What to Wear on a Summer Holiday in the Evening | Men's Style Edit

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Here is my second instalment of what to wear on a summer holiday in the evening. For the second night on my recent trip to Zanzibar, we had an incredibly romantic meal booked at the chef's table. The weather was very warm and humid at about 6pm yet got a lot cooler by 8pm and plus the restaurant had air conditioning. Therefore I decided to go back to what I know best from living in the UK....layering.

The meal and company were sensational and hopefully I looked the part, personally I think I did! Wearing all white abroad looks great in the sun and is totally acceptable, although it doesn't transition well when back in London, walking down Oxford Street on a rainy day whilst holding an umbrella just doesn't cut it.

The whites in this outfit are all different shades which gives the look *some character. Sorry, let me rewind...I mean I hate writing that as what does it really mean? An outfit has character...actually shame on me, that's just some wishy-washy crap that you'll read on other style blogs, not mine, I'm better than that! But it is good to mix up slightly different shades of white when you are wearing all white otherwise you'll risk looking like bed linen.

I'm wearing skinny white jeans from ASOS, a white linen shirt from REISS, an off-white blazer from REISS, brown suede loafers from REISS and sunglasses from TOM FORD.


Summer Holiday Evening Wear | Men's Style Edit

A few weeks ago I was luckily enough to visit one of my bucket list places, Zanzibar in Tanzania. I booked it in Jan 2018 after getting the winter blues! A holiday for one if needs be, but I wanted to back myself that a) I'll manage to get a girlfriend during the 5 months before I had to fly or (b) I could get a friend to come with me! 

Dressing for a summer holiday can be a challenge, quite stressful and costly and if you are anything like me, you'll want a whole new wardrobe for it. In this Men's Style Edit, I've chosen an outfit where each item of clothing can be reused in another outfit and therefore you'll get the most out of your 20KG baggage limit.

So for this Summer Holiday Evening Outfit, I've worn a pair of white slim jeans from ASOS, navy loafers from REISS and a black shirt from ZARA. The jeans (if you keep them clean) can be worn a few times with floral shirts, polos or t-shirts. The loafers should be your evening wear footwear of choose and navy pretty much goes with anything. Then as the shirt is black, depending on humidity you'll be able to wear this during the day open buttoned.



Layering with a Leather Jacket | Men's Style Edit

With the weather warming up you might be tempted to pack away your leather jackets in favour of something lighter such as a bomber jacket. I would say, don't be so hasty, your leather jacket can still be the crown in your wardrobe this spring and on the odd cool summer day. In this weeks men's style edit, I'm laying up using simple navy, white and black colours.

This is pretty much my go-to outfit when I'm dressing casually. The leather jacket is from Bodaskins, white t-shirt from ASOS and the navy shirt from Reiss. For the lower half I'm wearing ASOS skinny black jeans and a pair of Chelsea boots from Dune London, purchased via House of Fraser.  I've accessorised with a Rotary watch and pair of Silhouette glasses from their new Alpha collection.

As always, if you like the look, you can shop it below.



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How to Accessorise Your Dinner Jacket/Tuxedo this Party Season

Party season is a couple of months during Winter where the majority of us have our staff Christmas parties and a fair proportion of these parties normally operate a 'black tie' dress code. Hence why brands bring out entire ranges suitable for 'Party Season' so you know how to look your best at your works staff party. I've already discussed what suits you should where for party season by styling a black tuxedo and navy tuxedo, which you can re-read here.

This post is all about how to accessorise your dinner jacket or tuxedo from socks, shoes, pocket squares, shirts, ties and scarfs. These are the small differences, that will make you transform from looking like every other person in the room into youself, your own personality and your own style.

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The Shirt

Starting from the top down so therefore lets discuss the shirt first. The only two colours you can use when wearing a dinner jacket is either white or black and personally I would always opt for a brand new crisp white shirt, straight out of it's packaging. Choosing a collar type is a little more tricky as there are more choices. When I was 18 or early 20's I thought that you had to wear 'wing-tip' collar shirts with a dinner jacket and how wrong was I. For me the wing tip collar is my least favourite, it doesn't particularly look great and just reminds my of poorly designed shirts from hire shops. 

Instead opt for a more refined elegance in your shirt collar. A simple classic spread collar or even a collar with a narrower opening will look great underneath a bow-tie. Check your dress-code but if you are after something different and from a 1920's era of exceptional dress sense then try the pin collar or the tab collar shirts which although are not designed for bow-ties, work incredible with a black silk tie and offer a different option for those who do not like wearing bow-ties.

