Of course Ralph Lauren has always been an exceptional fashion, clothing designer however for me, it's the 'return of Ralph' because I just haven't worn this brand for a very very long time and thanks to that has changed. We all get into shopping habits because, well it's just easier to buy the same clothes from the same brands but what I'm challenging myself to do is to mix it up a little and buy pieces from different labels and today it is Polo Ralph Lauren's turn! Men's fashion changes quickly these days and just because a particular designer does an amazing Spring/Summer collection doesn't mean they will also nail Autumn/Winter - so shop around people.

The outfit I have put together for you today is perfect for this warm autumnal weather. Firstly pink is not just a summer colour as it goes amazingly well with a dark navy jacket or also grey which are the most common blazer colours. The shirt is an oxford weave which is soft, warm and hardier and therefore perfect during the cooler months. Dark jeans paired with brown/tan suede trainers complete the look. Transition the look from Autumn to Winter by simply adding a layer of knitwear.

This is also the perfect day-to-night outfit because it is so versatile. Wear the shirt tucked in to trousers/chinos with a blazer and shoes for a formal look. For smart-casual, replace the trousers for jeans and maybe untuck the shirt. Then for a casual look, replace the shoes for trainers and also roll the sleeves. My final bit of advice for wearing button-down shirts is to not wear them with a tie, it looks awful...these shirts are much better open.

So if you want to join me in my revival of Ralph Lauren, look great and feel like you are wearing quality craftsmanship that will give you confidence - you can shop my look and other similar products below.