Olympéa & Invictus: New fragrances by Paco Rabanne | Fragrance Direct

Hands up if you tend to get a new bottle of fragrance for Christmas? Valentine's Day? Or how about your birthday? Me too! The problem that I have with that, is I tend to get gifted the same fragrance that I've worn for many years because your loved ones don't want to risk straying away from the norm. This tends to repeat year after year and then I'm stuck wearing the same boring scent until they have completely run out by which time I'm normally gifted another bottle of the exact same! 

Fragrances as well as clothing change in terms of trends. New, exciting combinations of perfume are discovered every month, so why stick to the same monotonous scent that you've worn tirelessly for years? I personally like to try multiple different fragrances and test the reaction of people when you first meet them. This is why I love brands such as Fragrance Direct because they are forever refreshing the collections that they stock, including the new exciting trends. 

"Wow you smell great, what are you wearing?"

On the 20th January 2018 I was introduced to these two incredible fragrances courtesy of Fragrance Direct, Olympéa & Invictus by Paco Rabanne. Two very unique bottles look great on your shelf either together as his & her's or individual. So this year whenever anyone asks what I would like for a present, I'm just going to direct them to the new fragrances on offer at Fragrance Direct, job done. Keeping it fresh and on-trend.

But What do Paco Rabanne Olympea & Invictus smell like? 


The scent of victory, the essence of heroes. A daring smash-up of freshness and heat. Marine and grapefruit flirt with the warm breath of gaïac wood and ambergris. Ecstatically addictive, a powerful stimulant. In it to win. Ingredients: Woody fresh - marine accord, laurel leaf, ambergris accord, grapefruit zests, guaiac wood and patchouli heart.


As charming as a modern goddess and just as disarming. Salty-vanilla, watery jasmine and ginger flower wrapped in cashmere. A divine potion of addictive sensuality. As soft and enveloping as skin. Ingredients: Fresh Oriental / Gourmande Floral Salty-Vanilla - salted vanilla, water jasmine, ginger blossom, green mandarin, ambergris and cashmere wood.

Valentine's Day Gifts for Him from Alex Orso Jewellery

February 14th, a day to show your affection for our loved ones as well as a day of spending quality time together to create life long memories. Rightly or wrongly it's also a day to exchange thoughtful gifts. It's nice to be able to buy your loved ones gifts all year round but financial that is challenging for must of us. Plus sometimes we become a little lazy and comfortable in our relationships so having Valentine's Day every year just reminds us to appreciate the people in our lives that mean the most to us.

Gifts that mean the most are ones that have lasting memories, which is why gifting jewellery is such a great idea but what's almost as important as the memory you create on the day which will not only be engraved into the jewellery but also the heart of your partner. So whenever they wear the gift, they are also transported back to that special happy day. Alex Orso's simple and meticulously throughout pieces make for the perfect gift this Valentine's Day. 

Style wise you can see how a simple a piece or pieces of men's jewellery can totally transform an outfit, so if you are after a one-of-a-kind pendant, a meticulously crafted bracelet or how about a gold, silver or ruthenium ring, then go check our Alex Orso now. 

Alex Orso x Carl Thompson.jpg



The Royal Exchange Gift Guide for Men

Who knew you could cram in so much luxury into one space. If you've not had the chance to frequent London's luxury nerve centre; The Royal Exchange, then I suggest you down-tools immediately and get yourself down there. Immured in this beautiful historic building is an unrivalled collection of boutique shopping and dining that serves as a fervent reminder that shopping is not just an experience, but one that should be embraced. 

Here are my top picks that spoke to me when I attended a bloggers breakfast there the other week. 



Like many brands in The Royal Exchange, Smythson has a wonderful and illustrious heritage. But not every brand can hold claim to being the recipient of 3 Royal Warrants. 

(Royal Warrants are a highly prized mark of recognition of individuals or companies who have supplied goods or services for at least five years to the Households of the British Royal Family). 

These sift deerskin backpacks illuminated the product bench and was almost speaking to me from across the room as I feasted. Needless to say after I finished my bacon & eggs, I gravitated towards this backpack, other sizes and colours from the Smythson Burlington range are available. 