There is only one place I would recommend getting your party season shirts from and that is of course Hawkins & Shepherd, the London shirt makers who are famed for bringing back the pin collar shirt styles. You can shop their extensive party season collection online here and below are some of my top picks.

The Tie

Naturally choosing a tie should come next, you have two options which is simply to wear a bow-tie or a tie. That decision totally depends on 1. The dress code .2. Your own personal style taste and .3. Which shirt you have chosen to wear. 

The next choice is colour and if you choose a bow-tie, what style do you choose such as a standard bow-tie or butterfly bow-tie for example. When choosing a colour of the bow-tie I would go for dark deep colours, nothing too colourful and certainly no colourful patterns unless they are subtle (such as polka-dot), you don't want to look like a clown and always think 'what would Tom Ford wear'! Here are my top picks:

The Pocket Square

Who would have thought that a square piece of silk, cotton or linen would be such a sartorial success. Personally I wouldn't match the exact colour of your tie with your pocket square, as that is just lazy and shows no creativity at all, plus it reminds me of weddings. Party season style is not wedding style, it's more refined, classic, classy and elegant. Here are my top picks:

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The Scarf

The scarf I'm wearing is from new luxury brand Fisher & Woordes who are one of my menswear finds of the year. They currently have a collection of 3 scarfs which are warm, classic and beautiful and perfect to style with your dinner jacket suit. The brand also crafts belts as in the ones below.

The Socks

Socks are often the most underrated statement of fashion similar to underpants for men as most of the time, they are not seen...so why bother right? Well that may be true depending on the length of the cut of your trousers. If you are looking to suave up your sock game then here are some good choices.

The Shoes

My personal preference for choosing the right shoes when wearing a tuxedo is to opt for a pair of patent shoes. Patent leather is a type of coated leather that has a very glossy shine to the finish. Although there are always other options and here are my top picks in the footwear department.

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Huge Men's Fashion Winter Haul | ASOS & REISS

The AW17 season is here, stores are brimming with knitwear, cashmere and models are dressed head-to-toe in layered clothing to entice us shoppers into buying a complete outfit rather then single pieces. Whenever I see a mannequin styled, I take it as a challenge to style the key outfit piece better which is what I've tried to do with this RIESS oatmeal overcoat. October is the perfect month to transition into an autumn/winter wardrobe with this seasons on-trend fashion styles. Invest in a couple of statement pieces from a mid-range price point in stores such as REISS and complete your new wardrobe with everyday essential pieces from affordable online stores such as ASOS.

In this months Menswear Fashion Haul, I've shopped at REISS and managed to create an awesome tonal outfit of grey and camel hues. Each piece creates a statement yet can be styled alongside everyday essentials such as blue trousers, black jeans, white t-shirts to name a few...or combine all three together and you'll create a truly show-stopping, going out-out smart attire.

Party season isn't fully up and running yet but the rush to buy the best Christmas Party Dinner Jackets is well and truly on! Without a doubt, this black velvet dinner, tuxedo jacket will sell out fast. Affordable yet beautifully tailored in a black velvet trim. DO NOT style this with a pair of velvet trousers as that is wayyyyyy too much, so wear with a pair of smart, tailored black trousers and black patent shoes.

My final six items are from ASOS and are my winter everyday essentials that I'll wear all through autumn, winter and some will even make it into my spring 2018 wardrobe. 


Autumn/Fall Menswear Trends | Neutral Palettes

One of my favourite looks this autumn/fall is combining neutrals and Reiss have the clothing to style this look perfectly. The look is centred around this neutral coloured over coat, which Reiss define as oatmeal, worn two ways in a traditional way or over the shoulders. Again from Reiss, I've worn this wool striped jumper and longline white tee underneath for comfort and to give extra layering. Finally I have gone for dark jeans to give to look some gradient transition paired with a pair of black brogues.

Reiss Menswear have been one of the brands I have worn since I was young and continue to do so into my thirties. I just find that their tailoring is incredible as are the fabrics used at a price that makes their clothing special. Not only that but they must have some great stylists working for them because for me they colour match outfits perfectly. If you want a Reiss stylist take on the two Reiss items I have worn in my outfit above, check out how they style them below:



Photography by Rebecca Spencer