kylie Eyra

Label Online collaboration with Ted Baker

Isn't it great when your local coffee shop serves your favourite homemade velvet cake, when your barbers sells your favourite hair product or the supermarket also sells office supplies? Okay okay, enough of the analogies, I'm sure you understand what I'm getting at! When one of your favourite clothing brands starts selling another one of your favourite clothing brands, it makes shopping a whole lot easier and most importantly quicker! For me that is Label Online where they also sell other popular, designer brands making shopping simple.

Label Online have just launched their Ted Baker menswear collection, making it one of the premier online marketplaces for other great brands.

Ted Baker has always been a brand that approaches menswear design with a clear focus on quality, attention to detail yet with a quirky sense of humour. Their suit blazers have a unique printed silk inner lining, a lapel pin and the inner lining of the breast pocket can be pulled out and used as an impromptu pocket square. 

This outfit which I picked out from the Ted Baker collection features their crosshatch charcoal matching suit blazer and trousers. I've paired this charcoal grey suit with a wardrobe classic - a crisp white classic collared shirt with double-french cuffs, which you'll need cuff-links. Finally I love brogue shoes and these dark tan coloured ones from Ted Baker work extremely well with the suit. You can finally style the look with items from your wardrobe as I have done, such as a tie, overcoat and classic watch. 

Ted Baker now have a wider collection available online at Label and it encompasses tailoring as well as their main range. They also have a great range of bags and accessories, perfect for Christmas gifts, just check out my top picks at the bottom of this email...get shopping people!




Photography by Ella H

Checking out the AW16 Diamond G collection by GANT

London is incredible...full stop. For some time now if you follow me on Instagram, you would have noticed that I'm trying to incorporate London's weird and wonderful architecture into my photoshoots, mixing in a little bit of fashion. Often if you just walk around, you'll bump into some incredible architecture, often in random places. During this shoot Ella and I headed off on a quiet Sunday evening to the Barbican when the sunlight is softer leading to these incredible images. During this shoot I was wearing an outfit predominantly made up with pieces from the GANT Diamond G collection for AW16.

Diamond G by GANT is inspired by the cosmopolitan lifestyle and the iconic shirt, this collection gives an effortless and understated confidence to the wearer when going straight from desk to dinner. The GANT Diamond G collection is about versatile tailoring, travel-friendly pieces, and elegant off-duty clothing – creating options for every occasion throughout the week.

Starting off with the GANT clothing, I'm wearing their white classic Oxford Shirt which the fit was quite forgiving, I would say somewhere between a really slim fit design and a classic regular fit. I'm then wearing the Diamond G travel suit in navy. As you can imagine, you want a travel suit to crease as little as possible and this suit is 100% wool, sourced from Italy and features a crease-resistant finish that is ideal for travelling. The leather & nylon hold-all bag is durable, lightweight and stylish, perfect for heading off for a long weekend. My final GANT Diamond G piece are the navy suede gloves, super soft wool lining and a perfect alternative to their leather friends. I've then finished off the outfit with a couple of pieces that I have had for a couple of years which are a pair of black brogues and a lightweight navy trench coat.



Photography by Ella H

Luxury footwear by Dapper England | Donhall & Bell & Wood Watches by JORD

Who's been to Santa Monica in Los Angeles? If you haven't, then try to get out there as in my opinion quite a unique place, famed for glorious sandy beaches, the latest fitness trends and juice bars. Santa Monica have brought to London a small taste of their glorious, laid-back lifestyle to the SkyLounge situated at DoubleTree by Hilton London - Tower of London. Offering rooftop, after-work cocktails with incredible views over the city of London, weekly Yoga and incredible detox juices. A pop-up only there until the end of this month...so head on down whilst the weather allows.

Route 66 runs from Chicago, in a south-west direction towards Oklahoma City and then west all the way to Santa Monica where the route finishes. Something that is on my back-packing list for next year....yes the list is growing! I just need to blog more and more to fund the trip!

I'm pretty sure most of you have heard of Route 66 and Santa Monica, however have you heard of Donhall & Bell formally known as 'Dapper England'? 

