Spring Smart-Casual Workwear | Men's Style Edit

Dressing smart-casual for the office is without a doubt the hardest or all sartorial challenges and it's because there are choices to be made. Do I dress more casual? Or do I dress more on the side of smart? Are jeans and trainers acceptable? You get my point. My biggest tip would be to dress on the smarter side of casual or on the casual side of smart! Let me explain...

Dressing casually would translate to t-shirts, trainers, ripped jeans etc but for me they are too casual for a smart-casual look. Slightly smarter options are mid-blue jeans with no fades or rips, brogues or boots instead of trainers and layer a t-shirt with a smart jumper. 

Dressing smart would mean a suit, shirt and tie, but for me they are way too smart for a smart-casual look. Although the casual side of this would be a blazer or even an unbuttoned button-down shirt and definitely no tie.

I've styled this weeks men's style edit based on these rules, so what do you think?

My Smart Casual Spring/Summer 2018 Style Edit | Remus Uomo

If I review my social media messages and emails over the past year or so, the majority of them are around the subjects of how to dress smart casual followed by colour palettes that work well together then how to layer clothes. So in this transitional spring/summer style edit, I have tried to touch of each of these subjects and offer some kind of solution. For this outfit, I have teamed up with the guys from Remus Uomo and carefully scoured through their new SS18 collection to pick and style my hero pieces from the range.

This outfit is firmly in the smart-casual box, however leaning to the more casual side with trainers and an open buttoned shirt. I realise that this is not a look to go for in the office. However, this outfit has many facets, just button-up the shirt, tuck it in and layer with a blazer and you'll smarten up the look in no time. Another option would be to swap out the trainers with a pair of smarter shoes or boots and again you'll have another variation on this style edit.

Colour matching can be a complete headache and the most easy to spot if someone seemingly got dressed in the dark! If in doubt, stick to a classic colour such as white, black or grey which tend to go with everything then combine with another bolder colour. Stripe patterns, blues, whites, melange and navy are great colours for this spring/summer season and work extremely well as part of an outfit, so combine them together and you'll be just fine. Get the most from your new purchases and change the look up slightly with things you already have in your wardrobe. Colour wise you could change the navy t-shirt to white or even something bolder like a shades of pink, red, orange. For a great holiday evening look, change the blue trousers for a pair of white chinos.

It is officially spring and as we've already experienced temperatures can be as low as 0 degrees yet as high as 20 the further into spring we go, so it is important to know how to layer clothes. Layering-up is not just about throwing on a vest, t-shirt, shirt, blazer and coat then be done with it, you have to think about what colours and textures go well together and most importantly what your plans are for the day. How much time will you be spending indoors and well as outdoors? Will you be walking a lot or on public transport? I say this because being warm is an amazing feeling but layer too much whilst drinking a flat white, power walking to your next meeting and it can become extremely uncomfortable. For this look, the layering is simple, this t-shirt from Remus Uomo is pure cotton and slightly thicker in texture than a thin cotton t-shirt and therefore warmer, so I have layered with a soft light shirt. For extra warmth simply add a lightweight coat or blazer which you can carry when on the move.

As always guys, if you love this style edit, you can shop the look below by click on the product images. Thank you for reading.



*This is a sponsored post and has been created in collaboration with Remus Uomo.

Photo Credit Omnistyle

A Men's Spring Wardrobe Refresh: 1 Smart & 1 Casual Look

It feels a bit odd talking about what to wear for spring and how to transition from a winter wardrobe to a spring one when it’s the 19th of March and there is still snow settled on the ground in London. If I looked out of my window this morning, I would have thought that it was bang smack in the middle of winter. Yet if you go by the astronomical seasonal calendar then spring actually starts tomorrow on the 20th March 2018 and if you follow the meteorological seasons than it already started on the 1st March!

In truth, this is exactly when you need to think about making strides away from chunky knitwear and big coats and investing in transitional pieces of clothing such as thin knits and lightweight jackets.

I’ve been online shopping at House of Fraser to produce two Men’s Style Edits for you for inspiration on how to look the part this spring. The first style is a smart casual look, which is perfect for wearing in the office Monday - Friday or for those of us who are self employed freelancers because it is warm, comfortable and stylish. The second look is casual. It’s what I would wear at weekends, meeting friends, heading to the pub, museum, art gallery or whatever you get up to in your spare time.



