Floral Shirts for Summer | Men's Style Edit

Google search 'floral shirts' or browse the SS18 menswear collections from all of the high-street powerhouses and you be inundated with floral print shirts signifying a trend this summer season. If you shop around as much as I do, you'll realise that some designs of the floral shirt are loud with bold prints and bolder colours - think of a floral shirt mating with a Hawaiian shirt. 

Personally I prefer floral shirts that are a little more subtle, such as this Reiss number. Two colours and a semi-simple print design. Easy to style with a pair of black or navy jeans or with shorts on your summer holiday.

In this men's style edit, I'm wearing the shirt from Reiss, t-shirt and jeans from ASOS, watch from Rotary, sunglasses from Taylor Morris and Chelsea boots from Goodwin Smith. 



Photo Credit Omnistyle

Must Have Autumn/Winter Menswear Pieces From REISS, ASOS & ZARA

As you are well and truly aware, the high-street and online already have their AW17 menswear collections ready for you to dig in to. Although what happens every single season is that the best pieces always run out of stock and you are left with the same old stuff that hasn't sold and will most likely end up on sale. So this year, I'm getting ahead of the sartorial game and I'm bringing you along for the ride. Although it is still technically warm outside, now is the time to plan and buy your AW17 coats and jackets because as soon as the weather turns, the rush is on.

Of course my first stop off on the high-street was Reiss, standard! Anyway I managed to pick out two incredible pieces, they could work extremely well if styled together but also great as individual pieces. The Reiss Double-Breasted Pea Coat is available for £325 and it a beautiful crafted piece of tailoring. My second item is a pattern shirt which resembles some neat checked painting, is super soft and available for £90 and is going fast with only the sizes S, M & L left in stock right now.

My next 3 items, I've been shopping online at ASOS. All of these items are wardrobe essentials and could span seasons, so you'll get more bang for your buck. Click on the above images to shop.

Finally I'm back on the high-street shopping at Zara Man and with my budget for this Fall Haul blog post dwindling, I've found just two exceptional pieces (but it could have been 15!). Zara Man have been bringing out the best winter coats season after season for the last few years and AW17 is no different. This jacket is on the money and even reversible, you'll have to be quick to get this one. Then I have found a black pinstripe smart shirt for only £30, a beautiful piece and quite versatile. 

How to Wear a Camel Coat 5 Ways

If you are hunting down the perfect coat this season, look no further. This camel 100% cashmere coat from Hawkins & Shepherd is an every man's wardrobe essential and a true investment coat that will be on-trend year after year. Every sartorial man should own a camel coat as it is so versatile and can be worn in a casual, smart casual and formal way. To give you some style inspiration I have worn this camel coat 5 ways. Which outfit do you prefer?






So there you go, my 5 ways to style a men's camel coat - let me know which one you prefer and here is a recap:

Photography by Rebecca Spencer

The Style Off - A Christmas Jumper Special - Episode 7

We are back, for the 7th episode of THE STYLE OFF, a YouTube collaboration with Oli from The Tailor Fitted where we both take a single item of clothing and style it to our own personal style. This in our final episode of 2016 and to celebrate we have brought each other a Christmas present...a Christmas jumper in fact. Watch both videos and let us know what you think of our Christmas jumper style! We both got our Christmas Jumpers from NEXT Menswear who have a large selection of Christmas jumpers still in stock - so get yours now in time for Christmas eve. 




Special thanks to everyone that has supported The Style Off in 2016 and we'll be bringing it back in 2017. So subscribe to our YouTube channels for more videos.

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We have all been there at our work Christmas parties when the gentlemen turn up in their hired dinner jackets, plain white wing-tip shirt, that has just been dusted off for its once a year outing and a black bow tie. Thinking you look great you waddle in to the venue looking exactly the same as the penguin next to you. Where's the personal style? 

On the flip side. The ladies have planned their christmas party outfits for the last two months, down to the tiniest details, whilst ensuring that no one else has 'their' dress.

This year, I want to challenge men to be more adventurous and personalise their style during this years party season. You could do this by choosing a coloured bow tie, a different style diner jacket or even a different colour. Avoid white tuxedos unless you are the life and soul of the party, or the company director! 


Go back to the 1920's swing party vibe by opting for a crisp white pin collar shirt. Not designed to be worn with bow ties as the pin collar's job is to champion the tie by pushing it forward. Go for a semi skinny tie because that will form the perfect knot which is not too large. Further customisation can be achieved by wearing different colours or styles of collar pin bars. 



Dedicated the the Rugby World Cup winning All-Blacks team, this all black style takes the trophy. In the look I'm wearing a black pin collar shirt, black semi skinny silk paisley tie, black & grey pocket square and finished off with a black Swarovski collar bar.



Are you indecisive? Black or White? Opt for this awesome monochrome check shirt. The shirt has a classic downwards collar which worn with a bow tie is a modern look which has been seen on the celebrity red carpet. This shirt would be perfect to use as your normal office attire after the event.



If you want to utilise what you already have in you wardrobe. Pick out your classic white shirt and throw on a bow-tie and accessorise.



