Outfit of the Day | My Signature Autumnal Style

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What is your go-to Autumn outfit? If you're looking down the road once we pass the summer heatwave for some Autumn menswear ideas then here is my signature look. 

The 'blogger approved' key to layering articles will be hitting your feeds very shortly. I'm looking to get out in front with this look. 

First it's the Hawkins & Shepherd Camel Cashmere coat, currently half price on the website. This coat has been a staple piece in my Autumn wardrobe for the past three years. It's interchangeable, it's light and it's perfect for those slightly chilly months on the run up to Winter. 

Underneath I'm rocking a faded denim shirt by Zara. This brings out a wonderful contrast, not only colour but in texture. The shirt has the worn in look, whilst the coat looks brand new (although it's three years old).

The Autumn look has to have something earthy, something honest. The black Superdry jeans and tee, are fairly run of the mill but keeps the look clean. 

I do have distressed jeans, knee blow outs and honeycomb stacks, but that would have been too much of a clash, I didn't want anything to break the lines of this aesthetic. It may look simple, but it's a classy look. 

Take a look at the watch. It's a Rotary GMT Henley with the red/blue Pepsi Cola bezel. The chain strap gives it the verisimilitude of a dress watch, which upgrades the entire look. Same with the Ray-Bans. 

Let me finish by waxing lyrical about these Dr Martens. Don't they look supreme? They are the Cherry Red Vegan 1460's Boot and unlike most men’s boots, don't need to be worn in. Normally I like to hire one of my lackeys to break in my boots for me to save the blisters. (Only joking). 

They are currently available for £130 and I can't recommend them enough. The colour is tailor made for autumn wear and they bring a real classy yet street finish-vibe to my Autumn look. 



Hawkins & Shepherd Camel Overcoat | Men's Style Edit

If there was one staple piece of autumn/winter wear that's been a flag-bearer for my Menswear E-Commerce store Hawkins & Shepherd, it's the 100% British Cashmere Overcoat. It's a collaboration garment borne of a long working established relationship with myself and Savile Row trained woman's designer Calder London.

Hey Carl, what are the benefits of Cashmere? 

Thanks for asking. Firstly, it's a sustainable fabric, it has various insulating properties - in the winter it will keep you warm and insulated yet it will ensure you stay cool in the summer.

I personally like the textured look of Cashmere and the luxurious feel.

The finest details

The coat is crafted from Harrisons of Edinburgh and finished with a soft silk lining, tortoiseshell buttons and a dark grey felt on the underside of the collar. A keen eye will detect the coat is cut slightly tapered to cater for a modern silhouette.

Style over traditional suits in formal attire or with dark denim if you are going casual.

How do I style a camel cashmere overcoat? 

I often team my beloved overcoat with traditional suits in formal attire or with dark denim if I'm going casual. A lot of people have been commenting on these awesome Goodwin Smith classic leather brogue boot, so I'll do another style edit and talk more about those in a later blog. 

The best bit about this Cashmere coat

Well one of the best bits, is the price. It's currently on sale exclusively through my Hawkins & Shepherd website listed at £800. Don't have to wait for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Thongs on a Thursday, this 100% cashmere coat is available in 38" and 40", also in double breasted. 


The Versatile Camel Overcoat | Men's Style Edit

On a spring day that feels more like winter it is imperative that you have a lightweight, smart overcoat for layering over your workwear. A camel coat can be worn both smart, layered on top of a suit or casual with a pair of jeans making it super versatile. There are a lot of wool mix or cashmere-wool mix camel coats on the market for affordable prices, although mixing in wool will give the coat more warmth and therefore better suited to cold weather. If you can stretch your finances, always try to buy 100% cashmere, as it is warm yet breathable and most important, lightweight. 

For this weeks style edit, I'm wearing a 100% British cashmere coat by Hawkins & Shepherd, layered on top of a navy double-breasted suit from Reiss and a blue stripe shirt, also from Hawkins & Shepherd. The shoes in this look are from Goodwin Smith.



