Autumnal Style Menswear Edit | Perfecting The Essentials

The autumnal weather gives life to autumnal hues in men's clothing, with luxury designers and the high-street bringing out their newest range of earthy products. As a 'professional shopper'!! I've been sitting on my sofa at home in the warmth shopping online to find an outfit to demonstrate two things. Firstly how to style an autumnal outfit without it appearing way too over the top. Secondly how to perfect the essentials of autumnal style for men.

My latest passion is finding brands that do not wholesale and therefore cut out the middleman. On occasions you can get some incredible bargains as their operating costs can be much cheaper than when wholesaling at small margins therefore (should) pass these savings on to the consumer (us). I'm also a massive fan of Scandinavian fashion, it's clean and stylish much like their exceptional interior designers. A brand that ticks all of these boxes is A Day's March which has a story that I admire and take a lot of inspiration from. A Day's March is a term used in Military for how far an army could move in a single day. A fitting name for their brand that specialises in clothing for every occasion, the every day trials and tribulations. I've found that their product is of high quality and priced fairly. I would compare it to Reiss in the UK but at a cheaper price point. I've purchased a soft casual button-down shirt from them at £65 in a tobacco/tan colour and paired it with a classic light camel overcoat in a wool blend which gives it durability - both essentials and can be styled in so many ways.

I've then styled the outfit with items already in my wardrobe which are trousers from Reiss, a tan strap watch from Rotary and luxury trainers from Harrys of London.

But the outfit wasn't complete yet and it needed something else to which I found this overnight bag a little closer to home from Jack Russell, a London based brand. Jack Russell evolved from a leather bag and accessories company into the multi-layered powerhouse that is is today. They make bags that make it easier to live and work exactly how you want. Their 24hour is the epitome of their values, the perfect bag in size and space.    

As a fashion blogger it is my duty to experiment with clothing a bit more than your everyday man would - sometimes it works and other times, not so much. I do tend to style formal wear quite well and my favourite colours to work wit hare usually black, grey and navy with only small touches of earth tones to give whatever outfit I'm styling a little punch. This style edit is a little experiment and a bit out of my comfort zone but what do you think of it? 

If this really is your style and you love layering and experimenting with these kind of colours, I've picked my favourite few bloggers who are doing exceptional things with this AW17 palette. So just click on their images below and you can follow them through this season.



Photography by Charlie Sawyer

My Eyewear Style Edit

Accessorising an outfit has always been a way of adding extra personality and can be done perfectly by selecting a pair of stylish frames from David Clulow opticians. These incredible, tortoiseshell coloured eyewear are from Oliver Peoples latest collection and are extremely versatile. There are so many decisions that you need to make when choosing the perfect glasses for yourself and it can be very overwhelming. Different face shapes suit certain frame shapes, large frames, small frames, do they fit correctly on your nose etc are amongst some of the most common questions asked. Often it is good to bring a friend along when choosing the right glasses for you or of course you can always go into David Clulow opticians and discuss everything with one of their style experts.

The glasses style experts at David Clulow will be able to give you expert advise to make absolute sure that you choose the perfect pair or pairs. Personally when choosing glasses or sunglasses for that matter, I also look at my style of clothing and what palettes I like to wear most. Also when will I wear these glasses? For work, watching TV, going out or a utility pair? All these questions need to be answered. If I'm buying a pair for work, I would want a solid colour such a black frame which would work well with any coloured suit. Whereas, my indoors pair would have to be more flexible and light in weight. Finally a going-out pair would be where I choose something a bit more risky, a bit more stylish to stand out from the crowd.

This outfit of the day is focusing on mixing tan tones with black and therefore I've accessorised perfectly with my Oliver People glasses and Harrys of London tan sneakers. If you imagined this outfit with a pair of green or red framed glasses, I'm pretty sure it wouldn't work as well. So getting the right pair of glasses for your own personal style is something you should take time to get right. 

Recently I collaborated on a 'day in the life of' type video with David Clulow. So make sure you head over to their website (link below) to watch the video and read my full interview discussing eyewear and style.



More styles available in-store, use their store finder to find the closest one to you.



Photography by Ella H

*This post was created in collaboration with David Clulow*

Casual Sports Tailoring | Suits with Trainers

Casual tailoring is a type of men's style that seems to be more tolerated in terms of a style choice these days. Traditionally, I would turn my nose up at wearing a suit with trainers. Even wearing gym trainers with your suit when hitting the gym prior to work was a little too much of a fashion faux pas for my traditional sartorial sense of style. Well times are changing slightly and mixing casual clothing such as a t-shirt or trainers with formal suits is becoming quite mainstream with NEXT menswear running collections dedicated to the design or styling of 'modern tailoring' or 'sports tailoring' as you may also hear it referred to.

I personally don't see this style breaching the strict dress codes of some of the larger FTSE100 or 250 companies in the heart of this I mean the big banks, insurance, accountants etc. Bigger companies tend to be less lenient on breaches to their dress code 'give an inch, take a mile' springs to mind. As a 36 year old man who prior to working in the fashion industry used to work in a corporate office, I loved to dress smart or formal. Not only do you feel a sense of power, a sense of style, a sense of tradition, it also is quite easy to dress formal as you are not having to think so much about high-street fashion. Wearing suits is very much about colour or pattern combinations, get this right and you'll look great regardless on the cut and cost of your suit.

However there is a place for this type of mixing casual with formal style and I'm seeing it appear more for going out, when a suit is too much yet a blazer is perfect. I'm seeing this style be very much a spring/summer look, where the design of the blazer is tapered and the trousers are either draw-string or tailored as cropped which allows for the wearer to opt for no socks and trainers or a more casual shoe choice. 

In my outfit choice of the day, I've styled my look based on what I'm doing throughout the day. During this day I had a few meetings dotted around London, so I was walking between them, jumping on an off trains as well as having a press event in the evening at one of London's coolest rooftop bars. Firstly and most importantly, I needed to wear my most luxurious, comfortable trainers (or sneakers). There was really only one brand that comes to mind and that is Harrys of London whose shoes and trainers are at the forefront of design and only use exceptional, luxurious materials. It's this level of comfort I needed when wearing no socks and doing a lot of walking on a day where the weather is in the mid 20's. These sneakers are handmade in Italy and part of their 'Mr Jones' collection, which are designed to look just as good with tailored trousers as well as a pair of jeans. The Mr Jones offers unrivalled comfort and practicality in the form of the Harrys of London new non-skid Vibram® Wave rubber sole. Being a warm day, I then wanted to wear a lightweight suit with a roomy t-shirt, it really was just a comfort choice. When walking around, I could just take off the blazer; put it back on and I'll still look smart, casual and stylish for my event in the evening.

So as always, if you like it, shop it using the picture links below:



Photography by Ella H