Is it Time for Lightweight Knits | Men's Style Edit

I hate to bring up the thought of knitwear after the summer we've had in London but the UK weather is like the Greek stock market, pretty unpredictable. Take today for example, sunny for a touch, mainly rainy and now that it's early evening (around 6pm), I'm starting to feel a little chilly. Maybe we're all now so used to 36 degrees with 90% humidity...who knows.

Lightweight knitwear really is the answer on days like this because it is light, breathable and warm. How to style: you can layer over a t-shirt if you would like another option to control your body temperature or just wear the knit alone if the materials are comfortable enough on your skin. There is nothing worse and it's like torture if you wear an itchy 100% woollen jumper direct onto your skin. 

I love the cut of these thin knitted jumpers and you can get them everywhere, my favourites are from ASOS, Uniquo or NINES Collection and you can get them in a variety of different colours. Great colour choices for AW18 are navy, burnt orange, grey and really dark greens. 

I've styled the knitwear simply with a pair of black jeans, men's jewellery and a white pair of custom designed Superga mid-top trainers.



Photography by Charlie Sawyer

Yellow Tinted Sunglasses | The Latest Men's Summer Trend | Men's Style Edit

If you wasn't sunning it up at the most Instagrammable festival this week, aka Coachella in Palm Springs, California then you were probably getting royally pissed off with everyone that was. In all honesty I have no clue what bands played or if it was genuinely any good. All I know is that it's quite stylish and there seems to be a big wheel in the middle of it that's in the background of everyone's photos. 

What I did get out of all the 100's of instagram photos that I liked is confirmation on something that I've known for a while - yellow tinted sunglasses are this years festival trend. Actually let me rewind, this is not just a festival trend but one that will span men's, women's and unisex accessories this summer.

The yellow tinted sunglasses that I'm wearing in this men's style edit are from Gucci. Navy and yellow always work well together so I've gone with this colour theme for this look. My navy essentials t-shirt is from Zara and the layered navy striped shirt is from Reiss. My jeans are from ASOS, shoes from Goodwin Smith and finally watch from Rotary.




The Cuban Collar Shirt | Men's Style Edit

Okay so we're forecasted continuous rain in the UK for the next 10 days, so I couldn't feel less Cuban right now if I'm honest! Some people say that I have an over imaginative mind and I'm harnessing all of it's power right now in the attempt to imagine this shirt on the beaches of Cuba or in-fact anywhere remotely sunny. Instead I've thrown off my large warm jacket, umbrella and photographed this outfit during a brief break in the weather on the streets of London.

It's quite hard trying to showcase new SS18 (Spring/Summer 2018) collections when the weather just isn't playing ball...but as a predominately fashion blogger, I have to persevere, adapt and carry on regardless. I love the simplicity of this look, a basic monochrome palette and on-trend Cuban collar shirt completes a very summer look. Imagine this on a tropical paradise sipping a cocktail.

Starting from top to bottom, I'm wearing sunglasses from Finlay & Co, a white Cuban shirt from Reiss, watch from Rotary, skinny black jeans from ASOS and white trainers from Cole Haan.



Photography by Rebecca Spencer

Autumnal Season Workwear | Transition Seamlessly for Work

Boy 'o' boy do us Brits love to talk about the weather all the time. Not only did I just spend 15 minutes of my life watching a Celebs Go Dating couple talk about how changeable the weather was, non-stop throughout their date, but it is also all over twitter. With people that I follow commenting the likes of "I can't believe summer is dead", "say goodbye to summer", "how on earth did it go from summer to winter so quick?" - you get the gist. Maybe they all have a point; to be fair the weather in the UK does dictate a lot. Cold days equal a lot of swiping left (and occasionally right) on Bumble, whereas a warm day and I'm down the pub in shorts and flip-flops sipping an ice-cold cider. 

Fashion is so heavily dictated by the weather and with the UK weather so unpredictable, it does make it a little bit more difficult to dress when the seasons are transitioning. Personally I'm an optimist and I refuse to believe that the warm weather is over. Yes we have had a cold snap as of late and I've been bringing out a few coats from the clothes archive but look back at 2015 & 2016 where we had days in October that recorded above 20 degrees celsius. Hello Indian Summer.

Layering is one way to combat these warm yet cold days but that works better when dressing in a casual attire. Deciding what to wear for work during these changeable months if far more difficult, especially if you work in a formal environment. What I suggest is simple, for the warmer days, dress as per the style in this post. Trousers (no socks optional), shoes, cotton poplin weave shirt (which is very breathable and lightweight), blazer and sunglasses (optional). Okay so for days when it is a little bit cooler, simply add socks and a coat. You can also change your shirt for a thinker weave, lets say an Oxford, which is still breathable but a bit weightier than the poplin weave. 

