Introducing King Pin Hats | Bespoke Hats for Men | UK Made

Last week I never wore hats, this week I'm converted and can't wait to go out in my new King Pin Bespoke Hat again. I'm not sure why I've never really been a 'hat fan' I guess I've always said to myself that hats do not suit me, without any real evidence of that. I'm sure so many men are in that exact same mind-set, so hopefully by creating this style edit for you, you'll see that in-fact hats are for you and they are stylish.

David Beckham Launches House 99 Exclusive at Harvey Nichols

On the 31st January 2018 the day after announcing his Miami MLS Soccer team venture (football to us Brits), he flew into London to launch the men's grooming brand House 99 which is currently exclusive to Harvey Nichols. Attending the event was an extremely well groomed guest list. Alongside HOUSE 99 founder David Beckham, a multitude of celebrities, models and the best men's fashion, lifestyle and grooming Influencers and YouTubers attended the star-studded event. Including some of my friends including Gwilym Pugh, Craig McGinley, Rowan Row, Darren Kennedy, Ali Gordon, Ben Heath, Carl Cunard and many more of the ever expanding House 99 influencer community.

Outfit of the Week | Men's Style Edit | ASOS, Superdry, Serge Denimes

This week has been pretty awesome, I started off the week doing lots of fashion photoshoots with loads of new clothing that I've brought, so I've got some incredible Style Edits coming in the coming weeks. Tuesday evening was a dinner event to celebrate the launch of the new Mont Blanc fragrance attended by industry experts, press and social influencers all joined together for a tasty evening at the Ivy Market Grill in Covent Garden. 

What to Talk About on a First Date | Preparing for a First Date

In today's article I want to focus on preparation ahead of first dates and hopefully impart some ideas that I bring into my key meetings. I should say upfront I'm still in the dating game and I'm going to touch on some of the tactics I adopt when I talk and meet people one on one, I believe can cross-pollinate into this topic. So let's get to it. 

Olympéa & Invictus: New fragrances by Paco Rabanne | Fragrance Direct

Hands up if you tend to get a new bottle of fragrance for Christmas? Valentine's Day? Or how about your birthday? Me too! The problem that I have with that, is I tend to get gifted the same fragrance that I've worn for many years because your loved ones don't want to risk straying away from the norm. This tends to repeat year after year and then I'm stuck wearing the same boring scent until they have completely run out by which time I'm normally gifted another bottle of the exact same! 

The New Mercedes-Benz X-Class Pickup | London Launch Event

It's here, the all new Mercedes X-Class was launched in the UK with a exceptional star-studded event at the Printworks located in Canada Water, London. Attending the event were TV Celebrities, Motoring Journalists, Top UK Influencers, Press and of course Tinie Tempah who was the surprise live act on the night. Dotted around the arena were 6 impeccable, awe-inspiring Mercedes-Benz X-Class pickups with one being transformed into a DJ booth and another acting as a practical assistant at the bar with its ice-packed loading area.

Valentine's Day Gifts for Him from Alex Orso Jewellery

February 14th, a day to show your affection for our loved ones as well as a day of spending quality time together to create life long memories. Rightly or wrongly it's also a day to exchange thoughtful gifts. It's nice to be able to buy your loved ones gifts all year round but financial that is challenging for must of us. Plus sometimes we become a little lazy and comfortable in our relationships so having Valentine's Day every year just reminds us to appreciate the people in our lives that mean the most to us.

How to Layer Clothes | Men's Style & Fashion | London Street Style

One of the main questions I get asked throughout my social media accounts is how to layer clothes, why is layering so important in men's fashion and what the hell is layering season? So in this post I'm going to address all of these questions as well as showing you an example of layering knitwear, a blazer and overcoat in my own style.