Is the Pin Collar a step too far up the sartorial ladder? Then you must go for the Tab Collar. This tab collar shirt has all the normal tuxedo touches including a marcella fabric on the bib front.



If you want to draw plaudits for style this is what you need to be wearing for your staff christmas party. This monochrome check pin collar shirt and black tie combo oozes style.


Photo Credit Sophie Milner


I look back at the 90's and then the 00's and have SO many great memories. It was the a time in my life where I had my first part-time job working in the local Sainsbury's restaurant serving the finest scampi and chips in Kent! Buying clothes was done by heading down to your local market as Bluewater didn't exist back then and I had my first piercing, tattoo and also lost my virginity to an unnamed very (*un)lucky girl - I've got better with age! 

Who in there 30's also remembers some of these classic memories:

Patrick Cox Wannabes - Yes these snake skin style shoes were the must have item of my time.  

Ear Piercing - It had to be a gold hoop earring, in the left ear or both if you were super cool. Mine lasted about 2 months before realising I'm just not cool enough to pull it off!

Naff Naff Jackets - A black shell suit type of bomber jacket. En-naff said.

Record Bags - Had to be Sliffy or Dready branded otherwise you would be bullied.

Awesome Cartoons - Move aside Power Rangers, Mr Blobby and Pokemon as you have nothing compared to our classics such as Fraggle Rock, Dungeons & Dragons, He-Man, Trapdoor and Bat-fink who had wings of steel.

Armband Tattoos - I'm still waiting for mine to become cool, vintage or retro...although it will probably turn green before that happens.

Jungle Massive 2 - The best album of all time, period.

Catalogues - Yes before online shopping this is how we shopped. Although every teenage boy would just flick directly to the bra pages...well online porn didn't exist back then either...which leads me on to...

...Porn - was in the form of torn pages found in bushes. It was an unwritten rule passed down from generations, once you buy a porn magazine, read it then tear all pages and scatter around for others to find.

Then there was my introduction to UK Garage with Incredible by General Levy:

Anyway, enough reminiscing as we could be here all night. Last week I had a rumble around the loft to see what items of clothing I could find and bring back some of my favourite 90's looks. 


Pretty much every hipster in London owns a denim jacket right now brought from a Brick Lane vintage shop, but I lived it and this original 1998 DKNY 'Vintage' Denim jacket is my best item from the 90's. 


Okay okay, so this isn't an original 90's shearling jacket but the shearling jacket and 90's fashion making an revival in menswear so this is a must have jacket for Autumn Winter 2015 (AW15).


The first shirt brand I ever brought after saving up two months worth of paper rounds!

Photo Credit Sophie Milner


As the home a great tailoring, Savile Row has long been a major inspiration for me. I love the history that engulfs it, the buzz that you get when walking down the 'Row' and watching the steady hands of the tailors cutting fabric in the basements. If I'm in need of some influences when designing the perfect shirt for Hawkins & Shepherd, picking the finest fabrics or just personal styling, I find it right there on Savile Row.

I would love to be in a position to have a lookbook full of Savile Row tailored pieces, however as I'm a poor blogger still trying to make it big, I have put together all my favourite formal looks from recent posts. These looks are all available for a reasonable price online or via the highstreet. A perfect compilation of looks for you to to use for interviews, weddings or office attire.

So what is Savile Row? Firstly it is a street in Mayfair, London, England synonymous worldwide for great bespoke tailoring. British tailors have been settling here since the 17th century and now is a street that is protected to keep only the highest level of tailoring companies trading on it.

You would think that Savile Row has had it easy, but they haven't. Competition is high and it has been a constant battle trying to reinvent themselves for different marketplaces like younger professionals, classic gents or international clients. Some tailors have kept to their heritage whereas others such as Oswald Boateng and Richard James have reinvented themselves as what I would call, new Savile Row - focusing on the modern market and breaking the so called 'mould'.

Take yourself down there, be inspired, be different, be confident and be stylish.


When choosing fabric and designing the Hawkins & Shepherd Spring Summer 2015 collection, I wanted to go bright and bold to accompany their popular yet safe essentials collection.

Bold stripes and gingham checks are what I decided to focus on and will be THE designs to have throughout SS15 and even AW15. Although they are beautiful shirts, they are also hard to style correctly and therefore often avoided and instead opting for the bog standard whites and blues.

Well today is lesson one in how to style them. It is important to match bold colours in particular stripes with a block colour and in this case I chose navy. Try to keep the small details small and not over used or over powering. In this look I have gone for Hawkins & Shepherd Red wool socks but thats it with the red accessorising. It would be too much to then add a red pocket square..its one or the other.

Other than the coffee, which was awesome by the way; thanks The Chelsea Quarter Cafe on Kings Road - the only other accessory I have worn is a navy tie pin with palm tree details by stytched.co.uk. The worst sin when wearing a tie bar is if the tie bar hangs over the edge of the tie and with this particular bar being 1.75" in length is it perfect for semi-skinny and classed width ties.

Where to position your tie bar? Divide your tie into thirds. The bar should be pinned one third of the way down from your knot.



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