This look was actually quite easy to piece together as the first item of clothing to jump out from the screen was this Linea Thames Merino Funnel Neck Jumper. It's a deep navy colour which is rumoured to be the colour of choice this spring for menswear. Although if this is not your preference, they also have the option to buy it in a charcoal colour which you could use as a substitute in this outfit and would still look great. This knit is made from soft, thin merino wool so it's breathable and therefore will keep you warm in cool days yet cool in warmer days or after drinking a coffee on a power walk through London to catch your morning tube! The zip goes from the neck area to your sternum (the breast plate bone), this gives you the ability to layer another coloured t-shirt underneath and unzip the knitwear displaying the colour contract in layers. Sticking to a navy theme I've chosen to add the Linea Hnedrick Half Lined Blazer, which is currently on sale from £125 to £65, so you'll have to snap this item up quick. I'm wearing a medium which would fit someone with a 39"/40" chest. I love the pale blue button hole which is perfectly tailored accentuating the impeccably crafted peak lapel. It's a blazer that just keeps on giving. No that is not a pocket square, it is the inner lining of the blazer pocket which you can pull up emulating a pocket square or tuck it in depending if it suits the complete outfit you are wearing. The lower half has been kept quite simple with a pair of Linea Battersea Cotton Stretch Trousers in black retailing at £39 and are also available in navy, charcoal and blue. Everyone knows footwear is the first thing people notice, so I've taken a bit more time picking out a pair of Chelsea boots, which are my boot of choice this spring. This pair from Dune have a beautiful herringbone fabric design for the elastic part of the boot which make them stand out from the huge choice that you have at House of Fraser. 


Sticking to a budget, I wanted to make small changes to the first smart-casual look and create something totally different for your weekend attire. I've achieved this by keeping the entire bottom section of the above outfit the same and just concentrated on styling my top half and accessorising slightly different with a weekend bag and sunglasses. The champion piece for this outfit is the Howick Gill Long Sleeve Jersey Polo (was £28 now £14) 50% off which mean you can now buy 2 for 1 from their colour selection of burgundy, navy and green. I did wear this jersey done up to the top button with nothing underneath and it looked good but I prefer it layered on top of a simple white pima cotton crew neck t-shirt as in the images below.

Photo Credit Omnistyle

*This is a sponsored post and was created in collaboration with House of Fraser.


Hammond & Co. by Patrick Grant | The Style Edit

What has your day looked like so far? Today, rather than just talking about fashion and products in this Style Edit, I'm going to run through what I've done so far today. My day actually started at 00:00, I mean yes everyone's day starts then but what I mean is I was still up. In fact I was working all night and finally put my pen down at 00:45, finally getting asleep at around 01:15. At 05:30 I was up to walk my dog Charlie for 45 minutes before getting ready for a planned photoshoot at 07:30 just as the sun is breaking through. The shoot, which was situated on the streets around the Oxford Street area was the above look wearing my favourite Hammond & Co. outfit purchased from Debenhams online.

My photographer friend and fellow blogger was late as per usual so I headed into the nearest coffee shop, set my live location tracker on Whatsapp and waited. With the rain starting to fall we headed to St Christopher's Place where I did my street-style photoshoot. Then with her hair starting to de-curl (apparently thats a major issue) we headed to Selfridges where I shot her street-style outfit. Back on the tube at 08:30 and heading back to Clapham to spend the rest of the day working-from-home. Home by 09:00 and I've already walked my dog, had a photoshoot, helped out another blogger with their photos and I'm feeling productive.

As you may know, I also run a shirt makers which I sell online and being Cyber Weekend, I had a few parcels to send to the Post Office, done. Coffee, tick. Emails done. I then had a brunch meeting followed by a Skype meeting. I've then edited these photos and started writing this post. In-between all of these tasks, I've caught up on I'm a Celebrity, done the washing-up, been to the shops for lunch, played with Charlie dog, done 50 swipes on Bumble and even changed a light bulb. 

Not only am I winning at today but I'm also winning in the style stakes. This outfit of the week is from the autumn/winter 2017 collection from Hammond & Co. by Patrick Grant. This incredible range specialises in formalwear or smart-casual attire, perfect for the work place, party season or even weekend wear. A stylish range of suits, coats, shoes, trousers, knitwear etc, so if you are shopping for yourself or for a Christmas gift you'll find something for every man in your life. 

