Clinique For Men | Maximum Hydrator Eye 96-Hour Hydro-Filler Concentrate Review


If you're like me then you're constantly asking yourself two questions. How do I reduce under eye bags and wrinkles? Can I legally register my fists as weapons?

Today I'm going to focus on the former and coincide that with a look at the all new Maximum Hydrator eye 96 hour hydro filler concentrate from Clinique For Men.

I loathe my under eye bags and constantly by drinking plenty of water to release the high salt concentration in the area. 

I'm also interrogating brands beauty bloggers on tips on good ways to remove eye bags. 

The Clinique For Men Maximum Hydrator is a light water-gel that helps eye-area skin replenish its own moisture using Auto-Replenishing Lipid-Sphere Technology.


Sounds good right? 

Well maybe not as cool as putting cool green tea bags under your eyes first thing in the morning. (Yes I have tried that. Apparently it’s the cool temperature that helps reduce eye bags. That's why you have people doing the whole cucumber thing). 

What's the science behind it? 

Auto-Replenishing Lipid-Sphere Technology with pure aloe butter helps rebuild skin’s lipid barrier to minimise moisture loss while encapsulated antioxidants break the cycle of environmental stress that can lead to premature ageing.

Does it work? 

I've been using it for a couple of weeks now and I'm starting to notice some difference. My eyes look a little less dark and my skin under my eyes has more of a glow. 

If you're looking to remove the bags under your eyes entirely then that's going to take surgery. That's a separate blog entirely. 

Do men find under eye bags ugly? 

Whilst most of the advice in this blog I've cobbled together from female researchers. The best one telling me I should just separate egg whites and rub those into my skin. AMAZING! 

However, to finish I want to tell you ladies, that men don't really give two hoots about your wrinkles or bags under your eyes. 

Think about it

Ladies when you're sizing up guys coming toward you on the street, you check out their height first, their general appearance (not got muddy shoes or carrying an axe) then it's looks and swagger. 

Same with guys. Check out this scene in the movie Shame where the guy at the bar is explaining to a girl at the bar that he has an amazing eye for detail. She then closes her eyes and proceeds to ask what colour they are. He fails. 


It's not on the top of our list. We're more consumed with how we're coming across in the conversation. Figuring out what we can say next so we don't look like dumbasses. And talking of asses, we're probably looking at yours in a reflection somewhere. We're guys. We're not complex, we're easily distracted. 

Gentlemen's Tonic | Treatments for Him

I've been a customer of the Gentlemen's Tonic products for years now because the brand is designed specifically for men and their products are all so scientifically sound combined with masculine scents. I then moved on from products to using them for their barbershop skills. However last week I had my first Gentlemen's Tonic treatment which left my skin feeling so vitalised and soft, I felt compelled to write about my experience. 

The treatment I chose to have was the Gentlemen's Tonic Detox Facial, as a treat to myself for the start of 2018. The Detox Facial lasts 60 minutes and costs £80. Starting with a thorough skin analysis and consultation their highly experienced therapists carry out a deep cleansing facial using their award-winning products. This treatment draws out toxins, relieves congestion, minimises blocked pores, blackheads and milia by using active anti-oxidant peels, a combination of serums and pore refining masks. This is the ultimate facial for those concerned with oily, combination skin types and prone to breakout and will leave your skin refreshed and balanced.

I've never really had terrible skin which I'm so grateful for but I am prone to getting spots and when I do it usually comes through as one large, massive, disgustingly red one! I'm also prone to slightly oily skin and therefore plenty of blackheads which tend to congregate around my nose area. The key to keeping these outbreaks at a minimum is to look after your skin daily using a face scrub, face wash and a combination of creams and serums. On top of this, it is important to get professional help, because home products are great but the issue is the person (us) applying it and it's much more effective taking an hour out of your day to have a professional apply the products and treat the skin. 

A week on and my skin is still feeling detoxed, refreshed and soft. After all of my blackheads around my nose were removed during the treatment, they have yet to reappear and when they do, it will be much easier to manage myself using a hot towel steam facial at home. I've had zero spot breakouts since and my skin is less oily. In conclusion for me I think this we become something that I'll do every two months as a MOT for my face. 



Introducing ESPA | A GQ Grooming Awards Winner 2018

Many of you may have already heard about ESPA, maybe through their massive expanse of spa treatments around the globe. In fact ESPA recently won the award for 'Best Wellness Experience' at the GQ Grooming Awards 2018 for ESPA Life at Corinthia Hotel. It seems the brand is building on it core strengths of holistic wellbeing, natural beauty and inner calm with its mens range of products. Find out more about the range on offer and my top two picks from their collection.

