Goodwin Smiths New Collection | Men's Style Edit

Today I'm finally going to let rip and tell you all about the wonderful and prestigious Goodwin Smiths New Collection. My Instagram posts have been littered with style edits, many of which have been centred around these sumptuous Goodwin Shoes.

I consider Goodwin Smiths to be one of the best kept secrets in the shoe industry, which is astonishing considering they've been designing and manufacturing quality footwear since 1928. 

They manage to offer a great accessible price on their shoes by selling exclusively online. As much as I'm a fan and proponent of bricks and mortar, I'm also a huge proponent of free enterprise. (And not averse to saving £200 on a pair of high quality shoes, which is what you'd expect to pay in big brand department stores). 

These shoes are also awesome for this inclement weather. (Yes I use the word inclement like everyone else because I hear it 20 times a day on the London Underground). The durable anti-slip TPR sole unit with leather welt detail is key and beautifully enshrined with handmade Italian leather uppers. 

I have two shoes from Goodwin Smith, an eager beaver might spot the Sherwood Bordo brogue boot I've been sporting these past couple of weeks. 

However, this Linton Brown boot, (also available in Tan) is a premium buff calfskin leather, which has been primed to accept the unique colouration applied by our master craftsman. 100% chromium free. 

Why is Chromium bad? 

Chromium has been identified as the 4th worst pollution problem in the world! When your feet get wet your shoes can react to the solvents and the glues found in certain boots and shoes. Not good news for your feet, or your partner who is also subjected to looking at your feet when it's feet up time for Match of the Day. 

Invest in the best

Overall these boots feel fantastic, the leather is supple and my step is confident and assured. The price has even been reduced online so it's a great opportunity to treat your feet this Winter. (How about that as a tagline?) 

AW18 Arrivals – The Ecco Crepetray Hybrid Chelsea Boot

Not so long ago I rhapsodised (rather eloquently I might add) about the Ecco ST1's. I called the founder Karl Toosbuy the Patron Saint of shoes after introducing me to footwear that didn't need breaking in at all!  

The life of a fashion blogger is demanding on your time and your feet and when you merge the two you’ll need a pair of comfortable shoes to get you through day. A typical week  would see you traipsing around the streets of London from meetings to press days then photo shoots. In fact yesterday (true story, promise), I was doing a photo shoot with another blogger who was tiptoeing around because her new shoes were rubbing. Of course wearing Ecco shoes, I knew that they were designed to negate the ‘wearing in’ process, so I gave her my socks and I went bare-back for the rest of the day. It sped up the day and gave my ears a rest from the complaining about how much her feet were hurting therefore a massive thank you to the Ecco Crepetray Hybrid Chelsea Boot from both of us!

My feet feel incredibly secure and protected in this Ecco Crepetray. I love its simplicity, it's refinement; its definitely going to get utilised more and more come the colder months. 

Inspired by workwear of the past, this classic Chelsea boot can transition from the office to evening drinks with minimum effort. It's understated with elastic sidings, the high-shine leather uppers and delicate stitching are supple and it moulds to my foot without compromise. 

ECCO Shoes Blog 2.jpg

Carl tell us what is a Crepetray? 

I know it sounds like something I'd set up for Charlie if he started losing the use of his faculties.

In fact the Crepetray outsole is a revolutionary update on traditional crepe soles that benefits from being a lighter and responding to the shape of the foot, offering a more natural feel. It also doesn’t have any of the complications traditionally associated with the material, such as stickiness in the heat and stiffness in the cold.

I'm lucky in that I'm quite a block size, though I have some friends that fall between stalls. Ecco manage to negate most of those 'betweeners' by including removable insoles that also delivers optimal in-shoe comfort. 

My Ecco ST1's are still going strong so I'm happy to champion the quality of this brand. Initially I thought the price point might be a little high for essentially, a non-marquee brand. Ostensibly, of course, these Ecco Chelsea boots are an investment piece. One that delivers in style, comfort and versatility. 

Expect to see plenty more of this boot in my Instagram feed. 


Goodwin Smith x Carl Thompson | The London Edit

A couple of weeks ago I worked on a campaign with Goodwin Smith to showcase their new The London Edit and I'm super excited to finally be able to show you the results. The London Edit is inspired by the city, made for the man - a collection of 12 shoes and boots in classic styles and colours. What I love most about this collection is that there is a style for everyone, with designs that are an entry into the incredible Goodwin Smith brand. 




Choosing the Perfect Winter Boot | Chukka vs Chelsea

Perfect Winter Boots.JPG

Autumn has arrived, the crisp leaves crunching under our feet, getting out the winter coats and warming yourself up with a mug of hot chocolate or spiced latte. The winter nights are drawing in quickly and with the temperatures dropping what better way of keeping your feet warm than styling a perfect pair of boots, but will it be Chukka or Chelsea? Shoes always finish an outfit off, they are the statement piece to a man’s outfit, so it’s not surprising that so many men choose to style a pair of Chukka or Chelsea boots every autumn/winter season. But what is all the fuss about? Where did they come from? What are the differences between chukka and Chelsea boots and how do you style them right?

