Is Mudho Really the Best Fitness Tracker out There?

Who or what is Muhdo? Muhdo is a tool that scans your DNA profile and enables you to unlock your natural abilities and get stronger, fitter, faster. When I first skim read the brief and saw the words 'fitness' and 'Mudho', I thought this was Dwayne Johnson doing a sequel to Jumanji. How wrong I was.

How to Dress for Work | Men's Style Advice

It can be quite a drag turning up to work and seeing the milieu of boxy grey suits on display. You don't want to be making up the numbers in this department so why not get yourself some suitable armament, a great wardrobe for the workplace. In my latest YouTube video, I'll walk you through a couple of handy hints on how I approach my working day. 

Sotheby’s Partner with Savile Row Tailor Huntsman & Sons

This May, Sotheby’s will partner with esteemed Savile Row tailor Huntsman & Sons to stage its first online-only luxury lifestyle sale.Featuring an array of bespoke pieces from the private collection of Huntsman owner and financier, Pierre Lagrange, alongside commissioned new works that exemplify the Huntsman lifestyle, this collection reflects Lagrange’s expert knowledge and appreciation of exquisite objects.

Tom Ford Grooming Experience in Covent Garden

When I was cordially invited to review the Tom Ford Grooming experience down Covent Garden last week, it was like being gifted the Willy Wonka ticket but without the grisly deaths and underlying threats to childhood obesity. 

Buly 1803 Reviewed | The Luxury Brand is Now Available at Selfridges

The aluminium tubes are secured with metal lids, no plastic in sight. That's right, save the whales!  They're decorated with watercolour illustrations reminiscent of the Pre-Raphaelite era of which this brand would have been present (possible inspired by) during its tenure. (Not in the press release, just know my onions). Of the products, they aren't just luxury, but ridiculous luxury.

The Royal Wedding Menswear Review | Who Wore it Best

It was a dead heat between Idris Elba, David Beckham and the guy behind George Clooney for best dressed guest at the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle over the weekend. But rightly the groom Prince Harry was not to be eclipsed in his worn the frock coat uniform of the Household Cavalry's Blues and Royals. 

How I Get Ready For a Date | Men's Grooming & Fashion Advice

You're getting ready for the biggest date of your life, or week, depending how much of a woodsman you are.I've just uploaded a new tutorial to my YouTube channel, giving you run down on how I get myself in the groove. In this article I'll give you the highlights reel on the MUST DO's to get you ready for that big first date

Ten Trinity Square Club | Private Members Club in London

Why join a private members club? Surely the whisky in Ten Trinity Square will taste the same in the local Lamb and Flag right? The truth is I'm mid-thirties and entering the embers of my youth. I'm after something a little less disreputable than the saturated Saturday night takeaways. The gimmicky happy hours and cacophony of football fans bleating xenophobic tirades at the TV's in sports bars.