DRAKES OF LONDON: My First Laser Rehab Facial

Lets be honest for a second. We all care about how we look whilst hoping, nigh preying that we are going to age well because if you are anything like me (36 and single), you're going to need your youthful looks for a little longer than expected! We are living out our lives more and more through social media where images are overly edited and videos filtered with a dog filter which makes your skin look perfect. These edited images are used on our tinder profiles to our Linkedin profiles but rarely show a true reflection of ourselves.

Just some stuff I threw on today | Outfit of the Day

The last week men's fashion has taken over my Twitter, Instagram and Facebook feeds with people talking about London Fashion Week Men's and now Pitti Uomo in Florence, it can seem relentless.  So today I've finally had a day where I can just throw on what I would normally wear everyday and it feels great.

London Fashion Week Men's AW17 Roundup #LFWM

London Fashion Week Men's (which was formally known as London Collections: Men) is the men's time to takeover London before London Fashion Week takes over our streets and Instagram feeds later on in the year. The event is run in London and this season was displayed over the 6th - 9th of January 2017. It's a chance for brands to showcase their new Autumn/Winter 2017 (AW17) collections to press and industry experts. Headquartering at 180 Strand, however London hosts a variety of different showcases and presentations from Britains biggest menswear brands. As a blogger and a menswear business owner myself, Im invested in the menswear industry heavily, so it is important for me to attend and see as many shows as possible as it is important to keep ahead of trends coming up. 

My Outfit of the Day Featuring Donhall & Bell and Van Loon Sport

London Fashion Week Mens or #LFWM for those of you following the hashtag throughout the 4 day event, starts tomorrow until Monday and London will be full of the most stylish men in the country. I'm likely to mix my LFWM outfits with everyday style, which is casual ripped jeans, leather jackets and monochrome attire (such as in this post) and smart, formal wear. This outfit styled around the trainers and the top is what I normally wear day in day out.

New Years 'resolutions'? Not this year thanks. Goals or targets are much more achievable

Monday the 2nd of January. A day where our hangovers from New Years eve have almost subsided and we are left a feeling little bit jaded, tired and sad because our 9-5 lives are about to start again for another year. Today is a day that many of us think about what we want to achieve for the upcoming year and set goals, resolutions or whatever other word you would like to wrap it up in. Whatever word used to describe 'resolutions' for 2017 doesn't detour from the truth that the majority of us will never stick to them. So this year rather than creating year long New Years resolutions, I'm going to set weekly targets, goals or simply tell myself 'I must do this' today. It can be as simple as 'I must get 9 hours sleep tonight' or 'Today I'm going to drink coffee without sugar'.

My final outfit blog post of 2016

December has been my busiest month by far on my blog, posting an massive 23 times and for a personal blog that is quite a lot. My posts have ranged from the normal fashion type posts, reviewing tech, a bit of travel and even an interior design post on 'How to create a feature wall'. This is quite a simple outfit of the day post for my final one for the year as frankly I want an early night to prepare myself for a big one tomorrow. Although the outfit does have two items that I would like to discuss in further detail.

Transform your living spaces with a feature wall

I'm presuming most of us if not all of us have been given some new personal belongings for Christmas recently and if you are anything like myself - I don't like clutter. If I bring anything new into my small Clapham, London flat it means I'll have to get rid of some older stuff to make space. This morning I did just that. A total declutter, tidy up of my bedroom and in doing so I felt much more in control and stress free...however in turn it exposed how bare my room was. I decided today was the perfect day to construct a feature wall, hopefully transforming my bedroom into somewhere a little more comfortable. So here is what I created...

Keep warm and look great on the slopes this ski season with Van Loon Sport

If you are heading off for a skiing or snowboarding holiday next year in 2017, you are luckier than me because I haven't booked my trip away yet. But in true fashion blogger style, I have got my clothing sorted for the holiday before even booking it! In fact I still have a brand new ski jacket that I brought 3 years ago with it's tag on. Collecting skiwear isn't really my hobby, so next year I'm booking to go away and who wants in?! 

Kartel Watches | The New Collection

Before I get onto talking about watches, let's talk about Christmas and New Years! I mean seriously why does Christmas seem to fly by in a flash. I say that because I've had such a great time and finally a few days where I just relaxed with family and friends without thinking about work, blogging, Instagram or twitter much at all - a rare occurrence for me! I hope you all have also had an amazing Christmas, eating and drinking an obscene amount of food and drink. Now it's the day after Boxing Day and I'm back, refreshed and raring to make the most of 2016 whilst looking at my plan of attack for 2017. 

Men's Style & Fashion

For me, 2016 has been a year of major growth and recognition for a couple of years of hard graft on my blog. I started my blog just under two years ago in January 2015 with the idea of promoting my own formalwear brand Hawkins & Shepherd. That was until I realised that I didn't have enough shirts, suits and ties in my collection to sustain a mens style & fashion blog, plus I wanted to diversify. 2 years on and my blog has a voice, an audience and a personality that I would never have imagined possible when I first started.

