Dressing For a Date: Where do mature guys go wrong?

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There is no such thing as over dressing for a date. There is such as thing as dressing too casually. The biggest mistakes grown men make on dates is heeding the advice of girls when they tell you 'just be yourself'.

Sound familiar?

My advice for dressing for a date is don't be yourself, because 'yourself' is single and gives you horrible advice.

You might think fashion isn't important. Even one of the greatest trailblazers of the 60's peacock fashion era, Mr Fish, was quoted as saying, 'people get hung up on fashion, it's really not that important'.

Don't be duped. Your style and what you wear on a date could be the deal breaker. I remember on a lousy date back in the day (before I really took much notice of fashion), I took a girl on a date on a bitterly cold winters night in South Putney. When it came time at the end of the night she rebuffed my advances.

Somewhat crestfallen I asked why? She said bluntly, "Well I've turned up in this," highlighting her gorgeous figure hugging black sequin dress, "and you've turned up in that," pointing at my generic black gilet.

The enormous golf between us immediately evident, and it wasn't just disparate worlds of style, it was that she had gone to the effort of looking nice. So where are mature men going wrong with style? Not putting in the effort.

Women have uncanny knack of knowing whether you've just come from the office, or you're wearing the same outfit you'd wear to your friends BBQ. You need to first and foremost, make the effort.



Women notice these before anything else. Well, they notice a man’s height first, then it’s the shoes. Then it’s the ass, your face is somewhere in the mix but believe me, your shoes usurp most boxes to be ticked.

I was in the room once when a girl gave a friend of mine an excoriating review of a friend's style. I asked the girl in jest, 'You would date Tom wouldn't you?' She fired immediately, NEVER!

Poor Tom, "WHY," he asked broken hearted.

"Tom you wear shoes that looked like they were bought in the 80's and last cleaned in the 90's." The next day Tom text me a picture of a pair of wingtip brogues he had just purchased from John Lobb on Jermyn Street. Tough love is some medicine.


Where guys go wrong on dates is not so much the style of the trouser, but the fit and the colour. Women tend to hate corduroy. In fact I've never met a woman that likes corduroy on a man so keep those tucked away until you have your feet under the table.

If you're going Chinos, don't gamble on what Steve Coogan refers to as "Those twat colours." Personally I don't mind "twat colours." I wouldn't wear them per say, but people can be overly sniffy about these kind of things. New & Lingwood do a quite exotic collection of multi-coloured chinos and they look fantastic.

My point is, don't gamble on dates. Don't run the gauntlet of trying to looking young, hippy, happy-go-lucky. Mature women don't want chancers, they want virile men. They look for resourceful men. That's why the whole Crocodile Dundee film is flawed.

Sue would never ditch money bags Richard for some penniless chain-smoking Aussie who had zero utility in the city.


It's the fit gentleman. That's all I want to say on the matter. Where a shirt on a date to prove you made an effort. That this isn't just a stop gap on the way to see your mates at the boozer.

A fitted shirt you can find quite readily at Hawkins & Shepherd. I have an unbelievable amount of shirts, all varying styles and fits for all occasions.

Failing that, get a shirt from a shirtmaker that will be absolutely nailed on to your body shape. You will pay a premium, but see it as an investment for your future. If you want express some individualism why not try Turnbull & Asser and have some fun with the cuffs. Their signature cocktail cuffs are the best.


Nothing grey! No woman I've ever encountered has told me she finds a grey suit jacket on a man attractive. You might have some misgivings about putting on a jacket for a date. Seems a bit stiff right?

Wrong. Dead wrong fools! You're a grown up now. No denim jackets, no biker jackets, no bomber jackets. You have to prove to the lady in question, that after this date, you can go on to any members club in London. In fact you're dressed so well, it becomes like a scene from Goodfellas where they welcome you with open arms like and give you a table at the front by the band.

Please Note: I’ll be one of the men’s coaches at the Dating Show Live in June if anyone would like some one-to-one advice or support.

