Casual Suiting | Men's Outfit of the Day

Today I'm going to talk about this pin stripe suit I was gifted from River Island and casual suiting in general. This is the perfect place to start if you're just dipping your toes into casual suiting. The garment is 100% poly-blend which is not normally my scene, but it's not always convenient to wear your best suit, or even your off-the-peg Hawkins and Shepherd suits. (I can't believe I'm talking you out of buying my garments now!) 

The SUB by Beerwulf | Home Pint Dispenser Review

Today I'm going to introduce you to The SUB by Beerwulf a Home Pint Dispenser. At every stage in every man’s life they must build a bar in their home. We hear mystical voices, 'If you build it, they will come.' Well no longer do we have to make anything as elaborate as a full scale bar, festooned with optics and Neon San Miguel lights. 

My Top 5 Picks from the New Allsaints Watches Collection

Great news folks, All Saints have launched a new collection of watches which combines style, precision, performance, and attitude. It's a 20 piece collection, ranging from £148 to £298. I think the collection oozes a brawn ruggedness. They have a military aesthetic, but also combine sporty elements and a dusting of futurism. 

About THAT Andrex Skin Kind Puppy Commercial

Today I'm going to talk about featuring in my first televised commercial, for Andrex toilet paper. Sure it might seem a little strange, talking about the ribbed wavy texture of toilet paper and how it feels good on your bum-hole. But in truth I'm super proud to be involved with this project. 

Introducing the Limited Edition Bremont H-4 Hercules Watch

Bremont are launching a new limited edition chronometer called the H-4 Hercules in honour of its legendary inventor Howard Hughes. Earlier this week I had the distinct pleasure of attending the V&A Museum to witness the launch and hear from the co-founder himself, Nick English. 

Baxter Pacific Cannabis | Fragrance Review

Let’s talk Cannabis shall we? Full disclosure, I do not smoke cannabis, it's never been my thing. However, it's fast become an area of cultural interest to me. Especially with the rise of CBD oil, I spent a day researching the topic and you can find a link to my findings here