My look is centred around one colour, a mustardy yellow cardigan. With this colour in mind, I've styled it with a dark grey blazer which has a similar colour subtly woven into its window-pane, prince of Wales check pattern. The navy pocket square has a mustard coloured polka and hem. The look is simply finished off with a pair of grey trousers, a tan strap watch and a pair of tan Chelsea boots.

I love it, do you?



4 Ways to Dress Smart or for Occasions

I'm so proud to reveal my collaboration with French Connection for Spring/Summer 2017. I was challenged to shop in the French Connection store on Oxford Street, London to style 4 completely different looks that I would class as smart or occasion wear. Well here they are, all styled with only 10 pieces of French Connection clothing to give you in insight in how you can use a piece of menswear such as a shirt and style it in a completely different way, yet still looking your sartorial best.






Photography by Rebecca Spencer

Getting The Most Out of Your Wardrobe: 1 Sweater 2 Ways

Let's not mess around, fashion can be and for most people is a major expense in your lives, it's fast and ever changing which means keeping up with trends is quite expensive. That's unless you invest in timeless classics, investment pieces or able to style one piece of simple clothing in different ways, meaning you'll get more use out of the garment and still appear like you have a busting wardrobe and not a busting bank balance than you actually do.

So today I'm showing you how I've worn this classic timeless sweater from the brand Classic Portuguese. This sweater is made from the finest Portuguese 90% wool mixed with 10% cashmere, which gives a super soft and light feel and enables you to wear directly onto the skin without a t-shirt underneath. 

Firstly I'm wearing the beige, sandy sweater in a smart casual way, simply combining the jumper with a pair of causal grey trousers and white trainers - a perfect look for spring.

For my second look, I have kept with a spring theme with a focus on layering. This style is a little more smart than the first, incorporating the Classic Portuguese sweater with a Hawkins & Shepherd white button-down shirt.



Photography by Rebecca Spencer

My Outfit of the Week | Wearing Reiss, Hawkins & Shepherd

I love doing photo shoots in London because you'll turn a corner or enter a building that looks like utter shit outside, yet you'll find some great architecture to shoot up against rather than a brick wall or white house. I mean there is nothing wrong with that, although I personally prefer mixing fashion, architecture and interiors. This shoot was a perfect example of that. I mean, I have to give credit to Kylie as she did a little bit of Instagram stalking and found this location. Little did we know but it was actually a council block of flats, secured with a resident only keypad type door. Although after sneakily following a resident into the flat, social engineering style, we were in, ready to shoot. Although the staircase has recently been painted red of all colours, it still offers an edgy, repetitive backdrop.

On to what I'm wearing in this smart, casual attire which is a mixture of Reiss and Hawkins & Shepherd menswear. The Reiss items are a grey roll-neck jumper, navy trousers and a camel scarf. The Hawkins & Shepherd offerings on this outfit are the black shoes and cashmere blend double-breasted overcoat in navy.

If you like it, shop it.



Photography by Kylie Eyra

A Bloggers Retreat | The Serpentine Gallery | Kensington Gardens

The Serpentine Gallery has become a bit of a bloggers dream backdrop. I'm not the first and will certainly not be the last blogger to rock up to this gallery and post the same image as every one else on Instagram! On initial viewing the structure was incredible, although not as white as it comes across on everyones images....good editing people! The early birds to this exhibition would have been able to have stood on the squares unopposed, however since so many people have been climbing the structure (fucking bloggers, spoiling it for everyone!), they've had to hire security to make sure you do not. I mean just imagine if one of the square tubes came away from the rest of the structure and it tumbled down like a Jenga puzzle, awks!

You can visit The Serpentine Gallery 10am - 6pm Tuesday to Sunday and is free to enter and located here (by the pin):

Do what I didn't and make a day of if as there is plenty more to do in Kensington Gardens then just sunbathing. Try visiting the Albert Memorial and if you have children visit the Diana Memorial Playground.

I would like to thank these guys and my photographer Kylie for the inspiration...here are a couple of other Men's Style Bloggers who have done similar shoots at this exhibition (Click on the image to view their Instagram Profiles):

Oh yes, what I'm wearing and why....well I had a few meetings and it was bloody hot, so I decided smart casual was the way forward. In hot weather when you are jumping on and off the tube and you have to wear a shirt, go for the most roomy fit and the most breathable fabric (linen or a poplin cotton weave). Chinos are great in the summer too, a light airy fabric and can transition easily from smart to casual.