For my Autumnal Season Workwear Outfit of the Day I've chosen to shop in a variety of different places such as, ASOS, To Boot New York, Hawkins & Shepherd, Seiko and Taylor Morris. 



Photography by Sophie Milner

My Eyewear Style Edit

Accessorising an outfit has always been a way of adding extra personality and can be done perfectly by selecting a pair of stylish frames from David Clulow opticians. These incredible, tortoiseshell coloured eyewear are from Oliver Peoples latest collection and are extremely versatile. There are so many decisions that you need to make when choosing the perfect glasses for yourself and it can be very overwhelming. Different face shapes suit certain frame shapes, large frames, small frames, do they fit correctly on your nose etc are amongst some of the most common questions asked. Often it is good to bring a friend along when choosing the right glasses for you or of course you can always go into David Clulow opticians and discuss everything with one of their style experts.

The glasses style experts at David Clulow will be able to give you expert advise to make absolute sure that you choose the perfect pair or pairs. Personally when choosing glasses or sunglasses for that matter, I also look at my style of clothing and what palettes I like to wear most. Also when will I wear these glasses? For work, watching TV, going out or a utility pair? All these questions need to be answered. If I'm buying a pair for work, I would want a solid colour such a black frame which would work well with any coloured suit. Whereas, my indoors pair would have to be more flexible and light in weight. Finally a going-out pair would be where I choose something a bit more risky, a bit more stylish to stand out from the crowd.

This outfit of the day is focusing on mixing tan tones with black and therefore I've accessorised perfectly with my Oliver People glasses and Harrys of London tan sneakers. If you imagined this outfit with a pair of green or red framed glasses, I'm pretty sure it wouldn't work as well. So getting the right pair of glasses for your own personal style is something you should take time to get right. 

Recently I collaborated on a 'day in the life of' type video with David Clulow. So make sure you head over to their website (link below) to watch the video and read my full interview discussing eyewear and style.



More styles available in-store, use their store finder to find the closest one to you.



Photography by Ella H

*This post was created in collaboration with David Clulow*

Camber Sands Beach Lookbook | In memory of those lost

It feels quite weird to be posting a Camber Sands shoot the day after so many fatalities on the beach where we did this photo shoot a week this post is dedicated to those who have lost their lives on British beaches this year, may you all rest in peace. It really does hammer home how fragile life is and how important it is to respect life as well as living life to it's fullest. You don't have to tell me this space! 

It feels wrong to drag this post out too long so I'm just going to explain what I'm wearing and where I brought the clothes from.

Starting from the top, I'm wearing a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses purchased from David Clulow. The breathable lightweight light blue button-down shirt is perfect for these heat-wave temperatures we have been getting and it is of course from the one and only Hawkins & Shepherd. My watch is from the ultra slim collection from Rotary. White chinos trousers are ASOS and finally you have to try these grey slip-on pumps by Daniel Footwear which are currently in the sale down to £59.99.



Photography & Videography by Rebecca Spencer

Sunday Somewhere = My Sunglasses Everywhere

Head over to Sunday Somewhere on Instagram and you'll find a plethora of celebrities wearing their frames or beautiful people wearing beautiful sunglasses in beautiful locations around the world. Going against this trend, I decided to take their awesome 'Valentine-Tea' round sunglasses around the grey colours of London.

I do feel like our country is a bit of a joke for the majority of the international community right now, firstly due to BREXIT but secondly after last night's defeat to Iceland in the European Football Championships. without going into too much detail, its a gloomy time especially in our capital city who overwhelmingly voted remain. So today I'm going to take my Sunday Somewhere sunglasses and book a holiday somewhere hot.

As well as some other amazing influencers, we won this FEELSxSUNDAYSOMEWHERE brand ambassador collaboration with Sunday Somewhere on the FEELS app, you can download it yourselves and enter into competitions to work with some of the largest fashion brands globally. 

The above shoot was taken by Ella H as we took a wonder around the Embankment/Westminster area. Here I'm wearing a redish, pinkish, creamish...kind of like a rhubarb custard sweet coloured knitted jumper by M.Studio - a brand designed in Paris by The jeans are a summer light-wash style, by ASOS. My rose-gold slimline watch is from Paul Smith. Finally I'm wearing a pair of Happy Socks with Jim Rickey trainers. You can shop all the items at the bottom of this post.

The above shot was from one of my previous shoots around London with Rebecca Spencer which I wanted to repost because it shoes the sunglasses frames in such an amazing angle.

The above image by Kylie Eyra was taken as part of my festival essentials post.

In the above shoot, I'm actually on the way into the office, so no clue why I'm smiling so much! It's taken by Rebecca Spencer once again and I'm wearing all Hawkins & Shepherd formal menswear.