Plain Shirts Vs Pattern Shirts by Duchamp

Following on from my popular blog post How to wear a floral shirt and still look effortlessly cool I've gone shopping at Duchamp London who are renowned for making exceptional pattern shirts and plain ones too for the record! The purpose of this experiment is to take two shirts, one plain and one floral which have similar colour tones and style them in exactly the same outfit to see how easy it is to a) completely change a look by simply mixing up your shirts and (b) wear a pattern shirt and still look great.

As a shirt maker myself with Hawkins & Shepherd, I can appreciate a great shirt when I see one and Duchamp are incredible, the fabrics are unique, their tailoring is exquisite and their attention to the finer details is spot on.

For this challenge I've chosen a purple palette for the shirts which I've styled with a pair of black trousers, black blazer, grey socks and finally a pair of black brogues. With the plain shirt it appeared much more formal then wearing the patterned shirt and therefore styled better tucked in whereas the pattern shirt, although still smart in appearance gave the look a bit more of a casual feel to it.

WHICH ONE DO YOU PREFER? Plain or Pattern.


Photography by Sophie Milner

Get Kingsman: The Golden Circle Look at MR PORTER

As part of the now, not-so-secret list of Kingsman agents, my first assignment was to style a sartorial assemble, of course from the Kingsman collection exclusive to MR PORTER. This was an easy introduction into the Kingsman way of life as MR PORTER has once again teamed up with exceptional costume designer Ms Arianne Phillips to provide a bespoke collection of epic proportion. Much like the film, it is bigger, bolder and an even more stylish affair than the last. 

If you love classic Savile Row tailoring, you'll need to watch Kingsman: The Golden Circle, which is hands-down the most stylish movie of the year of which the orange velvet tuxedo jacket has become an iconic masterpiece. But what is Kingsman?

Kingsman: The Secret Service introduced the world to Kingsman - an independent, international intelligence agency operating at the highest level of discretion, whose ultimate goal is to keep the world safe. In Kingsman: The Golden Circle, our heroes face a new challenge. When their headquarters are destroyed and the world is held hostage, their journey leads them to the discovery of an allied spy organisation in the US called Statesman, dating back to the day they were both founded. In a new adventure that tests their agents’ strength and wits to the limit, these two elite secret organisations band together to defeat a ruthless common enemy, in order to save the world. 

Kingsman x Mr Porter is a luxury menswear collection that features throughout the film and is inspired from the sartorial details within the two film’s scripts. For anyone wishing to shop this style, you'll be extremely happy to find that it is extremely wearable and transitions perfectly from film to luxury retail. Plus its been road tested to the highest secret service standards and handled everything that was thrown at it.

In my Kingsman look, I've chosen to wear the Harry's Navy Super 120s Wool and Cashmere-Blend Suit which is cut in a double-breasted pattern and feels luxuriously soft. Being a Kingsman agent, I need a crisp white shirt of which this one is from Turnbull & Asser and works perfectly with the Drake's striped navy, pink & brown tie and white pocket square - a classic combination. If you are wearing this Kingsman sartorial style in London then you'll need an umbrella but not one of those small flimsy ones, as winter is coming you'll need something more sturdy to protect that incredible suit.




*This post was created in collaboration with MR PORTER x Kingsman.

Outfit of the week | What to wear at Weekends

Seriously, can this weather make its mind up...one minute it's cold enough to consider turning the heating on, then next it's raining and then you'll get a sunny 30degrees perfect summer day. That's the joys of living in London, I guess! I often get asked, what are the best items of clothing to wear on weekends and my answer is to always keep it simple, comfortable and layer-able. So to demonstrate this I've put together this easy outfit for my outfit of the week.