Photography by Kylie Eyra

Dressing my age and not my shoe size!

By all accounts according to my parents, I was a bit of a whiney, crying, bad tempered little brat when I was young. One of the crackers I recall my Dad using all the time with me was "CARL, act your age and not your shoe size"...total Pete classic and I'll be using that one when I eventually have kids! Well I guess the same applies to what you wear too.

The above was an attempt to dress my age and not my shoe size, at an initial glance I didn't really like what I'm wearing here. However the more I look at it, I'm on the right track as there are good aspects to it. For example the top half is good, shirt, blazer, sunnies nice. 

I think the issue comes with the trousers, they were too loose, too long, I forgot my belt and the colour wasn't what I was expecting, so the shoes were swamped by them. Take this outfit, change the trousers with some desert coloured slim chinos or stone/grey ones and I think you are on to a winner.



Photography by Rebecca Spencer


Every so often I have to head out of the comfort of my Clapham home office into town for a meeting and I always struggle to know what to wear. London's office style is changing and it is no longer as simple as putting on a shirt, suit and shoes. With more traditionally corporate offices adopting casual-Fridays, some opting for no-tie smart attire, some smart-casual and others just wear what you feel comfortable in...it makes dressing for a meeting a bit of mission. 

On this occasion I was visiting digital design agency Vitamin London to discuss some major changes to the ascetics and functionality of my website hawkinsandshepherd.com. Digital, creative...hmmm...that sounds casual right? Probably but then again I don't want to turn up looking like I haven't made any effort and after all I have another meeting afterwards in a traditional office block. What to do? 

More often than not, we worry about things that actually don't matter much at all and this meeting was one of those occasions as Jacob (Vitamin's Founder) greeted me in a floral bomber jacket over the top of a navy check shirt (see above images). Talk about creative!

What I tend to do is dress in dark black jeans with no rips, or a pair of slim-fitted fashion trousers, what I mean by fashion trousers is not just a pair of baggy trousers that you wear with a suit but instead a tailored pair of grey prince of wales check for example. Shoes, but a type that can bridge the gap between smart and casual, like a pair of brogues. Then a button-down shirt as it is the perfect shirt to look smart but also casual with the sleeves rolled, lastly a big long smart overcoat. You might feel a little over dressed for the most casual and fashionable offices. You might also feel too under dressed in a hedge funds head office but generally speaking you'll tick all the boxes. Now just concentrate on the meeting itself!






As the bell rang for the start of the Moda Exhibition trade show this morning at 9:30am, it's was a perfect time to give you the low down on my brand Hawkins & Shepherd of which I have spent the last 3 years refining. Mainly we're an online brand, but this year is my assault on the high streets of the U.K. so hopefully you guys will finally have the chance to feel and try on our quality products. You shouldn't have to settle for second best and you won't ever have to with Hawkins & Shepherd. So wish us luck for this show.

Hawkins & Shepherd started its life selling traditional 1920's style pin collar shirts, we had and still have the largest pin collar range found anywhere worldwide and this range is ever increasing as it's still our signature product. This year as part of a large scale restyling across the brand and in keeping with market trends, I have designed our first button-down smart casual shirt, available in plain pinpoint weave fabrics as well as print textiles milled in Portugal. 

Prints have been trending among the fashion elite since 2012, with the designs moving away from (now tacky) large animal prints, to smaller floral and now smaller again we are in the era of the micro-print and it's only now that these prints are suitable for shirt design. There is a reason why plain shirts sell best and it's because we like to accessorise with pattern ties and pocket squares. Too much print is a big no no, print on print is a struggle to get right and often ends up too garish. However with the micro print being subtle and discrete, it opens up new possibilities in shirt design and styling of which Hawkins & Shepherd has now dipped its toes into.

Further to our new shirt offerings, we have entered into a partnership collaboration with woman's wear tailor 'to the celebs' Calder London on our very first suit and overcoat range, using British fabrics from Holland & Sherry which are the finest in the world. We have designed a limited edition 100% cashmere overcoat in classic camel and navy which will be retailing at £1,600. If this is not for you, we also have a cashmere blend (20% cashmere, 80% wool) overcoat available in dark grey (burgundy on the underside of collar) and navy (orange on the underside of collar) which will retail at £985. Our suits, which are again British Holland & Sherry fabrics and 100% wool. Hawkins & Shepherd will offer a windowpane/prince of Wales check and small hounds-tooth designs in both single and double breasted cuts. These are retailing at £775. All available to trade this weekend at Moda and will be available online at www.hawkinsandshepherd.com from the 1st March.

