Burton Menswear Autumn/Winter 2017 Collection | Style Edit

When there's a great collection it is always beneficial to shop a look from the same brand rather than a single piece of clothing. More often than not the designers have colour coded everything to make sure that the collection works as a whole and therefore making a stylists job easy. Burton Menswear have an AW17 collection that perfectly leans on this concept. Take their Burgundy roll-neck jumper for example, you can pair it with the Burton navy coat which has the same burgundy palette prevalent across the tailored details, such as the underside of the collar.

Burton x Carl Thompson.JPG

Burgundy is a great colour to style in both attires, formally as well as casually because it works well with our two main essential colours, navy and black. My look in this Style Edit post is smart casual and using all the burgundy, navy and black tones to show you how well they all work together. 

As always, if you like the look, shop it below:



Photography by Sophie Milner

What to wear this Party Season | Black Tuxedo vs Navy Tuxedo

With the AW17 party season looming it's time to start thinking about what you are going to wear. Never has there been so much choice as there is today when it comes to tuxedo suits or dinner jackets and I've styled two of the most popular colour choices, black and navy for your inspiration. A black dinner jacket is the most classic of all styles whereas navy versions are making a comeback whilst gaining in popularity for those fashion conscious individuals who want to buck trends and look marginally different to the masses.

When asked to dress as 'Black Tie' it is worth double checking the exact dress code because 'Black Tie' could be just a generic term to wear dinner jackets regardless of the colour. White tuxedos are also quite popular, although you'll either have to be uber cool or the office joker to get away with such a bold statement suit - as I'm neither of those, I can't wear one!

That leaves me with either black or navy and if you want to look your dashing best, here are a couple of styles that tick all sartorial boxes. 

When wearing a black dinner jacket, the key is to respect the history around such a classic, tailoring masterpiece. With that in mind, stick to a timeless cutaway white shirt rather than wingtip collars, as it's much more sophisticated and stylish. When I generalise wingtip collars, I think about my 18 year old self and badly dressed Christmas parties. A black bow-tie is essential. If you are an expert in tying a bow-tie, try to make the knot small which will give you more fabric to create a butterfly style bow-tie. Black shoes complete the look. If you have the budget to buy a new pair of shoes to wear with your tuxedo, I would recommend buying patent shoes, it's a perfect match. Finally if you have over-indulged in the lead up to party season, or if your suit is a little tight, match the dinner jacket with a well fitted waistcoat and you can then leave the jacket undone and no one with notice it's slightly too small!



I'm a massive fan of navy tuxedos, it's a slightly more modern style, so therefore you have a certain level of freedom to wear this slightly differently without repercussion and I have tried to accentuate this in my styled look above. Of course a navy dinner jacket or tuxedo would work extremely well styled the same as my first style, with a black or navy bow-tie and waistcoat. However in this look I wanted to showcase a completely different approach fixated around the pin collar shirt. The pin collar shirt is a 1920's classic, it is super smart, it's designed to protrude and champion the tie. 

Often when at your work Christmas party or winter party season event, there are two distinct timings to the evening. 1) The arrival or the dinner, where you keep your tie on and look pristine. Then 2) The wind-down which could be a DJ set, where you'll be welcomed to relax and enjoy the rest of the evening. With this in mind, this outfit works extremely well. The pin collar bar, tie and scarf are all accessories that you'll wear to wow your audience on arrival, whereas later on in the evening you can remove the pin bar, remove the tie, undo a couple of buttons and you're ready to party the evening away. Navy tassel loafers with no socks is not everyones cup of tea, so I'll suggest alternatives such as dark brown or black Oxford shoes (*with socks!).



Photography by Toni Tran with all photos taken at The Franklin Hotel, Knightsbridge.

Introducing Burton Menswear Sport Athleisure Collection

Athleisure or sportswear is one of the largest if not the largest clothing growth market in the UK and Burton Menswear have just launched their first collection, entering this marketplace. As a home worker or coffee shop worker who loves the gym, I spend a lot of time in sportswear and this collection ticks all of the boxes. 

I particularly love the chevron designs , which reminds me of my perfect interior design feature....wood chevron flooring, the dream! The range is comfortable, casual, stylish, practical and perfectly fit for purpose.

The t-shirts are in the price range of £15, the zip up tops £25, shorts £16 and the zipped hoodies around £30. This price range for the on trend designs and quality, comfortable fabrics is right on-point, so if you don't fancy breaking the bank for some new sportswear, go check out the Burton range below.