How to be a smarter shopper with “Cost per wear” fashion math’s


It’s that time of year when brands and retailers start drip-feeding us with information regarding their new season autumn/winter collections, whetting the appetite for our impending purchases. Seasonal weather changes are often a signal from the fashion gods to start investing in a new wardrobe and whether knitwear, overcoats or even a chunky pair of socks are your thing you should start to consider "cost per wear" math's on your fashion purchases.

I mean lets not beat around the bush. Upgrading your wardrobe every single season is expensive yet that doesn’t stop us wanting the new seasons must have threads. New fashionable clothing makes us feel self-assured which is why we tend to buy clothing based on events, a special occasion such as a first date, wedding or even an interview when you need a significant confidence boost. “Cost per wear” fashion math’s is something many of us already calculate when considering purchases and it is a great way to calculate actual cost of buying certain items of clothing. 

Take for example my favourite camel 100% cashmere overcoat, tailored to last, classic in style, handmade by Hawkins & Shepherd at £1,600 (*currently on sale at £800 for pre-aw17) is a true investment piece. I've had the coat for 24 months and have worn it 144 times costing £5.50 per wear. The quality of the product is so high and the style is a classic that will always be on trend and with an estimated 10 year lifespan of the garment - the cost per wear ends up at around £1.

Did you know that the average Brit spends an average of £1,042 per year on clothes (myself a lot more than that!) It's a lot of money, so you need to get the most out of your fashion purchases and one of the brands that I get maximum "cost per wear" return is from Reiss.

If you have been following my blog for a long time you’ll realise that I love Reiss, it’s a brand that I’ve brought since my mid-twenties and remain to do so. Reiss have a small selection of their AW17 new collection in-store right now, which is a perfect opportunity to see first hand if I can buy a timeless outfit which will give maximum "cost per wear" return. I’ve got loads of dinner events coming up over the forthcoming season so I needed to shop for a fashionable, sartorial outfit that was comfortable yet sophisticated and this is what I brought. A navy double-breasted blazer for £250, an Oxford pink striped button-down shirt for £90, a pair of slim mélange soft grey trousers for £115 and a pair of navy suede tassel loafers for £175 – totalling £630. IF I wear 1 item in this outfit 3 times per week for 52 weeks of the year my cost per wear would be around £4. However it is realistic that I'll have some of these clothes for much longer than a year and I'll wear it more, so the costs will come down per wear. Personally I always try to aim for £1-£3 per wear, although I do have a couple of t-shirts that would come in around 2p per wear!

4J0B6271 copy.jpg


Photography by Toni Tran

The men's camel coat | A coat for all seasons & all styles

Sartorially speaking there are not many coats that can span seasons and suit all styles, yet the camel coat is most certainly at the top of that small list. We are creeping towards autumn/winter now and if you are listening to all the news reports or simply looking out your window whilst putting on your heating in what should be Britain's warmest month...you'll realise that summer is over! In the style stakes autumn/winter clothing totally kicks arse compared to spring/summer styles and when you live in Britain this season is a lengthy one. Be first to start transitioning into an AW17 wardrobe and start off with a lightweight, warm yet breathable 100% cashmere coat.

With these cool weather conditions, retailers are rushing to get their AW17 collections in-store and it's time to invest now in quality, transitional pieces that you can wear on warm days, cold days and even those days where the weather changes its mind every hour. Cashmere is the perfect fabric to use in these changeable conditions. Wool is too thick and warm, yet cotton/linen is too cool. Cashmere, is warm yet light and also breathable allowing good air circulation through the material. 

Combine the technicals of this Hawkins & Shepherd 100% camel cashmere coat with the classic handmade tailoring, sophisticated style and you'll realise why this particular coat is always up there as an all-time, always on-trend item of clothing.

Worn by David Gandy

Hawkins & Shepherd 100% Cashmere Camel Overcoat

A camel coat is extremely versatile, so if you are wearing it going out in a casual look or wearing it layered over a suit, you'll always look bang on point. *Click on the video at the bottom of this blog to view my 5 others ways to wear a camel coat. In some respects it is easier to wear an overcoat in a formal look, so for this post, I wanted to show you how easy you can also style the camel coat casually. So to complete my casual, going out look I'm wearing a black shirt from COS, black jeans from AG Jeans, my Seiko Prospex watch and Goodwin Smith boots.

