Autumnal earthy clothing by Next Menswear AW17 | Style Edit

I'm never disappointed when shopping at Next Menswear, in fact it is totally the opposite as I'm always absolutely delighted by the design and quality. I've known for a few years now how good Next is but the message is still taking a while to reach the majority of men. For example when wearing this outfit I had a couple of people ask where I got the coat from and how much it was. When I told them Next and £120 they were shocked and both said that they couldn't believe that Next was that good.

All menswear fashion bloggers love autumn winter or layering season and you can really showcase your style. That can come with problems storing all of these new clothes especially the coats and knitwear! I've got to the stage now where I've hit a limit on the amount of space I have for all of my clothing. So I have a rule, which is 'one in one out'. Basically if I get gifted or buy something new it has to be better than something already in my wardrobe otherwise it's got to go. By the way, I give all of my second-hand clothing to the FARA charity shop in Balham if you ever want to pick up a bargain as I usually gift them at least 1 bin bag sack full of clothes every month.  

I really am brutal with the 'one in one out' rule but every single piece of this style edit from Next made the cut and pushed out some of my older pieces to the charity bag. Not only that but the coat and in particular the Chelsea boots have become two of my all-time favourite pieces this AW17 season. The Chelsea boots will be in my collection for years to come, I love them so much.

If you love this style edit or the Next Menswear collection in general you can shop everything by clicking on the images below.




Living in Clapham does lend itself to be tarnished with all the Clapham stereotypes from 'Isn't it full of Australians' to 'Chino wearing posh boys'. Well I have facial hair, tattoos, was born in East-London (actual East London not Essex) and I'm certainly not posh, yet despite all of this I love smart shorts.

Cotton shorts are the backbone to any mens summer wardrobe and in particular from SPOKE LONDON where quality comes first. Their shorts are cut from the same design as their chino trousers, so if the trousers fit so will the shorts. Tailored with the finest Italian and British fabrics but if that isn't enough they are built using Swiss hardware. These shorts are built to last.

I have worn Spoke chino trousers before (see blog post here) so this time I knew what to expect. Exceptional feel, fit and style.

With cotton shorts, it is easy to just throw on a shirt and it just works but that is too easy. What I have tried to achieve here is a look that would work throughout the day and into the evening, for those sunny days when 'just a few drinks' turn into an all-dayer by mixing a formal pair of shorts with this summers biggest trend, a floral t-shirt.

These shorts is so versatile, wear them casual with a t-shirt, smart casual with a shirt or formal by adding a blazer and tie, they all work. I styled my navy Spoke shorts with a T-shirt from Converse and some blue suede shoes by Kurt Geiger. have a collection of 5 shorts (available in Reef, Tan, Navy, Olive, Slate) and update their looks regularly. As always they are quality products, fine fabric, branded buttons, patterned comfortable lining, ribbon detail and quality seaming & hemming.

If you head over there now, some of their shorts are 20% off, they retail at £59.00 which is great value for a pair of shorts will become a wardrobe staple and as with all Spoke-London products will last for a very long time.



Spoke Shorts | Converse T-Shirt | Kurt Gieger Shoes | Ray-Ban Sunglasses | Omega Watch

Photo Credit Sophie Milner


It's been all over the news, Britain is in the middle of a two week heat wave, which shouldn't be of surprise as it happens every year at some point, although a little unpredictable when. Which is why your wardrobe NEEDS a pair or two of chinos. It's these hot, sweaty days when the inner silk lining of your suit sticks to your body and your jeans are just way too hot - that you need to turn to your chinos for help!

Everyone knows that summer in London can be great, with all the festivals, bear gardens, pop-up foodie places, alfresco dining etc need I go on. But it can also be one of the must frustrating, mainly the unbearable heat of the tube, especially when stuck in a tunnel due to 'someone taken ill'. 

I would recommend a light coloured chino in these days of crisis. In particular from SPOKE LONDON where fit comes first. I have been a lover of chinos for a long time but it is hard to find a pair that fits well around the thigh as well as the calf. When I first tried on this pair of their almond flex design I could feel the quality of the materials used and also they fitted perfectly. The waist fitted so a belt was not required, the thighs all the way down to the calf fitted exceptionally without being over skinny, I even caught a 'few' girls (well you have to exaggerate these things!) checking out my butt - so it must have fitted nicely there too. They were comfortable, practical and look awesome.

The chino is so versatile, the above look was smart-casual which I think works best. I styled the Spoke chinos with a Peter Werth navy blazer, River Island white t-shirt and brown tassel loafers by Hudson Pierre. You can easily change this up a little with a shirt/tie for a formal look or tone it down by removing the blazer and throw on a pair of casual footwear for a more casual look. have a large collection of chinos and update their looks regularly. Although it's not just about having a large range - the colour palettes and fabrics their designer choose are bang on. Being in the tailoring business myself, I understand a bit about quality products...I love the fabric used and the small details of the pocket fabric, the branded buttons, the ribbon lining and the quality of the seaming & hemming. 

Their website is also well designed and intuitive, with major emphasis on getting your fit right. They have a fitting guide where you measure your waist, leg and thigh then input it into a calculator and like magic you are told the best size for you.

If you head over there now, some of their designs are up to 30% off which is a bargain for something that will cost around the £60-80 mark and last a very long time.



Spoke Chinos | Peter Werth Blazer | River Island T-Shirt | Hudson & Pierre Loafers

Photo Credit Sophie Milner