Gillette Subscription Service: One to consider?

Today I'm going to be highlighting the Gillette Subscription Service. The idea of subscription packages is designed to be mutually beneficial for both consumer and customer. 

I run my own shirt subscription service for shirt enthusiasts whom enjoy a rotation of quality shirts. So you could say I'm well drilled. 

Of many of the subscription services out there, this to me is the one that makes the most sense. Men who have an established ritualistic grooming regime will always require quality razors. 

Step 1

With Gillette you have the options of 3 quality blades. Whether it’s the Mach3, our five-bladed Fusion5 or Proglide with Flexball technology, they have the right razor for you. 

Step 2

After you select your blade, choose how often you want to receive your refill blades.

I have a short beard but do like to wet shave certain areas like I've mentioned on previous posts. So as I have regular, yet modest use for a razor, my refill subscription would be lower than most.

Gillette base the frequency of blade refill deliveries on how often you shave in a week. Every refill pack we send has 4 blades from your chosen razor that you can attach to your razor handle so you never run out of blades. 

After you sign up

After you place your order, you will receive a starter kit including the razor of your choosing, a shave prep, travel case and one replacement blade. 

After 15 days Gillette dispatch your first blade refill pack and they will keep sending them out at your chosen frequency.

Can I cancel anytime? 

This is actually the best bit. So many times we get roped into yearlong subscriptions. Phone contracts, Gym, SKY TV etc. I think some of these companies act immorally. 

Why do I need to be tied to a Gym for a year? Imagine starting every relationship like that. Your first Tinder date. The girl seems nice but then after five minutes she whips out a contract that means you'll be buying her drinks for the next year.' 

I digress. 

The Gillette Subscription is one to consider. There are others out there of course but I approve of the concept and the products. 

*This paid sponsored post was created in collaboration with Gillette UK and The Hut Group. All views are of my own.


Are we Getting Out of the Beard Business Altogether?

‘You gotta go there to come back’, predicted the Stereophonics back in 2003. Never a truer word said, or at least scrolled across the top of a fourth studio album cover. Take what you will from that nebulous sentiment, I take it to mean you need to find the edges to feel within. Like how alcoholics refer to hitting rock bottom, and having nowhere else to go.

Where are you going with this Carl? Can you get to the point I’m not here for your quasi-quixotic dribble.

Sure thing, I digress. I was ruminating whilst out canvassing ringside across the multitude of runways in LFWM AW18; have we cleaned it up a little around here? Where are the neck tattoos and hipster beards so prevalent a few years back? I saw a neck tattoo on a Superdry model a few seasons ago and thought it was the end of days. Where do you go from there? As a rule breaker, where do you go when a Superdry model rocks a neck tattoo? Well as the Sterophonics so prophetically avowed, (see how I’m tying it all up here) You gotta go there to come back. You go clean baby.

If the trend setters of LFWM are the barometer regarding grooming, I’m certainly seeing the needle swing back to clean shaven. It’s more Cillian Murphy Peaky Blinders than Tom Hardy … Peaky Blinders. Myself, I like to have a semblance of a beard, something of a halfway house. If my beard was a hand in Blackjack, it would be a 17 and I’d never twist. I see my beard as the fence sitter of beards; carefully pirouetting through the unnavigable meteor shower that is beard trends

We get it Carl, your beard’s middle name isn’t danger, but what if I want to get out of the beard business altogether. What if I want to go clean?  

Gillette x Carl Thompson.jpg

For that I’d invest in the Gillette Fusion ProGlide Styler 3in1 Trim-Shave-Edge Waterproof. It’s dermatologist-tested and body-approved, even on sensitive areas. It’s Braun engineered power trimmer is designed for ultimate manoeuvrability and effortless, even trimming. You can still have a beard should you prefer, but this Precision Edging Blade gives you the ability to make crisp, defined lines and finishing touches. Shower-safe and can be used on your face or body.

Complete the clean look with the following accoutrements, Gillette Fusion ProGlide Sensitive Gel & Skincare 2in1 Alpine Clean Shave Gel and the Gillette Fusion ProShield FlexBall & Chill Effect.

What is your take on grooming trends for 2018? Are we all migrating back towards a cleaner look. Has the minimalism movement finally stinted the beard renaissance? Have your say in the comment box below.  

The Gillette ProGlide Styler is available from Amazon and leading retailers nationwide. RRP £20.
The Gillette Fusion ProShield Chill is available from Boots and leading retailers nationwide. RRP £12.