Men's Spring Outfit of the Day

The majority of my blog content discusses men's fashion and gives you an idea of how to style different colours together and possibly give you some inspiration of what to buy for your wardrobe. I try my best to wear outfits that suit my personality and my personal style, sometimes I totally nail it and sometimes I get it wrong...but thats my personality - always trying to push boundaries, trying to improve. 

I think the major reason why guys out there love my style and content is because I'm normal, I'm vulnerable yet very resilient. Recently over the last couple of weeks I had a couple of 'haters' who have been in the fashion industry for a long time making defamatory comments about my blog. I've kind of brushed off their comments because this is a love of mine, I do it because I enjoy it...otherwise I wouldn't be sitting here in a Saturday (of a Bank Holiday weekend) editing photos, writing a blog post just because I want to share this outfit with you on the off chance it might give you some outfit inspiration. 

These comments have made me a stronger person and given me the incentive to increase the level of my content even more. But it also made me think about why I started blogging in the first place. There was a variety of different reasons. The main one was to help raise the profile of my shirt making business Hawkins & Shepherd, which I have built from the ground up, single-handed with my own savings. Marketing budget is tight and couldn't afford to spend money to advertise in major UK publications or spend a fortune on google adwords, so blogging and social media gives small businesses like mine a chance to engage with your audience for a lower cost than traditional advertising. Another major reason was that there was a HUGE gap in the marketplace for a 30 something men's fashion blogger. When I did my research, I found a few established male bloggers, although their style was very 'fashion' and extremely unobtainable, the sort of outfits you'll see at London Fashion Week but not in real life. The tone of voice was very much journalistic and the style was straight from the catwalk...very little was out there for an everyday type of guy. Then I took inspiration from the female bloggers who were nailing it and miles ahead of the guys, great content, obtainable style, editorial photography and the main thing was that you felt that you were part of their life. The men's side of blogging was still very cold and had poor visual content. Since then, over the last few years there has been a number of exceptional men's lifestyle bloggers out there producing amazing editorial styling and photography. Content is key and that will ultimately be the success of men's bloggers.



Photography by Ella H