Photography by Rebecca Spencer

Getting it Right on a Night Out | Burton Nights Out

We all love a good night out especially during the Christmas period, parties are aplenty so it is important to get it right on a night out. So I have been sitting down answering questions with Burton Menswear during a recent menswear blogging event at Swingers Crazy Golf venue in the City of London. So here are a few snaps of the after-work event as well 'my interview' - actually lets call it 'my chat' as interview sounds way too formal and this event was far from that!

Do you have many party invites in the calendar this year?

I have quite a few actually! From work parties to ones with friends and family, although I’m still hoping more will arrive in the post during the month of December! When it comes to the Christmas period I like to make the most of it. It’s a time that I love to get dressed up and make an extra effort in my appearance. 

How do you decide what to wear to each event?

It may seem obvious but always remember to check the dress code first. Then check the venue that the party is taking place, as they may have their own dress code…finally I google last year’s party and see what sort of attire the event usually attracts. Dress code sorted, I tend to then style a few different outfits by laying the clothes down on my bed, so I can see visually what the outfit as a whole looks like. I will then try on each outfit to see if the clothes actually work on me. Finally I leave the accessories until last, so if I’m wearing black shoes and a black tie for example, I’ll go with a black leather strap watch. It is important to work on the small detailed touches that make you stand out from the crowd. 

Describe your ideal party at Christmas.

I’d have a car pick me up complete with a bottle of champagne on ice…actually who am I kidding, that is not me at all. The chances are I would have a warm-up beer at home, step out into the rain to find my Uber driver who is not waiting by my blue pickup pin, stop off at a fast food place to line my stomach then make it to the party. My ideal party would look incredible from the venue to the people, it would be glamorous, men in dinner jackets and women in party dresses. The venue would be Christmassy, I’m thinking lights everywhere, log fires, fake snow, the works and of course I would be partying again with the Burton ‘You’re Invited to the Party’ guys and having my mind blown by the incredible magic from Mr London.

What’s your pre-night out ritual?

I don’t really have one to be honest, I just like to put on my favourite music to get me in the mood for the night then just give my dog Charlie some cuddles before heading out out. 

How important is a pre-night out grooming regime?

Extremely important! Even more so in winter with the cold windy weather and the differences in temperature from outdoors to indoors can really harm your skins appearance. My routine is, shower (that’s a good start!), exfoliate my face, use a daily cleanser – I prefer using something with citrus or mint ingredients as these will invigorate you for the night ahead. Once out of the shower and dry, I’ll use a daily moisturiser for my face and an under the eye cream, to hide those dark circles! Finally the fragrance you wear is extremely important, I have a few favourites, so depends on how I’m feeling. For night-time, I would go for something that lasts, is more punchy and prominent to what I wear in the day.

Do you have a favourite party shirt?

Of course, this is an easy one. For me it is a classic crisp white shirt with a pin collar. This shirt has its history in the 1920’s when men knew exactly how to dress dapper and boy did they know how to party. When you have multiple parties, you need a shirt that can be equally durable as your body during this time and with this shirt you can accessorise with multiple different coloured pin bars keeping the shirt looking timeless. Further still, look super sartorial by wearing a tie over the pin bar and when the night draws in and the dance floor looms…remove the pin bar and tie, undo a button or two and roll the sleeves for a more casual look.

Have you made any memorable party outfit mistakes, and if so, what did you wear?

f course not (insert winking emoji here)!! Okay so I’ll give you this. When wearing a bow-tie, I used to wear one that clipped on and had another one that you had to tie, in my pocket ready for later in the night when the bow-ties came off. I would take the clip-on one off and have the other untied one draped over my neck undone, appearing sophisticated like I was wearing a tie-up bow-tie all night.

How would you wear this season’s roll neck?

he best thing about this season’s roll neck is that it truly is a piece of clothing that has one foot in casual and one foot in formal wear. With the Burton roll necks I’ve worn recently, they are woven using fine merino wool, are lightweight and therefore perfect to be worn underneath a suit without compromising the suit’s fit on your body. If worn casually, layer with a plain white longline tee underneath and complete the look with a classic overcoat.

Smart shoes or casual plimsolls?

Smart shoes all the way, remember footwear is usually what people look at first when ‘checking you out’ so a pair of smart shoes that suit your outfit can make all the difference. I prefer wearing slim trousers with a turn-up or skinny jeans rolled up to accentuate my shoes. The perfect shoe in my eyes is the classic brogue, as they are so versatile.

Any tips on party dressing from the office to the bar.