The ESPA MEN collection is specifically formulated for the modern man who likes to look after his skin. Designed to cleanse, shave, protect and moisturise with these hard-working men's groomers, arming you with everything you need for smooth, supple, youthful looking skin.

The ESPA MEN range consists of eye care, moisturisers, exfoliators, cleanser, shampoo and conditioner is bottles that are designed to look great in your bathroom without having to cost an absolute fortune. In fact the price range for all products is from £21 to £40. 

I've selected two products that would be the essentials from their range and if you are buying only 2, these would be the staples. A cleanser and a moisturiser.

ESPA MEN - Invigorating Face Wash - 150ml - £25

This refreshing foam face wash will deeply clean and cleanse the skin, leaving it soft, vibrant and ready for the day ahead. Use daily with two pumps of the product and massage into the skin softly using your fingers. Use prior to the moisturiser below.

Buy Here.


ESPA MEN - The Hydrator - 35ml - £32

This is a lightweight moisturiser which means it is great for everyday use, in the morning before tackling the day ahead, after the gym or before a night out. The long lasting formula with nourish and smoothen the skin and in mineral rich which helps with protection and replenishment. Apply after cleansing with the above product to dry skin.  

Buy Here.



View the ESPA MEN entire range of products here.

Perricone MD | Meet the New CBx for Men Collection

With National Grooming Day behind us, I'm hoping that every single guy out there has learnt a little bit more about what products to try when looking after your skin. I've put together a list of all of my men's grooming essentials from skincare to shaving, so if you haven't read it yet, do so as there are some amazing products that you should try. However this week I've been made aware of a new men's skincare collection named CBx by Perricone MD. An interesting launch because it is a completely new concept and formulation using phytocannabinoids, which is naturally-derived from the hemp plant. Interested?

But what the hell are phytocannabinoids and why are they good for your skin when used in the Perricone MD formulation?

Phytocannabinoids are naturally derived aforementioned from cannabis sativa and they are known to visibly calm irritation, soothe dry complexions, bring balance to oil-prone skin and promote moisture-retention. Phytocannabinoids are non-psychoactive cannabinoids and have no recreational use. The Perricone MD phytocannabinoids are extracted from the mature stalk of the hemp plant, are prized for their powerful antioxidant properties and have been used to address a variety conditions such as chronic pain and sleeplessness as well as skin conditions such as acne.

Phytocannabinoids deliver impressive antioxidant benefits which help stressed, oil-prone skin feel soothed, healthy and refreshed. Most men would benefit immensely from these products if you suffer from the result of prolonged shaving, irritation and continued exposure to the elements.

The 3 products in their range are the CBx for Men Super Clean Face Wash, Soothing Post-Shave Treatment and the Lightweight Moisturizer

CBx for Men Super Clean Face Wash | 150ml for £29
This product initially appears gel like but soon turns into a soothing, foamy face wash. Use sparingly as I've found that only a small fingertip amount is required to cover your face due to the heavy foam application. The product cleanses dry skin and softens your stubble pre-shave and works on all skin types.

CBx for Men Soothing Post-Shave Treatment | 118ml for £39
This soothing post-shave treatment gets applied to the skin much like many other post shaving creams I have tried. You need to use generously and straight after shaving to make the most of the cooling, calming feeling.

CBx for Men Lightweight Moisturizer | 59ml for £49
Use the moisturiser as the last step of your daily skincare treatments. This will give a final hydration to the top layers of your skin whilst minimising the appearance of fine lines and also evens your skin tone. This product is fast absorbing because it's a light moisturiser and will not leave your skin feeling oily.



In stores from October 2017.

My Men’s Grooming Top 4 Picks From MR PORTER

Men’s grooming has been and still is in a boom period, there are now many men’s grooming products on the market and with established brands launching men’s ranges and new brands launching completely new ranges. It is becoming increasing difficult to decide which products to use and which brands offer the highest quality results for fair prices. I’ve been reviewing men’s grooming products for a few years mainly working directly with the brands that make the products to give my feedback pre or post launch. Many of my favourite grooming brands are on sale at MR PORTER, your one-stop online resource for the best men’s grooming products. Recently I have been shopping at MR PORTER to trial a number of men’s grooming products and I wanted to share my Top 4 favourites with you.


LA MER, The Treatment Lotion, 150ml, £100.

Very aptly named The Treatment Lotion. After cleansing with a daily face wash, this product is the vital first step in my facial daily regime. Deeply hydrating, it comforts skin, soothes sensitivities and improves visual tone and texture. The formulation of this incredible product includes an extract from a remarkable marine algae originally found in the desert. This dormant algae has a naturally protective response system to help defend against extreme conditions and can be revived by a single drop of water. £100 for 150ml of this product is extremely good value and even with daily use it will last a long time. When applying to your face, this product initially has a smooth texture which feels like a light oil/water mix and therefore is easy to apply but what I love the most is that the shine then turns into a matte finish leaving your skin hydrated yet not shiny or wet in the slightest. To use: After cleansing, sprinkle a small amount onto fingertips or saturate a cotton pad. Press into skin. Massage outward from centre of forehead to temples, and then circle eyes gently 3 times. Sweep upwards from nose to cheekbones and from corners of the month to nose.


