Men's Style & Fashion

For me, 2016 has been a year of major growth and recognition for a couple of years of hard graft on my blog. I started my blog just under two years ago in January 2015 with the idea of promoting my own formalwear brand Hawkins & Shepherd. That was until I realised that I didn't have enough shirts, suits and ties in my collection to sustain a mens style & fashion blog, plus I wanted to diversify. 2 years on and my blog has a voice, an audience and a personality that I would never have imagined possible when I first started.

This year has been incredible and my content has gone from good to great (in my opinion!) and that has shown in the readership stats growth on my blog and engagement on my Instagram feed. It has been so much better than I would ever expect and I want to thank you all for the support. 


What to expect in 2017? I'm going to expand on this in a blog post in the new year but basically I want to create more collaborations with other mens fashion bloggers and especially other women's fashion bloggers, as our audiences are very different and it will be great way to reach out to a new readership. Finally I'll continue to produce fashion, style and grooming content whilst adding a lot more travel, fitness, tech and lifestyle content. Bring it's going to be epic!

In true style, it's time to explain what I'm wearing. The outfit in general is very neutral wearing an oatmeal overcoat from Reiss, an allsaints light blue shirt, grey ripped jeans from asos, a plain white tee again from asos then finally a light-blue scarf and white trainers complete my look.



Photography by Ella H