This is always a difficult scenario because it totally depends on the attire of your office and where you plan on heading afterwards as usually the two looks don’t tend to match up easily. I would say that micro pattern shirts or button-down white or blue shirts tend to transition well between office and bar.



Photography by Vicki Adamson

You're Invited to the Party | 5 Party Season Styles by Burton Menswear

Finally I can share this incredible campaign with you that I worked on with Burton Menswear and we're inviting you to the party. We are helping you to up your sartorial game with a fresh few looks for this party season. Our outfits are styled completely from the Burton Menswear party season collection and are unique from each other, so you'll always find a style that is right for you. Let me know whose style you prefer most.





















Behind The Scenes of the Burton ‘You’re Invited to the Party’ Christmas Campaign

It is not everyday you get to work with Burton Menswear, so when I got the opportunity I jumped at it and boy am I glad I did because what a day it was! Burton wanted to create a fun, engaging and of course dapper, sartorial and fashionable PR, social and digital campaign focusing around their Christmas partywear collection. Five well dressed gents needed and that's where we came in...

...Calum Best - Burton's incredible brand ambassador, Tim Visser - a Rugby Union star and face of the Burton 'Big & Tall' range, Tom London - the mind blowing magician, Craig Hammond - aka That Dapper Chap and myself Carl Thompson as the menswear bloggers and influencers. They were such a great bunch of guys.

Each of us represented a different look styled by Burton. With all items available in-store from next week, it's perfect timing for you to decide which look you prefer for this years party season.

Once smartened up with our head-to-toe 'Burtonwear' we had quite a hectic schedule to keep (studio shoot, street style shoot & filming for the video). Full steam ahead with a mouthful of mini croissants, coffee and some warmup magic by Tom London - oh and by the way he definitely saved his best, totally mind-blowing, piece of magic until last - but you'll have to wait until the video is released next week (Thursday 10th November) to find out what that was!!

The shoot location was at the historic Scotch of St James, which is steeped in musical charisma and have honoured the likes of The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and The Who into their private members club. 

We were in the extra steady hands with filmmaker Steve Neaves, who worked his CGI and cinema-graph magic to create some really exciting effects. As well as the creative eye of photographer Zoe McConnell. So no pressure then!

Here are the street style photos of everyones partywear looks, make sure you comment on what is you favourite look.



The man himself and Burton brand ambassador Calum Best was looking the part wearing a traditional navy dinner jacket with contract navy lapels.


I loved wearing this modern contemporary take on partywear, by layering a thin woollen roll neck jumper underneath a suit transforms this look. Pair this Burton burgundy knitwear with a classic navy suit to create this eye catching look.


Rocking a similar contemporary partywear look yet this time with a slightly different tone of navy and with a tan hue roll neck combination.


3 piece suit, white pin collar shirt, this look is as dapper as it comes, clean crisp lines with the emphasis on small detailed touches with the collar bar and lapel pin.


I love this look, it combines ultimate dinner jacket tailoring and a causal twist with a black crew neck jumper. This look is perfect for the joker (or magician) in this case of the group, he who is the first to throw off that blazer and get on the dance floor. You don't always need a tie to look smart and Tom shows us how.

Your Christmas Party is a time for celebration of the year passed and looking forward for what the year ahead has to offer. So celebrate in style with Burton Menswear and it doesn't have to break the bank either. 

Take my look below, the suit is from Montague Burton collection and costs £190 (which is for a 3-piece including a waistcoat). The burgundy roll neck is super soft wool and a steal at £35, again from the Montague Burton collection.

I mean, look at how happy I am!!!

Thanks Burton and all the team for an incredible day, I mean it, I had such a great day with you all.

Celebrating the Montague Burton Menswear AW16 Launch | Behind the Scenes

Not often do you get the chance to sit down with your favourite bloggers, exceptional journalists as well as internal Burton staff members such as Pete Cuthbertson (Senior Press Officer), who I've had the pleasure to work with over the last few months, at one dinner. Burton arranged this gathering to celebrate the launch of their Montague collection for autumn/winter 16 #MontagueBurton16, which is a premium range of clothing at an affordable price. Other menswear bloggers on this dinner was Craig from That_Dapper_Chap, Joey London, Ben from Twenty First Century Gent, Ed from Discerning Man, Darren Kennedy and myself of course.

