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Last week I never wore hats, this week I'm converted and can't wait to go out in my new King Pin Bespoke Hat again. I'm not sure why I've never really been a 'hat fan' I guess I've always said to myself that hats do not suit me, without any real evidence of that. I'm sure so many men are in that exact same mind-set, so hopefully by creating this style edit for you, you'll see that in-fact hats are for you and they are stylish.

King Pin Hats are about quality and cutting edge design, popular culture inspired from Taboo to peaky blinders it’s so inspiring to see men rocking hats again! The hat has been reborn and becoming the norm in mainstream men’s fashion, yet worn in many ways from casual to suiting style the dapper gentlemen to the dandy.

King Pin a current topical brand strikes a balance of classic in a cutting edge way, offering exciting design with the finest quality materials and hand made. The hat bodies are made from rabbit fur which is a by-product and processed in a number of different ways to achieve different finishes depending on the clients preference from smooth peach bloom, suede to a mohair finish.

The Pablo (Which it the hat that I'm wearing) is made from a melusine fur felt, which is textured and brushed to give the luxurious feel, some hat designers use wool felt which a fraction of the cost but the quality is far from the superior quality of the fur felt to the touch and the look. The leather belt is ostrich embossed leather with chrome O-ring and tiny skulls. The leather belts are bespoke made for each individual hat in the UK.

Molly Bunce who is the founder of King Pin Hats believes it is about time that there is some choice in men’s hat design, hats which are made not for the purpose of mass production but one offs which ooze quality design class and have a presence about them and I'm inclined to agree. 

For this Style Edit, I've worn my King Pin (The Pablo) hat with a biker look. The black leather jacket is from Boda Skins, which I've layered over a plain white t-shirt from ASOS. My jeans and men's chain jewellery are also from ASOS, whereas the black brogue boots are from John White Shoes. As always, if you love this style, shop it by clicking on the images below.



Outfit of the Week | Men's Style Edit | ASOS, Superdry, Serge Denimes

This week has been pretty awesome, I started off the week doing lots of fashion photoshoots with loads of new clothing that I've brought, so I've got some incredible Style Edits coming in the coming weeks. Tuesday evening was a dinner event to celebrate the launch of the new Mont Blanc fragrance attended by industry experts, press and social influencers all joined together for a tasty evening at the Ivy Market Grill in Covent Garden. 

Wednesday night brought the launch of the new male grooming brand House 99 which was endorsed by the one and only David Beckham, who also attended the event and mingled for a couple of hours before heading off. Moving swiftly on to my Thursday where I had a meeting with one of my favourite brands of all time Boda Skins who are hosting a pop-up store just around the corner from Warren Street tube station. I managed to get my hands on one of their designer leather jackets which you do not understand how happy that makes me! 

Male grooming and fragrance aside, I feel that 2018 is going to be the year of men's accessories with designer sunglasses and jewellery at the fore-front of this trend. Just look at brands such as Serge Denimes, Taylor Morris and Alex Orso who are pioneering this trend in men's fashion. 

For my outfit of the week, I'm wearing an ASOS striped t-shirt layered with a checked wool blend jacket, black jeans and black Chelsea boots from Superdry. I've accessorised with a psir of H.F.S sunglasses by Taylor Morris, a Kartel watch, rings from Serge Denimes and a pendant chain from Alex Orso.

As always if you like the look, shop it by clicking on the images below.



Valentine's Day Gifts for Him from Alex Orso Jewellery

February 14th, a day to show your affection for our loved ones as well as a day of spending quality time together to create life long memories. Rightly or wrongly it's also a day to exchange thoughtful gifts. It's nice to be able to buy your loved ones gifts all year round but financial that is challenging for must of us. Plus sometimes we become a little lazy and comfortable in our relationships so having Valentine's Day every year just reminds us to appreciate the people in our lives that mean the most to us.

Gifts that mean the most are ones that have lasting memories, which is why gifting jewellery is such a great idea but what's almost as important as the memory you create on the day which will not only be engraved into the jewellery but also the heart of your partner. So whenever they wear the gift, they are also transported back to that special happy day. Alex Orso's simple and meticulously throughout pieces make for the perfect gift this Valentine's Day. 

Style wise you can see how a simple a piece or pieces of men's jewellery can totally transform an outfit, so if you are after a one-of-a-kind pendant, a meticulously crafted bracelet or how about a gold, silver or ruthenium ring, then go check our Alex Orso now. 

Alex Orso x Carl Thompson.jpg




It may be too early for most of you to talk anything Christmas related, but the supermarkets have started to sell Christmas crackers - so officially the cats out the bag, its Christmas buying season! So this year my family (Mum, Dad, Brother & Sister) have decided to do 'Secret Santa' which if you have never done where everyones name goes into a hat and each person draws a name and buys that person their Christmas present for a fixed budget. The anticipation of the draw compares to an FA Cup Semi-Final where in some respects drawing my Dad is like drawing Chelsea at home - you sigh and wish the draw could be re-taken. If buying for your Dad is equally as difficult as buying for mine, then this little blog may help you out.

I have decided to review the Tresor Paris Men's gift set which consists of a tie-bar, a pair of cuff links and a money clip. This gift set is available in rose rose and stainless steel colours for £147 but if that is a bit punchy, you can also purchase each item separately. The design is exceptional with the small hexagon details, contemporary and stylish for a sartorial gent.

Sorry Dad but if you are reading this, chances are you'll get Costa Coffee and Cinema vouchers like last year! Ha joking, as I didn't get you in the secret santa draw....or did I?!!