Versatile Footwear with Cat Footwear Boots | Outfit of the Day

With only a week or so left in 2016, I'm working hard to keep on styling lots of outfits so that you can start off 2017 stylish and ready for a big big year! Today I'm trying on a brand new pair of Cat Footwear boots which I got from Tower-London.com and putting together my perfect outfit for these rust brown boots. We headed over to St. Pauls in central London for this shoot, which felt pretty weird a my last visit was recently at the First Dates restaurant!

WINTER SALE NOW ON: Luxury Handmade Tailoring by Hawkins & Shepherd

Sales can often be a little misleading and questions are rightly being asked by the consumer if these so called 'deals' are getting are as good as they seem. A just debate. However at Hawkins & Shepherd we stand by our Winter/January Sales as being fair, honest and genuine price reductions. Take our handmade made-in-Britain suits which are tailored using 100% British wool fabric. These incredible suits fairly retail at £775 with normal mark-ups being applied. We are offering over £300 off which make them a more affordable £450 for true British fabric, design and tailoring - where else can you get that kind of deal?

Badass yet Gentlemanly Watches by Diesel

Scroll through the range of Diesel watches as I have done and one thing will be clear...these watches are some of the boldest, badass watches around. There are some great bold designs, in true Diesel style, they are not holding anything back however Diesel have also used some classic, timeless touches in their collection. Their collection of watches are truly industrial, robust, durable and stylish - the kind of watch that Robocop would wear! The biggest badass of all robots...(discuss!).

The Style Off - A Christmas Jumper Special - Episode 7

We are back, for the 7th episode of THE STYLE OFF, a YouTube collaboration with Oli from The Tailor Fitted where we both take a single item of clothing and style it to our own personal style. This in our final episode of 2016 and to celebrate we have brought each other a Christmas present...a Christmas jumper in fact. Watch both videos and let us know what you think of our Christmas jumper style! We both got our Christmas Jumpers from NEXT Menswear who have a large selection of Christmas jumpers still in stock - so get yours now in time for Christmas eve. 

Wireless Headphone Review | Beoplay H8

The first time I saw Beoplay headphones was at a Mr Porter party a couple of weeks ago, the handphone design was incredibly eye-catching and I knew I had to have a pair. Well I'm now the happy owner of a pair of deep red Beoplay H8's. But firstly who are Beoplay or B&O Play? Well B&O Play is the brain-child of luxury brand Bang & Olufsen, which is where the B&O comes into play. Beoplay according to the website, delivers stand-alone products that are intuitive to use, easy to integrate into your daily life and delivery excellent high-quality experiences. 

The AW16 Woodhouse Style Edit Challenge

Woodhouse clothing reached out to me recently and challenged me to style an outfit for their #WoodhouseStyleEdit which I of course accepted. With so many other bloggers coming up with some exceptional edits, not only was it a challenge for myself to put together what I believe is the perfect everyday AW16 look but also to showcase my styling against other exceptional bloggers, vloggers & stylists.

A Sartorial Gift this Christmas For Him or Her | Henry Watches

If you head over to my Instagram @HawkinsAndShepherd and watch my current story, you'll see the unboxing of this Henry Watches hamper including some of my favourite things like a Terry's chocolate orange and of course a Henry Watch. Affordable, everyday watches seem to be taking a major slice of the consumer watch market right now and Henry Watches are right in the middle of this trend, offering a huge variety of stylish watches.


Christmas time is one of the most anticipated dates in the calendar, however it is also well known to be one of the most stressful. Whether you are feeling the pressure of hosting friends and family to your home, cooking the perfect Christmas dinner, wearing that perfect Christmas party outfit, buying the best presents and of course being able to afford all of it, we should take time to try and reduce this stress in our lives. The stress that we have to put up with however is nothing on Santa, I mean getting around to all of those houses in one night whilst having to eat every mince pie on offer and trying to keep the buckle on his belt intact! Watch the video below to see how Santa completes his Santa’s Boot Camp and has a unique way on handling the stress. A little spoiler alert, it may also include a cute French bulldog licking Santa’s ear!

Just Another Outfit Post

It's Sunday afternoon, I'm incredibly hungover and my creativity is struggling right now, hence the title of this blog post. This outfit was taken a couple of months ago when Emily and I went to Galgorm Resort & Spa in Northern Ireland. It was pretty nippy hence the layering and scarf details. 

Hawkins & Shepherd x Reiss | Outfit of the Day

Reiss are great, year after year, season after season they create incredible menswear, always on-trend, tailored well and their staff in stores always look dapper. Owning my own menswear business called Hawkins & Shepherd, Reiss as a brand and a business are the pinnacle and I look up to them in awe. So I have decided to merge my favourite Reiss items with a few Hawkins & Shepherd ones in this outfit of the day.