Olympéa & Invictus: New fragrances by Paco Rabanne | Fragrance Direct

Hands up if you tend to get a new bottle of fragrance for Christmas? Valentine's Day? Or how about your birthday? Me too! The problem that I have with that, is I tend to get gifted the same fragrance that I've worn for many years because your loved ones don't want to risk straying away from the norm. This tends to repeat year after year and then I'm stuck wearing the same boring scent until they have completely run out by which time I'm normally gifted another bottle of the exact same! 

Fragrances as well as clothing change in terms of trends. New, exciting combinations of perfume are discovered every month, so why stick to the same monotonous scent that you've worn tirelessly for years? I personally like to try multiple different fragrances and test the reaction of people when you first meet them. This is why I love brands such as Fragrance Direct because they are forever refreshing the collections that they stock, including the new exciting trends. 

"Wow you smell great, what are you wearing?"

On the 20th January 2018 I was introduced to these two incredible fragrances courtesy of Fragrance Direct, Olympéa & Invictus by Paco Rabanne. Two very unique bottles look great on your shelf either together as his & her's or individual. So this year whenever anyone asks what I would like for a present, I'm just going to direct them to the new fragrances on offer at Fragrance Direct, job done. Keeping it fresh and on-trend.

But What do Paco Rabanne Olympea & Invictus smell like? 


The scent of victory, the essence of heroes. A daring smash-up of freshness and heat. Marine and grapefruit flirt with the warm breath of gaïac wood and ambergris. Ecstatically addictive, a powerful stimulant. In it to win. Ingredients: Woody fresh - marine accord, laurel leaf, ambergris accord, grapefruit zests, guaiac wood and patchouli heart.


As charming as a modern goddess and just as disarming. Salty-vanilla, watery jasmine and ginger flower wrapped in cashmere. A divine potion of addictive sensuality. As soft and enveloping as skin. Ingredients: Fresh Oriental / Gourmande Floral Salty-Vanilla - salted vanilla, water jasmine, ginger blossom, green mandarin, ambergris and cashmere wood.