To get your hands on one of these handmade, double-breasted, 100% cashmere, camel coats, click on the link in the 'shop the look' section below. They are limited edition, so once there are gone, they're gone - and are currently reduced down from £1,600 to £800, where else can you get that level of tailoring, that level of British 100% cashmere fabric for that price. It's a classic piece that will be the pride of your wardrobe for years and years to come, a sartorial master.





Right now my life seems to be going at a million miles an hour but I'm loving every moment of it, I think if I slow down things might stall and I'll find it hard to get started again. I've started by renovating my flat for Spring and this doesn't just involve a cheeky little dust at the back of the cupboard where I keep my half finish tubs of marmite. No, this is a complete renovation of my flat, brick walls added, new carpets, new beds and of course a complete refresh of my wardrobe. Subscribe to my YouTube channel where I'll be posting videos/vlogs of my home renovation project.

I've just brought these amazing gas-pipe clothes rails that look like I have just taken them and walked out of an allsaints store. But what it means is I'm no longer able to hide my hoards of bad moth ridden clothes in a closed wardrobe, now everything is out in the open. It made me think about what is important in a man's wardrobe. I realised I had a lot of disposable clothing that I have hardly worn and just brought because it was cheap. Once I cleared all of this out, I was left with timeless, classic wardrobe pieces that have the quality and design to run the test of time.

As well as the blog, I have been working with Laura from Calder London, a Savile Row trained, womenswear tailor to celebs such a Cara Delevingne on a men's overcoat collaboration for Hawkins & Shepherd. We wanted only the finest British fabrics, tailoring, design, buttons, thread...the lot and couldn't be any happier with the results. 

This brings me back to having a few timeless pieces in your wardrobe that you save up and spend good money on. This camel overcoat is 100% British cashmere, its lightweight and warm, the perfect all season coat. You can style this versatile camel coat in a classic tailoring style by keeping things formal wearing it over a suit or opt as I have done by wearing the coat with a pair of dark denim jeans.

Right, I have to keep this momentum going, new flat, new wardrobe and now I'm off to the gym ready for a great summer in London...I havent been this excited since my last super-like on Tinder! 



Photography by Sophie Milner


This season is the perfect time to try something different. As the sunlight is shorter therefore if you get it wrong, you can just hide in the shadows of darkness. For these reasons, I've attempted a double denim/double camel look for you. 

It seems like quite a while since I have done an outfit post, which is strange because I love autumn winter fashion. I have been buying more clothes than normal and naturally would want to show them off! 

There are a couple of men's clothing items that I'm seeing everywhere right now - online, on the high-street and designer showrooms. Those items are denim shirts and the camel overcoat so why not double them up and just see what happens! Making my double camel look complete, I have picked up a camel coloured bobble hat from ASOS, in fact all of the items I have used in this post are from ASOS, except the socks which are Hawkins & Shepherd.

Of course double denim is one of those subjects that can make most hardened stylist spill their skinny flat whites. In fact the other day whilst shopping, a guy in the queue behind me decided to comment on my style with "Oooooo double denim...bold" which was said not in a 'nailed it!' tone but in a 'you shouldn't have gone there' tone. Which made me think, although I'm a double denim addict, this actually isn't the norm - especially around Clapham. 

With DD, there is a couple of simple rules that I work on. The first is that the denim has to fit perfectly and secondly, do not match the same denim tones. So in this outfit-of-the-day what I have done is styled a dark wash denim with black washed skinny jeans.

Does the look work for you? I would love to hear your thoughts?



Photo Credit Sophie Milner


I for one love Winter and in particular Autumn/Winter style - knitwear, jackets, coats, scarves and boots. I just feel that if money is to be spent on expensive items that will last you 10 years plus, this is the season to do it. So I'm going to go shopping online via MR PORTER and pick out my winter wardrobe essentials.