London's best barbers | Men's grooming @ Ruffians

I think too many of us gents out there are settling for substandard haircuts from poorly trained hairdressers or barbers and the reason I think this is because about 5 years ago I used to be a 1 in that statistic. Getting your haircut can seem like a chore and therefore we spend less time researching good places and just go to the nearest one around where we live or from work. A quick 30 minutes and I can get on with the rest of my day kind of mentality. 

Sakagura London Restaurant Review | Best for Japanese Sake

I'm always on the lookout for new restaurants to try throughout London and with Japanese being my favourite cuisine I was incredibly excited to review this hidden gem. Sakagura can be found on Heddon Street which is located just off Regent Street at the Piccadilly end of the road. It's only a 3 minute walk from Piccadilly Circus tube station or about 7 minutes from Oxford Circus. Perfectly located on Heddon street which is renowned for being a beautiful quiet area tucked away from the busy shopping buzz of Regent Street.

How to Wear a Denim Jacket 5 Ways

Denim jackets can be quite hard to style correctly but looks great when done right. Surprisingly the denim jacket is quite versatile, you'll be wrong to think otherwise. When styling a denim jacket with jeans (double denim), I would recommend wearing a different shade of denim for your jeans so there is a contrast in colour to your denim jacket. Mainly a casual urban look but in look5 I have styled the denim jacket in a formal way to experiment slightly to show you how good it can also looks with a shirt and trousers. Let me know what your favourite look is?

It's time for a Spring Refresh | A few things I'll be changing

It's easy to see how many of us get a lifestyle boost around spring time, the colder weather is starting to give us a little break, the sun peaks out every so often which brings colour back into our lives and that summer holiday is in sight. Finally al-fresco dining, dog walking, pub gardens, commuting, outdoors fitness all become a little bit more bearable! Here are a few things that I'm going to refresh this spring and this 4-day Easter weekend is a great time for us to all get on-board.

The Perfect Commuter Bag

For me when commuting around London day in day out, in between meetings, coffee shops and the office - having a trendy but functional backpack is a must. I've been through a number of different types of bags for my everyday commuter choice and I always come back to the backpack, for the comfort and ease of which you can commute around...yes the French exchange students got it right!

KRUPS EA9010 Series Coffee Machine Review

Hi I'm Carl and I'm a coffee addict. Now that's off of my chest, it's time to feed my addiction and trial this new, exciting KRUPS Espresso Automatic Series EA9010 coffee machine. As a home worker, coffee is essential to getting any work done. I've worked my way up to 'Coffee Snob' status through years of substandard mistakes from supermarket brought, freeze dried crap, pre-ground coffee beans in cafetieres and capsule coffee machines. Now, today on the 6th April 2017 during London Coffee Week, I've finally upgraded to a freshly ground coffee, bean to cup, barista coffee machine - just a smaller and more automated version to what they serve in coffee shops.

Experience Multiroom with Bang & Olufsen Speakers

I have been living in Clapham for about 7 years now and for the first few years of living as a single man in London, the flat took a bit of a battering from pre-drinks to afterparty (on repeat). However I have spent the last year slowly redecorating the place and implementing new technologies into my interior design. For years I have had a wired speaker system, with smaller surround sound speakers physically wired into a large subwoofer. It served a purpose but it's time to move up a level, or 100, with Bang & Olufsen's incredible sound and impeccable design.

Outfit of the Week | Smart Casual Attire

Happy weekend to everyone reading this, I hope you are having a good one, hands up whose hungover and struggling today (my hands just gone up)! Last night I went to the relaunch (under new management) of the incredible Brocket Hall with Fox PR, if you missed my Instagram stories from last night, head over and check them out now. As you can imagine, in true style, I made the most of the free champagne and wine but feeling it today, hence it has taken me a couple of hours to get to this stage of writing the blog post. That and the Liverpool V Everton game is on TV and I'm easily distracted.

Men's Nighttime Skincare Routine

Men are starting to look after their skin a lot more and I think this shift is due to more products being available for the male/unisex market, more information on how to look after your skin and also a culture change in the habits of men theses days. I grew up in a time where everyone used either mousse or gel (which came in big tubs of green grease) when styling their hair and facial skincare was fulfilled by a tube of moisturiser you got from your nan for Christmas and would most likely gather dust on your shelf unused.

