My Smart Casual Spring/Summer 2018 Style Edit | Remus Uomo

If I review my social media messages and emails over the past year or so, the majority of them are around the subjects of how to dress smart casual followed by colour palettes that work well together then how to layer clothes. So in this transitional spring/summer style edit, I have tried to touch of each of these subjects and offer some kind of solution. For this outfit, I have teamed up with the guys from Remus Uomo and carefully scoured through their new SS18 collection to pick and style my hero pieces from the range.

This outfit is firmly in the smart-casual box, however leaning to the more casual side with trainers and an open buttoned shirt. I realise that this is not a look to go for in the office. However, this outfit has many facets, just button-up the shirt, tuck it in and layer with a blazer and you'll smarten up the look in no time. Another option would be to swap out the trainers with a pair of smarter shoes or boots and again you'll have another variation on this style edit.

Colour matching can be a complete headache and the most easy to spot if someone seemingly got dressed in the dark! If in doubt, stick to a classic colour such as white, black or grey which tend to go with everything then combine with another bolder colour. Stripe patterns, blues, whites, melange and navy are great colours for this spring/summer season and work extremely well as part of an outfit, so combine them together and you'll be just fine. Get the most from your new purchases and change the look up slightly with things you already have in your wardrobe. Colour wise you could change the navy t-shirt to white or even something bolder like a shades of pink, red, orange. For a great holiday evening look, change the blue trousers for a pair of white chinos.

It is officially spring and as we've already experienced temperatures can be as low as 0 degrees yet as high as 20 the further into spring we go, so it is important to know how to layer clothes. Layering-up is not just about throwing on a vest, t-shirt, shirt, blazer and coat then be done with it, you have to think about what colours and textures go well together and most importantly what your plans are for the day. How much time will you be spending indoors and well as outdoors? Will you be walking a lot or on public transport? I say this because being warm is an amazing feeling but layer too much whilst drinking a flat white, power walking to your next meeting and it can become extremely uncomfortable. For this look, the layering is simple, this t-shirt from Remus Uomo is pure cotton and slightly thicker in texture than a thin cotton t-shirt and therefore warmer, so I have layered with a soft light shirt. For extra warmth simply add a lightweight coat or blazer which you can carry when on the move.

As always guys, if you love this style edit, you can shop the look below by click on the product images. Thank you for reading.



*This is a sponsored post and has been created in collaboration with Remus Uomo.

Photo Credit Omnistyle