Jimmy Choo Man Blue | Fragrance Review

A bottle of The Jimmy Choo Man Blue fragrance arrived on my doorstep the other day and I wanted to give you my first impressions. Who is the Jimmy Choo Man Blue for? Jimmy Choo are looking to target the hip urban gent. The kind of man that skates to work in his suit and espadrilles. He's probably called Will, has great hair, your girlfriend can't shut up about how funny he is at work. We universally hate Will. 

Can Men’s Clothes Get Any Cheaper?

Have you noticed that your email junk folder is brimming lately with 'Summer Haul' and 'Price Slashes’? A lot of men’s e-commerce stores are having some real fire sales right now and I echo the sentiment of Sasha Wilkins who spoke about men’s fashion reaching 'peak stuff' on the Wake up to Money podcast. 

Paul Smith Hello You! Fragrance Review

The new fragrance from Paul Smith fell on to my lap the other day. It's a unisex fragrance, the bottle isn't gender bias and has a universal appeal. The striped Paul Smith logo is evident both on the box and on the side of the bottle. We know Paul Smith is an avid book collector and this logo placement is a deliberate, yet subtle nod to his love affair with books.

What I Think it Means to be a Stylish Modern Man & Grooming Tips for How to Look Your Best

Someone tell Jim Chapman he was right all along. I've just got wind that Norwich is home to the most style conscious men in the UK, according to a recent survey undertaken by Just For Men. Of course Jim, who heralds from Norwich, has been banging that drum for years. The survey, which spoke to 1,000 men, is pretty damning of guys from Cambridge who spend a dismal £11 a month on hair and wet shaves, compared to £45 for the average man from Norwich.

How to Take Amazing Smartphone Pictures & How I Edit my Instagram Images

Have you ever been wowed by a picture on Instagram, and then feel stupefied to find it was taken on an Smartphone? A friend recently posted an exotic photo from his trip to Thailand and it was like a screensaver. I asked him what camera he was using these days and to my bemusement (and mild embarrassment) he said, 'on my phone'.

New Motion Fitness Launches in Vauxhall, London

If you're thinking that the treadmill is becoming a bit of a bore of late, then you should try out New Motion Fitness; a bespoke 4 class workout that has been specifically designed to challenge and excite people of all fitness abilities. The instructors skilfully utilise the hypnotic and captivating lighting as well as premium sound systems to give participants a workout like no other. You have 4 different cardio workout classes to choose from.

Road Trip to Wales in a Mazda MX5 | Visual Footage

Join me on a atmospheric road trip to Black Rock Sands and Uwchmynydd in Wales, UK. Footage includes close-ups of the Mazda MX-5 car and driving on the Black Rock Sands beach in Wales which is one of the best beaches in the UK that you are allowed to drive a car on.

INANCH LONDON Spa Mist Hair & Scalp Treatment Reviewed

Being in my thirties I look at myself and feel blessed with a good, solid set of hair on my head, no baldness and thick hair that is pretty easy to style. The negatives are that it is very curly so I have to blow-dry it most days to get the desired style that I'm looking for. On top of this I have very dry and sometimes itchy scalp and I've had this for as long as I remember. Because on this condition, I have a bad habit of scratching or even picking dry patches on my scalp. Not nice for those around me!