What's on Your Bucket List? Rally Driving Experience Review | Virgin Experience Days

In 2012 I jumped on a plane with one plan, to backpack my way through South America passing Guyana to visit the birthplace of my Grandma in George Town. It was without a care, no plan, no agenda, just me, a few tour guide books and a desire to do something different, to do something for me. It was an absolutely incredible trip, one that gave me an insight into the small Caribbean capital that my Nan called home for 17 years before leaving to the UK with two of her siblings for a ‘better’ life. It was during this trip that I decided to create a bucket list, places to visit, adventures to go on, books to read, knowledge to gain the list was seemingly endless. Without boring you with the entire list; one of the experiences was to learn how to drive a rally car.

5 years on and I finally got to fulfill that dream and yet another item ticked off the bucket list. So firstly I would like to thank Virgin Experience Days for the experience as I joined a fellow car enthusiast Emma Walsh on a day’s Rally Driving training. The location was at the Bill Gwynne Rally School at the Turweston Aerodrome in Brackley about an hour and a half from London.

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The day started off with a short introduction, you know the kind of safety video that you have to have before any driving experience. Then it was into the real training, firstly forget what you have learnt from years of driving on tarmac on your daily commute or on the go-kart track as those skills are not going to help you with rally car driving. To drive a rally car you need to be smooth and progressive when building up your speed and confidence. It’s more about turning in to corners much earlier than feels natural whilst controlling your lines through the accelerator pedal and steering. But that’s all you are getting in terms of tips, you’ll have to book it, feel it and fully immerse yourselves in it to know more.

2018 has just started and it was a small win to tick off one of my goals so early, it’s now given me a determination to do more. So why not join me and make this year one to remember, one to focus on to do something different, try new skills and seize the moment with both hands.

If you’re interested in trialing a but of rally driving, here are a couple of the Virgin Experience Day packages:




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