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Every man's wardrobe should include a grey suit, versatile tonal greys are easy to style but there are some colours that work well and some not-so-well. The pinstripe gives the suit blazer a touch of class to what otherwise can be quite a traditionally boring colour tone. So if you are heading to the office or want inspiration for what to wear at a wedding or special event then this is the blog for you.

This grey pinstripe suit jacket is from ZARA and comes with matching trousers, although I've mixed and matched the blazer with a plain pair of grey trousers which I already had in my wardrobe. Alternatively a pair of black trousers or even dark blue jeans would also work.

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How to Style a Grandad Collar Shirt

Grandad shirts have been making a come back for a couple of seasons now in menswear and especially for your favourite menswear brands collections for Spring/Summer 2017. But what is a Grandad shirt and how to wear one? Firstly styling a Grandad shirt is pretty simple. As shirt collars go, this one can be worn both formally, casually and as I have down, formal yet casual, so how on earth can you get this wrong?

Most fashion aficionados would say that the Grandad shirt should always be buttoned-up to the top, as it has it's history back in the 1920's formal attire - so who are we to restyle such a classic. Well times have changed and our dress sense is moving more casual than formal.

The Grandad shirt's origin is just over the Atlantic Ocean at New York in 1927. When a lady named Hannah Montague cut the collar off her husband’s shirt to wash it separately and so was born the detachable collar. As I mentioned previously, the Grandad shirt is historically very formal. Lots of different detachable collar styles were available including the 1920's classics of the Pin Collar or the Tab collar, no pioneered by the menswear brand Hawkins & Shepherd. Without the detachable collar buttoned in, the shirt has a plain banded type of collar, which gave birth to the grandad collar you'll find today. 

I do feel that the best look for a grandad shirt is buttoned up to the top, either underneath a suit, simply with a pair of trousers or unbuttoned with jeans. Although the shirt is formal, you'll have to double-check your companies dress-for-work policy to see if they are allowed, as you can clearly not wear a tie with this shirt. 

In this look, I have brought a navy grandad shirt from Reiss and paired it with another classic tailoring piece...the navy pinstripe suit. Two very formal pieces of tailoring, but with a couple of buttons undone on the grandad shirt, whilst roaming London between meetings gives this look a distinct laid-back feel to it. 

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Photography by Rebecca Spencer

Double-Breasted Suits & Pin Stripes | Style Edit | 2017 Menswear Trends

Okay so unfortuently I haven't taken these photos outside my own mews in London W1, I'm not that flash...but I've made up for it with what I'm wearing, luxury mews meets luxury tailoring. When dressing up or suiting up in 2017, look no further than double-breasted and pinstripe suits and if you are confident enough, why not try and combine the two. 

2017 is sending us First Class some Italian style and I really hope this menswear trend finally gets adopted by the stylish British men. Double-breasted and pinstripe suits are nothing new, in fact they are a sartorial classic. However this style rarely gets the attention it deserves on our shores as we tend to veer towards single breasted blazers and it is time to mix it up a little.

I went shopping along Oxford Street and found a perfect navy double-breasted, pinstripe suit from Reiss. The sizing was pretty much bang on for the blazer however the trousers needed a slight tailoring adjustment, but no biggy. I've combined the suit with a 100% cotton, extreme cutaway, fine blue striped shirt from Hawkins & Shepherd. Keeping with the luxury feel to this tailoring, the cashmere, peak lapel overcoat is also from London's Hawkins & Shepherd. To complete this look, I'm wearing some suede slippers by Donhall & Bell, grey wool tie by Reiss, tortoiseshell glasses by KITE, a leather briefcase by Launer and finally an incredible limited edition Jaeger-LeCoultre Grande Reverso Night & Day Q380848L watch exclusively available at The Watch Gallery. 



Photography by Ella H


I still feel that the Pinstripe suit is in the shadows of the window-pane suit but the tide is turning and with top designers bringing out some beautiful pinstripe designs, the high-street will follow suit. This AW15 is the perfect time to get ahead of this trend with brands using the classic pattern for their latest garments. Choose navy or grey pinstripe and it will be your favourite suit in your wardrobe, the kind that you only bring out at weddings and special occasions.

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