Stylish Winter Overcoats | Men's Style Edit

If there is one piece of clothing that can define a look for the autumn/winter seasons, it is a statement overcoat. Most men have a large number of essential coats for winter such as a leather jacket, a shearling jacket and probably navy, black and camel overcoats. However to mix it up a little bit, check out the ASOS collection of overcoats, including this incredible green, camel, maroon number for only Β£85.

FRAGRANCE DIRECT | My Christmas Fragrance Picks

I consider fragrances to be the skeleton key of Christmas gifts. No one can turn their nose up (pardon the pun) to a decent fragrance when it comes in the guise of a Christmas gift. It works on so many levels; you get to be the stylish arbiter of someone’s scent, they get to inject a room with nice aromas courtesy of your generosity. 

City Tattoo Removal | Never Too Late to Start Again

I love the scene in American Psycho where Reese Witherspoon says to Patrick Bateman during the separation discussion. "We can't split up, your friends are my friends, my friends are your friends, I don't think it would work". To which Bateman replies stoically, "I've thought about that. You can have them." 

Jo Malone London | My Top 5 Fragrances

I struggle to find a better phrase that encapsulates the spirit of Jo Malone scents than the description on their website "Think of Jo Malone London as the Savile Row of scent: finding a precise β€˜fit’, a scented statement perfectly suited and tailored to your taste." 

The Tech Gear You Need to Start Vlogging | Starting a YouTube Channel

One of the most frequent questions I get asked is what equipment do I need to start Vlogging? Well this is all relative to budget and there are tonnes of cameras, phones and gimbals out there, sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming. I've put together a budget guide on what I believe will be a good enough set up to get you started.

Books + Beer | Time to Bin the Box-sets

Today I'd like to talk to you about Books and Beer. Sounds a great cop-buddy duo from the 70's right? Books is a learned detective with 10 years on the force. He has a resplendent moustache and immaculately dressed in 3-piece city tweed suits. Beer can do shoulder rolls across the hood of an SUV and doesn't wait for back up.