Shirt Tie & Pocket Square Combinations | Grey Suit

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After we received such positive reviews from the recent editorial on which Shirt Tie & Pocket Square Combinations are best for a Navy Suit, today I want to flesh out the options and inspirations for the Grey Suit. Grey isn't technically a colour, but that's not to say that dealing with a non-entity doesn't have its limitations. If you'd like to check out how I personally rock a grey suit you can look at some options in my article, How to Wear a Grey Suit Five Ways. For now I'm just going to introduce you to some killer looks I've found in the internet factory. 

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The Flat White

So a few variants on the style of grey, working from left to right this might be a bit to 'look at me' for some, but I think it's a killer look. Notice the dark edging on the pocket square is also congruent with the rest of the colours. the look is a a deep forward point collar and thick navy tie paired with a white folded pocket square. The suit is doing all the talking. 

Take a look at the middle two. I'm not a fan of the one on the left but I wanted to compare it to David on the right. The one on the middle left has gone very new man with narrow lapels and skinny tie. Tom Ford once said of narrow lapels that it makes him feel sorry for the suit. Almost as if there wasn't enough cloth to make one in the first place. Whereas Gandy on the middle right has gone for a very classic medium-width notch lapel. Neither jacket is under duress, but somehow Gandy's just looks more statuesque. They do have the flat white pocket square in common, as does the chap on the far right (although probably matching pink with his tie). Put simply the flat white should be the very staple of your pocket square game. Like a decent guard in boxing, or a forward defence stroke, or knowing the entire dialogue to Die Hard. It's a given.

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The Craig Way

Typical Bond would have a flat white pocket square, stemming all the way back from the days of Connery. However, when he's not on screen he gets to be a little more risque with his puff folds. Starting from left to right the deep violet tie and square exudes affluence. The silk metallic chrome tie and polka dot square leans more on the dandy than it does the debonair. I'm not overly sold on the middle right picture, again he's gone with the polka dot but I think there is too much going on with the herringbone pattern tie. What do you think? The last picture on the right he looks he's retiring from a heavy night, has discarded the tie and maybe taken a mis step with the full buttoned vest. Still looks the man though and the lion print pocket square looks the business. For more information on how to dress like Bond I'd recommend checking out the the blog The Suits of James Bond run by Matthew Spaiser. 

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Don't forget the CONTEXTure

We haven't really spoken about the texture of materials yet when it comes to pairing. A deep knit tie is traditionally paired with a deep knit square, and you can have some fun with the folds to make it more interesting. Bradley Cooper has paired his deep knit tie with a white pocket square; the edges lines in sky blue which blends into the grey beautifully. Be careful your textures don't clash. It can be just as jarring even if subliminally, just like colours and patterns.