I love a burgundy t-shirt and this one was brought in-store at COS for just under £20. I'll always style burgundy with black, so in this look I've styled my new tee with a pair of black corduroy jeans from AG Jeans. I've rolled up the jeans to showcase these epic trainers from National Standard. My sneakers have a purple tinge to them which works great with this look, however they are from the autumn/winter 2016 collection so I'm unsure if you can buy them anymore. You can substitute with any dark coloured trainers such as the ones I've added below or even a pair of black boots would work equally well. Finally I've styled this look with two black coloured accessories to keep with the same theme...I'm wearing a Seiko watch with black bezel and my black wayfarer Ray-Ban sunglasses. Done!

If it rains then you are just wearing a t-shirt so it will be quick drying. Alternatively if the weather gets a little nippy, just layer a thin open buttoned black shirt over the top or even a very lightweight black jacket. So there it is...what I wear on weekends, simple, clean but packs a punch.

If you like it...shop it.



Photogrpahy by Kylie Eyra

How to Style a Grandad Collar Shirt

Grandad shirts have been making a come back for a couple of seasons now in menswear and especially for your favourite menswear brands collections for Spring/Summer 2017. But what is a Grandad shirt and how to wear one? Firstly styling a Grandad shirt is pretty simple. As shirt collars go, this one can be worn both formally, casually and as I have down, formal yet casual, so how on earth can you get this wrong?

Most fashion aficionados would say that the Grandad shirt should always be buttoned-up to the top, as it has it's history back in the 1920's formal attire - so who are we to restyle such a classic. Well times have changed and our dress sense is moving more casual than formal.

The Grandad shirt's origin is just over the Atlantic Ocean at New York in 1927. When a lady named Hannah Montague cut the collar off her husband’s shirt to wash it separately and so was born the detachable collar. As I mentioned previously, the Grandad shirt is historically very formal. Lots of different detachable collar styles were available including the 1920's classics of the Pin Collar or the Tab collar, no pioneered by the menswear brand Hawkins & Shepherd. Without the detachable collar buttoned in, the shirt has a plain banded type of collar, which gave birth to the grandad collar you'll find today. 

I do feel that the best look for a grandad shirt is buttoned up to the top, either underneath a suit, simply with a pair of trousers or unbuttoned with jeans. Although the shirt is formal, you'll have to double-check your companies dress-for-work policy to see if they are allowed, as you can clearly not wear a tie with this shirt. 

In this look, I have brought a navy grandad shirt from Reiss and paired it with another classic tailoring piece...the navy pinstripe suit. Two very formal pieces of tailoring, but with a couple of buttons undone on the grandad shirt, whilst roaming London between meetings gives this look a distinct laid-back feel to it. 

If you like it, shop it.



Photography by Rebecca Spencer

How to Style a Tan Suede Biker Jacket

A few days ago I posted about a new menswear launch from the brand Stradivarius and styled two separate outfits from their collection. Well, I loved the collection so much, I headed back to their Oxford Street store to purchase a few items that I liked so much. I have been looking for a tan suede biker jacket as we move into spring weather and Stradivarius had the perfect one in terms of colour, quality and price. It is a perfect jacket for transitioning seasons as you can layer t-shirts and knitwear as I have done in this look as well as wearing it over the top of a plain tee for warmer days. 

When choosing what to wear for an outfit, the first thing I think about is matching colours that work well together, just think of an artists palette and work out what colour pairs work next to each other. The tan jacket is my statement piece of clothing in this outfit, so I'm going to pair the t-shirt and trainers then the jumper and jeans together - all of course working with the tan main colour. White trainers and layered t-shirt work extremely well to give the outfit a bit of 'pop' and clean aspect, too many dark colours probably wouldn't work as well. I then chose a mid-blue wash jean with grey jumper, which compliment each other great. I would avoid red colours as they might clash with the tan in the jacket. 



