Killer Autumn Overcoats for Men in 2019 | Outfit of the Day

What Overcoats should men be wearing this Autumn in 2019? 

A. I've opted for a brown check longline overcoat from River Island available for £90. 

This coat is very accessibly priced and will be a great addition to your Autumn wardrobe. If you're looking to upgrade your AW19 wardrobe but don't want to break the bank then why not look at investing in this brown check overcoat from River Island. 

For styling I paired this overcoat with some Lace Up Military boots. It's a confident look. It's very sleek the neutral colours and slim fit gives the impression that you've put some effort into your look, without trying too hard. 

I've matched the dark tones of the boot with some black washed skinny jeans. The Overcoat is really the centrepiece so I avoided any 'out-there' check trousers or patterns that would clash. If you wear this overcoat with denim it injects some street to the mix. 

My brown stitch panel slim fit jumper is just the perfect colour to contrast the skinny jeans without straying too far from the hues of the Overcoat. I prefer to go from light to dark as I layer out. 

Lastly my beautiful black leather cuffed gloves are an awesome accoutrement. Again it brings a level of class to the outfit. 

I'm wearing my Versace watch to add some gloss to the ensemble. 

Now notice at the top I asked what Overcoats should you be wearing for Autumn AW19? I've cheekily put the emphasis on the plural. It would be remiss of me not to mention my own Cashmere Camel Coat, available through my website

Reduced in price now so a perfect opportunity to grab an investment as the weather starts to turn.