On sitting down to this incredible dinner I sat next to the MD of Burtons Menswear, the head menswear designer and the head of digital marketing! Some incredible minds in the fashion, retail industry and it was an absolute pleasure to get the opportunity to speak to them about the collection and Burton in general. I felt totally humbled that Burton would mix a little known blogger like myself with the MD of their entire brand - I guess it shows how down to earth the brand is and also how influencers are becoming an integral part of the high-street fashion industry.

Finally the collection which is available online and in-store now. As I mentioned previously the Montague collection by Burton Menswear is their premium range, yet still very affordable. The range is also diverse and includes work wear, party wear, casual wear and formal wear...suits, shirts, tees, ties, knitwear, jackets etc are all part of the collection - so you'll find something for everyone.

The Montague collection is out now however Burton will be adding new items during the season. For example, my favourite piece (which you can just see the arm of in the photo above) - a grey herringbone classic overcoat is not available yet, although keep an eye out for it in Burton stores soon because trust me it's a great buy and a classic piece which will last season after season.



Special thanks to Burton for the fantastic evening, view the entire collection here.

Burton Menswear x Virgin Experience Days | The Shard

It has been a while since I've last treated myself to something other than a Deliveroo on a Sunday night. So I think it was overdue and about time that I took a break from work and got to experience one of London's top tourist attractions. 

London has such amazing history, arts, architecture and events and being a Londoner I have this all on my doorstep. Despite this, as with many other Londoners, it is easy to overlook what our great city has to offer. So with the help of Burton Menswear and Virgin Experience Days, I was able to head up to The View of The Shard, drink champagne and enjoy to view until sunset.

A special occasion warrants a new outfit so when choosing what to wear from Burtons Menswear, I wanted something smart yet summer inspired. When wearing a blazer in summer you should choose lighter colours, finer weaves and light-weight fabrics such as linen or a fine cotton. This light pastel blue single-breasted blazer was perfect for the occasion. I've teamed this blazer with a pair of stone grey chino trousers, although I was toying with the idea of wearing mid-wash jeans...both would work extremely well.

The light blue blazer is currently on sale down from £70 to £40, so I would hurry up because this is a serious bargain and will not be around for long. What I love most is the small fashionable touches that come included with the blazer such as the lapel pin and pocket square.

I wouldn't normally wear a short sleeved shirt underneath a blazer, however on hot days where you are wearing the same outfit day-to-night, sartorial rules some times have to be broken in favour of comfort! The white shirt with micro-print details works well in smart attire as above but I'm also going to wear this shirt every week throughout the next few months - simply with jeans, or un-tucked worn with shorts. 

Ears popping as we headed up to what I think was the 72nd floor of The Shard, greeted by some seriously friendly staff - we grabbed some champagne and walked around the 360 degrees viewing area pointing out some of London's most well known landmarks. 

As a bit of a date-a-holic this Virgin Experience is certainly one for the romantics out there, I would recommended getting there early evening whilst its still light outside to enjoy the sprawling metropolis then have a few drinks. Then stay until after sunset to get some (unless its raining!) epic sunset views and night-time lit up views of our city.




Photography by Rebecca Spencer


When I put together some of my best outfits, they always seem to mix trend led pieces with wardrobe staples. Shopping at Burton this week, I found this perfect winter walk outfit, warm, functional, comfortable and on-trend. My staple items which I'm now going to wear throughout the whole winter season are brown tan boots, stripe knitwear and skinny mid-wash jeans. The trend pieces are the khaki military jacket and diamond jacquard scarf all from Burton Menswear.

On a cold and very windy Sunday morning, just after sunrise, I headed out to London's St James Park to put this outfit to the test! I mean, I've already brought the clothes so it's a bit late to test them for myself - but I do this all for you, so you have every bit of information you require before purchasing. 

Although I was a little cold and grumpy during this shoot, it was actually the perfect morning to shoot this outfit as it is a similar environment to the winter dog walks that I have to do on a daily basis. The skinny jeans, thankfully were not too skinny and I would say more slim fit rather than skinny, but I guess it just depends on the size of your thighs! Layering a white button-down shirt with the Burton cream/grey knitted jumper and finally the khaki military jacket kept me warm. This military jacket is now my favourite 'walking my dog jacket', as it is important to have lots of pockets - phone, poo bags, treats, tennis ball (not that Charlie is good at fetch), keys and some change for coffee. Finally I have accessorised with a grey diamond jacquard scarf and Walker Slater tweed lined hip flask.

Since wearing this outfit, I have done more research into the Burton Menswear offerings and have found that they have put together some awesome winter styled looks themselves of which you can view here


Photo Credit Sophie Milner

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