I guess looking in, it all sounds great as I'm brilliant at sugar coating things but it has been a hard slog, if I'm honest. All of this has not come easy and I'm still in so many respects struggling to take the brand to another level. It has been 2.5 years of hard graft, with many successes and failures, although it's the failures that I learn most from. I'm not sure if you know but Hawkins & Shepherd is totally a one man band, it's me, the designer, accountant, tea-boy the lot...and I have SO much passion for my brand...so its hard when I don't have immediate success overnight!! I've given up so much to build Hawkins & Shepherd, from giving up a rewarding career, an early night is something of a rarity these days, my front room is now a storage room for shirts, I now work harder than I ever have and the salary, well what salary!!! Saying that I love every minute of it, I love sharing with my readers stories of my brand and other brands that I work with. I also now have a greater knowledge of what makes menswear products great which I can pass on to you. 

So finishing with a shameless plea, please please please help SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL BLOGGER (me!) AND BRAND (Hawkins & Shepherd)!!! It would mean the world to me...just call it a donation, to help me build the brand xx




Photo Credit Sophie Milner


Many more companies these days are allowing employees to dress in smart-casual attire which has its ups and downs. The up-side is that you can invest in your everyday wardrobe and utilise clothes that you wear inside and outside of work together. The down-side is that you now have to think about what to wear, rather than just wearing the same navy suit and 5 shirts that you ironed on Sunday evening whilst watching the X-Factor.

What does smart causal actually mean? Are Jeans, T-Shirt and trainers allowed? For me I would always side on the smart side of smart-casual. In the look above, you could always remove the tie & blazer to make the look more casual if needs be.


Photo Credit Sophie Milner


Of course Ralph Lauren has always been an exceptional fashion, clothing designer however for me, it's the 'return of Ralph' because I just haven't worn this brand for a very very long time and thanks to infinities.co.uk that has changed. We all get into shopping habits because, well it's just easier to buy the same clothes from the same brands but what I'm challenging myself to do is to mix it up a little and buy pieces from different labels and today it is Polo Ralph Lauren's turn! Men's fashion changes quickly these days and just because a particular designer does an amazing Spring/Summer collection doesn't mean they will also nail Autumn/Winter - so shop around people.

The outfit I have put together for you today is perfect for this warm autumnal weather. Firstly pink is not just a summer colour as it goes amazingly well with a dark navy jacket or also grey which are the most common blazer colours. The shirt is an oxford weave which is soft, warm and hardier and therefore perfect during the cooler months. Dark jeans paired with brown/tan suede trainers complete the look. Transition the look from Autumn to Winter by simply adding a layer of knitwear.

This is also the perfect day-to-night outfit because it is so versatile. Wear the shirt tucked in to trousers/chinos with a blazer and shoes for a formal look. For smart-casual, replace the trousers for jeans and maybe untuck the shirt. Then for a casual look, replace the shoes for trainers and also roll the sleeves. My final bit of advice for wearing button-down shirts is to not wear them with a tie, it looks awful...these shirts are much better open.

So if you want to join me in my revival of Ralph Lauren, look great and feel like you are wearing quality craftsmanship that will give you confidence - you can shop my look and other similar products below.



With the anticipation of the Rugby World Cup in the air, I thought I would put together an ALL BLACK autumn/winter 2015 look. The kiwis aka 'The All-Blacks' are the current holders of the Rugby World Cup and probably the most feared team. For those of you who are interested the Rugby kicks off on the 18th September hosted by our rugby crazy nation. 

Back to Men's Style! With Autumn of the way it is usually a good time to start wearing blacks, greys and anything earthy. Although I still think we'll be wearing shorts in September due to an Indian Summer (maybe I'm too optimistic!).

Combining a formal pin collar shirt and tie combo with biker jeans isn't your conventional combination but rolled up sleeves and tattoos make this look a little edgier than it should normally be.

The black slim fit shirt with pin bar is from Hawkins & Shepherd as is the 100% silk paisley tie. The biker jeans are from ASOS and the black brogues are from DUNE London.