Guys if you're looking to catapult your grooming game into the stratosphere then you should definitely check out the beauty products L'OCCITANE has to offer this season. It's a highly eco-conscious brand that invests heavily in research. A team of 100 researchers works in 11 laboratories, focused on topics from molecular biology to plant extraction to analytical chemistry so they're the good guys basically. 

I've been invited to review some rather doleful looking grooming products of late, so I was pleased to see some colourful packaging, certainly caught my eye they were kind enough to leave me a shaving balm in my goody bag. You never know a collaboration might be in the offing sometime in the future, watch this space. 



As you may have been getting the feel for recently on my blog, I'm in serious need of a  holiday. I'm in the market right now for some buccaneering swim shorts such as this Bulldog swim shorts from Orlebar Brown. 

It's got intrigue, it evokes aquatic escapism, in short (pardon the pun) it's a bit of me. Based on the pattern of a traditional man’s tailored trouser and crafted from quick-drying polyamide fabric with signature side-fasteners to adjust. 

Georg Jensen


Georg Jensen is a Danish brand, named after the eponymous Georg Jensen who founded the brand back in Copenhagen in 1904. The collection embodies that creative elegant-dynamism that propelled Georg Jensen to the front of the Art Nouveau movement. This Koppel watch was revolutionary when it first debuted in 1978; the current generation continues this tradition and remains a masterclass in understatement.

Sage Brown


Lastly but not leastly you should also check out Sage Brown. They do a variety of high end Man Bags, in a variety of formats such as this handheld, to messenger bags and rucksacks. If you're a jet-setter then Sage Brown can accommodate you with a plethora of travel accessories. Check out their site for details. 

Carl Thompson x Royal Exchange.jpg

There's plenty of other brands in the Royal Exchange that I want to mention but, this gift-guide can't go on for perpetuity. It might start sounding like a Tom Hanks Oscar speech. (Remember the one he gave for Philadelphia? 'I do know that heaven is over-flowing with angels..’ blub blub). 

Make sure you check out all the boutiques on offer at The Royal Exchange website. http://www.theroyalexchange.co.uk/boutiques/

Let me know in the comment bar below what you think to my choices. 

What to Buy Him for Valentines Day

I posted earlier today on what to buy HER for valentines day and now here is a post to help  the girls with what to buy us guys. If you are struggling with inspiration for what to buy the guy in your life for valentines day luckily for you, I have done all of the hard work for you. If your boyfriend likes to be wearing the latest fashion trends, is a gym or sports fanatic or is a gent who looks after himself through grooming products and scents, I have it all and nicely categorised for you below. 








Fathers Day Wrapped Up - A Gift Guide for Fathers Day 2016


Fathers Day is a day to celebrate everything our Dads do for us. Other than being a great Dad, Granddad and husband, my Father is also a great DIY handyman, taxi, cook (BBQ only), gardener and dog sitter! For all of his hard work, I got my Dad a Bee Home for the garden last year...a present that is still in it's box! So this year I'm starting early to come up with something a little bit better than that. Here are my top picks.
















It may be too early for most of you to talk anything Christmas related, but the supermarkets have started to sell Christmas crackers - so officially the cats out the bag, its Christmas buying season! So this year my family (Mum, Dad, Brother & Sister) have decided to do 'Secret Santa' which if you have never done it...is where everyones name goes into a hat and each person draws a name and buys that person their Christmas present for a fixed budget. The anticipation of the draw compares to an FA Cup Semi-Final where in some respects drawing my Dad is like drawing Chelsea at home - you sigh and wish the draw could be re-taken. If buying for your Dad is equally as difficult as buying for mine, then this little blog may help you out.

I have decided to review the Tresor Paris Men's gift set which consists of a tie-bar, a pair of cuff links and a money clip. This gift set is available in rose rose and stainless steel colours for £147 but if that is a bit punchy, you can also purchase each item separately. The design is exceptional with the small hexagon details, contemporary and stylish for a sartorial gent.

Sorry Dad but if you are reading this, chances are you'll get Costa Coffee and Cinema vouchers like last year! Ha joking, as I didn't get you in the secret santa draw....or did I?!!