Photography by Rebecca Spencer

My Weekend Casual Outfit of the Day

Maybe I wear a little too much black, but it is still cool and moody outside so I'm thinking I'll bring a but more colour to my wardrobe in spring and summer. However as we are officially still in winter, dressing in black most days is totally fine, so this outfit of the week is just that, khaki & black, which is a classic, successful colour combination palette. This is what I would typically wear on a weekend when I'm heading out of the house doing life admin stuff, to the odd work event and also meeting up with mates for a beer or two. Casual and comfortable are key aspects when dressing on weekends, so wear what you feel confident in.

This look has been put together styling items that I already had in my wardrobe. The black ripped jeans and flannel plaid shirt and from Maniere de Voir. I'm layering with a khaki tee from Zara, although it is now out of stock online, so in the shop-the-look section, I have replaced it with a different option. The final upper body layer is a black classic overcoat from Antony Morato currently with 50% off for just under £100. My trainers are from National Standard again which are on sale now at £121.

If you like it, shop it.



Photography by Rebecca Spencer

Stradivarius Launches Menswear Collection Worldwide & In-store on Oxford Street, London

As of the 1st February 2017, Stradivarius launched their menswear collection worldwide and lucky for us Londoners in-store on Oxford Street. Stradivarius are no newbies in the fashion industry as they have been around since 1994 creating fashionable on-trend clothing. Stradivarius are constantly hunting down the latest trends and after browsing their collection online and in-store I can vouch that they have absolutely nailed it.

Last week, a day after they launched, I went into their store on Oxford street which is situated a two minute walk from Oxford Circus tube station. During this visit, I tried on some of their exceptional clothing and managed to put together a couple of outfits to show you for some men’s style inspiration.

For my first outfit I wanted to style the bomber jacket which has been an on-trend piece of clothing for a few seasons now, it’s an all-season jacket, which makes it a perfect wardrobe staple when transitioning from winter to spring and into summer. I’ve styled this black tech bomber jacket simply sticking to a monochrome theme with touches of khaki - a classic casual palette.

On colder days, you could layer the bomber jacket with a t-shirt and some knitwear, however on days where you are rushing around London I’ve opted for a simple tee and bomber jacket combination. The outfit is head-to-toe Stradivarius and of course I had to style this outfit with a pair of slim cut black jeans and trainers. The trainers are very much merging comfortable sports style with casual fashion details. Overall I love this outfit, a perfect look for day-to-night for your weekends away from the office.



My second outfit is touching on the smart-casual, diverse aspect of London life, an outfit that you can head into the office, go for a coffee meeting then out in the evening for dinner and drinks. Once again dressing head-to-toe in Stradivarius I’ve styled this outfit around a navy blazer. Because my first outfit was very dark, I wanted to show a contrast of colours in this second one. So I’ve combined the navy blazer with a crisp white shirt and grey turn-up trousers. To add a little bit of personality to the outfit, I’m wearing a super soft grey scarf and camel, desert coloured boots. Alternatively this outfit would work very will with a pair of white trainers, black or brown shoes.

As always, I love to see how you would style Stradivarius menswear as you are the inspiration to much of what I style myself, so it would be great if you could check out the Stradivarius collection and share your style with me and the brand alike. You can follow the Stradivarius social channels here:

Twitter | Facebook | Instagram #StradivariusMan



Photography by Charlie Sawyer

Comfort & Style

Most days I strive to wear stylish, comfortable clothing and with more and more flexible, teleworkers, home workers and companies moving towards an open dress policy at work, this is a major growth sector in the menswear industry. When I look for clothing in this sector, I prefer to ignore the super cheap clothing and focus on something a little more mid-range as I feel that the price and quality of the materials, fabric and design are at the perfect balance.

Manière de Voir are a brand that is in this sweet spot of the casual, trend led, clothing market. Their products are not going to break the bank and what you'll get are clothes that look great and built using a good level of materials. Sometimes you can buy an expensive piece of clothing yet the quality is just not there and you feel a little bit hard done by. That is why, when choosing what to buy, I ignore all brand names so it is a level playing field...I don't care what the label says, I will just try to find the best fitting, the best design, the best fabrics and the best customer care for the money that I wish to spend. That opens up your eyes to good clothing and not just high-street brand names. 