Donhall & Bell create hand-crafted, luxury footwear with the brands signature piece being the D&B slipper, a timeless classic. Rarely do I have a pair of shoes that I don't want to wear. Now that doesn't sound like a great comment for the brand, but it is and what I mean by that is they are so pristine, soft, delicate,  & beautiful and when I put them on the comfort amazed me. I just didn't want to wear them and ruin such an amazing pair of shoes/slippers. When worn, it surprised me at how hardy they were - just give them a quick brush with a suede brush after worn and they will last a very long time. You should check out their extensive range here and shop the ones I'm wearing in the above look in the Shop The Look section below.

In this styled look it is also the first time I have worn a wood watch, something that may on paper seem quite odd as we are all used to wearing stainless steel watches or some precious metal if you are lucky enough! My first impressions were that the wood for the watch strap was crafted exactly as you would expect from a metal watch with the exact same movement - yet much more comfortable. My favourite watch was the JORD wood watches Ebony & Copper design which had a quite large watch face with amazing detail yet still extremely light-weight which is perfect if you like to wear watches but don't want to feel you are wearing one.

JORD wood watches are currently offering you lucky readers the chance to win a $75 e-voucher as well as gifting everyone that enters $20. The contest is live now, and will end on Sunday 25th September 2016. You can enter by clicking the below image:

Completing the look I'm wearing white tailored shorts by ASOS, white button-down shirt by Hawkins & Shepherd, double-breasted blazer by Reiss, navy polka-dot silk scarf by Hawkins & Shepherd and finally the pocket square by ASOS.




Photography by Kylie Eyra

Mixing smart tailoring with casual touches

Mixing smart tailoring with touches of casual wear is one of the hot trends this summer. Maybe because of business relaxing the business uniform attire, workers are looking for ways to mix the two conflicting styles together. My look is just a snippet of what could be done with this trend, as I opted for the safe plain white tee. It would be great if you could show me your tailored casual styles, just post on instagram and tag me in (@HAWKINSANDSHEPHERD) so I can check out your style!

Sorry to everyone who wants a bit more chat about casual tailoring, what I have been doing with my week or how my dog Charlie is getting on. But it is very early, I have to get this blog written and posted whilst packing my bags for Sziget Festival in Budapest of which I'm leaving for in under an hour! I'll be posting on Instagram Stories anyone who wants to see what Sziget festival is like...by all accounts it's pretty epic.

So. This outfit is ASOS mixed with some Kurt Geiger grey loafers. I love how the dark grey loafers go so great with the blue tone of my ASOS fitted window-pane trousers. Pairing those smart tailored pieces with an off-white ecru tee and beige trench coat, completes my look.

And there you have it....right time to pack!!!! 



Photography by Kylie Eyra


Fashion is fast and expensive, so I'm forever trying to find ways to decrease the size of my wardrobe and buy pieces of clothing that can be styled in both a formal and causal way. The classic overcoat is one of those staple items of clothing that is so versatile and stylish that you could probably even wear it with shorts and it would look good! As you can see, this is the first way to style the jacket in smart formal attire. Pop back shortly for the casual style.

This light grey hue is an on-trend colour for this season and a perfect transition piece between seasons so if you purchase now, this jacket will survive through Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter...and on into 2017, thats if you don't leave it in a bar (which I'm always doing)! 

This photoshoot was taken by Rebecca Spencer and after traipsing around the V&A museum we finally found the perfect place for this shoot, the surroundings were epic as you can see.

For this shoot, I purchased the light grey overcoat from AllSaints and styled it with items that I already had. The white button-down shirt, grey window-pane double breasted suit jacket and the brown double monk strap shoes are all from Hawkins & Shepherd. My watch is from Paul Smith, but you would have seen that before because I wear it all the time! Finally the dark wash jeans are from ASOS.



Photography by Rebecca Spencer


Following on from my Casual styling of the orange and blue colour matching (read that blog), here I have showed how orange and blues can also be used in a smart formal attire.

In this outfit I have used my bold statement jumper to give a greater understanding of how orange can work so well with Navy. Although it also works with small touches of orange. So remove the jumper and you have the small details in the polka of the pocket square, the orange socks and small orange detailings on my Omega watch bezel.

The shade of blue used here in my Suit Supply suit is French Navy which works the best with orange because of its darker tone.



Suit Supply French Navy Suit  | Hawkins & Shepherd Shirt | Reiss Orange Jumper | Reiss Socks | Dolce & Gabbana Shoes | Hawkins & Shepherd Pocket Square

Photo Credit: Caroline Nicholson Location: Chatham Historic Dockyard