My Outfit of the Week | Men's Style

For this weeks Outfit of the Week, I wanted to put together a look that is perfect for Friday office attire although could work just as well if you are heading out for after work drinks, a cheeky little date with that hot girl off Tinder or even dinner at a restaurant. Most of us wont have time to head back home to get changed before heading out again on Friday because to be honest, thats just eating into our drinking time! So planning what to wear on Friday's is more important than any other day but it is also the most challenging. 

If you have been reading my blogs recently you'll have realised that I've been banging on about Donhall & Bell slipper footwear and it's because I love the comfort and versatility of them. To add to my pair of black suede ones, I managed to get my hands on their Donnegal collection which for me work better in casual or smart casual wear. I've worn these shoes with socks but they also look great (if not better) without socks and trust me, they will be comfortable and not give you blisters like normal new shoes. I've then styled the outfit with a pair of dark navy jeans from ASOS. From London's shirt makers, I've worn their super soft luxury light blue button-down shirt and grey with light blue window-pane suit blazer, which compliments the light blue weave in the donnegal fabric shoes. Finally, as with any complete outfit, I have put on my latest watch purchase from Kartel watches. 



Photography by Ella H