TOM FORD introduces BEAU DE JOUR: the new fragrance for men & women from TOM FORD BEAUTY

Tom Ford Beau de Jour.jpeg

Whilst it's remaining all quiet on the James Bond front, (no mention of whether Tom Ford will be back to do the wardrobe for Bond 25) we at least have a new private blend to look forward to.

The BEAU DE JOUR bottle is in keeping with the other Tom Ford private blends, inspired by classic apothecary containers and crafted with satisfying bold lines and weight.

The opening will be an incontestable fervent entrance of Lavender. Fresh, evocative. The spicy cardamom and saffron initiate the journey at the opening, as floral desert tones reverberate in a constant shift with an enigmatic sweetness of jasmine sambac.

It's been described as maverick by some e-tailors. Which is a near truth. The blend has a very esoteric appeal, an unidentifiable yet palpable undercurrent of danger. Yet there's a classic sensuality to it.

Which kind of silver screen hard man would wear this? Sure James Bond, the maverick. The chancer. But it's less black tie then Bond, it has a tangible thuggery to it. I imagine Edward Woodward's Equaliser would wear this before leaving the house. (Deep pull Carl, I know).

Patchouli and Amber create an earthy foundation of radiant wood and sensual musky warmth, further elevating Beau de Jour’s refreshing notion of masculinity through the finish.

Classed as unisex, which is not unremarkable as it has a very soft, velvet-like dry down. However, I'm more than happy to class this as a masculine scent. The fougere notes, the patchouli and the oakmoss shifts this blend into my wheelhouse. 

Tom Ford continues to create effortless and unique blends that keeps him firmly on top of the heap. Nobody does it better, (touché Carl) nobody daren't.



50ML – £162.00

100ML- £238.00


Tom Ford Grooming Experience in Covent Garden

When I was cordially invited to review the Tom Ford Grooming experience down Covent Garden last week, it was like being gifted the Willy Wonka ticket but without the grisly deaths and underlying threats to childhood obesity. 

It's hardly hot off the press, (the store has been open since November last year) however my visit couldn't have been timed much better as it coincided with the launch of Tom Ford's latest men’s grooming product, the Tom Ford for Men Definer Gel. 

Firstly, let's not bury the lead. The store itself is a marvel of modern science. Composed of six specialised rooms. The private blend fragrance room has a divine symmetry. The colour palette is soothingly coagulated with hues of grey, black and lilac trim. 

Reflective glass side panels compound one of those, 'where does the sea end and the sky begin' adages. All the design features from the half-circle cock pit and co-pilot chairs, to the Corinthian columns that greet you as you walk in, have an imperious quality whilst maintaining that intimate appeal. 

The only design fault is how damn hard it is to get a decent shot of any room without having your own reflection sully the photo. 

Guests can experience a range of exclusive grooming services by an the expert barber Chris Zoumides, including a beard trim, express facials, classic hot towel and close-cut cut wet shave, all bookable online. 



So what is definer like? 

I've always been reticent to have anyone tamper with my eyebrows. Although, I've always said if I was to have them plucked, I'd want one eyebrow to be in the shape of arch so I can give the impression I'm interested in people. 

This definer has made its way into my grooming regime with a bullet. I do have a tiny patch of sparseness around the eyebrows that could do with a little thickness. As I've mentioned a 1000 ties before, the eyes are the windows to your soul, so why not give them a little window dressing. 

Tom Ford x Carl Thompson.JPG



How do I use it? 

Use a tapered brush to define shape in the direction of brow growth. Build in areas where more coverage is desired. Comb through to blend and smooth.

RRP: £36.00

Best Scents 2018 | The Vanille Fatale Fragrance from Tom Ford Beauty

Step aside 'new year new me', that's not for me, however 'new year new scent' is something I can get on board with, in fact I've been finding a new signature scent every year since my teens. The last few years signature scents have been Creed Aventus (2015), Tom Ford Tuscan Leather (2016), Gold Knight by Kilian (2017) and could Vanille Fatale from Tom Ford be my 2018 scent? Well, yes of course as it has all the sweet, spicy, woody notes that I love in fragrances, it's bold, beautiful and most importantly totally unique. 

To say that I've been a massive fan of Tom Ford private blend fragrances for a few years is an understatement, I'm in love with them. Each and everyone has a story that you are immediately transported to in your scent memory. Tom Ford Tuscan Leather takes me to a cigar and whisky Gentlemen's club with a roaring open fire with big comfortable leather chairs, I can picture it now. I'm going to touch back to Tuscan Leather again and my other current Tom Ford favourite Tobacco Vanille which both have some similarities to the new Vanille Fatale franrgance. So if you love any of the aforementioned scents, Vanille Fatale is most certainly worth checking out.

New for 2018, TOM FORD introduces VANILLE FATALE, the defiant new scent from Tom Ford Beauty. Refined yet raw, polished yet primal, Private Blend Vanille Fatale grips the senses with stirring spices, grounded florals and robust woods. The wearer is transfixed from the start, as if under the spell of a tempest, a force of nature with an unrelenting hold.

Spicy saffron and coriander mingle with the incense of earthy myrrh and olibanum, intoxicating the senses at the opening. The heart reverberates with a tobacco-like pull of roasted barley and roasted coffee absolute, lending a pleasant bitterness, while rich narcissus and creamy frangipani seduce with grounded floralcy. Thick and distinct, Madagascan Vanilla blends beautifully with wood-forward mahogany, its dark, rich, smoky glamour made all the more exotic with primal, musk-nuanced suede at the finish.

TOM FORD VANILLE FATALE is contained in the classic Private Blend bottle. The 50Ml and 100mL flacon has the sleek, architectural look of a chess piece.