Photo Credit Sophie Milner


It's been all over the news, Britain is in the middle of a two week heat wave, which shouldn't be of surprise as it happens every year at some point, although a little unpredictable when. Which is why your wardrobe NEEDS a pair or two of chinos. It's these hot, sweaty days when the inner silk lining of your suit sticks to your body and your jeans are just way too hot - that you need to turn to your chinos for help!

Everyone knows that summer in London can be great, with all the festivals, bear gardens, pop-up foodie places, alfresco dining etc need I go on. But it can also be one of the must frustrating, mainly the unbearable heat of the tube, especially when stuck in a tunnel due to 'someone taken ill'. 

I would recommend a light coloured chino in these days of crisis. In particular from SPOKE LONDON where fit comes first. I have been a lover of chinos for a long time but it is hard to find a pair that fits well around the thigh as well as the calf. When I first tried on this pair of their almond flex design I could feel the quality of the materials used and also they fitted perfectly. The waist fitted so a belt was not required, the thighs all the way down to the calf fitted exceptionally without being over skinny, I even caught a 'few' girls (well you have to exaggerate these things!) checking out my butt - so it must have fitted nicely there too. They were comfortable, practical and look awesome.

The chino is so versatile, the above look was smart-casual which I think works best. I styled the Spoke chinos with a Peter Werth navy blazer, River Island white t-shirt and brown tassel loafers by Hudson Pierre. You can easily change this up a little with a shirt/tie for a formal look or tone it down by removing the blazer and throw on a pair of casual footwear for a more casual look.

Spoke-london.com have a large collection of chinos and update their looks regularly. Although it's not just about having a large range - the colour palettes and fabrics their designer choose are bang on. Being in the tailoring business myself, I understand a bit about quality products...I love the fabric used and the small details of the pocket fabric, the branded buttons, the ribbon lining and the quality of the seaming & hemming. 

Their website is also well designed and intuitive, with major emphasis on getting your fit right. They have a fitting guide where you measure your waist, leg and thigh then input it into a calculator and like magic you are told the best size for you.

If you head over there now, some of their designs are up to 30% off which is a bargain for something that will cost around the £60-80 mark and last a very long time.



Spoke Chinos | Peter Werth Blazer | River Island T-Shirt | Hudson & Pierre Loafers

Photo Credit Sophie Milner


Without sounding too much like a broken record, I love mint. Mint choc-chip ice-cream, mint aero, spearmint, peppermint, mint tea and especially that mint tea-tree shower gel that tingles your balls! More than all of that I love this Mint Extreme Cutaway Shirt that I have crafted for Hawkins & Shepherd SS15.

I love so many of the shirts I create but this one is my current favourite, the mint stripe is so subtle and the touch of peach on the last button hole goes so well.

In this post I wanted to show you how you can utilise one shirt both formally and casually. If you would like to read the 'Mint Green Formal Look' post, click on the picture below:



Being Summer, I think the subtle mint green in the shirt goes best with pale tones which is why I have styled the shirt with light jeans, a light grey cardigan, tan brogues and sea foam socks.

Does it work? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.



Hawkins & Shepherd Shirt | ASOS Jeans | Diesel Cardigan | Hawkins & Shepherd Socks | Tan Brogues

Photo Credit Sophie Milner


When looking at shirt trends this Spring Summer, I immediately think of the gingham check worn in a smart casual look. Here I have chosen to wear a penny cutaway collar shirt but this look would also work well with a casual button-down collar.

This is a great versatile look that can span through Spring & Summer:

Spring: On cool days, add a thin jumper. When the sun peeks out from behind the clouds or for a more casual look just remove your blazer roll the sleeves. 

Summer: Leave the blazer at home, roll the sleeves. The shirt would also work well with shorts over a white t-shirt and unbuttoned.

But what is Gingham check?

First and foremost it is a check fabric, woven so that the difference colours contrast in subtle and bold tones and can be found in different size checks. 

Gingham is a medium-weight balanced plain-woven fabric made from dyed cotton or cotton-blend yarn. It is made of carded, medium or fine yarns, where the colouring is on the warp yarns and always along the grain.



Reiss Grey Blazer  | Hawkins & Shepherd Shirt | ASOS Boots | Hawkins & Shepherd Socks | ASOS Jeans