Photography by Ella H, Kylie Eyra & Rebecca Spencer 

Personalise Your Sunglasses This Summer with KITE

Without sounding too much like Barney Stinson from 'How I Met Your Mother' with all of his rules like 'New is always better' but we do all look better in sunglasses, period! Although there are exceptions to this rule. For example, you can never wear sunglasses on the London Underground, never, you just look like an egotistical twat. 

Some people collect shoes, bags, trainers or coats. In winter I pretty much collected knitwear and coats and now in Summer I'm building quite an impressive sunglasses haul. In my collection are cheap pairs from £10-20 all the way up to a couple of pairs around the £300 mark, so these new ones from KITE are right down the middle at £150. 

KITE are a relatively new UK brand, launching in 2014 based on British design and Italian craftsmanship. Sometimes to improve on something as classic as optical glasses and sunglasses, you have start with a blank piece of paper which is what KITE have done. Shoppers can be savvy but most of the time we are just puppets to major marketing strategies by massive brands designed to engage us into purchasing their products. In many respects shoppers have become wiser to companies spending millions to force their particular brand message or new season products on us...which has given birth and a rise of the blogger - a personalised voice for all brands, small, medium or large. KITE are a major NEW brand success story, built from scratch and proving that you don't have to have a heritage from the 1800's to be successful and making great products.

The advantage KITE has in the current marketplace is they were able to start from scratch. Their designs, their service and their pricing model are all unique. Firstly, they offer a flat £150 fee for all of their sunglasses and optical designs, which includes lenses and also offer a free high tech eye test.

During my first visit to their flagship Westfield Stratford store, I was greeted by friendly knowledgeable staff - who seemed like they were genuinely passionate about the design and product they were promoting (not selling). I mentioned 'not selling' because I didn't feel like the staff were the hard selling type at all. The whole process was about them assisting me in choosing the right frame for my face and whilst incorporating my own personal style. The final product is totally customisable by choosing different frames, arms, lenses and even an artist inspired lens cloth. 

My final designed sunglasses were a bold tortoiseshell frame with slightly more discrete tortoiseshell arms and tan faded lenses...what do you think? You can head into store or shop online below with a few of my favourite pairs.




Photography by Ella H


I feel that packing for a festival should be a master of arts degree. We are well and truly in the middle of the UK festival season so here are my list of things to pack for a festival so you'll be ready to hit the fields in style and comfort.


Now there is something to be said about having a massive 8-man tent that has its own east and west wings and a place where you can get changed standing up. What to remember is that these tents and pretty heavy to carry and take an age to put up, so leave that to one of your mates and just reap the benefits of their hard work. What you should do is invest in a 2 second pop-up tent from Quechua as they are made extremely well and are dual skinned which means you wont get all the condensation on the inside of your tent. Arrive, throw your tent up and crack open an a beer whilst watching and maybe filming your mate struggle with his 8-man'er.


Lets be honest, its England and it will rain so you'll probably end up wearing your wellies most of the time - so you need to have a pair that are cool and comfortable. Hunter have a vast range of quality comfortable wellington boots but are expensive so an alternative would be to purchase a pair from Barbour at half the price. Another alternative if space is an issue, you could opt for a pair of mid-calf smaller wellies.





Don't be that person. You know the laughable fool dragging their massive suitcase through the mud whilst finding a suitable place to pitch up. They can be quite expensive, so if you have a friend who has done a bit to travelling...shotgun to borrow theirs. 


If you are the sort of person like myself that once the seal has broken needs a piss a pint. So I'm forever leaving my mates and going to the toilet and losing them on my return. I need my phone and it charged at all times. Check out the chargers from ANKER, they also have battery cases that will clip on to your phone...winning!


Party hard and sleep well. Take a single air-bed but remember if you have the normal air-beds they will require a foot pump. So opt for these self-inflating single mattresses with a cheap pillow that you can throw away at the end of the festival.


Fed up of drinking cider, beer and who buys a vodka and coke at a festival?! Dip into your hip flask filled to the brim with your favourite spirit, probably saving you money at the same time.


Unless you are glamping, you'll probably not going to queue a couple of hours to have a cold shower. So take a packet of wet-wipes and lots of deodorant.


To mop up all that alcohol!



If there is one place where you can get away with wearing the most out there, wackiest print t-shirt or shirt - its at a festival. ASOS currently do some awesome floral prints and have hand-picked a few choices below.


Fancy that hot girl to my 5 o'clock, the one with the flowers in her hair? Nope don't turn around just yet, put on your sunglasses and have a cheeky glance over. Don't bring your £200 vintage Ray-Bans, you'll only lose them and it will ruin your festival experience. Opt for a cheap under £10 pair and if you lose them, its probably for the best anyway. Topman have a large selection of cheap sunglasses, so check them out.