2 Killer Autumn Jackets all Men should own

Autumn Jackets x Carl Thompson.jpg

What are the best men’s Autumn Jacket on the market right now?

The two lightweight autumn jackets that I would recommend for you is the River Island Dark brown faux suede racer jacket for £70.00 and the M&S Suede Baseball Jacket for £129.

What's so great about these autumn jackets?

The River Island Autumn racer jacket is easily the best men’s autumn jacket on the market right now for price value. It's made of a faux suede fabric so you're not paying for the high end material. Yet the look is relatively indistinguishable.

It has quilted panels on the sleeve and a popper-fastened racer neck collar. Similar to that of a storm collar.

The only thing I'm not a huge fan of is the side slip zip pockets. I find putting my hands in zip pockets uncomfortable and scratches my hands. But it's an authentic look and it simply goes with anything.

A photo of the second jacket was posted recently on my Instagram page in partnership with Marks & Spencer to announce the news of their new pop up store in Soho.

One lucky winner got to win the jacket as part of a giveaway competition so make sure you're following my page as I'll be doing more posts like these.

This malleable-soft suede jacket has a regular fit, ribbed stretch cuffs and waistband to help create the classic bomber silhouette. Chunky zipper fastening and band collar. It's fully lined with a handy zipped interior pocket big enough to house a card wallet.

Why these autumn jackets works so well?

I often switch between both blue and black denim trousers. You can see in both photos that because of the dark brown and tan hues, I can wear both these jackets interchangeably. To see all the latest AW19 colour trends you should check out what's been on show at New York Fashion Week via Pinterest

They're also lightweight so NOW is the time to be wearing these jackets before the big freeze hits.

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