Ruark Audio R2 Streaming Music System Review | Tech & Interior Design

This month I've had my interior design hat on whilst transforming a few areas of my London flat but most importantly my front room/dining area. Currently the interior is black industrial with touches of copper on a backdrop of exposed brickwork. The first piece of furniture purchased was an all-in-one utility shoe rack and coat rail from IKEA which fit perfectly in-between my kitchen worktop and home working desk. Used as a storage area to remove some of the clutter thats just sat on the floor or piled up in the corners of the room.  

If you spend most of the week working from home like myself you'll need a workspace that is clutter-free, comfortable and inspiring. I've accomplished this in various ways such as indoor plants that brighten up the room, a KRUPS coffee machine to keep me focused and music in the background rather than the TV because I find I'm much more productive with music playing. 

Usually I play Spotify Premium from my iMac through my TV, although I've found that the sound quality ins't quite up to scratch, so I wanted a new streaming music audio system that not only plays Spotify out of the box but also sounds crisp and looks the part. After shopping around I settled for the Ruark Audio R2 mk3

Ruark Audio is a British acoustics brand, producing some of the most incredible music systems. Compact yet powerful, the beautifully discrete R2 is the perfect ‘all in one’ music system with award winning sound. It incorporates Bluetooth, Spotify Connect and Wi-Fi technologies which allow you to stream your music wirelessly and with a Spotify Premium account you can explore a huge library of amazing music without interruption.

Featuring DAB, DAB+, FM and Internet tuners, high quality aptX Bluetooth receiver, USB playback/power port, wireless music streaming and multi-room capabilities R2 Mk3 is a technological tour-de-force, but what makes R2 really special is its sound. With their experience in high-fidelity sound they’ve created a modern day music system which will bring new enjoyment to your listening experience.

Price £419.99 lick on the images above to be redirected to purchase, otherwise click here to find your local stockist.