Another brand, Donhall & Bell that sells at a higher price bracket, I would say they are more of a high-end price but also offers good value for money. Their products are well made and pair perfectly with my Manière de Voir outfit for today. 



Photography by Ella H

Just some stuff I threw on today | Outfit of the Day

The last week men's fashion has taken over my Twitter, Instagram and Facebook feeds with people talking about London Fashion Week Men's and now Pitti Uomo in Florence, it can seem relentless.  So today I've finally had a day where I can just throw on what I would normally wear everyday and it feels great.

I mean I'm not complaining as I had a great few days at LFWM, talking to brands, other bloggers and press. Looking back 4 years ago, when I made a complete career U-turn - I wouldn't have thought I would have been able to make the successes that I have made this quickly. To be established in something that was completely new to me and and industry that I have grown to love, makes me really proud of what's been achieved. 

2017 has started well with my blog being rated at #17 in the Best Men's Fashion Blogs on the Planet based on Google rankings, Google reputation, quality of posts, social following and a panel of experts from Blogspot.   

Moving on to what I'm wearing today. A pair of navy skinny jeans worn with my Superdry leather jacket, a dark green tee from Zara and a pair of dark olive boots by ohw and of course my Beoplay wireless headphones as I'll be spending most of the day on the London underground. So if you like what I'm wearing, go buy it below.



Photography by Rebecca Spencer

My Outfit of the Day Featuring Donhall & Bell and Van Loon Sport

London Fashion Week Mens or #LFWM for those of you following the hashtag throughout the 4 day event, starts tomorrow until Monday and London will be full of the most stylish men in the country. I'm likely to mix my LFWM outfits with everyday style, which is casual ripped jeans, leather jackets and monochrome attire (such as in this post) and smart, formal wear. This outfit styled around the trainers and the top is what I normally wear day in day out.

The leather jacket and jeans probably need no explaining as like I said, I wear them all the time...but to remind you the jacket is by Superdry and the jeans by ASOS. The two items of clothing that are new to my wardrobe are the Donhall & Bell sneakers and the Van Loon Sport top.

Donhall & Bell are a brand that I have reviewed before and are renowned for designing luxury slipper footwear. They have recently launched an epic sneaker or trainer (as we say in the UK) collection, which are available online now. Their collection is branded 'The Redchurch Collection' and available in 3 other colours as well as the black that I'm wearing, in dark green, navy and burgundy. Imagine one of the styled images below and change the colour of the trainers to the ones on offer and every single one would transform the look.

The second brand that I would like to mention in this post is a ski sports brand called Van Loon Sport. Their collection of ski under garments (base layer, second layer) for men and women is the first brand of its kind that can also quite easily step foot into the casual everyday fashion market. The quality of their warm, technical fabrics means that you can simply wear one of their tops and jacket even in the coldest of winter days in the capital, yet keep cool during a tube ride because the fabric is also breathable. It's time for me to browse through the rest of their collection because I'm off skiing (well snowboarding) in the next couple of months and I'm not going without a suitcase full of their products!



Photography by Rebecca Spencer

Men's Style & Fashion

For me, 2016 has been a year of major growth and recognition for a couple of years of hard graft on my blog. I started my blog just under two years ago in January 2015 with the idea of promoting my own formalwear brand Hawkins & Shepherd. That was until I realised that I didn't have enough shirts, suits and ties in my collection to sustain a mens style & fashion blog, plus I wanted to diversify. 2 years on and my blog has a voice, an audience and a personality that I would never have imagined possible when I first started.

This year has been incredible and my content has gone from good to great (in my opinion!) and that has shown in the readership stats growth on my blog and engagement on my Instagram feed. It has been so much better than I would ever expect and I want to thank you all for the support. 