ERNO LASZLO, Phormula 3-9 Eye Repair, 15ml, £150.

Personally the most important step of my skincare regime is eye care and I think the majority of men would agree. Reducing puffiness and dark circles under the eyes is something that I would spend good money on a product that can help with this issue for many men. I’ve used many eye creams and this Phormula 3-9 eye repair from Erno Laszlo is my top pick due to the luxurious, rich, silky texture and it’s smooth finish.

It has the unique ability to hydrate and balance stressed skin. Its rich formulation of botanical oils and advance nourishing ingredients create a health dome over the skin. Phormula 3-9 deeply penetrates and saturates the skin to repair environmental damage, effectively improving tone, texture and hydration. To use: Twice daily, apply on cleansed and toned eye contour area. Using the ring finger, apply delicately around the ocular bone.


DR SEBAGH, Serum Repair, 20ml, £69.

As I mentioned earlier, eye care is my number one concern for my skin so in my top 4 MR PORTER men’s grooming products I have included this eye care serum formulated by Dr Sebagh. As this product is a serum, it will penetrate deep into the skin at the lower layers repairing any damage and can be used together with the above eye cream, or individually. If used with another eye cream, apply the serum first. This Dr Sebagh Serum Repair deeply moisturise and repairs your skin with this intensive treatment. Collagen levels and boosted and moisture retained for a fresher, plumper look. Use under your day or night cream, around the eyes for an instant tightening effect. To use: Apply morning and night to your perfectly cleansed face prior to moisturiser. Use any time for an instant radiant look. Shake before use.


ALLIES OF SKIN, 1A Overnight Mask, 50ml, £87.

Nighttime/Overnight care is as important as your daytime skincare routine. During sleep we lose a lot of hydration from our bodies and therefore from our skin. Keeping our skin hydrated during sleep time will majorly improve your skins health and look. Therefore this targeted Overnight Mask formulated by Allies of Skin is my final recommendation. In the 4 weeks I have trialled this product, it has become the first product I put in my wash-bag when packing to go travelling on holiday or for a work trip away. Not only during a nights sleep, this product protects and repairs your skin during air-conditioned flights or hotels rooms when you really need a luxury product you can trust.

Allies of Skin 1A Overnight Mask stimulates cellular renewal, regenerates and repairs skin whilst it sleeps, protects against dehydrating conditions. This leave-on mask works overnight to repair tired, stressed skin as it forms a protective shield against dehydrating heat, cabin air and pollution. It syncs with your skins sleep cycle to erase the effects of too much travel, partying, alcohol and too little sleep. Think of it as the most non-judgmental companion your skin with ever know. To use: Apply this treatment mask nightly to clean skin. For best results, use after misting face with Molecular Saviour Mist. Always use SPF the morning after.



Men's Nighttime Skincare Routine

Men are starting to look after their skin a lot more and I think this shift is due to more products being available for the male/unisex market, more information on how to look after your skin and also a culture change in the habits of men theses days. I grew up in a time where everyone used either mousse or gel (which came in big tubs of green grease) when styling their hair and facial skincare was fulfilled by a tube of moisturiser you got from your nan for Christmas and would most likely gather dust on your shelf unused.

Times have changed and I'm now looking after my skin on a daily basis, although I'm still finding that most men only look after their skin during the daytime and neglect a nighttime routine. Having a nighttime skincare routine is just as important as your daycare one because at night you become dehydrated and therefore so will your skin. Drinking water prior to going to bed and using an overnight treatment is the way forward.

Pollution damage is something we also need to guard against for our skin, which is new for even myself. I found this Molecular Saviour - Toner Mist online at Cult Beauty which is a great website for you to learn more about skincare and of course shop the latest skincare products. This product repairs damaged skin and protects against DNA, oxidative, pollution damage. It also helps protect against UV radiation and reduces skin damage. The perfect product for anyone who dwells in city life.

Overnight I use the Allies of Skin Overnight Mask which refines and brightens the skin while we sleep, it protects against dehydrating conditions and restores nutrient-deficient complexions. This product is perfect for someone who loves to over indulge, maybe it is too much travelling, partying or just too little sleep.

If you are interested to hear more about how you can protect your skin better and maintain it's health, comment or message me and I'll make sure I'll reply to all messages. Have a great day.