Experts in gentlemen’s fashion and retailers of high-quality leather boots, Frank Wright is here to provide us with an insight into the differences between the boots and how to pair them with AW 17/18 trends.

The Chukka Boot.JPG

The lace up Chukka

It is thought that the name for this style derived from polo, where a ‘chukka’ is a seven-minute period of the game – although it is uncertain whether the shoes were worn throughout the game or by the players afterwards.

Following World War II, where a variation of the Chukka boot was used for soldiers marching through desert terrain, the boot was introduced into every man’s wardrobe. They went on to become a major fashion piece in England during the 1950s. Ever since, they’ve remained at the forefront of men’s fashion – wearable for casual or smart occasions.

Also known as desert boots or turf boots, a Chukka boot is recognisable by an ankle length cut and pairs of eyelets for laces. They generally have a classic, plain toe design and an open lacing system. This style of shoe is usually crafted from calfskin or suede but leather can be used too – making the shoe more durable in the colder months.

The Chelsea Boot.JPG

The traditional Chelsea

Similar to the name ‘chukka’ there is also some history behind the name ‘Chelsea Boot’. The Chelsea boot dates to the Victorian era where it is believed they were designed by the Queen’s personal shoemaker – J. Sparkes-Hall. Their popularity rose in the 1960s in Great Britain as they became linked with the mod scene. They were also associated with King’s Road, a street in Chelsea, and it is thought that this is where their name derived from. Celebrities such as the Beatles and the Rolling Stones helped boost their popularity.

The Chelsea style of shoe is ankle length and generally made of suede or leather. It is characterised by its iconic elasticated panels that allow the shoe to slip on and off, and often there is a tab of fabric on the back of the boot. The fit of the shoe should be a close fit, and any flexibility in the shoe should be in the side panels – not in the instep.

Frank Wright Shoes.JPG

How should you style for AW17/18?

Both the Chelsea and the Chukka boot are versatile styles that are suitable for many occasions. But how should you style the boots to keep up to date with the AW 17/18 collections?


The Chukka boot is an ideal alternative to more formal leather lace-up brogues if you’re opting for a casual look.

Frank Wright Chukka BootJPG

When matching the shoe to the occasion, look closely at the finer details of the boot. Synthetic fabrics and some suedes are more suited to a casual event whereas leather and smarter suedes can be worn more formally. Also examine the sole - the thinner the sole, the finer the shoe. More casual Chukka books can be recognised by a thicker sole and rougher stitching, giving a quirkier appearance.

It is likely that the Chukka boot will be suitable for your style, although they do sit better with narrow legged trousers. Some men prefer a shorter hem; pair with patterned socks for a stylish, casual outfit. Designs on the catwalk for this season included oversized jackets and knitwear. Wear with an extra-long, smart jacket with dark jeans and brown chukka boots to keep practical and on trend.

For a smarter look, match a rounded toe, brown Chukka boot with a navy or mid-grey suit. Or, couple the same boots with moss green trousers - a prominent colour on the AW 17/18 catwalk.


Chelsea Boots.JPG

Like the Chukka boot, the Chelsea boot is versatile and compatible with many items in your wardrobe. Although suede is often the material of choice for this style, to protect from the colder weather and rain, opt for a leather boot to get you through the autumn and winter.

A big trend for this autumn is roll necks. Pair a dark roll neck jumper with skinny jeans and a Chelsea boot for casual evening attire. Or for a smarter look, a grey suit with brown leather Chelsea boots and a matching briefcase.

This year, many designers went against the grain and created tailoring that wasn’t traditionally black or navy. Extend the colours in your wardrobe with an autumnal coloured suit such as burgundy or blue and pair with Chelsea boots – make sure that the trousers sit just over the top of the boot to show off the shoe but remain smart.


Versatile Footwear with Cat Footwear | Outfit of the Day

With only a week or so left in 2016, I'm working hard to keep on styling lots of outfits so that you can start off 2017 stylish and ready for a big big year! Today I'm trying on a brand new pair of Cat boots which I got from and putting together my perfect outfit for these rust brown boots. We headed over to St. Pauls in central London for this shoot, which felt pretty weird a my last visit was recently at the First Dates restaurant!

Cat boots are renowned for rugged design and durability, perfect traits for winter. These boots are from the Caterpillar Clay Street collection which are a hand finished premium line inspired by the workforce of the 1800’s. The attention to detail and quality is clear with an emphasis on luxury fabrications and a continued quality construction. Retailing between £149.99 and £159.99 the collection is exclusively stocked at street wear and footwear stockist Tower London at their new flagship store on the iconic Brick Lane in Shoreditch.

The rest of the outfit is made up of distressed grey jeans by Allsaints, a light grey roll-neck jumper by Reiss and a cashmere blend made-in-Britain overcoat by Hawkins & Shepherd.



Photography by Ella H


Whether you're walking your dog in the local park everyday, hiking at weekends or just chilling in your favourite pub, it's easy to appreciate the comfort of the boot. This season I'm loving the hi-top brogue boots, the chelsea boot and also the classic outdoor hiking boot. Wear with a knitted jumper, rolled up jeans, your investment coat and chunky scarf.

I have shopped around to find my favourites - click below to shop.