What to expect in 2017? I'm going to expand on this in a blog post in the new year but basically I want to create more collaborations with other mens fashion bloggers and especially other women's fashion bloggers, as our audiences are very different and it will be great way to reach out to a new readership. Finally I'll continue to produce fashion, style and grooming content whilst adding a lot more travel, fitness, tech and lifestyle content. Bring it on...it's going to be epic!

In true style, it's time to explain what I'm wearing. The outfit in general is very neutral wearing an oatmeal overcoat from Reiss, an allsaints light blue shirt, grey ripped jeans from asos, a plain white tee again from asos then finally a light-blue scarf and white trainers complete my look.



Photography by Ella H

Versatile Footwear with Cat Footwear | Outfit of the Day

With only a week or so left in 2016, I'm working hard to keep on styling lots of outfits so that you can start off 2017 stylish and ready for a big big year! Today I'm trying on a brand new pair of Cat boots which I got from Tower-London.com and putting together my perfect outfit for these rust brown boots. We headed over to St. Pauls in central London for this shoot, which felt pretty weird a my last visit was recently at the First Dates restaurant!

Cat boots are renowned for rugged design and durability, perfect traits for winter. These boots are from the Caterpillar Clay Street collection which are a hand finished premium line inspired by the workforce of the 1800’s. The attention to detail and quality is clear with an emphasis on luxury fabrications and a continued quality construction. Retailing between £149.99 and £159.99 the collection is exclusively stocked at street wear and footwear stockist Tower London at their new flagship store on the iconic Brick Lane in Shoreditch.

The rest of the outfit is made up of distressed grey jeans by Allsaints, a light grey roll-neck jumper by Reiss and a cashmere blend made-in-Britain overcoat by Hawkins & Shepherd.



Photography by Ella H

Badass yet Gentlemanly Watches by Diesel

Scroll through the range of Diesel watches as I have done and one thing will be clear...these watches are some of the boldest, badass watches around. There are some great bold designs, in true Diesel style, they are not holding anything back however Diesel have also used some classic, timeless touches in their collection. Their collection of watches are truly industrial, robust, durable and stylish - the kind of watch that Robocop would wear! The biggest badass of all robots...(discuss!).

Every single watch that Diesel has designed has something uniquely bold on it, from the watch face, the numbering, the colour scheme or the watch strap and you are guaranteed not to find these type of watches anywhere else. It's a chance for all gentlemen out there to look at their fun side and own something truly different.

The Diesel watches range from around £150 upwards (although you can find a few for cheaper) so they are firmly in the mid-range of watch prices where there is a lot of competition. Luckily for Diesel, they have got a collection of watches where you can find true value at every angle. Whilst other brands keep things simple and classic, Diesel put themselves out there and demand to be different. If I compare like for like priced watches, Diesel tend to be for the more rugged gent someone who dares to be different and doesn't just follow the crowd.

Only the brave which is synonymous Diesel quote has never been so prevalent than when etched on the back of these watches. These watches are designed to showcase the mechanical functions in a super cool design but don't just take my word for it; head down to your nearest Diesel store and check them out for yourself. 

I've chosen this vibrant blue watch face design as I haven't got anything like it in my personal watch collection and what is the point in always choosing the same styles. Looking closer into this particular watch and there are lots of tiny Diesel branded touches, a signature of their quality. If you would like to get a realistic representation of the size of the watch it is 49x54mm with a thickness of 13mm. The casing and watch strap are stainless steel in a brushed metal finish and the movement of the all important dials are quartz/chrono. Finally this watch is also water resistant up to 10 ATM and comes with a two year guarantee. 


Photos by Holly Harwood

The AW16 Woodhouse Style Edit Challenge

Woodhouse clothing reached out to me recently and challenged me to style an outfit for their #WoodhouseStyleEdit which I of course accepted. With so many other bloggers coming up with some exceptional edits, not only was it a challenge for myself to put together what I believe is the perfect everyday AW16 look but also to showcase my styling against other exceptional bloggers, vloggers & stylists.

