Dating a fashion blogger can have its difficulties and challenges, just watch the below Instagram Husband YouTube video which is a very witty, funny but realistic insight into our lives as a fashion blogger or Instagram boyfriend/husband. Although from time to time it does have its perks. I mean, yes we have to work for them by getting up at the crack of dawn during freezing winter mornings to take street style outfit photos whilst getting a lesson on how to take the perfect photo with the right angles and lighting - but the perks can be quite rewarding.

Take Christmas for example. No longer am I getting the bog standard Issey Miyake aftershave, leather wallet (personalised of course) and a worlds greatest boyfriend mug. Instead I got a well thought out complete outfit which looks the absolute bollocks (I have to say she reads my blogs sometimes!) and I also get content for my blog also. 

Recently I have realised that the rest of the population (outside of the blogging world) dont actually understand what it takes to keep up a successful blog. They also dont see it as a business or a job. For bloggers, taking a photo is like replying to an email in the corporate world. So when two fashion bloggers come together it can actually be something quite special and unbreakable, a mutual respect and bond that should make you a stronger couple. 

If you like what Sophie brought me for Christmas, you can shop the look at the bottom of this post.


Photo Credit Sophie Milner