What to Wear for The Races 2017: Men

Dressing for the races can be a stressful time, firstly there could be different dress codes for different tickets, plus everyone tends to make a big sartorial effort, so you have up your game. So here are a few tips of mine and a couple of example outfit choices for you to up your sartorial game whilst dressing for any horse racing event in 2017. 

A British Success Story | The Cambridge Satchel Company

The story behind The Cambridge Satchel Company is one of sheer admiration and one that bloggers such as myself played a huge part of their business growth. In 2008 their business was started by Julie Deane and her mother Freda with Β£600, an idea, a whole lot of hope and hard work. Their business idea really resonates with me, pick a classic piece of clothing (or in this case leather satchels), redesign it with modern methods of manufacturing, improve on small fashion, design touches and you have a great product to take to market and something with a nostalgic following. A very similar model I used with the Pin Collar Shirt and Hawkins & Shepherd.

How to Style a Grandad Collar Shirt

Grandad shirts have been making a come back for a couple of seasons now in menswear and especially for your favourite menswear brands collections for Spring/Summer 2017. But what is a Grandad shirt and how to wear one? Firstly styling a Grandad shirt is pretty simple. As shirt collars go, this one can be worn both formally, casually and as I have down, formal yet casual, so how on earth can you get this wrong?

Outfit of the Day | March 2017 | Style Edit

Today is a typical day, walking Charlie, checking emails, arranging photoshoots, doing a bit of writing, a meeting and a shed loads of coffee. So todays outfit is versatile enough to wear all day doing these variety of activities - well except the brogues came off whilst walking Charlie dog! 

A Fashion Bloggers Travel Guide to Barcelona

The first time I went to Barcelona I fell in love with the city. It is one of those places like London or Paris, there’s always something new to discover each time you visit. Barcelona certainly has a large dose of history, art, stunning architecture, some of the best restaurants in the world and not forgetting easy access to the beach! Whilst you can check out the main tourist attractions like La Sagrada Familia, Las Ramblas or The Magic Fountain of Montjuic, how about some more alternative options to jazz up a long weekend?

London Men's Fashion Blogger | Carl Thompson

Okay so the title of this blog is to help out SEO but I couldn't think of anything exciting to write about today, I guess it's just one of those days where creativity is hard to come by. Normally on days like this, I'll either have a glass of wine or go to the gym and sit in the sauna for a while as both seem to help my writing and creativity. However today is just crazy busy, after writing this blog post, I need to edit some photos, write another post to go live tomorrow, edit a video, pop to the post office, make a coffee, walk my dog, check emails, create a report for an agency that I have been working with, submit a proposal for a collaboration, some social posts and finally get ready for an event in East London tonight.

Introducing Burton Menswear Sport Athleisure Collection

Athleisure or sportswear is one of the largest if not the largest clothing growth market in the UK and Burton Menswear have just launched their first collection, entering this marketplace. As a home worker or coffee shop worker who loves the gym, I spend a lot of time in sportswear and this collection ticks all of the boxes. 

Double-Breasted Suits & Pin Stripes | Style Edit | 2017 Menswear Trends

Okay so unfortuently I haven't taken these photos outside my own mews in London W1, I'm not that flash...but I've made up for it with what I'm wearing, luxury mews meets luxury tailoring. When dressing up or suiting up in 2017, look no further than double-breasted and pinstripe suits and if you are confident enough, why not try and combine the two. 

Men's Street Style | Outfit of the Week

Another black outfit, dammit, why do I always wear black? Anyway, I have and the outfit has a few different shades of darkness which blends in well together so therefore is my outfit of the week. Earlier on this week I was supposed to attend the Kong Skull Island, European Film Premiere with boohooMAN, although unfortunately work called and I had to cancel last minute...gutted! Anyway on the plus side, I got this outfit styled from boohooMAN new-in collection. 

Customising Your Denim with boohooMAN

A little while ago, along with a handful of boohooMAN's favourite menswear bloggers, I was invited to their Denim Workshop. The boohooMAN design team were on hand to teach us how simple it can be to customise your own denim, at home with just a few common tools. I've never customised denim before but after a short while I finally got the hang of how to make rips, distressed looks, applying patches and making unique cuts.