Leading into winter, leather jackets are a must, cool, stylish and can be layered with t-shirts just as well as knitwear as I have styled in this look. Leather jackets do not come any better than this Belstaff combat green style, totally iconic and unique. Sticking with the luxury brand Belstaff, I have styled the leather jacket in unison with a pair of detailed black Lancaster boots crafted in Italy with a leather overlay appearance. Combining the two leather Belstaff items and sticking to an autumn/winter dark tone theme, I'm wearing a pair of Replay dark black wash skinny denim jeans. I then wanted to give my outfit edit a touch of winter warmth and I did this with a grey cable knit, funnel neck jumper by the legendary Ralph Lauren. On to the accessories and working with hues of green and black, I found the perfect items with an otter green backpack by Filson and a classic black belt with crosshatch etching by Hugo Boss.

Of course being a Woodhouse Style Edit, all of the items I have described are available at Woodhouse Clothing and you can easily 'shop the look' and the bottom of the email, if I was to pick one item from this look to save up and buy, it would unsurprisingly be the Belstaff combat green leather jacket.  

You can also check out the other #WoodhouseStyleEdits here and make sure you let me know how you think I compared to these?



Woodhouse are also currently launching their Christmas campaign which you can find more information about here. All you have to do is post a photo of how you celebrate the season on social and use the hashtag #TheOtherWiseMan. They will choose 5 winners to enjoy a £100 voucher to spend at Woodhouse Clothing, entries need to be in by the 24th December and the winners will be picked in the New Year. For inspiration, check out the below:



Photography by Lars verkroost & Ella H

Special thanks to these epic photographers we helped me capture the subtle AW16 colours of this outfit on and around our very own London streets. If you need any street style photos make sure you check out Ella if in London or Lars of you are in or around the Amsterdam/Utrecht areas of Holland.


Hawkins & Shepherd x Reiss | Outfit of the Day

Reiss are great, year after year, season after season they create incredible menswear, always on-trend, tailored well and their staff in stores always look dapper. Owning my own menswear business called Hawkins & Shepherd, Reiss as a brand and a business are the pinnacle and I look up to them in awe. So I have decided to merge my favourite Reiss items with a few Hawkins & Shepherd ones in this outfit of the day.

If you watched my episode of First Dates you may remember my infamous line "I love double-breasted right now!" when speaking to the sartorial First Dates Fred. So true to form, I've worn this grey check double-breasted blazer from Reiss and paired it with a mint striped extreme cutaway shirt from Hawkins & Shepherd. Botton half I'm wearing navy jeans from Topman and John White, made-in-Britain shoes, available from HawkinsAndShepherd.com. My pocket square and tie accessories are both from Reiss, although they are last season's so you'll have to match similar styles in their AW16 range if you want to recreate this look.



Photography by Rebecca Spencer

Stylish Monochrome | Outfit of the Day

What do you wear on days where you haven't got much time to get ready but you want to still look good? Mine is black and white, simple to style and packs a punch and thats what I went for when I styled this look when visiting ME London last week. When styling a simple outfit, it is a good idea to accessorise which I have done quite nicely might I add, with a pair of spectacles, leather backpack and Seiko watch.

Out of the whole outfit the only piece that I havent already used in a blog post is this new KNOMO leather backpack bag which I got a couple of weeks ago and is the first time I've taken it out for a shoot. Now it is part of my wardrobe staples which I wear day after day.

The KNOMO leather backpack is spacious for your everyday workday necessities. The backpack is functional and stylish. It's the perfect size for a macbook or laptop, some books, binders, cameras and even clothes. It has many compartments for smaller items such as your wallet, phone charger or keys. All in a stylish, clean, casual and luxury leather design, padded straps and a hard-wearing padded back. Yet there is more, this bag also merges tech with fashion by featuring an anti-RFID pocked lining to prevent digital information theft.

