A Men's Spring Wardrobe Refresh: 1 Smart & 1 Casual Look

It feels a bit odd talking about what to wear for spring and how to transition from a winter wardrobe to a spring one when it’s the 19th of March and there is still snow settled on the ground in London. If I looked out of my window this morning, I would have thought that it was bang smack in the middle of winter. Yet if you go by the astronomical seasonal calendar then spring actually starts tomorrow on the 20th March 2018 and if you follow the meteorological seasons than it already started on the 1st March!

How to: Up Your Street Photography Game INSTANTLY

No doubt about it, Street Photography is a wave to be jumped. It takes balls. There is no safe spaces or comfort zones to be found if you want to become a great street photographer. The hum drum reality of photography is that a picture will often define the personality of the photographer.

Top 10 Men’s Affordable Fashion Watches

I’ve accumulated a fair number of watches over the years and have become somewhat of an expert in this field. When shopping online for a watch it is hard to compare the differences as you’re cross-referencing written facts. When you physically have a collection side by side and you’re holding one watch in one hand and another in the other, it becomes somewhat easier to pick a favourite.

Mercure Perth Hotel Review | A Stream Runs Through it

Perth, Western Australia definitely has its charms. It’s located a handy 45 minute commute from the sun, has more swimming pools than people and does pretty good ice cream. At around 19 hours flying time from Heathrow, however, it’s not ideal for a quick getaway. You don’t want to get all that way and find you’re lactose or chlorine intolerant.

The Fashion Faux Pas That Women TRULY Notice

I want to be clear, this isn’t an article designed to persuade you from discarding whatever beloved garment you own that you KNOW repels women. Remember Pam hated Jim Morrison’s leather trousers, but can you imagine him in denim? Yes, women uniformly hate corduroy, but wearing corduroy isn't a fashion faux pas. Far from it. Capiche? I want to share some insights and fashion faux pas that you might not be aware you’re making, that she is definitely noticing. This advice is based on personal experience and a few hours gathering data through comment feeds on similar articles.

Mercure Darlington Kings Hotel Review | Town Centre Location

I’ve stayed in a few places a little or quite a long way out of town recently so, in the name of change, this time I went right to and stayed right in the hub of the city. The hotel really is the epicentre of Darlington, so you needn’t get back in the car until you’re ready to leave town. The hotel backs right on the main shopping centre, overlooks the Pease statue and the town square and is within two minutes’ walk of everything. Mercure King’s Hotel Darlington puts the ‘location’ in ‘location, location, location’.