Autumn/Fall Menswear Trends | Earth Tones

Earthy tones are great colours to wear in autumn as these hues are particularly easy to style and an alternative to grey or monochrome looks that have been so prevalent in most autumn/winter trend reports. You just need to look at the windows of the high-street fashion houses to find earth tones in almost all of their menswear looks. The earth palette is great worn as a single statement piece, like a classic tan overcoat or layered with neural tones to give a contrast of colours.

This look has been put together with clothing from ASOS, Next and also New Look. Starting with the white trainers, which are from NEXT. This is a look that could have come across as a bit dull and dark but I feel by choosing a pair of pristine white trainers it has made the outfit look much more stylish and warming. The jeans are from New Look, fitted skinny in a dark navy autumnal wash. Finally the earth tones, which were purchased via ASOS, who have a large range of AW16 autumnal earth hues, so it was easy to pick a couple of items that fitted this look. I wanted a longline t-shirt to layer with a bomber jacket because if you wear a short tee with a bomber jacket it can ride up and seem like you are not wearing any layers at all and with this look it needed a gradual transition of colours to make it work. Finally this ASOS bomber jacket completes my AW16 look...if you love it, the links to shop are below.



Photography by Rebecca Spencer

Luxury 100% Cashmere Knitwear by Mr Quintessential

Autumn and Winter are the best months to invest in clothing as the collections have much more substance than other seasons. If you look through my wardrobe, I have about 10 or so true investment pieces that will last a very long time, in terms of the fabric and will span through fashion trends because the designs are classic and timeless. These are the types of pieces that you need to spend real money one because the clothing is not disposable. Then with seasonal trending pieces, I would recommend spending less on because fashion changes so fast - mix the two and you have the perfect combination.

These 100% cashmere jumpers & cardigans by Mr Quintessential are the newest editions to my investment wardrobe and I'm truly so incredibly happy with the soft, luxurious feel to the Mongolian cashmere. Their scarves are blended 70% cashmere with 30% wool, which gives the garment a bit more thickness yet still retaining the extremely soft feel.

This light pale blue v-neck jumper is easy to wear throughout the year in an casual, smart casual or even formal way. If you buy this jumper now, you'll be able to use it in winter layering over the top of a shirt or t-shirt and completing the look with a classic overcoat as I have done above. In this look I have tried to show you how easy it is to wear a jumper on a crisp cool morning walking to work and once you get into the office, just remove the jumper or even roll the sleeves for a more casual look. The pale blue 100% cashmere jumper goes well with greys and the light pink trim in the Mr Quintessential Chepstow 70% cashmere 30% wool scarf.

I love finding brands that you wouldn't have necessary heard off, however they are selling an amazingly high quality, luxurious product which is miles better than some of the everyday brands that everyone knows. Mr Quintessential are a brand built on the highest quality cashmere fabric and attention to detail which is why I love them. What they don't have is a million pound marketing budget but what they do have is a great product and passion for what they do. I really do think as a consumer we need to give more smaller niche menswear brands some love, starting today people!

The Mr Quintessential range consists of v-neck jumpers, crew neck jumpers, hoodies, sweat pants, accessories and of course the cardigan. In the look above I've styled their AW16 mens red cardigan with dark black tones. Leave undone with a black tee underneath showing the subtle flashes of red.

My second cardigan I have from their AW16 range is the navy blue with light blue trim design styled in a casual way - perfect for date night, popping down the pub, going for dinner or a coffee meeting.

They say that men lose interest in fashion in their late 30s, but Mr Quintessential strongly disagree, I, like many men in their 30's 40's and beyond, still want to be stylish and look good.

“Fashion is about identity. Men need clothes that are considered investment pieces, that fit perfectly, and look timeless.” Mr Quintessential.

Mr Quintessential offers a range of beautiful knitwear in luxurious Mongolian cashmere that looks relaxed and indulgent, classic crew necks, v-necks, and shawl-neck cardigans that can breathe new life into any look. Their range of stunning dip dyes are individually handcrafted by the finest master craftsmen, therefore making each piece unique and one of a kind. MrQ. will take you on a journey, an adventure in colour and dress you in knitwear which is that little bit more grown up.

What is cashmere? Cashmere comes from any breed of goat that produces cashmere wool. It is the goats fine, soft, downy, winter undercoat. Soft on your skin, it is the highest standard of softness.

It's this warmth and softness that made me get this MrQ cashmere tracksuit top and joggers perfect for nights in...and I LOVE a night in! It would have been easy for me to style the tracksuit together with me sitting on the sofa with my very instagrammable dog charlie and a tub of ice-cream. However because it is quite expensive, I thought I would show you how you could also style these two pieces just as well separately in a style that you can wear out - making the most of your investment.

So there you have it, my 5 MrQ looks spanning all different styles...remember to check them out at



Photography by Rebecca Spencer

Two Sartorial Heavyweights | The Pin Collar Shirt & Double-Breasted Blazer

Dressing smartly, dapper, sartorial or formal is always much more comfortable and natural for me. It seems the older you get and the more grey you get the better you look dressing formal as apposed to casual wear and I'm at that cross-road right now. When dressing up I have some sartorial trends that I will look towards if I want to look a little bit different and extra special...for example the Pin Collar Shirt and the Double-Breasted jacket.

The pin collar shirt is an absolute classic, notoriously from the 1920's era, when all men knew how to dress. It's a trend that has been with us certainly for the last few years, pioneered by London shirt makers Hawkins & Shepherd who created a large range of pin collar shirts ahead of the fashion trend curve, which has now been replicated amongst most if not all of the high-street stores. A white pin collar shirt is a wardrobe staple which you should bring out on the specialist of occasions.

These pin collar types work extremely well with the double-breasted suit or blacker. These two heavyweight sartorial master pieces are available at Reiss & Hawkins & Shepherd - so go check them out in the shop the look section below.

I've finished off this look with my new glasses by Kite, black loafers by Donhall & Bell and a semi-skinny black tie by Hawkins & shepherd. Sorry for the short post today, although it is a Sunday and I have a roast dinner waiting for my down the local pub!! 



Photography by Rebecca Spencer

Mixing smart tailoring with casual touches

Mixing smart tailoring with touches of casual wear is one of the hot trends this summer. Maybe because of business relaxing the business uniform attire, workers are looking for ways to mix the two conflicting styles together. My look is just a snippet of what could be done with this trend, as I opted for the safe plain white tee. It would be great if you could show me your tailored casual styles, just post on instagram and tag me in (@HAWKINSANDSHEPHERD) so I can check out your style!

Sorry to everyone who wants a bit more chat about casual tailoring, what I have been doing with my week or how my dog Charlie is getting on. But it is very early, I have to get this blog written and posted whilst packing my bags for Sziget Festival in Budapest of which I'm leaving for in under an hour! I'll be posting on Instagram Stories anyone who wants to see what Sziget festival is all accounts it's pretty epic.

So. This outfit is ASOS mixed with some Kurt Geiger grey loafers. I love how the dark grey loafers go so great with the blue tone of my ASOS fitted window-pane trousers. Pairing those smart tailored pieces with an off-white ecru tee and beige trench coat, completes my look.

And there you have it....right time to pack!!!! 



Photography by Kylie Eyra