As you know I always go through my outfit, so as well as the KNOMO bag, I'm also wearing my urban footwear favourite brand ohw? shoes. White tee from pretty much anywhere and a pair of ripped black skinny jeans. I love my Antony Morato black overcoat, so decided to wear it again! Then I've finished the look off with some incredible Persol glasses from David Clulow and my new Seiko Watch.  



Photography by Kylie Eyra

My Outfit of the Week | AW16 Casualwear

This weeks outfit of the week has an everyday edge about it using a grey, navy and black palette. In fact looking back at this look, I love ti so much, I think I'll be wearing it tonight when out in Clapham. This shoot was taken in the incredible and stylish Me London, perfect for the darkness and edginess of this look. This outfit may seem quite simple and not warm enough for winter time, but on most occasions when you get to the pub you unravel layers anyway.

This look has been styled from the bottom up, starting with the footwear. Recently I was introduced the the brand ohw Shoes from where I got these navy trainers from. Ohw's aim is simple - to bring a fresh approach to men’s footwear with contemporary and functional designs. The Deacon trainer from ohw is made from navy full grain leather and date palm suede details.

Although my toes hate me, I decided to wear the outfit with no socks and roll my Topman dark navy jeans up a couple of turns to showcase the trainers. I've then worn a black longline with curved hem t-shirt from Only & Sons and layered with my luxury grey bomber from Black Jamm's AW16 collection. Finally, I have accessorised with a pair of Persol specs which I got from David Clulow Opticians and a Seiko Prospex watch.



Photography by Kylie Eyra

Bomber Jackets That are Warm Enough for Winter | Black Jamm

A puppy is not just for Christmas and bomber jackets are not just for summer, in fact they are the perfect all-year-around jacket. I can understand why a lot of us wear bomber jackets more in summer especially when the mornings are as cold as the last couple of days in the UK. A lot of this style jackets on the market are made with cheap materials and in turn have little of no insulation, padding or comfort. With Black Jamm you'll get SO much more.

Their bomber jackets are tailored with a padded inner lining, enough to make it comfortable and most importantly warm but not too much that the bomber looks too padded and out of shape on your body. The elastane material used under the arm area to make this bomber jacket is slightly elastic, which will mould perfectly to your body shape. In winter layering is extremely important, so I tested out this jacket with a thin plain white tee (as in the photos on this post) but also with a chunky knitted jumper. Whilst wearing both (the T-shirt & Jumper) the jacket felt comfortable and didn't lose shape or look too small over a big knit...in fact it actually looked great with a grey roll neck knitted jumper. It really is the perfect bomber jacket for winter.

As a fashion blogger, I have to try to critique everything and it is really hard with Black Jamm because they clearly use high quality materials throughout the whole tailoring process of their jackets - I actually think they are perfect. Take the zip for example, sometimes amazing jackets have a thin flimsy zip attached, which ruins the whole jacket - with Black Jamm, they realise the importance of this and the zip they use is heavy duty in silver, easy to do up even with gloves on. The fabric used is British waxed cotton, which makes the jacket hard wearing and finally amazingly all their bomber jackets are manufactured here in London.

Black Jamm have launched their AW16 collection recently, so check them out.



Photography by Ella H

The Style Off - Superdry Menswear - Episode 6

We are back, for the 6th episode of THE STYLE OFF, a YouTube collaboration with Oli from The Tailor Fitted where we both take a single item of clothing and style it to our own personal style. We have taken two of our favourite pieces from the Superdry Menswear AW16 Jackets collection and completed the look in our own style. Watch both videos above, let us know what you think and of course, who styled it better using #Carl or #Oli with a comment on the YouTube videos. This months style off was sponsored by Superdry Menswear AW16 collection. The items we have chosen from the Superdry jackets range is their Tan Camel Biker Jacket and their Navy Winter Trench Coat. Watch both videos and let us know who styled it better.







Special thanks to Superdry who gifted the items for this Style Off.